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Star Trek Comics Checklist, Part 9/9

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Last-modified: 2004-8-21

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Subject: Comic Strips (US) Detailed information on Star Trek comic strips was researched by Rich Handley. Most of this information was published in Star Trek Communicator and is duplicated here with his generous permission. [McDonald's] Happy Meals 1979 Star Trek: The Motion Picture (w: unknown, a: unknown) Five strips printed on six boxes, depicting scenes from the film (one strip was printed on two different boxes). Box features: Klingons, Kirk Klingon cruisers are destroyed by an energy burst from a giant cloud. Box features: Federation, Spock The crew of Station Epsilon 9 witness the destruction of Klingon ships by a cloud headed for Earth. Box features: Transporter, Ilia Station Epsilon 9 is destroyed by a giant cloud. Box features: The Bridge, Spock Station Epsilon 9 is destroyed by a giant cloud. Box features: Spacesuit, Decker Enterprise launched to stop the cloud. Box features: The Bridge, McCoy Kirk returns to command the Enterprise and two crewmen die in a transporter accident. Star Trek Video Communicator 1979 Five brief strips packaged as part of an unassembled toy and sealed in cellophane. The toy communicators are about 2" x 4" and made of black of gray plastic. When assembled, the color comic strip can be scrolled in the view screen. One of several prizes offered with Happy Meals, with the following titles: #1 Star Trek Stars The crew of the Enterprise is introduced and their mission identified. (w: unknown, a: unknown) #2 A Pill Swallows the Enterprise A capsule-shaped force field protects the Enterprise from a meteor. (w: unknown, a: unknown) #3 Time and Time and Time Again A transporter malfunction sends a crew member on a trip through time. (w: unknown, a: unknown) #4 Votec's Freedom The Enterprise releases Votec, taken prisoner so his people could escape from a war. (w: unknown, a: unknown) #5 Starlight, Starfright McCoy is abducted, so Kirk turns out the lights to get him back. (w: unknown, a: unknown) [Los Angeles Times Mirror Syndicate] Star Trek Sunday color and daily b&w newspaper strip, 1979-1983 Although this comic strip was syndicated by the LA Times Mirror, it may not have appeared in the LA Times Mirror. The number of newspapers syndicating the strip is unknown. Brief summaries of the twenty story arcs follow. Thomas Warkentin was aided by Ron Harris, Mark Rice, Dan Spiegle, Duke Riley, Kurt Warkentin, and someone named Yang. Ron Harris was aided by Thomas Warkentin, Paul Chadwick, Terry Robinson, Alan Munro, and Laurie Newell. Warkentin ghost-illustrated the final week of Harris' run. Ernie Colon was aided by Alfredo Alcala and Serc Soc. The latter may have been a pen-name. Untitled (12/2/79-1/12/80) w: Thomas Warkentin, a: Warkentin Aliens asleep for 900 years awaken to learn that their world has been devastated by war. Untitled (1/13/80-3/8/80) w: Thomas Warkentin, a: Warkentin Klingon raiders attack the Enterprise at Forma VI over a depleted dilithium mine. The Real McCoy (3/9/80-5/3/80) w: Thomas Warkentin, a: Warkentin Dr. Anton Zauber alters his appearance to replace McCoy, with help from McCoys ex-wife. Untitled (5/4/80-6/28/80) w: Thomas Warkentin, a: Warkentin Kirk grants asylum to Morg and Chetar, renegade Klingon siblings facing political persecution. Untitled (6/29/80-9/6/80) w: Thomas Warkentin, a: Warkentin Paul and Elsa Hoff find Sumerian writings and a 5,000-year-old carving of the Enterprise on Abaris. Untitled (9/7/80-1/17/81) w: Thomas Warkentin and Tom Durkin, a: Warkentin Rebels on Hus-24 enslave Enterprise and Venture personnel to protest Federation exploitation. Heads of State (1/18/81-3/21/81) w: Thomas Warkentin and Peter Jacoby, a: Warkentin Sent to buy Lozite-M on Zeta-Atez, Kirk learns that Imperator Dykranus has a secret -- a second head! It's a Living (3/22/81-4/25/81) w: Thomas Warkentin, a: Warkentin Journalist Jo Williams is aboard to cover a mission to Argus IV, a mining world owned by Harry Mudd. The Savage Within (4/26/81-7/21/81) w: Sharman DiVono, a: Ron Harris Kirk saves a derelict ship at Epsilon Anubis from deadly radiation, ending a 300-year clan war. Quarantine (7/22/81-10/27/81) w: Sharman DiVono, a: Ron Harris Chapel contracts a plague and becomes dangerously paranoid while helping the planet Sarsithia. Untitled (10/28/81-2/28/82) w: Sharman DiVono, a: Ron Harris On Iskonia, Kirk finds a Klingon crew cyborged by the Omnimind, a deadly machine intelligence. The Wristwatch Plantation (3/1/82-7/17/82) w: Sharman DiVono and Larry Niven, a: Ron Harris Investigating the fate of a Bebebebeque colony on Mimit, the Enterprise faces Kzinti invaders (ST:TAS). Untitled (7/18/82-9/4/82) w: Sharman DiVono, a: Ron Harris and Thomas Warkentin Kyoshi Nogura plans a starship regatta to honor his father's birthday, but pirates abduct the ship entrants. Untitled (9/5/82-10/30/82) w: Martin Pasko, a: Padraic Shigetani Merchant fleets from Delta 330 stage a rivalry to lure the Enterprise into their grasp. Untitled (11/1/82-2/12/83) w: Martin Pasko, a: Padraic Shigetani Taking medical supplies to the Vanowen Colony, the crew is replaced by shape-shifters from Manark V. Untitled (2/14/83-5/7/83) w: Gerry Conway, a: Padraic Shigetani and Bob Myers Admiral Yaramoto sends Kirk to end a long-standing war with the Sangdor Principality. Goodbye to Spock (5/9/83-7/2/83) w: Gerry Conway, a: Ernie Colon Crashing the Copernicus in the Fortenue System, Spock becomes amnesiac and takes a lover, Dyana. Untitled (7/4/83-8/13/83) w: Gerry Conway, a: Dick Kulpa Contracting a plague on Circe-Six, McCoy grows paranoid and steals a shuttlecraft to die alone. The Retirement of Admiral Kirk (8/15/83-10/15/83) w: Gerry Conway, a: Dick Kulpa Kirk resigns when assigned to a desk job, but finds privateer work aboard the Orion not to his liking. Untitled (10/17/83-12/3/83) w: Gerry Conway, a: Dick Kulpa The crew finds an alternate Earth where they are characters in a television show... called Star Trek. [Nostalgia World] Nostalgia World Comics Section - Star Trek: Voyages of the Enterprise Reprints of LA Times Mirror daily comic strip, magazine format printed on newsprint, 8.25" x 10.75". Published as a free insert in Nostalgia World, a tabloid format magazine for collectors of popular media. The artwork for Nostalgia World issues #23-26 was lost or damaged in a fire at the printer's place of business. Issues #23 and #24 were reconstructed, but editors were unable to replace the damaged art for Star Trek #4 and #5. The LA Times Syndicate no longer had a contract with Paramount and couldn't supply any more art. Nostalgia World may have ceased publication with issue #24. Sunday color comic strips aren't included in these reprints. #1 Thomas Warkentin Story arcs beginning 12/3/1979 Stardate 7493.9 and 1/14/1980 Stardate 7504.3, ends 3/8/1980 Distributed with Nostalgia World #20 #2 Thomas Warkentin Story arcs beginning 3/10/1980 Stardate 7535.1 and 5/5/1980 Stardate 7541.1, ends 6/28/1980 Distributed with Nostalgia World #21, Feb 1983 #3 Thomas Warkentin Story arcs beginning 6/30/1980, second story arc unfinished, ends 10/13/1980 Distributed with Nostalgia World #22, Jun 1983 #4 Thomas Warkentin Not published #5 Thomas Warkentin Not published #6 Ron Harris and Sharman DiVono Story arc beginning 4/27/1981 Stardate 7692.7, ends 7/21/1981 Distributed with Nostalgia World #24, Feb-Mar 1984 #7 Thomas Warkentin Story arcs beginning 1/19/1981 Stardate 7988.3, ends 4/25/1981 Distribution method unknown
Subject: Comic Strips (UK) A number of original Star Trek stories appeared in UK publications. Detailed information on Star Trek comic strips was researched by Rich Handley. Most of this information was published in Star Trek Communicator and is duplicated here with his generous permission. Subsequently, Shaqui Le Vesconte, a collector of UK Star Trek strips, provided additional information. Any mistakes generated by the data-meld I have attempted are entirely my own. Paramount commissioned ongoing comic strips based on Star Trek from 1969 to 1973, published in Britain by City Magazines in the titles Joe 90: Top Secret, TV21 and Joe 90, Valiant and TV21, and TV Comic. The artwork on these British strips was provided by such talents as Frank Bellamy, Harry F. Lindfield, Mike Noble, John Stokes, Roland Turner, Jim Baikie, John Canning, H. Jones, Carlos Pino, and Alan Willow. Writers for most of the strips remain unknown. In January 1965, Alan Fennell, in cooperation with British sci-fi puppeteer Gerry Anderson, began publishing a weekly newspaper for City Magazines entitled TV21, with strips based on such Anderson projects as Stingray, Supercar, Fireball XL5, Captain Scarlet and Thunderbirds. Immensely popular in Britain, the magazine lasted 242 issues until February 15, 1969, when declining sales brought about numerous changes. The first was the magazine's title, which became Joe 90: Top Secret, while another was the contents. Gone were many of the original series, with non-Anderson stories such as Star Trek and Land of the Giants added to the lot. Joe 90 lasted 34 issues before enduring another major change. Renamed TV21 & Joe 90 to recapture departed fans, the magazine again added and dropped some of its titles. Star Trek survived the merger and became the most popular title in the magazine, ironic not only in that few Anderson stories remained in what began as an Anderson vehicle, but also because televised Star Trek had been canceled that same year. By issue 34, the "& Joe 90" in the magazine's title was dropped, TV21 having re-established itself among British readers. However, proving how easily history repeats itself, TV21 changed yet again after 105 issues, merging with Valiant in 1971. Valiant and TV21 ran until October 16, 1976, but the Star Trek strip was dropped after 118 issues, coming to a final rest on December 29, 1973. In addition to the weekly magazines, additional original material appeared in the 1969 Joe 90 hardcover annual, the Valiant 1972 Summer Special, the 1971-1973 TV21 Hardcover Annuals and the 1978-1978 TV Comic Hardcover Annuals. An original Frank Bellamy Star Trek strip also appeared in the June 27, 1970 edition of the magazine Radio Times. All told, nearly five years of weekly