What is skin?

The skin is the body's largest and most visible organ. It has several important functions such as protecting the internal organs and regulating the body's temperature.

Why does our skin deteriorate?

Your skin reflects your energy level and health, it can be affected by a number of factors related to your lifestyle, personal habits, daily routines, climate, home life and work conditions.

Most common skin problems

What's your skin type?

Find out what your skin type is to choose treatment and appropriate care for a glowing and healthy skin.

Strategies for skin care

Your skin type is determined by heredity, ethnic group, your hormone levels and your lifestyle, and will modify due to different changes in habits and age. The key to protect and to keep the skin supple is establishing a regular skin care routine depending on your skin type.

As the years go by

Your skin is constantly changing and rejuvenating. At different stages of life there are new and different ways to take care of your skin, depending on your age.

A dangerous pleasure

The sun makes us feel healthy, beautiful, full of life and benefits the body. But the sun also can burn our skin, dry it out, cause wrinkles and other signs of premature aging.

Effects of the climate and pollution

The climate and environmental aggressors, especially pollution, can take their toll on your skin and hair. Extreme changes in temperature cause reactions and force your skin to adapt to the seasonal changes.

Exercise for a healthy skin

Physical exercise stimulates the circulation and flow of blood, carrying oxygen and essential nutrients to the body's cells, including the skin. Exercise may help to reduce the signs of aging and keep the muscles firm and healthy.

Shiatsu for the face and hair

This ancient Oriental therapeutic massage stimulates the body's natural defenses and helps the body to cure itself, using applied pressure on special points on the body called tsubos. Among shiatsu's many benefits, this healing art may help to keep the skin and hair healthy and beautiful.

Anti-wrinkle self-massages

Chinese self-massages and exercises, called qi gong, are good for reestablishing, unblocking and harmonizing the energy along various meridians in the body. Some are great for improving blood circulation to the skin and for preventing wrinkles and other skin problems.

Natural aids for glowing skin

A guide of natural recipes to promote healthy and beautiful skin. Moisturizing creams, infusions, soaps and lotions to give you a healthy glow to your face.

Brilliant, healthy hair

Frequently washing your hair and conditioning it with herbs is a sure way to keep your hair healthy, shiny and full of volume. There are a number of oils for massages, restoring treatments and tonics to strengthen and stimulate the hair and to solve some of the problems that affect the scalp.

Soft, supple hands

Our hands also deserve special attention. They are always visible and constantly in use, exposed to a number of aggressive factors.

Nature's way of caring for the skin

Natural remedies are an excellent tool against illnesses and for improving the skin's appearance on both the face and body. The essential oils (referred to in the Essential oils from A to Z box) are also prepared with herbs, giving the benefits of aromatherapy.

Nutrient rich diet

Diet plays an important role in maintaining the health of the skin. A balanced diet should supply all the nutrients needed to build health and fight ailments, and to reduce the risk of illnesses.