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ZyXEL modem FAQ List v4.2, Nov 20 1995, Part 3 of 5 [Technical FAQs]
Section - T.23 Can speech be digitized/recorded and played back simultaneously?

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Top Document: ZyXEL modem FAQ List v4.2, Nov 20 1995, Part 3 of 5 [Technical FAQs]
Previous Document: T.22 Are the specifications for converting voice files available?
Next Document: T.24A Can DTMF tones be recognized at any time during recording/ playback?
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Brent Mosbrook ( [ZyXEL USA] writes:
"There are two DSP's in the modem right now.. one does the outgoing
play, while the other handles incoming DTMF detection.  It is
theoretically possible to do what you describe, but I know of no
plans to do so in this generation of hardware."

Kolja Waschk (kawk@Yo.COM) writes:
"It digitizes and analyzes the sum signal at any time when in Voice Mode so
that DTMF tones and calling tones are recognized anytime (this results in the
recognition of DTMF tones which are included in the voice to replay), but you
cannot do both, replay voice from disk and record the incoming signal to your
disk at the same time. (Imagine, using 2-bit ADPCM, this would require a data
flow of totally more than 4800 cps without pauses between the bytes.)"

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