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Waffle Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Section - waffle: Waffle bugs

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As with any large system, Waffle has bugs.  Since the source is available,
some users have fixed some of the bugs that have cropped up.  In this
section, the notation `Patch: <user>' means that the mentioned user has
a patch to the source code available that will fix the problem.  You need
to already have the source code for this to be useful to you.  `BPatch: <user>'
means that the mentioned user has a binary patch available, which anyone
should be able to use.  `Fixed: 1.xx' means that the bug is fixed as of
the mentioned version.  `Workaround:' means that there is a way to avoid
the bug in normal operation.

1.  When I mail to a | post alias from within Waffle, it only posts the headers.

    This is a bug having to do with external editors.
    Workaround: use the internal editor when mailing to such an alias.
    Fixed: 1.66

2.  When I mail to a | post alias from within Waffle, it only works the
    first time; the second time it doesn't do *anything*.

    Workaround: none known.
    Fixed: 1.66

3.  I configured my modem to work with FAX, but Waffle keeps saying
    [Hayes code -2] and hangs up.

    This occurs if you have Auto-ATA: in your static file.
    Workaround: make your modem answer the phone (no Auto-ATA: in the
        static file and ATS0=1 in the initialize string).
    Fixed: 1.66

4.  I have personal aliases for `mom' and `dad', and when I type
    `mail mom dad' Waffle complains `No such user', even though I can
    type `mail mom' or `mail dad' and it works fine.

    Waffle's implementation of personal aliases isn't complete.
    Workaround: put the aliases in /waffle/system/aliases
    WARNING: This makes your aliases available to all users, and
    incoming mail from offsite (they can't read it, but they can
    forward stuff through it), so be _careful_ with what you put there.

5.  I have `finger_ok: 3' in my static file but anyone can use the FINGER

    Apparently, this check got lost somewhere; Waffle completely
        ignores the finger_ok: static variable.
    Workaround: None, save writing an extern to duplicate the
        functionality that you want, and controlling access to
        that via the extern files. says:

        Yes, this is not true for version 1.65. If you have an
        account with an user/access level less than finger_ok, you
        can finger the person but will not see their phone number,
        and, of course, you will see the phone number/etc. when you
        have the level greater or equal to finger_ok. I just even
        tried it.

6.  uux -b gives me garbage

    uux -b doesn't work.  try to use uux -i (if the files are on
    the same physical drive, ugh) or get a replacement uux.  one
    is ruux, hopefully on halcyon.

7.  rmail messes up headers with more than one space after the `To:'

    it doesn't hurt delivery, just makes the headers ugly

8.  rnews has a bunch of problems

    try the patched one from
    I still haven't tested all of these situations:

    outright errors:

        - long headers cause random crashes/exceptions

          -> these articles are now discarded, with a log entry in
             a new file called `badnews' in the admin directory

        - Path: checking does a too-sloppy substring match, so
          a site won't batch news for foo.domain
          (but there are no problems batching for

        - continuation lines are stripped

          -> still not fixed

        - batches articles with extra CRs in them cause spurious
          `truncated batch' warnings

    things that would be nice, and are already covered in other packages:

        - history

        - overview files

        - updating an active file, so that expiring every message in a
          group doesn't cause the counter to start back at `1'

        - filing control messages in control.<verb> groups
          (e.g., control.cancel, control.newgroup, control.rmgroup)
          if they have an entry in the active file

9.  waffle's internal mailreader can lose mail

==begin FAQ caption==
  Path: salzo!dave
  From: dburton@salzo.Cary.NC.US (David Burton)
  Newsgroups: comp.bbs.waffle
  Subject: How Waffle loses email, and how to (usually) avoid it
  Message-ID: <TeR02D16w165w@salzo.Cary.NC.US>
  Date: Mon, 17 Feb 97 07:04:52 EST
  References: <ogm72D7w165w@salzo.Cary.NC.US>
  Organization: Salzoboard BBS, 1-919-481-3787 or 481-4792

Well, it turns out that the Waffle bug that I discussed last time
can trash email messages even in a NON-multitasking environment.
But I've discovered how to avoid the problem 99% of the time:

==end FAQ caption==

==begin FAQ caption==
To see the bug, use Waffle's built-in mail reader to do the following:

1) Send yourself two emails.
2) Quit from Mail, and type M to re-enter Mail.
3) Read the 2nd-to-last email message.
4) Type D to mark it for deletion (or M to move it to another folder).
5) Send yourself another email (you can just reply to the 1st one).
6) (optional) Type L to list messages; notice that your new email
   message is not listed.  Danger, Danger, Will Robinson!
7) Type Q for Quit (do not read the 2nd email); notice that Waffle
   tells you that it deleted your first message.  What it doesn't
   tell you is that it has also deleted your third message.
8) Type M to re-enter Mail.
   Notice that your most recent email message is missing.
==end FAQ caption==

==begin FAQ caption==
Note that it won't do to re-read just any message.  It *must* be the
*last* listed message.  (Note: if you've just read the last message,
and need to re-read it, use the "a"gain command.)

If the last message is lengthy, you needn't re-read the whole thing.
Just read the first screen full, and press the Esc key.

Also, note that it is NOT sufficient to just forgo the use of the
"q"uit command and always exit the mail system by banging on the
Enter key.  If an email arrives after you start reading the last
message, the problem will still occur.

[many other details of tests performed deleted]

==end FAQ caption==

10.  cron doesn't run scheduled tasks with a particular month listed.

    This is an error in the documentation:  the day should go
    from 1-31 (not 0-31[!]), and the month from 0-11 (not 1-12).

11.  waffle uses 2-digit years in a lot of places, including headers.

    Obviously, this makes waffle severely non-y2k-compliant.
    [when 2000 hits, which parts of waffle use `00', and which
    parts use `100'?  has anyone tested it?]

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