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ZyXEL modem FAQ List v4.2, Nov 20 1995, Part 1 of 5 [Introduction]

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Archive-name: modems/ZyXEL/FAQ/part1
Last-modified: 1995/04/09
Version: 4.2
Posting-frequency:  monthly;the third Monday of every month

                             ZyXEL Modems 
                           Frequently Asked
                            Questions List

                              Version 4.2

                    Archived at: in 
           Please mail any additions to:

Table of Contents

 Q.      Frequently Asked Questions
 Q.1     What is the proper pronunciation of "ZyXEL"?
 Q.2     What is a "ZyXEL"?
*Q.3     What are the new modems called?
 Q.4     What distinguishes ZyXELs from other modems?
 Q.4     What is the difference between the "Plus" and the regular models?
 Q.5     What features will be in the next generation ZyXEL modems?
 Q.5     What features does the U-1496S+ (aka U-1496+) offer?
 Q.6     What is the availability of V.34 ZyXEL modems?
 Q.7     What is the difference between the Omni and Elite series?
 Q.8     What are the advantages of buying an Elite?
 Q.9     What options are available for the Elite series?
 Q.10    What is the difference between the "Plus" and the regular models?
 Q.11    What features does the U-1496S+ (aka U-1496+) offer?
 Q.12    How fast do ZyXELs communicate with other ZyXELs and other 
*Q.13    How does one get access to ZyXEL technical support?
 Q.14    What are additional methods to contact ZyXEL USA technical support?
 Q.15    What are the prices for upgrading a ZyXEL?
 Q.16    Why don't dealers sell the V.34 upgrades?
 Q.17    What is the warranty on a ZyXEL?

 T.      Technical Frequently Asked Questions
*T.1     What is the latest official ROM release(s)?
 T.1A    How does one determine the ROM revision?
*T.1B    What does one do if one does not have have the latest ROMs?
 T.1C    Where does one obtain EPROMs to update modem ROMs?
 T.1Ci   Will Toshiba EPROMs work?
 T.1D    What format are the ROM images?
 T.1E    What does one do with the latest ROMs?
 T.2     In which countries are ZyXEL modems certified to operate?
 T.3     What are known country codes?
 T.3A    How does one change a country code?
 T.4     What kind of power supply is used?
 T.5     Are ZyXEL modems Hayes-compatible?
 T.6     How do ZyXEL modems deal with escape sequences?
 T.7     What is the chip set / data pump used in the modems?
 T.7A    What is the advantage of this design?
 T.8     What is the meaning of the T401 and T402 timeouts seen in an "AT I2"?
 T.9     What is the selective reject in V.42?
 T.10    What is the "Capture modem manufacturer information" feature?
 T.11    What settings are required to attain the fastest data connection?
 T.12    Will V.32terbo be implemented?
 T.13    When will V.FAST (V.34) be available?
 T.14    Will V.34 fallback speeds be implemented?
 T.15    How does one patch GNU NetFax to work properly?
 T.16    Why doesn't faxing from WordPerfect work properly?
 T.17    Once a fax is received, what does one do?
 T.18    How does enabling callback security affect the reception of faxes?
 T.19    What is the easiest way to record voice?
 T.20    How good is the voice quality?
 T.20A   How does the voice quality compare versus the Rockwell chipset?
 T.20B   When will better quality speech at higher encoding rates be available?
 T.21    Can a voice call be detected by the modem?
 T.22    Are the specifications for converting voice files available?
 T.23    Can speech be digitized/recorded and played back simultaneously?
*T.24A   Can DTMF tones be recognized at any time during recording/playback?
*T.24B   Why is there a noise before a voice file is played through
         telco line ?
 T.25    What kind of problems exist with using voice software on Macintoshes?
 T.26    Why is there a slight hissing sound from the speaker?
 T.27    How does one make Caller ID (CID/CND) work correctly?
 T.27A   What exactly is the hardware modification needed for CID/CND and EDR?
 T.27B   What software modifications are needed?
 T.27C   What if CID/CND and EDR still doesn't work?
 T.28    What changes are needed for overseas calling?
 T.29    What modifications are needed to S/S+ models to get the eye pattern 
 I.      Information Sources
 I.1     WWW servers know to carry ZyXEL info
 I.2     FTP servers known to carry ZyXEL info
 I.3     Mail servers known to carry ZyXEL info
 I.4     Known mailing lists dealing with ZyXEL modems
 I.5     ZyXEL's CELP compression mode for voice
*I.6     What is V.34, and what speeds are supported?
*I.7     What are the advantages to V.34?
*I.8     How good is V.34?
*I.9     What is the difference between a good V.34 modem and one made
         by Joe?
*I.10    What is the availability of V.34 ZyXEL modems?
*I.11    What will happen to the old models?
*I.12    Will ZyXEL implement a subset of V.34 on the 1496 series?
*I.13    What are the new modems called and what are the features?
*I.14    What is ZyXEL's upgrade plans for the 1496RN+ modems?
*I.15    Why can not the new V.34 modems do faxing at 28.8 kpbs?
*I.16    What are upgrade prices?
*I.17    Why don't dealers sell the V.34 upgrades?
*I.18    What are flash ROMs and how will they work?
*I.19    How will the parallel port on the modems work?
*I.20    Can the second port be used for other purposes?
*I.21    Why is there not an ethernet interface on the modem?
*I.22    What is ISDN?
*I.23    What is required for an ISDN hookup?
*I.24    Why doesn't ZyXEL include the NT1?
*I.25    What are the benefits of ISDN?
*I.26    Can normal analogue phone calls be made after the ISDN upgrade?
*I.27    What kind of call processing does ZyXEL support?

