Exercise for a healthy skin

Physical exercise stimulates the circulation and flow of blood, carrying oxygen and essential nutrients to the body's cells, including the skin. Exercise may help to reduce the signs of aging and keep the muscles firm and healthy. At the same time exercise helps to maintain your over all well-being, keeping your mind calm and your spirits high, which clearly reflects in your skin's appearance, especially the face and hair.

+ Exercising is a fundamental tool in taking care of your skin. It keeps the skin fresh and healthy, giving it a supple glowing appearance. Sweating plays a key role in keeping the skin healthy, because it helps the body stay clean by eliminating toxins. Sweating intervenes in two types of glands: the eccrine merocrine glands (which regulate the body's temperature) and the apocrine glands (larger glands, located in the armpits, the hormone and nervous systems make these glands react). A good exercise program such as aerobics can activate and rejuvenate the skin and improve circulation and blood flow. Also, body sweat triggers production of sebum, which is the skin's own natural moisturizer.

Exercising is a fundamental tool in taking care of your skin


  1. If you are doing physical activity outdoors use a sunscreen with UVA and UVB filters (see pages 22-23).
  2. If you go skiing or practice other mountain sports, use a higher SPF sunscreen, because sunrays are stronger in higher altitudes.
  3. During aerobic activities your body loses a large amount of water, which is why it's important to drink plenty of water before, during and after working out, making up for water loss and to keep the skin moisturized.
  4. It's best to use workout clothes made from natural fibers, to avoid skin irritations.
  5. The face releases toxins during intense physical exercise. It's best to thoroughly clean your skin after a work out.
  6. It's recommended to take a shower or bath after exercising, to clean the skin and to eliminate accumulated sweat.
  7. If you regularly swim in a pool, it's best to take a shower immediately after swimming to wash off chlorine and other chemicals. (Remember that chlorine takes its toll on your hair, it's best to use a swimming cap and wash you hair with pro-vitamin and protein rich hair products.)
  8. After showering, it's wise to use a good moisturizing cream on your face and body.

After showering, it's wise to use a good moisturizing cream on your face and body


Thirty minutes of moderate exercise 5 or 6 times a week is enough to keep the body in good shape and to keep the skin healthy. “Moderate” exercise can mean a fast walk, gardening or any other physical activity that makes your skin sweat and breathe. For the skin, outdoor activity is the best, because it helps the skin to breathe and eliminate toxins. Playing tennis or walking outdoors are the best exercises, in addition to swimming.

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