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ZyXEL modem FAQ List v4.2, Nov 20 1995, Part 2 of 5 [FAQ]

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Archive-name: modems/ZyXEL/FAQ/part2
Last-modified: 1995/04/09
Version: 4.2
Posting-frequency:  monthly;the third Monday of every month

                             ZyXEL Modems 
                           Frequently Asked
                            Questions List

                              Version 4.2

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Table of Contents

 Q.      Frequently Asked Questions
 Q.1     What is the proper pronunciation of "ZyXEL"?
 Q.2     What is a "ZyXEL"?
*Q.3     What are the new modems called?
 Q.4     What distinguishes ZyXELs from other modems?
 Q.4     What is the difference between the "Plus" and the regular models?
 Q.5     What features will be in the next generation ZyXEL modems?
 Q.5     What features does the U-1496S+ (aka U-1496+) offer?
 Q.6     What is the availability of V.34 ZyXEL modems?
 Q.7     What is the difference between the Omni and Elite series?
 Q.8     What are the advantages of buying an Elite?
 Q.9     What options are available for the Elite series?
 Q.10    What is the difference between the "Plus" and the regular models?
 Q.11    What features does the U-1496S+ (aka U-1496+) offer?
 Q.12    How fast do ZyXELs communicate with other ZyXELs and other 
*Q.13    How does one get access to ZyXEL technical support?
 Q.14    What are additional methods to contact ZyXEL USA technical support?
 Q.15    What are the prices for upgrading a ZyXEL?
 Q.16    Why don't dealers sell the V.34 upgrades?
 Q.17    What is the warranty on a ZyXEL?

Subject:  Q.  Frequently Asked Questions

Subject:  Q.1  What is the proper pronunciation of "ZyXEL"?

The proper pronunciation of "ZyXEL" is apparently "Zai-sell".  Note the "Zai"
rhymes with "buy".


Subject: Q.2 What is a "ZyXEL"? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ZyXEL is the name of a modem manufacturer. Thus a "ZyXEL" is a brand of modem. They manufacture a series of fast, feature-packed faxmodems that operate on multiple platforms. The following chart will serve to quickly explain the product line: Model Type Display Data Speed ----- ---- ------- ---------- Omni 288S External see next question Omni 288P External see next question Elite 2864 External see next question Supreme External see next question U-1496B Internal(PC bus) not applicable 16.8 ZyX U-1496B+ Internal(PC bus) not applicable 19.2/16.8 ZyX U-1496E External 12 LED lights 16.8 ZyX U-1496E+ External 12 LED lights 19.2/16.8 ZyX U-1496 External 20 x 2 LCD display & 16.8 ZyX & aka U-1496S 6 LED lights Leased Line U-1496+ External 20 x 2 LCD display & 19.2/16.8 ZyX & aka U-1496S+ 6 LED lights Leased Line U-1496R Rackmount 15 LED lights 19.2/16.8 ZyX U-1496RN Rackmount 15 LED lights 19.2/16.8 ZyX & Leased Line U-1496P Portable 1 LED light 16.8 ZyX/14.4Cell Notes: 1) The U-1496, aka the U-1496S is no longer manufactured. 2) Aside from nomenclature, the U-1496 is *exactly* the same as the U-1496S; the U-1496+ is *exactly* the same as the U-1496S+. 3) U-1496S/S+ models with ROMs v6.00 ROMs or newer can have a display screen that shows the lights that are on the E but not the S. Each "light" is depicted with a rectangular box and a corresponding short label. 4) Rackmount modems require in addition, a RS-1600 Rack Mount System and Network Management Software (NMS). 5) All modems now ship with 14.4 ZyCellular capability. For further information about ZyXEL modems, contact your local authorized reseller, or mail server (c.f. I.2).