Star Trek strips were published during the British run. Bellamy and Alan Willow produced covers for the series, which alternated between Star Trek and other titles until such painted illustrations were dropped as of issue 42 to allow an increase from two to three pages of Star Trek material per issue. Though sometimes inaccurate in terms of technical details, much of the artwork created for the series was very well-rendered. Trek Magazine, a fanzine published in the 1970s by Walter Irwin and G.B. Love, reprinted a few of the Valiant strips, but the vast majority of this material has never been reprinted in the United States. The complete series of Star Trek strips published in 258 issues, annuals and magazines amounts to nearly 600 pages of material including all Star Trek-related covers. It's unlikely that these strips will ever be reprinted. [Century 21 / Polystyle Publications] Star Trek, Weekly Comic Strips Joe 90: Top Secret (beginning 19 Jan 1969, w: Angus Allen and various, a: Harry Lindfield for many issues) #1-6 Belligerent robots enslave the Enterprise crew until Kirk destroys their main power source #7-10 Spores on Crucial-3 force the crew to exile Kirk and McCoy on the dying world of Vultra. #11-14 Investigating strange disappearances on Angoma, Kirk is teleported to a zoo run by giant mantises. #15-18 To end a war between Hytar and Nuofo, Kirk convinces both sides to unite against a common enemy. #19-22 While helping planet Stai escape the warlike Galactic Union, Kirk is subjected to a "brain-scrambler". #23-30 The Balants possess Kirk's mind and make him attack Spock, but the Kalins help him defeat them. #31-34 When Agonite criminals fool Kirk into freeing them, he realizes his error and re-captures them. TV21 and Joe 90 (1969-1971, w: various, a: Harry Lindfield and various) Note: TV21 and Joe 90 became TV21 with issue #37. #1-6 The ghostly Zonds lie to Kirk to enlist his aid in stealing the planet Vartax from its rightful inhabitants. #7-11 The Enterprise becomes trapped beneath the surface of a watery planet in the Sigma Draconis Group. #12-17 Investigating a derelict ship, Kirk and Spock are whisked away to a war between Eldor and Norus. #18-23 Klingons lure the Enterprise to Seggor to deliver an ultimatum to Earth -- surrender or be destroyed! #24-31 A Romulan posing as Ambassador Courtenay Marshall leads the Enterprise to a trap on Tondus. #32-38 When the Dorado crew mutinees, Spock must mind-meld with his cousin Horek to quell the unrest. (a: Mike Noble) #39-44 Kirk and Spock are captured by Palnak the Collector, who has a vast museum 1,000 years in the future. #45-51 The Enterprise tests robots designed to replace the crew, but Varkan sabotage makes them run amok. #52-57 Tracking a lost survey ship to Tekkor, Kirk mistakes the natives' intentions and nearly sparks a war. #58-64 Insurgents on Dak-Alpha take over the planet, turning Kirk and company into mindless zombies. #65-73 Seriously wounded in a meteorite storm, Kirk is replaced by the insane Captain Eustace Hensham. #74-77 Enterprise's officers are forced to fight in a Roman arena by an hypnotic robot posing as Caesar. #78-81 Radiation from Santar's twin suns sends Kirk and Spock back in time, to battle frog-like aliens. #82-90 An Enterprise crewman, fearful of gangsters after witnessing a murder, flees to Romulan space. #91-94 While fixing a robot ship on Nova-Thirteen, Kirk is caught by primitives with cyclopean "watchdogs". #95-100 McCoy brings an injured crewman to Certax for medical care, but penal colony inmates take the ship. #101-105 The Enterprise is propelled 800 years in the past to planet Zeltok, mere weeks before it will explode. Valiant and TV21 (1971-1973, w: various, a: John Stokes for most issues, published without issue numbers) #1-2 Investigating the disappearance of a survey ship, the Enterprise landing party finds something terrible and sinister happening to them. #3-11 Ordered to make for the planet Lothor to negotiate a defense alliance against the Klingon Empire, Captain Kirk and the Enterprise are unaware that, through their mechano-hypnotiser, Klingons are in complete control of the Lothorian President. Soon the Federation will reel under the most staggering blow the Klingon Empire has ever delivered. #12-17 While Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock explore the planet Graktan, the Graktan defenses mistake the Enterprise for a hostile craft, leaving the mighty spaceship helpless and drifting into the gravitational pull of the system's sun. #18-22 Damaged in a meteorite storm, the Enterprise puts down on a moon for repairs. As maintenance teams get to work, Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock investigate the planet and find themselves smack in the middle of a missile testing zone. #23-33 Approaching the far distant Beton system, the space explorers enter the territory of the "Collector." He means to capture the Enterprise and add it to his vast museum of transport. #34-42 Kirk and crew are about to get the shock of their lives after landing on Kwettir, a planet of giants. #43-47 The minds of Janvarian criminals are enclosed in a metal cylinder and sent off into space. But the cylinder contacts the Enterprise, and the collective minds trick Captain Kirk into taking them back to Janvar. #48-56 Kirk is instructed to make new allies for the Federation against the Romulan Empire with a system of planets known as the Perithees. #57-63 Using a bio-scientific technique, Klingons project the disembodied will of a Cereonian assassin onto the Enterprise, programmed to destroy the ship. #64-73 Captain Kirk receives special permission from the planet Zentar to pass through a forbidden area of space known as "The Void of Storms." But, the Enterprise is carrying a stowaway, a renegade scientist trying to reach his army of robots to launch an invasion of Zentar. #74-90 In a war between the Klingon-controlled planet Morkol and neighboring Thark. Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock, disguised at Klingons, beam down to Morkol to rescue the kidnapped son of the Tharkian leader. #91-106 In a conflict between the planet Sklurr and her Romulan-controlled neighbor Karr, Captain Kirk and the ruler of Sklurr are captured by Romulans and destined to amuse the mob by facing the perils of the arena. #107-118 Lured to the hitherto unknown planet Plixes, Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock are taken prisoner while the planetary leaders Gokron and Chekra, by means of advanced science, assume their bodies and minds. Gokron and Chekra then have themselves beamed to a Federation conference - their mission to destroy every delegate and disrupt the whole Federation. Annuals These oversize hardcover books (except where noted) contain comics and stories from a variety of UK and US sources, including Star Trek. [Century 21 Publications] Joe 90 1969 Joe 90 Top Secret Comic Annual pp 38-43 untitled story In the Alpha Helios system, Enterprise comes to the aid of an alien ship from the planet Zargot. The race is facing extinction from a plague and the only cure can be found in herbs from neighboring planet Coltac. The landing party faces horror from giant reptiles before finding the herbs and restoring the Zargotians to health. (w: unknown, a: Roland Turner) [BBC Worldwide] Radio Times 25 Jun 1970 (for week of 27 Jun - 3 Jul 1970), 10"x12.25", newsprint Contains an article about Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek, a full-page pinup of Kirk, and a one page color strip with an untitled story, pp 48-52. Kirk wonders aloud who on the ship looks like Satan. (w: unknown, a: Frank Bellamy) [City Magazines] 1971 TV21 Annual 1971 pp 4-9 Captives in space Prejudices hamper first contact between Enterprise personnel and a felinoid species on Skur. (w: unknown, a: unknown) pp 48-52 Gateway to the future Prose story with artwork. Kirk investigates lifesigns on a dying planet. An old man greets the landing party and introduces himself as the Guradian of the Future. Kirk and Spock step through a gateway into a future Los Angeles overrun by militant hippies and discover that Earth has been invaded by Nobians. By changing the future, they can change it for their children. (w: unknown, a: unknown) pp 86-93 Planet of rejects Thax exiles commandeer the Enterprise and force Kirk to help restore their freedom. (w: unknown, a: unknown) ISBN 0-7235-0093-2 [World Distributors] 1971 TV21 Annual 1972 pp 4-7 untitled story Kirk agrees to protect Korak from Zodian invaders, but finds that the Zodians are the true victims. Published by World International? (w: unknown, a: unknown) ISBN 0-7235-0131-9 [IPC Magazines] 1972 TV21 Annual 1973 pp 3-9 Planet of the dead An expedition to Selkye turns deadly when the lovable "beavos" cause the landing party to fall ill. (w: Jack Sutter, a: Jim Baikie) pp 89-95 What is this thing called Spock? On Taragon, a misunderstood alien invades Spock's mind to stop a mining colony from hurting it. (w: Jack Sutter, a: Jim Baikie) ISBN 0-850370-43-4 1972 Valiant and TV21 Summer Special pp 18-23 Star Trek (untitled story) A diplomatic mission to the planet Farnia is interrupted by a Klingon attack. Kirk and Spock of the "Space Federation" devise a plan to destroy the Klingon ray-ship and prevent Farnia from being claimed for the Empire. 8.5" x 11" magazine, b&w (w: unknown, a: John Stokes) [Polystyle Publications] 1978 Mighty TV Comic Annual pp 12-16 The gods have come On the edge of Galaxy 517, the Enterprise picks up strange signals from planet Alpha 332. Investigating, Kirk and Spock find a peaceful race called the Parracas whose leader Maracu tells of an impending battle with the hostile Turracas. The races live either side of a volcano that is set to erupt so Kirk tells Maracu to lead her people away to safety while he and Spock try to warn the Turracas. The warrior priest Turr does not believe them and tries to sacrifice Kirk and Spock to the volcano god but they are able to transport out as it erupts, wiping out the warlike race. (w: unknown, a: John Canning) ISBN 85096-080-0 1978 TV Comic Annual 1979 pp 49-53 untitled story Enterprise arrives in Andrius and Kirk accepts an invitation from the governor to visit. A Vornerian ship attacks the Enterprise, disabling helm and communications while the landing party is captured. Kirk and his crew escape their captors while the Andrians help restore power to the Enterprise. (w: unknown, a: John Canning) ISBN 0-85086-084-3 [G.B. Love and Walter Irwin] Trek Magazine #1-19 (reprints issues of Valiant and TV21)
