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Waffle Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Section - waffle: Waffle and wwivedit

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==begin FAQ caption==
  From: (M. Hannibal Toal)
  Newsgroups: comp.bbs.waffle
  Subject: WWIVedit for Waffle FAQ (long)
  Message-ID: <>
  Date: 1 Aug 94 09:07:58 GMT

Hi there, I promised this information some time ao, I apologize for the
delay, but gee, I've been busy :)

Sorry it's so long, I wanted it to be complete... If anyone would like
further help or pointers let me know via email.

I heard there was a new version of WWIVedit? Want to send it to SimTel?


cut here ---

    FAQ for implementing WWIVedit as an external editor for Waffle 1.65
This works for me. This is exactly how I have it configured right now. Your
mileage, however, may vary. Note the inclusion of directory and file listings,
you should have no problems setting it up and putting everything in its place.
The WWIVedit .DEF file and dirs included here are the ones I use to configure 
the editor for remote use by my users on my BBS, so it won't let users include
files, or drop to DOS or other silly things like that. For local applications,
consult the documentation for information on how to set your preferences.
I hope people find this information to be useful. Please let me know if there
is anything that can be included/further explicated/improved.
                                                        SYSTEM 0PERATOR
                                                        CLU 'Puternet BBS
Output from "C:\>tree c:\waffle"

Directory PATH listing for Volume 'PUTERNET  
Volume Serial Number is 3A55-1CDC
Note this is exactly the same as suggested in the docs, with the
exception that WWIVedit is under the WAFFLE directory, not the WWIV

Contents of C:\waffle\extern\_editors: (unwrapped; 4 lines of text)

fsed /access=0 /slash /screen /command="c:\waffle\bin\fsed.exe -h21 +c:\waffle\bin\wordstar.cfg +c:\waffle\bin\vt100.cfg %i"
wwiv /access=0 /screen /command="c:\waffle\wwivedit\wwivedit.exe %i 80 24 100 -key:default -set:default"
ted /access=9 /screen /local /command="c:\util\ %i"
wwivedit /access=9 /screen /local /command="c:\waffle\wwivedit\wwivedit.exe %i 80 24 100 -key:local -set:local"
[wrapped here for the FAQ for those with 80-column problems]

  fsed /access=0 /slash /screen /command="c:\waffle\bin\fsed.exe -h21
    +c:\waffle\bin\wordstar.cfg +c:\waffle\bin\vt100.cfg %i"

  wwiv /access=0 /screen /command="c:\waffle\wwivedit\wwivedit.exe %i 80
    24 100 -key:default -set:default"

  ted /access=9 /screen /local /command="c:\util\ %i"

  wwivedit /access=9 /screen /local
    /command="c:\waffle\wwivedit\wwivedit.exe %i 80 24 100 -key:local
Contents of C:\waffle\wwivedit\config\default.def

; this is the default configuration for remote users.
; I have a local.def for use on the console, with appropriate settings.
; You can figure out default.key for yourself, just be sure to wipe
; out definitions for include file and shell, leave their definitions
; "empty"
;                                                        hannibal
; The default settings -- These work for WWIV 4.21a & WWIV 4.22
; See CONFIG.DOC for a complete description
LOCAL:         [N] Whether this is a local definition
SETUP:         [0] 0=None, 1=CHAIN.TXT, 2=EDITOR.INF (WWIV 4.21a)
RESULT:        [0] 0=None, 1=RESULT.ED, 2=FEDIT.INF (WWIV 4.21a)
REPLY:         [0] 0 = Never Ask User
                   1 = Ask User if E-Mail and user wants to be asked
                   2 = Ask User if user wants to be asked
TAG:           [1] Disable User Tag Lines (if 1 or Y)
BBSTAG:        [N] Disable BBS Tag (if 1 or Y)
COLORS:      [0-7] Legal Color Range (See CONFIG.DOC for format)
MCI:            [] Characters treated as MCI chars as per Merlin's Mod
LINES:         [100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100,100] 
KEYBOARD:      [2] 0=XT, 1=AT, 2=Attempt to Auto-Detect
MONO:          [0] CGA/EGA/VGA, 1=MONO, 2=Auto-Detect first use, 3=Always Aut o
CHATKEY:        [] L=Left Shift, R=Right Shift, C=Control, A=Alt
                   LR=Both shifts, CA=Control-Alt, Etc
DOSKEY:         [] Same Format as ChatKey
DIVIDER:        [] Filename of the file that contains Tagline divider
NOTAG:          [] File that contains list of bases to exclude BBS tag from
NOPERSON:       [] File that contains list of bases to exclude User Tag From
WARNTIME:     [90] Number of seconds before user is beeped at (0=Never)
ABORTTIME:   [180] Number of seconds before message auto-aborts
ESCTICKS:    [350] Increase this if [A [B [C etc starts appearing remotely
WWIVEDITMACROS:[N] Whether or not WWIVEdit (MACROS.LCL) macros are allowed
QUOTER:        [0] 0 = None, 1=Goose's Quote 3.01 or greater, 2=WWIV 4.21a
PERSONALDICT:  [N] Whether or not personal dictionaries should be kept
COLORTITLE:    [N] Whether or not Color Changes are allowed in the title
MOUSE:         [N] Y=Allow Mouse Locally
DIRECTVIDEO:   [N] Must be set to 0/N for Remote use
SCROLL:        [N] Smooth Scrolling (won't work remotely);
BBSDISABLE:    [0] If Disable Taglines is set in boardedit, and this is 1,
                   then User taglines will still work.  If set to 2, user
                   taglines wont work, but bbs taglines will.
; The following shouldn't be modified unless you know what you are doing!
COMPORT:       [0] Set this to 0 for local and WWIV definitions
FOSSIL:        [0] 1=Use fossil driver if Comport > 0
BBS:           [4] 0=None, 1=WWIV (hannibal says note the 4 for waffle! RTFM)
DESCRIPTION: [The default key bindings for WWIVEdit]
MINSL: [0]
==end FAQ caption==

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