Subject: Q.3 What are the new modems called? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The new modems are called the the Omni 288 series, Elite 2864 series and the Supreme 2864 series. The Omni series are the "value-priced line", non-ISDN upgradeable line. The Elite models will have LEDs for display and the Supreme models will have a LCD for display. Currently, that is the only difference between the Elite and Supreme models. Model Names: Omni 288S LED display, V.34, serial port only Omni 288P LED display, V.34, parallel port w/slow aux. serial port Elite 2864 21 LED display, V.34, 2 wire dialup/leased line, ISDN upgradeable Elite 2864L 21 LED display, V.34, 2/4 wire leased line, ISDN upgradeable Elite 2864I (S/T) 21 LED display, V.34, ISDN capable (S/T interface) Elite 2864I (U) 21 LED display, V.34, ISDN capable (U interface) Supreme 2864L 20*2 LCD/10 LED display, 2/4 wire leased line, V.34, ISDN upgradeable Supreme 2864I 20*2 LCD/10 LED display, V.34, ISDN equipped
Subject: Q.4 What distinguishes ZyXELs from other modems? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***** WARNING: Market-speak, Sales pitch ***** ZyXEL makes good, fast, and reliable modems. Instead of using generic chipsets to produce modems, ZyXEL uses Texas Instrument Digital Signal Processors (DSPs) in their modems. This design allows new features and bug fixes to be implemented in a simple manner. It has a whole plethora of features: . ZyX 16.8, ZyX 19.2 kbps(on Plus models) data transmission speeds . V.32 (9.6 kbps), V.32bis (14.4 kbps) data transmission speeds . V.17 (14.4 kbps) fax transmission speeds . Automatic speed fall-back and fall-forward . V.42bis data compression . sending and receiving fascimiles . voice recording and playback . CallerID support . Distinctive Ring and Extended Distinctive Ring support . Remote configuration . Call-back security . etc, etc, etc. ***** End Warning ***** Reality: ZyXEL makes a very good modem. Bugs are fixed in a prompt manner. Features are also added in a regular basis. There are some deficiencies in the product. . The documentation is too technical at times, as well it has some English errors. Currently it is being re-written in the form of both a user and a technical reference manual. The new manual will hopefully solve this shortcoming. . Bugs! (At least they are acknowledged!)
Subject: Q.5 What features will be in the next generation ZyXEL modems? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The new ZyXEL modems are not intended to be just a ZyXEL with a faster protocol. They are intended to be a new GENERATION of ZyXEL modems. As such, they will have some additional features. There seem to be two at least two new models -- a V.34 model and a ISDN upgrade for the V.34 models. Currently, the feature set of the new modems appear to be: 1] ZyXEL V.34 Modem ================ Main Features: * ITU-T V.34 28,800bps to 2,400bps * ZyXEL 19,200bps mode * ZyXEL 16,800bps mode * ITU-T V.32bis/V.32/V.23/V.22bis/V.22/V.26bis/ * ITU-T V.33/V.29/V.27bis (L models only) * ZyCellular mode * MNP 3-4-5, V.42/V.42bis, V.42 SREJ * Flash EPROM for downloadable firmware upgrade * ZyXEL parallel port interface * 14,400bps V.17 and V.29/V.27ter G3 FAX * EIA Class 2/2.0 and Class 1 Fax Commands * FAX scan line error report * 2/3/4-bit ADPCM voice compression * Microphone/Speaker voice interface * Versatile telephony functions * Universal data dump * ISDN Upgradable (option for Elite series) 2] ZyXEL ISDN Modem - A Seamless Transfer from PSTN to ISDN ======================================================== The ZyXEL ISDN Modem sets new standards in performance and usability for ISDN applications. This universal communication platform supports the most highly integrated services over ISDN lines without sacrificing connectivity to today's more prevalent analog lines. It is backward compatible with PSTN and includes most of the fine features found in other ZyXEL fax/modems including V.34. The modem works with