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[l/m 5/30/2006] Related news groups & web info: Distilled Wisdom (26/28) XYZ

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At this time, this group (r.b.) is not mail gatewayed.

See reader questions & answers on this topic! - Help others by sharing your knowledge
If you wish to test post, you should realize that various little test groups
exist like misc.test, ba.test, ca.test, etc.  The specific advantage of
these test groups is that some sites have automatic daemons which mail
ACKnowledgements back to you.  Make REAL posts as a test in this group.
Test post with blank fields as a last resort.  You should also be able to
"Cancel" test files.  So if you are going to test post, then you had better
cancel your test posts afterward.


Living (all the time) in the outdoors:
	rec.outdoors.marketplace (for ads)
	nl.wandel (Holland) (Italian)
	es.rec.deportes.aventura (Spanish)

Skiing: (X-C or downhill)
	check rec.skiing.* [alpine|nordic|snowboarding|announce|backcountry|
	rec.skiing (our old parent) went away June 1994.
	Also (now gatewayed
	to rec.skiing.nordic).

	uk.rec.climbing (UK only)
	de.rec.alpinismus (German)

	check,, rec.windsurfing
			# Charles Daffinger, Indiana U. (deceased)
	References to whitewater are now in

	rec.hunting (moderated)
	if weapons related: rec.guns
	else if political talk.politics.guns
	if professional: sci.military

Hang gliding

Mtn biking:

    The international mountain biking list:
    send a message to


    in the body of the message.

    Soon, a new newsgroup--rec.bicycles.offroad--is anticipated.

Environmental issues of the outdoors
	sci.environment,ca.environment,talk.environment, etc.,

INTERNET mailing list
biosph-l@ubvm.bitnet - scholarly studies of environmental science


	mailing list:

	rec.scouting.*, Scouting references over there.


Non-rec interest groups
	bionet.* (professional biology)

General foreign travel:
	de.*, sub.*:	German newsgroups	requires 16-bit Kanji terms
	soc.culture.spain: nice history of dual (2 column) translation
	soc.culture.mexican: 8^)
	soc.culture.france: francais
	soc.culture.tibet: ... you get the idea.
	aus.bushwalking: for down under*
	check the mailing list:
	 with message body:
		subscribe green-travel
Not so "foreign" travel


Lyme Disease:
	LymeNet-L listserv group 
	Send a memo to    listserv@Lehigh.EDU
	in the body write     subscribe LymeNet-L <Your Real Name>

AT (Appalachian Trail):
(that's at-L)
with the word Subscribe in the body of the message

PCT (Pacific Crest Trail):
(that's pct-L)
with the word Subscribe in the body of the message

	rec.knives: FAQ
	... etc.

Mailing lists

	Outward Bound (the non-profit)
	 	with message body:
			subscribe outward_bound _your_email_address_

	 	with message body:
      SUBSCRIBE BACKPACK-L  yourfirstname  yourlastname

%A Steven K. Roberts
%T Computing Across America

Round-The-World Travel Guide
An extensive compilation of tips from travellers, focusing on
long-term budget travel, and is also useful for short-term and
business travel.  It covers nearly every aspect, from things to
consider before leaving, to budgeting, planning, routes, duration
of trip, modes of transportation including airline ticketing,
accomodations, financial strategies, health issues, visas, travel
insurance, and much more.  It has references to both online and
printed resources, with hypertext links in the HTML version.  An
archive site has also been created for journals from RTW trips.