Subject: Star Trek reprints (US) [View-Master?] Viewmaster reel adapts Gold Key #1, date and part number unknown [Whitman/Western Publishing] Dan Curtis Giveaways (1974-1975, set of 9 comics, 3" x 6") 02 reprints Gold Key 14 06 reprints Gold Key 13 Dynabrite Comics (1978-1979, 10" x 7 1/8", cardboard covers) 11357 reprints Gold Key 33, 41 11358 1978 reprints Gold Key 34, 36 [SoMuchFun! Inc.] Classic Star Trek, reprints DC 6 (1st series), packaged with two Archie comics at KB Toys. =------------------------------ Subject: Star Trek reprints (UK) Star Trek Annuals Oversize hardcover with comics, puzzles, and photos Note: Copyright date of UK annuals is usually the year before the cover date. Some annuals don't have a cover date. [World Distributors] 1969 Star Trek Annual Reprints Gold Key 1, 2, 3 (aliens, inset Kirk and Spock cover) 1970 Star Trek Annual Reprints Gold Key 4, 5, 6 (Kirk with phaser rifle, Spock with pistol cover) ISBN 0-7235-0083-5 1971 Star Trek Annual 1972 Reprints Gold Key 7, 8, 9 ISBN 0-7235-0109-2 1972 Star Trek Annual 1973 Reprints Gold Key 11, 12, 13 ISBN 0-7235-0166-1 1973 Star Trek Annual 1974 Reprints Gold Key 14, 15, 16 ISBN 0-7235-0213-7 1974 Star Trek Annual 1975 Reprints Gold Key 17, 21, 24 ISBN 0-7235-0255-2 1975 Star Trek Annual 1976 Reprints Gold Key 27, 30 ISBN 0-7235-0325-7 1976 Star Trek Annual 1977 Reprints Gold Key 10, 34 ISBN 0-7235-0361-3 1977 Star Trek Annual 1978 Reprints Gold Key 38, 39 ISBN 0-7235-0419-9 1978 Star Trek Annual 1979 Reprints Gold Key 36, 40 ISBN 0-7235-6506-6 1978 Star Trek Reprints Gold Key 54, 55, 56 (Spock cover) ISBN 0-7235-6551-1 1985 Star Trek Annual 1986 Reprints Gold Key 27, 40 ISBN 0-7235-6765-4 [Stafford Pemberton] 1982 Star Trek Annual 1983 Reprints Gold Key 59, 61 (ST II: TWOK cover) ISBN 0-86030-350-0 [PBS Publishing] 1971 Star Trek Television Picture Story Book Reprints Gold Key 1, 10 oversize hardcover 1973 Star Trek Picture Book Cover states: Total Special Edition, Not to be resold Reprints Gold Key 6; issued as a premium gift at Total gas stations in the UK, oversize trade paperback [World Distributors] 1972 Star Trek Comic Album Reprints Gold Key 2, 3 in b&w ISBN 0-7235-1915-3 trade pb 1974 Star Trek Comic Album Reprints Gold Key 7, 8, 9 in b&w ISBN 0-7235-1923-4 trade pb 1979 another comic album? [Polystyle Publications] 1975 Star Trek Winter Special Reprints Gold Key 2 and 3 in b&w, magazine format Cover art of the Enterprise by John Canning? 02 1976 Star Trek Mighty Midget Comic 16-page 8 1/4" x 11 1/4" comic distributed as a free insert with Mighty TV Comic #1293, 25 Sep 1976. Contains an abridged b&w version of Gold Key 26, b&w photo of Kirk inside back cover. Described in the indicia as New Mighty TV Comic No. 2 Mighty Midget Star Trek. 1976-77 Mighty TV Comic UK weekly newspaper tabloid of comic strips and serialized b&w reprints of Gold Key comics. Begins with a reprint of Gold Key 1 in issue #1292 18 Sep 1976 (or issue #1291?) and continues thru issue #1352 12 Nov 1977 before a name change. Star Trek comics continue thru issue #1381 into 1978. Details of Gold Key reprints unknown. [IPC Magazines] 1977 Star Trek Special Contains "Murder on the Enterprise" and "The immortal", b&w reprints of Gold Key 48 and 47 respectively, poster of crew in center, 44 pages, 8 1/2" x 11" magazine format. [Marvel/Grandreams] 1980 Star Trek: The Motion Picture Reprints Marvel Comics Super Special 15 with articles and photos ISBN 0-86227-000-6 oversize hardcover [Marvel Comics Ltd.] 1982 Star Trek Winter Special Reprints Marvel 4 and 5 in b&w, magazine format Painted cover of Khan, Kirk and Spock by J.B. Higgins? 1982 Star Trek Summer Special Reprints Marvel 11 and 12 in b&w, magazine format Future Tense Weekly science fiction comic featured serialized b&w reprints of Marvel Star Trek comics. Published 1979-1980. 6-12 Marvel #1-3 issues #6-7 have a color Star Trek cover 13-17 Marvel #4-5 18-22 Marvel #6 23-26 Marvel #8 27-30 Marvel #9 31-33 Marvel #10 36-41 ? [Trident Comics Ltd.] Star Trek Monthly Comic 8 1/4" x 11 3/4" magazine with serialized color reprints of DC Star Trek comics, ISSN 0961-4095. Published beginning early 1992 for an unknown number of issues. 01 Mar 1992 DC 1st series #9-16 part 1, #5 part 1, Annual #2 part 1 02 Apr 1992 DC 1st series #9-16 part 2, #5 part 2, Annual #2 part 2 03 May 1992 DC 1st series #9-16 part 3, #24-25 part 1, Annual #2 part 3 04 Jun 1992 DC 1st series #9-16 part 4, #24-25 part 2, Annual #2 part 4 05 Jul 1992 DC 1st series #9-16 part 5, #24-25 part 3, DC 2nd series #10-12 part 1 06 Aug 1992 DC 1st series #9-16 part 6, DC 2nd series #10-12 part 2, Annual #2 part 1 07 Sep 1992 DC 1st series #9-16 part 7, DC 2nd series #10-12 part 3, Annual #2 part 2 08 Nov 1992 DC 1st series #9-16 part 8, DC 2nd series #10-12 part 4, Annual #2 part 3 [Publisher?] Star Trek Official UK monthly magazine with reprints of DC ST:TNG comics in issues 1-20? Published beginning Mar 1995. The first few issues reprint the DC/Malibu ST:TNG/ST:DS9 crossover. Trade paperback reprints of DC comics and graphic novels. [Titan Books] 1991 The best of Star Trek Sep 1992 The Modala imperative ISBN 1852864575, 208 pp Nov 1992 Debt of Honour ISBN 1852864516, 96 pp Aug 1993 Who killed Captain Kirk? ISBN 1852864931, 208 pp There may be other editions from Boxtree Books and Softback Preview Club. Sep 1994 Tests of courage ISBN 1852865725, 160 pp Dec 1995 Revisitations ISBN 1852866845, 176 pp Trade paperback reprints of DC/Wildstorm comics. [Titan Books] Jun 2001 Star Trek: The collection ISBN 1-840-23222-6, 191 pp, trade paperback US title: Other Realities