 P.      Product Information
 P.1     NeXTSTEP software that works with ZyXEL modems
 P.2     UNIX software that works with ZyXEL modems
*P.3     MacIntosh software that works with ZyXEL modems
 P.4     OS/2 software that works with ZyXEL modems
 P.5     MS-DOS software that works with ZyXEL modems
*P.6     MS-Windows software that works with ZyXEL modems
 P.7     Amiga software that works with ZyXEL modems
 P.8     Atari ST/TT/Falcon software that works with ZyXEL modems
*P.9     ZyXEL modem vendors


As usual, this FAQ has disclaimers.

The usual disclaimer is:
There are no warranties, either expressed or implied, with respect to the
information in this Frequently Asked Questions List (hereafter called FAQ), 
its quality, performance, merchantability or fitness for any particular 
purpose.  This FAQ is provided "AS IS".  The entire risk as to the quality 
and performance of the information is with the reader.  In no event will
Robert Wong be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential
damages resulting from any defect in the FAQ even if the reader has been
advised of the possibility of such damages.  Some states do not allow the
exclusion or limitation of implied warranties or liabilities for incidental
or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply 
to the reader.
The above disclaimer was modified from Central Point Software's PC Tools 
software license.  :-)   Apologies to the legal department of Central Point 
Software! :-) :-)
On a more serious note:
Some effort has been taken to ensure that the information described in the 
FAQ is accurate.  Errors will periodically crop up in the FAQ.  These errors 
will occur for a variety of reasons:
    1)  The Keeper of the FAQ is just plain wrong.
    2)  The Keeper of the FAQ paraphrased a submission incorrectly.
    3)  The submission itself was incorrect.
    4)  Some other reason not described in 1) to 3).

As the Keeper of the FAQ, I would like to apologize for any errors that occur 
in the FAQ.

ZyXEL USA has been very gracious in support of the FAQ.  They have been a 
wellspring of information, help, and more help.  ZyXEL USA has played a large 
role in submitting information for the FAQ.  They are not affilitated with the 
FAQ in any other manner, financial or otherwise.

Final disclaimer:
As well as being the Keeper of the FAQ, I am also an authorized ZyGold 
ZyXEL modem reseller and a NXFax software reseller.  Efforts have been made
to prevent the FAQ from unfairly emphasizing any modem reseller, software
platform, software product, etc.

What is the ZyXEL FAQ?

The ZyXEL FAQ is a source of information about ZyXEL modems.  It contains a 
list of Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) that are most commonly asked 
by people.

Since the FAQ is too large to be a single file, it is broken into five (5) 
logical parts.  Below is the name, and purpose of each part:

ZyXEL FAQ-Introduction
    This part serves as the introduction to the rest of the FAQ.
ZyXEL FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions
    Common questions of a less technical nature are answered.
ZyXEL FAQ-Technical Frequently Asked Questions
    Containing questions of a more technical nature, this section is 
    organized into various subsections
    . ROMs, & ROM images
    . modem certifications, country codes, & power supplies
    . data modem questions
    . fax modem questions
    . voice questions
    . other questions
ZyXEL FAQ-Information Sources and ISDN
    This section serves as a pointer to other resources of ZyXEL modem 
    and ZyXEL-modem related information. FTP sites, mail servers, mailing 
    lists, and CELP references are listed.  Information about V.34, ISDN,
    and the new modems is found here.
ZyXEL FAQ-Product Information
    Various software products on different platforms are listed.  ZyXEL 
    modem vendors are also listed.