While each of these pages was initially checked, there is no guarantee
of long-term availability.  Report problems for removal from the list.
WWW pages (URL): 	#Adventurous Traveler Bookstore	# giadria
	gopher:// # mag dec.			# US National Park Service			# US Fish and Wildlife Service
	The URL for the Trailplace AT Bibliography is # Ireland country Profile

	Abbey Web page:

Send all submissions to
Send all subscribe/unsubscribe requests to
Visit the website at 

		Comments about alt.caving from panel 1
From Panel 1:

The formation of a usenet group on caving has long been a subject
of controversy.  Most cavers that live in the US and Australia prefer that
caving remain "low profile", while cavers in Europe prefer a "high profile"
approach.  Much of this has to do with the type of caves and caving that
occur in these regions, and the differences in conservation ethics.
There are different types of resource management for different types of
cave systems.  Due to the often extensive destruction of cave resources that
seems to occur in the US after a cave location has been made public, it was
decided by the international caving community to keep electronic caving
within a moderated mailing list (see below).  This ensured that caves
suffer minimal destruction, while still allowing caving information to be
distributed on a world wide basis.  This also made certain that information
could reach the maximum number of individuals (e-mail is MUCH more extensive
and reliable than usenet access).

Alt.caving was formed in spite of opposition from the caving community.
It was not formed by anyone associated with caves OR caving.  The person
that formed this group was actually interested in hollow-earth phenomenon,
tombs, etc.  Because the person forming this group also botched the
formation process, it it NOT carried by many systems.  This means that
distribution is EXTREMELY limited and most people are unable to see or
respond to this newsgroup.

So what does all of the above mean?

1) Most of the experienced cavers CAN'T see or respond to the questions on
   alt.caving.  Their news feeds don't carry it.  It is unlikely that you
   will receive responses to your posts.
2) Because it was formed IN SPITE OF the cavers opposition, and because
   the group is unmoderated, the VERY few cavers that can see alt.caving
   are unwilling to give information out.  They expect the person that
   is truly interested in caving to join the cavers mailing list, like
   everyone else.  Again, because the mailing list is carried via e-mail,
   the maximum number of people can get it, and respond to it.  Also
   remember, the cavers are only trying to protect the caves.  Once a cave
   is destroyed, it is PERMANENT.
3) Because it lacks the support of the caving community, the information
   posted on alt.caving is suspicious, at the very best.  The majority of
   people posting to the group are individuals with limited experience.
   (The more experienced cavers know about the mailing list and post there).
   Because most of the people posting to alt.caving ARE of limited
   experience, the information has a higher probability of being wrong,
   or only good for a certain type of cave.
4) The cavers are NOT trying to keep you from caving.  Most cavers realize
   that it is impossible to learn caving from an electronic forum.  There
   will be too many holes in the information provided.  NOTHING can equal
   training.  If the cavers are reluctant to give out information, it is
   because they are trying to ensure that you seek out and receive training
   from an instructor that knows what they are doing.  Both rec.backcountry
   and rec.climbing are monitored by cavers.  They will provide you with
   resources for training IF you ask for it.  YOU CAN GET KILLED WHILE CAVING,
   especially if you don't know what you are doing!

Of course, all individuals that are truly interested in caving are invited
to join the cavers mailing list.  See below for details.

- Cindy Heazlit, NSS 22980F

Any comments on the above should be directed to:

Please put put alt.caving in the subject line.

Send all submissions to
Send all subscribe/unsubscribe requests to
Visit the website at 

In the UK:


And if your activity ISN'T mentioned, may we say nasty little things
about it until you give us references. 8^)

Do not ask in r.b, consider or  These are licensed
professions.  You have no recourse if you take advice on these topics here.
First aid is okay (good samatarian laws), but you should cross-post to
or specific subgroup like,
this is not the case on the net.

In article <>, (John S. Watson - FSC) writes:
|> Mark Twain once said:
|>   "Be careful of reading health books, you might die of a misprint."
|>   Today we could replace "health books" with "usenet medical advice".

Short explanation on network news groups.
Netnews should not be regarded as a reliable information service.
It is low priority for your computer.  Different computers have
different means of disseminating and presenting news articles.
You may read terms like "nn," "rn," "notes" or "notesfiles" or
"notesfolders," "bulletin boards," "BBS," "gnunews," "readnews,"
ad infinitum.  This means 1) you may not get all articles on a topic,
2) the order in which articles come to you may not resemble a discussion.
	Subject: re: original topic
	Subject: original topic
Or you may see "attribution" using '>' characters.

