Anti-wrinkle self-massages

Chinese self-massages and exercises, called qi gong , are good for reestablishing, unblocking and harmonizing the energy along various meridians in the body. Some are great for improving blood circulation to the skin and for preventing wrinkles and other skin problems.

+ The objective of qigong (Chinese do-it-yourself massages and exercises) is to restore the flow of energy along different meridians in the body. It consists of a series of gentle movements without using muscles strength. They are easy to learn and are great for improving blood circulation to the skin, fighting wrinkles and to relieving the effects of fatigue and stress on the face, hair and skin. Before starting, you should rub your hands together to warm them up; it's advisable to rub your hands together between each massage. Do these exercises standing up, with your feet separated and your body comfortable and relaxed.

On your face. Self-massages tone the skin and muscles and improve the flow of energy to the face. They also help to fight flabbiness and prevent premature wrinkles. Repeat 10 to 15 times.

On your face

Place your hands on your forehead and move them down, using slight friction over the eyes, cheeks and mouth until you reach the chin. Separate your hands and increase friction over the sides of the jaws and over the ears and temples.


This massage improves blood circulation to the skin. It also helps to remove toxins and dead skin cells.

  1. • Vigorously rub the entire surface of the body, until each area warms up or flushes pink due to increased blood flow. Repeat this massage once a day. You can do this massage with a dry sea sponge, bath brush, linen cloth or towel.

On the forehead. Helps to tone the nerve ends in the forehead and to increase blood circulation to the frontal sinuses and skin, which is why it has an anti-wrinkle effect.

Massage the forehead using alternate motions, with one hand at a time. This massage should be practiced 15 times with each hand.

On the forehead

On your lips. This massage strengthens the orbicular muscles and prevents wrinkles from forming around the mouth. Energizes the spleen, pancreas, and stomach.

Place your index finger above between your upper lip and nose and your other index finger between your lower lip and chin. Massage horizontally 15 times. Next, reverse your fingers and continue to massage 15 times.

On your lips

On the scalp. This self-massage improves respiration and circulation of the blood to the scalp, toning the hair and strengthening the hair follicles. It also helps to fight fatigue and energizes your brain functions.

With your finger tips, move from the top to the back of the scalp, using movements as if you wanted to detach it from the cranium. Repeat this massage 15 times. Next, place your fingernails on the scalp and slowly slide them back, using light pressure as if your fingernails were a comb. Repeat 15 times.

On the scalp

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