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[l/m 12/4/95] Backcountry Ethics Distilled Wisdom (2/28) XYZ

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Distilled wisdom (Panel 2)

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TABLE OF CONTENTS of this chain:

2/ Ethics	<* THIS PANEL *>
3/ Learning I
4/ learning II (lists, "Ten Essentials," Chouinard comments)
5/ Summary of past topics
6/ Non-wisdom: fire-arms topic circular discussion
7/ Phone / address lists
8/ Fletcher's Law of Inverse Appreciation / Rachel Carson / Foreman and Hayduke
9/ Water Filter wisdom
10/ Volunteer Work
11/ Snake bite
12/ Netiquette
13/ Questions on conditions and travel
14/ Dedication to Aldo Leopold
15/ Leopold's lot.
16/ Morbid backcountry and memoriam
17/ Information about bears
18/ Poison ivy, frequently ask, under question
19/ Lyme disease, frequently ask, under question
20/ "Telling questions" backcountry Turing test (under construction)
21/ AMS
22/ Babies and Kids
23/ A bit of song (like camp songs)
24/ What is natural?
25/ A romantic notion of high-tech employment
26/ Other news groups of related interest, networking
27/ Films/cinema references
28/ References (written)


"The perfection of means and the confusion of ends seems to
be our problem."	-- Albert Einstein in 1971 Chouinard catalog

Many different people with vastly diverse activities read backcountry:
climbers, backpackers, campers, hunters, wind surfers, regular board surfers,
white water (kayak to rubber boat, ocean to river), 4WD, mountain bikers,
horse riders, bush pilots, ski tourists to ski mountaineers,
professional and amateurs.
Even arm-chair versions of the above.  Irrespective of the activity
note the following.

If you are just starting, REMEMBER:

1) Don't leave any trash what ever activity you are doing.  Don't bury it,
take it out.  Leave the place cleaner than you found it.

2) If you are hiking, stay on trail, don't cut turns (switchbacks).
This causes erosion.  This area is fragile.

3) Don't make new fire rings, and never leave a fire unattended. Don't cut
wood from standing trees, no matter whether are they live or dead. Don't
knock down standing dead snags; use only downed wood. Try not to disturb
the vegetation. Use stoves in preference over wood above 9,000 feet. 
[This was written for the Sierra, might be 4,000 ft. or lower on the
Eastern US, Canada, etc.] Keep camps away from water, lakes, streams, and
the trail. See suggestion 8). 

4) Be considerate of other people doing different activities.

5) Don't get yourself into trouble, and be prepared for trouble.
This area can kill you.  [First aid class?]

	Ref:  Ed Abbey's definition of wilderness.  What's all this junk about
	hiking where there are cougars or bears?  If the possibility of attack
	concerns you, don't insist that the gummint come in and kill the
	animal!  Stay home, where you can be attacked by other human beings.

         John Cooley

6) Learn how to use your equipment in advance, don't rely on it, consider
alternative uses.

7) Use caution when passing livestock and heavy machinery.

8) Don't use soap (even bio degradeable kind) in a lake or stream.

9) Camp 100 feet or more from trails and water.

10) Check out rules specific to the areas you are travelling.
There are places where you are asked not to camp except in
designated areas.  There are other places where you are asked
not to wander off the developed trail.  They usually relate to a
fragile environment [See suggestion 2)].

These are the kinds of things you learn when you travel with outing clubs,
the Sierra Club, and other various societies.

"The elevation of ends and the simplification of means is the goal."
--Henry David Thoreau, subsequent Chouinard catalog



Looking for an H-912 (container).

User Contributions:

Bad weather scuppers Russian President's flypast as he stages Victory Day show of marine corps power

Putin the actual glitz: gorgeous Russian soldiers take centre stage (moreover selfies) At massive wining Day parade of 13,000 troops, Tanks and rockets as Moscow strongman warns the lessons of WW2 'are relevant once again'Vladimir Putin forced to cancel military flypast over Red Square at the last minute over fears of bad weatherThreat of thunder and cloud over Moscow saw the huge Victory Day display of military powergroundedDespite cancellation Russian president pledged to 'guarantee the high drives of our armed forces'By Chris Dyer For Mailonline and Will Stewart In Russia and Afp and Reuters

issued: 10:14 BST, 9 May 2019 recently: 18:10 BST, 9 probably 2019

Russian lead designer Vladimir Putin took a defiant tone at Moscow's annual military Victory Day parade in Red Square, Declaring that the country continues to strengthen its armed forces.

The Kremlin strongman observed on as 13,000 troops and more than 130 pieces of weaponry were paraded through the capital in a show of Russian military power.

discussing his country's battle with Nazi Germany, Putin then warned 'the lessons of the past war are relevant once again' as he made his case for 'guaranteeing the high faculties of our armed forces'.

Russia's ties with the West soured correct its annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, And Moscow has continued to challenge the nation through its staunch support for Syrian President Bashar al Assad and Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro.

Among the hundreds of pieces of military hardware paraded in front of veterans and dignitaries was Russia's Yars mobile global nuclear missile launcher and its advanced S 400 air defence missile system, Which Moscow has deployed in Syria guard its forces and Putin's new 120,000 4.4 lite V 8 ragtop limousine.

have been also regiments of glamorous female soldiers on display who were pictured smiling as they filed past Mr Putin.

It also included military equipment, Ranging from a T 34 tank renowned for its toughness in World War II to lumbering Yars ICBM launch units, Ground to air rocket missile parts and Russian Armata tanks.

Russian female military servicemen march during the Victory Day parade on Red square in Moscow on Thursday afternoon

Smiling Russian naval cadets were pictured marching in perfect step as they filed past Putin the actual Victory Day parade

Russian Armata tanks roll down Red Square the particular Victory Day military parade to celebrate 74 years since the victory in WWII in Red Square in Moscow

Russian Ground Forces commander in Chief, Colonel common Oleg Salyukov salutes the troops from Putin's new 120,000 collapsible limousine during the Victory Day military parade today

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech face to face with St. Basil's Cathedral during the Victory Day parade i which he pledged to'guarantee the high performance of our armed forces'

Russian Yars RS 24 intercontinental ballistic missile systems roll through Red Square during the Victory Day military parade in downtown Moscow today

Vladimir Putin kisses his class teacher at school Vera Gurevich during a certified reception marking 74 years since the victory in WWII, doing Kremlwearing

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Former Soviet chief Mikhail Gorbachev (core) Is in the middle of his assistants as he arrives to attend the Victory Day military parade in Red Square today

Crowds of people carry portraits of their relatives who fought in World War II as they have fun playing the Immortal Regiment march on Tverskaya Street in Moscow

Russian Pacific Fleet leader, Admiral Sergei Avakyants compares the troops in a vintage car during the Vi (...)
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