These are reasons why others may see messages that you might not see.

Increasingly, people in industry and government (typically not education)
are starting to lose at work news access.  It is possible to gain access
to various free and pay for view Usenet services.  If you need this,
you need to obtain a copy of the nixpubs list.  Ask around.

What you are reading is an automated message posted once a month.
This is sometimes called an FAQ or Frequently Answered/Asked Questions
post.  The purpose is to answer various types of basic questions 
for new comers as well as be a stable source of information for old
foggies.  Unfortunately, no conventions determine when an FAQ is posted.
The structure of this FAQ is broken into 28 separate parts.  Each
part is intended to be small, and regularly posted (like clockwork).
We could have one huge post, but that gets really cumbersome
and it loses its effect.  This new style is called a chain.  Chains
are the current experiment in FAQ design for large FAQs.  We don't know
how chains will works, but one problem we hope to solve is when
a beginner posts a question have not seen the FAQ.  Chains are designed
with pointers to other panels which might have desired information.

What is appropriate?  Rec.backcountry is an unmoderated news group.
Technically, this means anything, ANYTHING is appropriate.
This is why I only support moderated newsgroups (moderation != censorship).

Personal attacks are generally frowned upon.
i.e., "Jane, you ignorant slut..."

When in question/doubt, when in doubt, ask YOUR news administrator.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of this chain:

26/ Other news groups of related interest, networking	<* THIS PANEL *>
27/ Films/cinema references
28/ References (written)
2/ Ethics
3/ Learning I
4/ learning II (lists, "Ten Essentials," Chouinard comments)
5/ Summary of past topics
6/ Non-wisdom: fire-arms topic circular discussion
7/ Phone / address lists
8/ Fletcher's Law of Inverse Appreciation / Rachel Carson / Foreman and Hayduke
9/ Water Filter wisdom
10/ Volunteer Work
11/ Snake bite
12/ Netiquette
13/ Questions on conditions and travel
14/ Dedication to Aldo Leopold
15/ Leopold's lot.
16/ Morbid backcountry
17/ Information about bears
18/ Poison ivy, frequently ask, under question
19/ Lyme disease, frequently ask, under question
20/ "Telling questions" backcountry Turing test
21/ AMS
22/ Babies and Kids
23/ A bit of song (like camp songs)
24/ What is natural?
25/ A romantic notion of high-tech employment

Date:     Mon, 10 Apr 1995 04:53 EDT
From: BROSIUS@ROO.FIT.EDU (Marc Brosius)
Subject:  Around-the-World Journal


I am happy to announce the archiving of Russell Gilbert's 
Around-the-World Journal (with photos).  It has been a great
inspiration in planning my trip, and in assembling the RTW 
Travel Guide.

The incredible hypertext version of his journal is available at: 

The ascii version should eventually be available also at:

If you do not have http access to, please email Russell for
the ascii version at .

                        TABLE OF CONTENTS
     * Journal's Home Page
     * Introduction (Start here)
     * September (Dallas, Hawaii, Fiji)
     * October (Fiji, New Zealand, Australia)
     * November (Australia)
     * December (Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore)
     * January (Malaysia, Thailand)
     * February (Thailand, Nepal)
     * March (India, England, Wales, Scotland, Greece)
     * April (Greece, Ireland, Northern Ireland)
     * May, 1st Half (France, Switzerland, Italy)
     * May, 2nd Half (Italy, Austria, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Poland)
     * June (Germany, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium)
     * Back Home (Dallas)
     * Photo Album (All the pictures, divided by country)
     * Comments (Notes from readers)
     * Expenses (A table of average costs per country)
     * Picture Notes (JPEG viewers, saving images, etc.)
     * Postscript (Entire journal--410Kb)
     * Plain Text (Entire journal--260Kb)
     * Copyright (The legal stuff)
     * City.Net (Detailed country & city info--links to specific
       locations available throughout the journal)
     * Virtual Tourist II (Point-and-click world map--links to area maps
       available throughout the journal)
     * Marc Brosius' Round-The-World Travel Guide:
          + HTML:
          + FTP:
     * The GNN/Koblas Currency Converter (Current Currency Rates)

Please let me know if you want to be on a mailing list for sporadic
dispatches from our 2.5+ year trip, hopefuly starting in July.

