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Waffle Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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                    Waffle Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The FAQ list for comp.bbs.waffle can be found on the Internet:

Table of Contents:

Let's create a waffle replacement!
General information
Support mechanism
28k modems
Files section
Administering a usenet site
Aftermarket add-ons
Waffle bugs
Transition to 1.65
Waffle and OS/2
Waffle and NT
Waffle and wwivedit
Waffle and kermit
Getting waffle files via mail-based archive servers
Getting waffle files via anonymous uucp
Making waffle menu-driven
What can I do about uuxqt/rnews hanging on long Path: headers?
Why do I get Error 5 deleting call file?
What is the difference between access level and privelege level?
Why does waffle complain about `truncated batch'?
How can I set up a mailing list?  Waffle won't let me have more than 20?
How can I set up a info@ auto-reply mechanism?
What changes are needed for the new free BSD systems?
How can I get RIP graphics on waffle for $2?
Why do Xmodem uploads into a message crash waffle?
How does waffle handle time zones?
Who has a PIF file for running waffle under MS-Windows?
What init string works for you?
Can I get a list of all waffle BBSs?
How exactly do I configure Amanda for Fido connectivity?
Why do I get all those "Monkey+Typewriter" errors when logging in?
How can I handle faxes on the line waffle uses?

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