most existing communication software using existing ZyXEL AT commands. It also fully supports the current standard ISDN application interface, COMMON-ISDN-API versions 1.1a and 2.0. You can run all of today's commercially available ISDN applications. Upgrading to the ZyXEL ISDN Modem maintains your link to the analog world and prepares you for the digital world of tomorrow - today. The modem firmware handles both D and B Channels protocols. For D-Channel, it supports EDSS1, 1TR6 and NI1/NI2; for B-Channel, X.75 SLP, V.120, V.110, and Bundle(128Kbps). Better yet, the modem is ready for new developments. It has a 8 Mbit flash EPROM that allows you to conveniently download and program the modem with new protocols using a PC. A special compression engine supports V.42bis compression on the B-Channel at full speed over ISDN lines. Applied with X.75, V.120, or the Bundle protocols, this translates to up to a half-megabits per second transfer rate. (That's almost 4-Megabytes per minute!) The ISDN Modem has a full feature A/B adapter (analog port) that recognizes standard DTMF tones and generates a standard ring signal to the connected device. It also generates metering pulses (16KHz for Germany and 12KHz for Switzerland) according to the Charging Information it receives. If you want, you can use one B-Channel for voice communications while sending data over the ISDN through the other. The key features of the ZyXEL ISDN Modem are: * Full compatibility with both ISDN and PSTN * Two application program interfaces: . ZyXEL ISDN AT Commands . CAPI 1.1a and 2.0 * Supports AT&T 5ESS, NT DMS100 D-Channel protocols (N. American models) * Supports 1TR6 and EDSS1 D-Channel protocols (European models) * Supports X.75, V.110, V.120 and Bundle(128Kbps) B-Channel protocols * Easy upgrade path using flash EPROM memory * V.42bis data compression using the X.75,V.120 and Bundle B-Channel protocols. * High speed serial/parallel DTE interface * Full-feature A/B adapter * Digitized voice capability * Asych to sych PPP support * Data encryption via DES * Embedded protocol analyser with color(ANSI) display * Supports NetWare CAPI Manager * 8-MB DRAM for on-board fax receiving (optional) Release of the rackmount versions will follow after the standalone versions. Data: . V.34 (28.8/26.4/24.0/21.6/19.2/16.8/14.4/12.0/9.6/7.2/4.8/2.4/1.2/.3 kbps) data transmission . V.32bis (14.4, 12.0, 9.6, 7.2 kbps) data transmission . V.32 (9.6, 4.8 kbps) data transmission . V.22bis (2.4 kpbs) data transmission . V.22 / Bell 212A (1.2 kbps) data transmission . V.21 / Bell 103 (0.3 kpbs) data transmission <*info below may be inaccurate*> . V.23 (1.2/0.075 kbps) data transmission . V.33 (14.4, 12.0 kbps) data transmission (L models only) . V.29 (9.6, 7.2, 4.8 kbps) data transmission (L models only) . V.27ter (4.8, 2.4 kbps) data transmission (L models only) . V.27bis (4.8 kbps) data transmission (L models only) . V.26bis (2.4 kbps) data transmission 2 wire half duplex <*info above may be inaccurate*> . Cellular (14.4, 12.0, 9.6, 4.8 kbps) data transmission using ZyCellular protocol . ZyX 16.8 and ZyX 19.2 kbps data transmission speeds . V.42bis and MNP 5 data compression . V.42 and MNP 3, 4, 5 error correction . V.42 selective reject (SREJ) DTE: . Serial DTE interface (460.8 kpbs) . Parallel port DTE interfaces. . Automatic Speed Detection (AT Autobaud) . V.25bis Autodial . Sychronous or asychronous operation ISDN: . ISDN upgradeable (Elite 2864, & Elite 2864L models), or . ISDN capable (Elite 2864I models) . Supports D and B channel protocols . D channel supports AT&T 5ESS, 1TR6, NT DMS-100, EDSS1, and NI-1 standards . B channel supports X.75 SLP, V.120, and V.110 protocols . Bundling of two B channels is supported . Analog adapter recognizes DTMF tones, and generates standard ring signal Fax: . V.17 fax transmission/reception speeds (14.4 kbps) . V.29 fax transmission/reception speeds (9.6 kbps) . V.27ter fax transmission/reception speeds (4.8 kbps) . Connection with a printer and an optional 8 Mb DRAM module allows the faxmodem to print incoming faxes automatically without a computer. . Error Correction Mode (ECM) supported . Class 1, 2 and Class 2.0 fax operation supported Voice: . Voice recording in 2-, 3-, 3-new, 4-bit ADPCM sound formats at 9,600, 19,200, 28,800, 30,720, 38,400 bps respectively . Microphone and speaker jacks for recording and playback of voice recordings Other: . Remote configuration . Call-back security with password protection . 