Subject: Star Trek: The Next Generation reprints (UK) [Marvel Comics] Star Trek: The Next Generation Reprints first DC TNG mini-series, DC TNG regular series and Starlog articles, 24 issues published thru 1991 ISSN 0961-0693 magazine 01 11/17/90 DC mini-series #1 part 1, with free Starfleet patch 02 12/01/90 DC mini-series #1 part 2 03 12/15/90 DC mini-series #2, with free poster 04 12/29/90 DC mini-series #3 05 01/19/91 DC mini-series #4 06 02/02/91 DC mini-series #5 07 02/16/91 DC mini-series #6 08 03/02/91 DC #1 part 1 09 03/16/91 DC #1 part 2 10 03/30/91 DC #2 part 1 1992 Star Trek: The Next Generation Annual Reprints DC ST:TNG #13 and Starlog articles: blueprints and Borg, Romulan, and Klingon profiles. ISBN 1-854000-253-8 oversize hardcover [Phoenix Press Ltd] Star Trek: The Next Generation Fortnightly 8 1/4" x 12" magazine with serialized color reprints of DC ST:TNG comics. ISSN 0967-9030. Published beginning late 1992 for an unknown number of issues. 01 11/20/92 DC Annual #3 part 1, DC Modala Imperative mini-series part 1 02 12/04/92 DC Annual #3 part 2, DC mini-series #1 part 1 DC Modala Imperative mini-series part 2 Indicia date is 11/25/92 Trade paperback reprints of DC comics and graphic novels. [Titan Books] Jul 1995 Beginnings ISBN 1852866438, 160 pp Mar 1993 The Star Lost ISBN 1852864826, 144 pp Mar 1994 The best of ST:TNG ISBN 1852865261, 140 pp Nov 2001 Enemy Unseen ISBN 1840233052, 224 pp Reprints of DC/Wildstorm comics and graphic novels. [Titan Books] Feb 2001 The Gorn crisis ISBN 1840232617, 95 pp, hardcover Nov 2001 Forgiveness ISBN 184023329X, 96 pp, hardcover Jan 2002 The Gorn crisis ISBN 1840232951, trade paperback Jan 2003 Forgiveness ISBN 1840234210, 96 pp, trade paperback
Subject: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine reprints (UK) Trade paperback reprints of Malibu comics. [Boxtree Books] Jun 1994 Emancipation ISBN 0752209280, 96 pp Jul 1994 Emancipation and beyond ISBN 0752209337, 96 pp Mar 1995 Requiem ISBN 0752208888, 96 pp May 1995 Hearts and mind ISBN 0752208985, 105 pp Jan 1996 Dax's comet ISBN 0752201344, 80 pp Mar 1996 The Maquis ISBN 0752202456, 82 pp Mar 1996 Shanghaied ISBN 0752202553, 96 pp Jun 1996 Lightstorm/Terok Nor ISBN 0752203126, 82 pp
Subject: Star Trek: Voyager reprints (UK) Trade paperback reprints of DC/Wildstorm comics. [Titan Books] Mar 2002 Encounters with the unknown ISBN 1840233206, 206 pp
Subject: Audio-Visual reprints [Peter Pan Records] (7" 45-rpm record and 20-page comic book) PR-25 1979 Passage to Moauv (photo cover, reprint) PR-26 1979 Crier in emptiness (photo cover, reprint) [Peter Pan Records] (12" LP record and 16-page comic book) BR513 1979 A mirror for futility/The time stealer (photo cover, reprint, also available in cassette?) BR522 1979 The crier in emptiness/Passage to Moauv (photo cover, reprint, also available in cassette?)
Subject: Box Sets [Marvel Comics] These box sets were solicited when Marvel began publishing Star Trek comics under the Paramount Comics imprint, but publication and distribution have never been confirmed. Oct 96 Star Trek Box Set I Contents unknown. ($9.00) Oct 96 Star Trek Box Set II Contents unknown. ($7.00) Jun 97 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Set Contents unknown. ($4.00) These box sets actually shipped, possibly in place of the sets listed above. The box sets are sealed in plastic blister packs like action figures. 1996 Star Trek: Marvel Premiere Editions Contains Star Trek/X-Men #1, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #1, Star Trek: Starfleet Academy #1, and a limited edition art print of a Romulan Borg (from Star trek: Operation Assimilation) drawn by Hajime Sorayama. ($8.85) 1997 Marvel Comics Studio Selections: Star Trek/X-Men Collector Box Set Contains Star Trek/X-Men #1, Star Trek: Unlimited #1, and one pack of Star Trek: Reflections of the Future Phase One trading cards, eight cards per pack. ($9.00) 1997 Marvel Comics Studio Selections: Star Trek Collector Box Set Contains Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #1, Star Trek: Voyager #1, Star Trek: Starfleet Academy #1, and one pack of Star Trek: Reflections of the Future Phase One trading cards, eight cards per pack. ($7.00)
