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ZyXEL modem FAQ List v4.2, Nov 20 1995, Part 4 of 5 [Info / IDSN]

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                             ZyXEL Modems 
                           Frequently Asked
                            Questions List

                              Version 4.2

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Table of Contents

 I.      Information Sources
 I.1     WWW servers know to carry ZyXEL info
 I.2     FTP servers known to carry ZyXEL info
 I.3     Mail servers known to carry ZyXEL info
 I.4     Known mailing lists dealing with ZyXEL modems
 I.5     ZyXEL's CELP compression mode for voice
*I.6     What is V.34, and what speeds are supported?
*I.7     What are the advantages to V.34?
*I.8     How good is V.34?
*I.9     What is the difference between a good V.34 modem and one made
         by Joe?
*I.10    What will happen to the old models?
*I.11    Will ZyXEL implement a subset of V.34 on the 1496 series?
*I.12    What is ZyXEL's upgrade plans for the 1496RN+ modems?
*I.13    Why can not the new V.34 modems do faxing at 28.8 kpbs?
*I.14    What are flash ROMs and how will they work?
*I.15    How will the parallel port on the modems work?
*I.16    What is the benefit of the using the parallel port?
*I.17    Can the second port be used for other purposes?
*I.18    Why is there not an ethernet interface on the modem?
*I.19    What is ISDN?
*I.20    What is required for an ISDN hookup?
*I.21    Why doesn't ZyXEL include the NT1?
*I.22    What are the benefits of ISDN?
*I.23    Can normal analog phone calls be made after the ISDN upgrade?
*I.24    What kind of call processing does ZyXEL support?
*I.25    Is the Euro-ISDN the same as the American-ISDN "modem"?

Subject:  I.  Information Sources

Subject:  I.1     WWW servers known to carry ZyXEL info
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------                   Experimental ZyXEL USA WWW site
                                        Info on new V.34 modems, etc         Info on ZyXEL FAQ, etc

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