8 Mbit FLash EPROM for easy ROM upgrades . Decodes CallerID information . Distinctive ring detection . Detection of DTMF, dial tone, answer tone and fax tones . Uses a Motorola 68030 processor and two Digital Signal Processors (DSPs), totaling 30 MIPS of computing power The 2864 will incorporate all the features of the 1496. <more work needed here>
Subject: Q.6 What is the availability of V.34 ZyXEL modems? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Elite 2686 models and the Omni 288 models are now shipping. The Supreme models are scheduled for release in 06/96. No word is available concerning the pricing for the Supreme models. No word is available concerning the pricing and availability of the, internal, rackmount, or models. However, an internal model (for IBM computers) may be planned. The internal model (if produced) would ship after the release of the Supreme models. A portable model is not currently planned.
Subject: Q.7 What is the difference between the Omni and Elite series? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Essentially the Omni has most the features (voice, fax, modem, etc..) of the Elite series. However, there are some important differences. The Omnis: 1) are not ISDN capable/upgradeable 2) are available in *EITHER* serial or parallel versions. The serial versions do not have a parallel port. Parallel versions have the parallel port as well as a slow auxiliary serial port (max DTE speed 38.4 kbps). The aux serial port is for management/initial configuration. 4) do NOT have the 8MB DRAM capability 5) have 4Mbit Flash EEPROMS rather than 8Mbit 6) are physically/cosmetically different
Subject: Q.8 What are the advantages of buying an Elite? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- <begin sales pitch> Because you can have ISDN *and* V.34 *and* fax (both G3 and the analog stuff) *and* cellular communications *and* voice *and* touchtone support *and* caller ID decoding *and* standalone fax receival with optional printing w/optional 8 mb ram*and* have optional analog interface *and* ISDN telephony with the right software *and a 5 year warranty *and* flash ROM upgrades *and* both serial ports isdn upgradeable no need for U interface (NT1) *and* more that I can't quote off my head. <end sales pitch>
Subject: Q.9 What options are available for the Elite series? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When customers buy the the Elite 2864 series modem, they can buy additional options for the modem. These options can be: 1) the analog module for V.34 connections on analog/POTS lines. 2) the leased line module for 4 wire leased line connections. 3) the ISDN module for ISDN connections.
Subject: Q.10 What is the difference between the "Plus" and the regular models? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Paraphrased and modified from the page 1-1 of the ZyXEL User's Manual (Revision 2.1). [page 1-1 in the on-line version]: The U-1496 "Plus" models have a faster processor and more memory. This allows the "Plus" models to have: . faster speeds ZyXEL specific 19.2 kpbs (between two "Plus" modems) . external "Plus" models support a 76.8kbps DTE rate (recent external non-"Plus" modems apparently also support the higher 76.8kbps DTE rate) The basic feature, function, and operation of the "Plus" versions are the same as the normal non-"Plus" versions. Brent Mosbrook ( [ZyXEL USA] explains that in the future, the Plus models will have 2 Mbit ROMs to allow room for "future enhancements".
