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Waffle Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Section - waffle: Communications

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1. I just have major problems communicating with other systems.

Make sure your `locked' entry, `uu.locked' entry, `speed' entry,
and FOSSIL driver are all using the same speed.

2. What settings do I use for my Telebit modem ?

Unfortunately, that's far too complicated a question to answer here.
In general, turn compression off, and turn uucp `spoofing' on.

This can all be done on the fly by sending register settings as
part of your send-expect sequence when you call out, or you can
do so as part of your modem initialization string in static.

Some Telebit modems don't save the register settings.  You might
have to set the registers in both the init string and in the
calling sequence.

Also, grab a FOSSIL driver to control the port if you are
running a 9600 baud modem or above.  BNU and X00 seem to be the
most popularly used fossils according to the folks in c.b.w .
Don't forget to set the driver to `fossil' in the static file.

Remember: there is a `trailblazer-faq' posted to news.answers

3. What's the best throughput I can expect ?

Throughput is a function of a variety of things, including
(but not limited to):
        - the speed and load of both systems
        - the speed of both modems
        - line noise on the phone line
        - the size of the batches being transferred
        - whether or not you are using a FOSSIL driver
        - which UUCICO engine you use

With a 2400 baud modem, you should get anywhere between 200 and
220 cps unless you're transferring very small batches.

V.32 (9600 bps) should get anywhere between 700 and 1020 cps.  

With a Telebit Trailblazer Plus, you should expect something on
the order of 800 to 1400+ characters/second to a similar modem.

Watch your /waffle/admin/net file for details regarding your
average characters per second.  A drop off from what's `normal'
could indicate hardware problems or line problems.

To summarize your DOS net file easily, grab a copy of `netsum' from
the Waffle directory on one of the archive sites..

It can generate a variety of reports that can answer things like
`based on 11 cents/minute, how much DID I spend to uunet so far ?'

4. What are the special characters recognized by the chat script ?

See /waffle/docs/network.doc or `Managing UUCP and USENET'
for details.

5. How can I stop my connection from timing out while switching speeds ?

Use uu.time in static to set a default delay or use the -t
parameter in your uucico command to override the default.
See network.doc for more details.

Also, make sure your modem will wait for a carrier at least as
long as the uu.time you specify.  If your modem uses the AT
command set this is probably the S7 register setting.

Lastly, if you talk to a Telebit modem and you have a
non-Telebit modem (that talks just fine to anything else), you
might want to ask your feed to put PEP tones last.  Initial PEP
tones can confuse non-Telebit modems quite a bit.

6. What does this error mean?

See /waffle/docs/network.doc , `Managing UUCP and USENET', or
Ian Taylor's UUCP Internals FAQ, posted to news.answers, for

7. I have a high speed modem.  After saying [Connect 14400], Waffle complains
   [14400 unsupported]!  Why can't Waffle handle high speed connections?

Just bump the speed to 19200, a `standard' serial speed.

You have locked your FOSSIL, without telling Waffle about it.
This is a no-no.  Put `locked: xxxx' in your static file, and
Waffle will shut up about `unsupported'.  It actually doesn't
matter what speed you use in the locked: parameter, if you have
locked using the FOSSIL.

8. Waffle keeps saying `[ Echo should't be on - waaah! ]' when initializing
   the modem.

This message is basically harmless and can be safely ignored.

For Waffle to not complain about this, echo must be in a
consistent state - either always on, or always off.  If you
want it to be always off, put E0 in your default profile.  If
you want it to be always on, put E1 in your default profile,
and E1 (MUST be uppercase, `e1' won't cut it) in your init:
static file entry.

Note that if you occasionally get the error message, then
you're probably starting up Waffle after having echo on (in
your terminal program, for example), and not resetting your

9. Waffle `Barfs' (that's what it says!) on the `CARRIER xxxxx' message.

you'll need to tell your modem to stop sending it.  some modems use
S95=0, some use W0, others may use something else entirely.  find
out which one works, and put it in your init: static file entry.

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