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Waffle Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Section - waffle: Editors

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1. What editors can I use ?

Locally, any editor your little 'ol heart desires that works
in pure ASCII (i.e., you could use WordPerfectOffice, but not
WordPerfect itself since that saves in a non-ASCII format normally).

Remotely, you have to be careful to use an editor that is ANSI
oriented and that doesn't do direct DOS screen I/O. Some editors
that are frequently used (and are available on (old) SimTel and
other fine archive sites) include:

        MEANSI     - MicroEmacs compiled to use ANSI mode.
        BBStevie   - vi clone
        FSED       - a very configurable editor that can be made to
                        look like just about any editor you want
        WWIVEDIT   - the editor for WWIV

Be aware that if you set up external editors for your remote users,
you might have a security risk on your hands.  Be sure that you
know whether your editor will let a remote user shell out to the
operating system or not, and that you're giving exactly the
privileges you mean to give out.

BBStevie in particular is designed to be configurable so that you
can prevent folks from getting to the shell (if you want) and you
can use the same binary to ALLOW some other folks shell access if
you want to do that, based on their Waffle access level.  BBStevie
can also restrict users to only editing files in their home directory.

2. How can I use different local and remote editors ?

At 1.65, you can define different local and remote editors from
within Waffle, so it's simple.  The STATUS command does not let
you edit your local editor, however; you have to ADMIN T <you>.

Prior to 1.65, you should modify /waffle/extern/_editors to run
a batch file which gets passed the baud rate, and decides based
on that whether to run a local or remote editor.

3. Why does (some editor) work locally, but not remotely?

If you try BBStevie locally and it's fine, yet you get a blank
screen when you use it remotely, make sure that you do not have
an ansi driver loaded.  Some people have luck using PC Magazine's, which can be loaded and unloaded as part of a batch file
around your `waffle local username' command, so that there's no
ansi driver loaded by default for remote users.

Version 3.0 of BBStevie can use a FOSSIL driver to do its own 
modem i/o, so that you can use a local ANSI driver to handle 
local use and remote use will take care of itself.

4. How come STATUS / EDITOR still says there are no editors on the system,
    when I just added stuff to /waffle/extern/_edit?

You need to manually edit /waffle/menus/editors to reflect the
editors that are available on your system.  Make sure to include
a separate entry so that the user can select `none' to get back
to the internal editor.

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Top Document: Waffle Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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