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Waffle Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Section - waffle: Waffle and OS/2

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==begin FAQ caption==
  From: (Harrison Page)
  Newsgroups: comp.bbs.waffle
  Subject: Re: Waffle and OS/2?
  Message-ID: <>
  Date: Sun, 24 Jul 94 16:46:14 PDT

I've had good experiences with OS/2 and Waffle, through I am not running
a bulletin board system - just a site for news, mail, and a mail-based
archive server. I use the scheduler built into a Shareware utility for
OS/2 called FILEBAR (works great) and the stock UUCICO that comes with

Here's what I've gathered from comp.bbs.waffle: (Terry Stockdale) wrote:

> I similarly use Waffle for polling, but FXUUCICO under Waffle, and an
> external cron ( to handle rnews and rmail, as well as
> administrative tasks. I'm using RNF (now v.77beta9) and am very pleased
> with it.  Plus, it can keep my Waffle "join" file in sync with its
> rnfjoin file.  I've had good experience with Ray Gwinn's SIO/VSIO/VX00
> comm drivers (now (KA6ETB Steve Harding) wrote:

[this section deleted -- see Steve's separate entry later]
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==begin FAQ caption==
  From: (Mike Shirley)
  Newsgroups: comp.bbs.waffle
  Subject: Waffle & OS/2 Specific Mailing List; was Re: os/2 CRON
  Message-ID: <>
  Date: Wed, 07 Dec 94 20:50:03 -0800

To join the Waffle - OS/2 Mailing List, send a letter to:     In the body on the first two lines enter:

join WaffOS2-L          (Case not important)
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==begin FAQ caption==
  To: (Comp.Bbs.Waffle FAQ)
  From: (KA6ETB Steve Harding)
  Message-ID: <>
  Date:   Sun, 22 Jan 1995 07:49:39 -0700

After doing some research, I have amended my portion of the OS/2 stuff.

Setting up Waffle in OS/2:

1.      Change the shell entry in your ~/waffle/extern file to read:

        shell   /command="x:\OS2\MDOS\COMMAND"

        where x: is the drive holding your OS/2 directories.

2.      If you are using a fossil driver, turn it off.

3.      Migrate Waffle to OS/2, and test.

4.      If you are using a CRON utility, migrate it, and test.  There
        are CRON utilities available for OS/2.

        Personally, I haven't had much luck with OS/2 versions starting
        DOS programs, but YMMV.  Using a CRON will allow you to let
        waffle handle the phone, and the second window do all the housework
        (uuxqt, batching, etc.).

Once Waffle passes the test, you can begin to tweak.

o       Install the SIO driver, available wherever fine OS/2 shareware
        is found.  The latest version is SIO142.ZIP.
o       Test.
o       If you must have a fossil, install VX00.SYS from SIO.
o       Test.

Once all tests are passed, create a shadow app of Waffle (and your CRON),
and place it in your Start Up folder.


o       If you have the disk space, and the patience, install wafcnews.

o       Most sites are using FXUUCICO.  I do not, as I notice no real
        gain here in throughput, and FX uses a different scheme for the
        UUCICO log file.

o       If you install OS2SPEED, set your STATIC multitask entry to
        multitask: desqview.  If not, set it to multitask: windows.


DOS_AUTOEXEC            Create a special batch file containing appropriate
                        settings for Waffle, (WAFFLE emvironment variable,
                        etc.)  Do the same for your CRON, or put then in
                        the same batch file.


IDLE_SECONDS            0

IDLE-SENSITIVITY        Experiment with this on your system.  The default (75)
                        is way too high.  I have mine set at 3.  Others use
                        8 or 12.  I suggest using the same setting for all
                        your DOS and WINDOWS apps.

INT_DURING_IO           on

SIO_Allow_Access_COMx   Turn on the com port used by your modem for Waffle.
                        Turn the rest off.  Turn them all off in your CRON

SIO_Idle_Sensitivity    Set low.  Mine is at 3.  Experiment for the best
                        for your system.

Other SIO settings      Experiment for the best for your system.  Read the

VIDEO_MODE_RESTRICTION  CGA.  Increases available memory for waffle, and
                        your CRON.
==end FAQ caption==

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