Where to get the ZyXEL FAQ

The ZyXEL modem FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) list can be obtained in a 
variety of ways:

1) Anonymous FTP to and get the file in 

2) Randy McCaskill ( has made the complete ZyXEL FAQ
   available to the World Wide Web (WWW) users at

2) The complete FAQ is also posted in the comp.dcom.modems, comp.dcom.fax,
   comp.answers, and news.answers newsgroups.
3) E-mail Robert Wong ( and request a copy to be e-mailed
   to you.  The FAQ is about 178 kbytes (uncompressed) or 105 kbytes 
   (compressed and uuencoded) in size.  To save on transmission costs, 
   the FAQ is usually sent as a compressed/uuencoded message.
   UUCP recipients should ensure that sufficient hard disk space exists on
   both UUCP host machines, and the final recipient.  Also, UUCP recipients
   should be aware that the sheer size of the FAQ might violate some 
   transmission/hard disk/etc. quotas that might be imposed by the UUCP
4) E-mail Robert Wong ( and request to be put on the FAQ
   distribution list.  You will automatically receive the FAQ in compressed, 
   uuencoded format (faq.Z.uue) when it is posted.  Please ensure that you
   have the ability to receive a 105+ kbyte e-mail message and you can 
   uudecode/uncompress the FAQ.
1) Jussi Torhonen (, 2:220/405 [FidoNet] reposts the
   FAQ from a BBS in Finland.  It is posted to the "ZyXEL modems" echo 
   conference.  All you have to do is to collect all the pieces of the FAQ
   (31+ parts) and you have the complete file.
2) Frog Hollow BBS (604) 469-0264 (1:153/290) has the FAQ in a file area.
   a) File REQuests (FREQs) are possible from this BBS at anytime except ZMH.
      Use the magic name of ZYXELFAQ. OR:
   b) Download the file after you have signed onto the BBS.
1) The FAQ is emailled to Kolja Waschk (kawk@Yo.COM).  He then zips the file
   and sends the file to Mirko Mucko, who hatches it immediately into
   the ZyXELnet "ZYXTEXT" file area.

How to send a submission

All submissions are gratefully welcomed.  

Contributions may be slightly paraphrased in order to clarify and/or better 
establish the context of the submission.  Any misunderstanding due to this 
paraphrasing in entirely due to the Keeper of the FAQ.

Below is a list of possible submission methods in order of most preferable to
least preferable:

1) Internet e-mail to Robert Wong (  
   All e-mail submissions received via the Internet will be acknowledged by a 
   reply.  Some acknowledgements may take a while, depending on the complexity 
   of the submission.
2) FidoNet e-mail to Robert Wong Jr. (1:153/290)
   This BBS is called Frog Hollow BBS and is in Port Moody, BC, CANADA.

3) Regular postal mail to Robert Wong Jr., 1921 East 61st Avenue, Vancouver, 
   B.C., CANADA, V5P 2K2.

4) Voice at (604) 322-6918 (H).
   There should either be a live person at this number, or a functional
   answering machine.  Ask for Robert Jr.

5) Any other method not listed above.  Yelling across a busy street may be
   acceptable.  Carrier pigeon however, is not an acceptable method. :-)

The format of a submission

Submission of information should hopefully be in a readable form of English. 
:-)  It should also be understood by a non-programmer (me!).

Upon request, your company affilitation will be included.  Thus every
time your e-mail address is mentioned, your company affilitation will also
be mentioned.  (eg.  Joe NeXT ( [Pizza Products Inc.])

For the submission of product info, the format shown below would be much

ProductName v.version number, software type
  Short description of product.  3-5 lines.
Address of company
Postal Code
Time    time zone
Voice:  (xxx)yyy-zzzz
Fax:    (xxx)yyy-zzzz
BBS:    (xxx)yyy-zzzz
E-mail: Joe NeXT (
Cost:   $ and currency type

Basically, the Keeper of the ZyXEL FAQ is lazy!  A submission of product info,
and/or modem vendor info would ideally be a matter of cut'n paste into the

***begin soapbox/comments/questions/requests/hot news/misc***
This is my first crack at doing a FAQ.  Please be patient.  Any errors,
either in technical content or English usage (Gasp!) are entirely mine.
Please e-mail me any corrections.

The new Elite models are now shipping!  The upgrade prices have dropped,
and now there is the new Omni 28.8 models!

There has been a some changes to the FAQ as a result of the new modems.
Some entries have been added/changed/deleted/etc.  Hopefully there are
no numbering mistakes, or references to non-existant questions.  Eventually
each question will have an entry that says "Applicable for XXXX model".

Please note my new e-mail address  The old address, will still be valid for a few months.

Many thanks to all the submitters and ZyXEL USA for supporting this FAQ.

A special hello is given to Jussi Torhonen in Scandinavia.  He was kind 
enough (and persevering enough) to repost the FAQ to Fidonet in more than
30+ pieces.
***end soapbox/comments/questions/requests***
Robert Wong Jr.
1921 East 61st Avenue, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V5P 2K2, (604) 322-6918 or
Keeper of the ZyXEL FAQ and Head of the UBC-NeXT Users Group
Standard disclaimers apply.

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