Subject: Parody Comics [Acne] 1992 Acne Christmas Bumper Special Contains one-page comic strip "Starwrek: Claus encounters" by K. Evans? [American Philatelic Society & Custom Comic Services] 1995 Stamp Trek Written by Scott Deschaine and Mike Benton, art by Pete Hoffman. [Antarctic Press] 01 Nov 86 Extremely Silly Comics Vol.2 single ST special 1991 Star Trekker Collection of stories originally published in Japanese fanzines. Trade pb, translated from Japanese, b&w (Atelier Lana) 01 Jul 92 Ninja High School 3-D Contains "Ninja Trek" by Ted Nomura, pp. 1-8, b&w 01 Nov 92 Star Trekker II "The naked time-and-a-half" Distribution of Lana's comics in the US was stopped due to pressure from Paramount. b&w (Atelier Lana) 02 Dec 92 Star Trekker II "Well, of course she's an idol singer" and "Meet the crew of the Constellation 2". b&w (Atelier Lana) 05 1993 Ninja High School Yearbook Contains "Ninja Paradox or Ninja Trek II: The Wrath of Parodies (whatever...)" by Ted Nomura, pp. 43-49, b&w 09 Oct 97 Ninja High School Yearbook Star Rek TOS cover. [A+ Comics] 06 1991 Herbie Herbie in space. Star Trek cover by David and Dan Day. [Avalon Communications] Spaced Out Herbie 01 date? reprint? Star Trek cover of Herbie as a Vulcan. (Shane O'Shea; Ogden Whitney) [BLT Studios] 01 Oct 94 Capital Capers Presents "Socialism Trek: The search for health care". Tales of the USS Free Enterprise commanded by Capt. Clinton. b&w (this issue is dated Oct 1994 but was published Oct 1996) (Dom Loise, Greg Barrington; Barrington; Barrington) [B-Movie Comics] Vault of Doomnation 01 1986 "Something evil" Kirk and Spock appear in this brief tale of television horror by Scott Barker, b&w [Caliber Press] 01 1989 Fugitive Parodies several television shows, including Star Trek: Where No Madman Has Gone Before. (Charles Marshall) [Claypool Comics] 14 Oct 95 Soulsearchers & Co. "To boldly search ...", Star Trek: Voyager/X-Files parody (Peter David, Richard Howell; John Heebink, Jim Mooney; Amanda Conner, Bruce Patterson) [Dark Horse Comics] Dark Horse Extra 34 Apr 2001 The Lone Gunmen - Generations Frohicke and Langley debate the merits of Kirk and Picard, while Byers has his own opinion about the most efficient Star Trek crew member. Comic strip. (Paul Lee; Lee) [Dimension Graphics] 01 Jul 86 ElfTrek (Elfquest and Star Trek parody) 02 Oct 86 ElfTrek II: The hassle with troublets [First Publishing] 63 Feb 91 Dreadstar (leads in to Dreadstar 64) 64 Mar 91 Dreadstar: Franchise & Empire (Star Trek parody) (Peter David) [Good Old Grandma's Comics] 1976 Trekkie Toons Contains "To save a dying race!". magazine format with cardboard covers (Don Regelin; Terry Lanham, Vince Ritchie;) [Goota Man Productions] 07 1996 3-D Pete's Big Orbit Comics "Star Drek: The softball game". b&w mini-comic (Mike Fisher) [Heritage] 1976 Who was that monolith I saw you with? Collection of cartoons featuring the Enterprise by Michael Goodwin. ISBN 0930068017, b&w, 5 1/4" x 8 1/4", paperback bound with staples on the fold. 1977 My stars! Another collection by Goodwin? [Imagi-Mation Graphics] 02 Mar 90 Dr. Whom Meets Star Wreck Color computer-generated graphics featuring the TOS and TNG crews along with Dr. Who. Story by Bryan Laine and Michael Friedman. Art by Michael Friedman and Baldric the Computer. [Intergalactic Press] 1991 Son of monolith Another collection of cartoons by Michael Goodwin. ISBN 0962943215, b&w, 5 1/4" x 8 1/4", paperback bound with staples on the fold. [Kenzer and Co.] Spacehack 01 Oct 2002 Heinous acts of hoopla 02 Nov 2002 Mission into unspecific doom 03 Dec 2002 The face of vileness Parody of Star Trek and Star Wars. Created by Blackburn, Jelke, Johansson, Kenzer, and Curtis. Story and art by Doug Curtis. [London Editions Magazines, UK] 01 1991 Count Duckula Contains a ST:TNG parody. [Marvel Comics] 42 Jun 91 ALF (contains Star Schlep) 43 Jul 91 ALF (contains Star Schlep: TNG) 46 Oct 91 ALF (ST cover) 02 Jul 91 Damage Control (3rd series, ST references) 08 1 Jan 1989 The Marvel Bumper Comic Enterprise cover, USS Underpains. UK color comic, magazine format 18 May 92 What the..?! (contains a parody, Star Trash) [Mayfair Publications] Quasimodo's Monster Magazine Vol 2 No 7 April 1976 Star Wreck Adventures of the starship No Surprise. pp 50-57, b&w (Joe Kiernan; Tony Tallarico) Vol 2 No 8 May 1976 Star Wrecked vs Spaced Out 1999 1/2 The crew of the No Surprise meets the residents of Moonface Alfalfa, pp 58-65, b&w (Flash Kiernan; Buck Tallarico) [New Internationalists Publications] The New Internationalist 218 Apr 1991 Starve Trek Written and drawn by P.J. Polyp, pp. 3-26, b&w, magazine format, color cover by Polyp features Kirk, a Buddha-like Spock and the Enterprise. Explores "the inappropriate and self-serving nature of much Western aid to the third world" among other things. [Now Comics] Married With Children: 2099 01 Jun 93 Recognizing authority, 1 02 Jul 93 Rebellion on Moonbase Three, 2 03 Aug 93 Demanding your civil rights, 3 Parody that features the Bundy family as characters in assorted science fiction settings, including Star Trek [Parody Press] 01 Jan 93 Dork House Comics (ST cover) Contains a Terminator/TNG parody 1A Feb 93 Trek teens (Spark cover) 1B Feb 93 Trek teens (Trek gang cover) Star Trek characters as Federation Senior High teenagers 1A Mar 93 Star Blecch: The degeneration 1B Mar 93 Star Blecch: Deep Space Diner Parody with both TNG and DSN characters 01 1994 Hellspock Story and art by Bill Maus. Parody of Jae Lee's Hellshock from Image Comics. pp 1-13. Multi-colored foil-stamped cover, b&w. 01 Jan 95 Star Blecch: Generation Gap Reprints of past Parody Press Star Trek parodies and a new, Star Trek: Generations parody. Cover by Bill Maus. [Shanda Fantasy Arts] 01 Apr 2003 SFA Spotlight: Star Quack The adventures of the USS Enterfowl with new takes on familiar episodes. "None are so [duck] blind..." "Where no duck has waddled before!" "Polarization" "Balance of error" Same cover as the online comic. Available in color as an e-comic in PDF format (see part 9 online comics section). by Mike Jones Jr. 48pp, b&w [Spoof Comics] 01 Jul 92 Soul Trek (Soul Train and Star Trek parody) 02 Aug 92 Soul Trek [Star Trek International Convention] Star Trek International Convention programs contain b&w comic strips. 