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ZyXEL modem FAQ List v4.2, Nov 20 1995, Part 3 of 5 [Technical FAQs]

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Archive-name: modems/ZyXEL/FAQ/part3
Last-modified: 1995/04/09
Version: 4.2
Posting-frequency:  monthly;the third Monday of every month

                             ZyXEL Modems 
                           Frequently Asked
                            Questions List

                              Version 4.2

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Table of Contents

 T.      Technical Frequently Asked Questions
*T.1     What is the latest official ROM release(s)?
 T.1A    How does one determine the ROM revision?
*T.1B    What does one do if one does not have have the latest ROMs?
 T.1C    Where does one obtain EPROMs to update modem ROMs?
 T.1Ci   Will Toshiba EPROMs work?
 T.1D    What format are the ROM images?
 T.1E    What does one do with the latest ROMs?
 T.2     In which countries are ZyXEL modems certified to operate?
 T.3     What are known country codes?
 T.3A    How does one change a country code?
 T.4     What kind of power supply is used?
 T.5     Are ZyXEL modems Hayes-compatible?
 T.6     How do ZyXEL modems deal with escape sequences?
 T.7     What is the chip set / data pump used in the modems?
 T.7A    What is the advantage of this design?
 T.8     What is the meaning of the T401 and T402 timeouts seen in an "AT I2"?
 T.9     What is the selective reject in V.42?
 T.10    What is the "Capture modem manufacturer information" feature?
 T.11    What settings are required to attain the fastest data connection?
 T.12    Will V.32terbo be implemented?
 T.13    When will V.FAST (V.34) be available?
 T.14    Will V.34 fallback speeds be implemented?
 T.15    How does one patch GNU NetFax to work properly?
 T.16    Why doesn't faxing from WordPerfect work properly?
 T.17    Once a fax is received, what does one do?
 T.18    How does enabling callback security affect the reception of faxes?
 T.19    What is the easiest way to record voice?
 T.20    How good is the voice quality?
 T.20A   How does the voice quality compare versus the Rockwell chipset?
 T.20B   When will better quality speech at higher encoding rates be available?
 T.21    Can a voice call be detected by the modem?
 T.22    Are the specifications for converting voice files available?
 T.23    Can speech be digitized/recorded and played back simultaneously?
*T.24A   Can DTMF tones be recognized at any time during recording/playback?
*T.24B   Why is there a noise before a voice file is played through
         telco line ?
 T.25    What kind of problems exist with using voice software on Macintoshes?
 T.26    Why is there a slight hissing sound from the speaker?
 T.27    How does one make Caller ID (CID/CND) work correctly?
 T.27A   What exactly is the hardware modification needed for CID/CND and EDR?
 T.27B   What software modifications are needed?
 T.27C   What if CID/CND and EDR still doesn't work?
 T.28    What changes are needed for overseas calling?
 T.29    What modifications are needed to S/S+ models to get the eye pattern 

Subject:  T.  Technical Frequently Asked Questions

Subject:  T.1  What is the latest official ROM release(s)?
        1.04    For Elite 2864 model
        1.09    For Elite 2864I model

        6.15    For U-1496 modems with 1-Mbit EPROMs
        5.05c   For really old non-U-1496plus models 
	        with 1-Mbit and 512-Kbit EPROMs
        6.23    For U-1496P (portable) model

The ROM release previous to the 6.15 was version 6.14.  The latest quick 
reference card and the release notes for the latest ROMs can be obtained
via anonymous FTP from the Taiwan or USA FTP sites.

When a new official ROM revision is released, it is available for *ALL* ZyXEL
modems.  Thus when the 6.14 ROMs were released for the U-1494E modems, it
was also available for the E+/B/B+/S/S+ modems (and other ZyXEL models).

Beta ROMs have been known to ship in modems supplied by ZyXEL USA, so you 
may have a newer version than those listed here.

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