Subject: Q.11 What features does the U-1496S+ (aka U-1496+) offer? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The U-1496S+ (aka U-1496+) is ZyXEL's flagship modem. It is an external modem with a display consisting of six (6) LED lights and a two (2) line by twenty (20) character backlit LCD display. In addition to the usual features found in U-1496 "Plus" models (ZyXEL- specific 19.2 kbps speed and 76.8kbps DTE rate) the U-1496S+ has the following features: . two (2) or four (4) wire leased line capability . V.33, V.29, V.27ter protocols . dial backup capability (calls backup phone number when leased line is unavailable.) . on-line conditioning monitoring [LCD display shows link option (eg., V.32bis), line speed, error control, data compression, line type (eg., dial-up), data format (eg., asynchronous), instant transmission throughput, signal to noise ratio, receiving signal level, phase jitter in received signal, frequency offset, retrains granted, retrains requested, round trip echo delay and carrier loss counts.] . capability to view the above parameters and the capability to change modem settings via four (4) arrow keys on the front panel.
Subject: Q.12 How fast do ZyXELs communicate with other ZyXELs and other modems? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Between two ZyXELs: ZyXEL modems will communicate with each other at the highest speed that is common to both modems. This means that the "Plus" (U-1496 B+/E+/S+) and rackmount models will communicate with each other at the ZyXEL-specific speed of 19.2 kbps. Non-"Plus" models communicate with each other and with "Plus"/ rackmounts at the ZyXEL-specific speed of 16.8 kbps. Note that both the 19.2 and the 16.8 kbps speeds are full duplex protocols. The ZyCellular option is available on ALL ZyXEL modems, and is now capable of 14.4 connects using the ZyXEL-specific CELL 14.4 protocol. Again, both modems must have the ZyCellular option in order to use the CELL 14.4 protocol. Between a ZyXEL and a non-ZyXEL modem: The fastest speed that ZyXEL modems will communicate with non-ZyXEL modems is at 14.4 kbps (V.32bis). The fastest speed that ZyXEL modems will communicate with V.32terbo modems is at 14.4 kbps (V.32bis). V.32terbo modems do run at 19.2 kpbs. The modulation scheme of V.32terbo modems are separate and distinctly different from the ZyXEL 19.2 kbps implementation. Thus V.32terbo modems are *NOT* compatible with ZyXEL modems at either the ZyXEL-specific speeds of 16.8 kbps or 19.2 kbps. (Brent Mosbrook ( of ZyXEL USA explained that a different bit mapping scheme was used in each modem.) The fastest speed that ZyXEL modems will communicate with USR HST/VHST modems is at 2400 baud. ZyXELs will communicate with a USR Dual Standard (DS) modem at 14.4 kbps (V.32bis). The fastest speed that ZyXEL modems will communicate with V.FC (V.Fast Class) modems is at 14.4 kbps (V.32bis).
Subject: Q.13 How does one get access to ZyXEL technical support? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ZyXEL, Taiwan Voice: 886-35-783942 Fax: 886-35-782439 BBS: 886-35-787045 E-Mail: Everbest, Hong Kong (more info needed) ZyXEL, USA (formerly 0/1 Networking) 4920 E. La Palma Avenue Anaheim, CA 92807 USA Voice: (714) 693-0808 (Sales) or: (800) 255-4101 (Works in Canada) Voice: (714) 693-0808 (Tech. support) FAX: (714) 693-8811 BBS: (714) 693-0762 E-Mail: FTP: /pub/other/zyxel WWW: MX ENGINEERING CO.,LTD., Japan KOJIMACHI 4-3 BENIYA BLDG.8F CHIYODA-KU TOKYO 102 Voice: (03)5213-8444 Fax: (03)5213-8445 BBS: (03)5213-8445 OCOMP Optimizing COMPuters, Canada Voice: (416) 534-1508 E-Mail: George Vande Bunte ( of OCOMP