Melbourne, Florida


Looking for an H-912 (container).


User Contributions:

Bad weather scuppers Russian President's flypast as he stages Victory Day show of marine corps power

Putin the actual glitz: gorgeous Russian soldiers take centre stage (moreover selfies) At massive wining Day parade of 13,000 troops, Tanks and rockets as Moscow strongman warns the lessons of WW2 'are relevant once again'Vladimir Putin forced to cancel military flypast over Red Square at the last minute over fears of bad weatherThreat of thunder and cloud over Moscow saw the huge Victory Day display of military powergroundedDespite cancellation Russian president pledged to 'guarantee the high drives of our armed forces'By Chris Dyer For Mailonline and Will Stewart In Russia and Afp and Reuters

issued: 10:14 BST, 9 May 2019 recently: 18:10 BST, 9 probably 2019

Russian lead designer Vladimir Putin took a defiant tone at Moscow's annual military Victory Day parade in Red Square, Declaring that the country continues to strengthen its armed forces.

The Kremlin strongman observed on as 13,000 troops and more than 130 pieces of weaponry were paraded through the capital in a show of Russian military power.

discussing his country's battle with Nazi Germany, Putin then warned 'the lessons of the past war are relevant once again' as he made his case for 'guaranteeing the high faculties of our armed forces'.

Russia's ties with the West soured correct its annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, And Moscow has continued to challenge the nation through its staunch support for Syrian President Bashar al Assad and Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro.

Among the hundreds of pieces of military hardware paraded in front of veterans and dignitaries was Russia's Yars mobile global nuclear missile launcher and its advanced S 400 air defence missile system, Which Moscow has deployed in Syria guard its forces and Putin's new 120,000 4.4 lite V 8 ragtop limousine.

have been also regiments of glamorous female soldiers on display who were pictured smiling as they filed past Mr Putin.

It also included military equipment, Ranging from a T 34 tank renowned for its toughness in World War II to lumbering Yars ICBM launch units, Ground to air rocket missile parts and Russian Armata tanks.

Russian female military servicemen march during the Victory Day parade on Red square in Moscow on Thursday afternoon

Smiling Russian naval cadets were pictured marching in perfect step as they filed past Putin the actual Victory Day parade

Russian Armata tanks roll down Red Square the particular Victory Day military parade to celebrate 74 years since the victory in WWII in Red Square in Moscow

Russian Ground Forces commander in Chief, Colonel common Oleg Salyukov salutes the troops from Putin's new 120,000 collapsible limousine during the Victory Day military parade today

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech face to face with St. Basil's Cathedral during the Victory Day parade i which he pledged to'guarantee the high performance of our armed forces'

Russian Yars RS 24 intercontinental ballistic missile systems roll through Red Square during the Victory Day military parade in downtown Moscow today

Vladimir Putin kisses his class teacher at school Vera Gurevich during a certified reception marking 74 years since the victory in WWII, doing Kremlwearing

Russian military law enforcement stand in formation [url=]single ukraine ladies[/url] during a Victory Day Parade in the city of Grozny, Chechen Republic

Former Soviet chief Mikhail Gorbachev (core) Is in the middle of his assistants as he arrives to attend the Victory Day military parade in Red Square today

Crowds of people carry portraits of their relatives who fought in World War II as they have fun playing the Immortal Regiment march on Tverskaya Street in Moscow

Russian Pacific Fleet leader, Admiral Sergei Avakyants compares the troops in a vintage car during the Vi (...)
hydroxochloriquine hydroxy cloroquine

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