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Frequently washing your hair and conditioning it with herbs is a sure way to keep your hair healthy, shiny and full of volume. There are a number of oils for massages, restoring treatments and tonics to strengthen and stimulate the hair and to solve some of the problems that affect the scalp.

+ Herbs are a great resource for keeping the hair lustrous, healthy and beautiful, always respecting a few key rules for allowing herbs to work their wonders, replacing emollients that are lost during every day exposure to harmful elements. The key: don't use a blow-dryer and excessive brushing (especially when the hair is wet); trim your hair every six weeks and use natural products to take care of your hair without any risks.

Herbs are a great resource for keeping the hair lustrous, healthy and beautiful


This basic recipe can be prepared with a number of herbs, depending on your hair needs and particular problems.

Natural Shampoo

Mix in a bowl the water, oil and glycerin until they blend well. Store in a plastic bottle.


This oil is recommended for use after washing your hair. Use a small portion on your hands and massage into the scalp. Place camomile or sage in a wide necked bottle, along with rosemary, mint and soy oil. Place a hermetic cap and leave sitting in the sun for 2 days. Filter well, as many times as necessary so that there is not trace of herbs. Add fresh herbs and repeat the same process, 10 times more. Store in a corked bottle, preferably in a dark place.

Oil for Scalp Massages


Immediately after shampooing apply this conditioner on wet hair. Prepare with several herbs, depending on your specific hair needs.

  1. To make dark hair luster: parsley, sage or rosemary.
  2. For blond hair: camomile, yarrow or marigold.
  3. To make blond hair luster: a strong infusion of camomile.
  4. To darken brunettes: sage with black tea.

Place the selected herb in a ceramic bowl and cover with boiling water. Cover and let sit overnight and filter with a linen cloth. Keep in the refrigerator in a corked bottle for 7 days.

Conditioning Rinse


This oil protects the scalp so that it doesn't dry out, helping to restore the natural oils. Use a small amount on your hands and massage into the scalp after washing your hair.

Almond Restorer

In a wide necked jar, place the oil with the herbs. Hermetically cover and leave in sunlight (on the windowsill is a good place) for at least 14 days. Filter and repeat this process, with fresh herbs. Store in a hermetic bottle.


Bouncing bet water is added to shampoo, and if there's some left over you can add it to the bath. This infusion is great for the hair.

Bouncing Bet Water

Place the herbs and bouncing bet in a ceramic bowl and add boiling water. Cover and let sit over night. Filter with a linen cloth.


Camomile. Best for blond hair because of its luminous effects. It also helps to calm irritated scalp.

Blue elderberry. A good stimulant for the hair.

Herb Louisa. Aromatic and stimulates the pores.

Horsetail. Stimulates growth and acts as an astringent for oily hair.

Lemon balm. An excellent cleanser for the scalp.

Lemon grass or Lemon herb. Cleansing and astringent.

Nettle. Cleanser and stimulates circulation in the scalp.

Parsley. Helps to balance the production of oils in the sebaceous glands and stimulates the scalp.

Rosemary. Recommended to accentuate dark hair beauty. Controls dandruff.

Sage. Especially good for dark hair. Astringent for oily hair.

Thyme. Cleansing, astringent and toner.

Yarrow. Cleansing, refreshing and toner.

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