Subject: Q.14 What are additional methods to contact ZyXEL USA technical support? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [This was originally posted by Brent Mosbrook ( of ZyXEL USA technical support. It was slightly modified by me (] The following information summarizes the various methods of accessing ZyXEL technical support. BBS We operate a 4-node BBS, 24 hrs a day. This provides ZyXEL users access to the latest rom binaries, Zfax updates, configuration guidelines, and software setup instructions. In addition, sysop pricing and order forms are available. You can reach the BBS by dialing 714-693-0762 Internet The site called has been established. Please use the following email addresses: For information regarding pricing, availability, literature, upgrades, and sysop deals. For installation problems, configuration questions, and general technical information. For submission of bug reports (currently used for BETA versions of Zfax 3.0x). The comp.dcom.modems and comp.dcom.fax newsgroups are also monitored, and posts/replies to the newsgroups will be made when appropriate. An anonymous FTP site has also been established at (aka ZyXEL related files are in the /pub/other/zyxel directory. The latest official roms and software here will be posted to this site. However, the FTP is not intended to replace the BBS, which has a much wider array of available files. Fidonet We maintain a node on the network, which is linked to our BBS. You can reach us at: 1:103/725 (1:202/701.101 secondary address). Users can netmail technical support questions to the above address, and they will be replied to by our staff. We monitor the comm, hs_modems, and ZyXEL echos, will post or reply when appropriate. File REQest any file on our bbs by name (wildcards accepted) OR "FILE" for files listing "FILES" for files listing "ROME" for the latest roms for the E "ROMEP" " " " " " " E Plus "ROMB" " " " " " " B "ROMBP" " " " " " " B Plus "ROMSP" " " " " " " S Plus "ROMS" " " " " " " S "ZFAX" " " " Zfax CompuServe We are on-line at CIS and can be reached as user 71333,2734. We have a forum dedicated to ZyXEL (GO ZYXEL), and will respond to any technical support related issue in e-mail. Please address any sales related to >
Subject: Q.15 What are the prices for upgrading a ZyXEL? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Firmware upgrades are available for free via anonymous FTP to sites carrying ZyXEL ROM images. U1496 users, however still need to provide their own EPROMs, EPROM burners, EPROM erasers, etc. ZyXEL USA is offering to upgrade U-1496E models to U-1496E+ models for US$150 (plus shipping). Upgrading your U-1496E to a U-1496E+ by this method will ensure that your warranty remains valid. There are reports that a U-1496E can be upgraded by users to a U-1496E+ for substantially less. This "do-it-yourself" method seems to work. It would also void your warranty. ZyXEL is now shipping the new Elite 2864 and the Omni 288 modems. The offer from ZyXEL USA to upgrade to the new Elite and Omni modems expired on September 30, 1995. Contact your local dealer for more info. The new Supreme series is currently in beta testing and *not* shipping. The ETA for the Supreme series is 06/96. When the Supreme models are shipping, U-1496S/S+ users will be offered an upgrade.
Subject: Q.16 Why don't dealers sell the V.34 upgrades? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brent Mosbrook ( [ZyXEL USA] writes: I don't think any of the dealers would want to offer the upgrade, since there would be a 0% margin in it for them.. they would lose money.
Subject: Q.17 What is the warranty on a ZyXEL? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All ZyXELs come with a two year parts and labour warranty. ZyXEL USA has decided to extend the warranty an extra three years. Thus a ZyXEL USA modem has a five year parts and labour warranty. This warranty allows the user to install and change the ROMs on the modem. Other hardware modifications such as the upgrading of the ROM socket, the installation of a capacitor for Caller-ID, and other modifications that ZyXEL USA performs MAY keep the warranty intact. The basic philosophy regarding user-modifications seems to be that as long as the modification is PROPERLY performed, the warranty will be honoured. (Burn marks, large holes, etc., would likely void the warranty.) Specific questions regarding hardware modifications and the effects to the warranty should be e-mailed directly to ZyXEL USA. ================================================================================ -- Robert Wong Jr. 1921 East 61st Avenue, Vancouver, B.C., Canada, V5P 2K2, (604) 322-6918 or Keeper of the ZyXEL FAQ and Head of the UBC-NeXT Users Group Standard disclaimers apply.

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