1973 Star Truckin: Where no beaver has gone before (Matt Howarth, D.M. Kister; Tony Sciarra) 1974 Star Truckin: The trouble with beavers Art by Howarth and Sciarra 1975 Star Truckin: The beaver of Oz Story by Matt Howarth? [Tower Comics] 22 Mar 69 Tippy Teen Contains an article on Mr. Spock with artwork. [Warp Graphics] 08 Aug 93 Elf Quest: New Blood Contains "Invasion Infestation" and a character named "Nimoy Squirt", half Vulcan, half pink Smurf. [Wawiernia-Hill] 1974/1993 Starch Trek: The Next Germination TNG parody of Cap'n Potato Head and his crew, b&w [Wildstorm Productions] Gen^13 / Monkeyman and O'Brien Ann O'Brien, Freefall, Grunge, and Rainmaker find themselves in a mirror universe, while their evil counterparts are back home. Uncredited homage to TOS episode "Mirror, Mirror" down to scenes and dialogue. Two-issue series with variant covers and two limited edition variant covers. (Arthur Adams; Adams, Sandra Hope) 01 Jun 98 Gen^13/Monkeyman and O'Brien cover 01 Jun 98 Mirror universe, Gen^13/Monkeyman and O'Brien cover 01 Jun 98 Dynamic Forces variant, Caitlin Fairchild and Ann O'Brien cover 01 Jun 98 Chromium cover variant 02 Aug 98 Monkey Man and O'Brien cover 02 Aug 98 Mirror universe, Caitlin Fairchild and Ann O'Brien cover
Subject: Biographical Comics [Celebrity Comics] 01 Feb 92 Patrick Stewart vs. William Shatner 01 Mar 92 Episode Guide (TOS 1-40) 02 Apr 92 Episode Guide (TOS 41-79) 01 Jul 92 William Shatner: The unauthorized biography 01 Aug 92 Patrick Stewart: The unauthorized biography 01 Aug 92 Leonard Nimoy: The unauthorized biography 01 Aug 92 Jonathan Frakes: The unauthorized biography 01 Sep 92 Brent Spiner: The unauthorized biography 01 Sep 92 DeForest Kelley: The unauthorized biography [Personality Comics] The Original Crew 01 Jun 91 William Shatner 01 Ltd. Ed., signed and numbered by artist 01 Uncut press sheets 02 Sep 91 Leonard Nimoy 02 Ltd. Ed., signed and numbered by artist 03 Oct 91 DeForest Kelley 03 Ltd. Ed., signed and numbered by artist 04 Dec 91 James Doohan 04 Ltd. Ed., with bound in trading cards 05 Jan 92 Walter Koenig 05 Ltd. Ed., with bound in trading cards 06 Feb 92 George Takei 06 Ltd. Ed., with bound in trading cards 07 Mar 92 Nichelle Nichols 07 Ltd. Ed., with bound in trading cards 08 Apr 92 Majel Barrett 08 Ltd. Ed., with bound in trading cards 09 Jul 92 Mark Lenard 09 Ltd. Ed., with bound in trading cards 10 Aug 92 Grace Lee Whitney 10 Ltd. Ed., with bound in trading cards 11 Sep 92 Bruce Hyde 11 Ltd. Ed., with bound in trading cards 12 Oct 92 Ricardo Montalban 12 Ltd. Ed., with bound in trading cards 01 Nov 92 The original crew annual 01 Dlx. Ed., with four serially-numbered trading cards 01 Jun 93 Original Crew Special, Gene Roddenberry: Visionary unauthorized biography 01 Jul 93 Original Crew Special, Gene Roddenberry: Visionary Signed, limited edition The New Crew 01 Jul 91 Patrick Stewart 01 Ltd. Ed., signed and numbered by artist 01 Dlx. Ltd. Ed., with new cover and bound in trading cards 01 Uncut press sheets 02 Sep 91 Jonathan Frakes 02 Ltd. Ed., signed and numbered by artist 03 Nov 91 Brent Spiner 03 Ltd. Ed., signed and numbered by artist 04 Jan 92 LeVar Burton 04 Ltd. Ed., with bound in trading cards 05 Feb 92 Denise Crosby 05 Ltd. Ed., with bound in trading cards 06 Mar 92 Michael Dorn 06 Ltd. Ed., with bound in trading cards 07 Apr 92 Marina Sirtis 07 Ltd. Ed., with bound in trading cards 08 Jul 92 Gates MacFadden 08 Ltd. Ed., with bound in trading cards 09 Aug 92 Whoopi Goldberg 09 Ltd. Ed., with bound in trading cards 10 Sep 92 Colm Meaney 10 Ltd. Ed., with bound in trading cards 11 Oct 92 Wil Wheaton 11 Ltd. Ed., with bound in trading cards 01 Dec 92 The New Crew Annual 01 Dlx. Ed., with prism border card and regular card The Next Crew 01 Jul 93 Next Crew Special (intro to the stars of DS9) New Releases Feb 1992 Promotional comic advertising New Crew #5, Original Crew #6, and Kirk vs Picard #1. Kirk/Picard cover art by Toni Taylor. [Pop Entertainment] 01 1995 TekTrek: The William Shatner Story bio-comic, b&w, also available signed by the artist, or with a gold foil logo (Mike Buckley; Alexander Jubran; Matt Clark, Matt Brandage) [Revolutionary Comics] 03 May 92 Contemporary Bio-Graphics: Gene Roddenberry
Subject: Actors' Comics These comics are marketed with a Star Trek actor or creator's name. Some may be written by a Star Trek actor. [Big Entertainment, formerly Tekno-Comix] Leonard Nimoy's Primortals Based on a concept created by Leonard Nimoy and Isaac Asimov. 01 Mar 95 Escape to Earth Contains an interview with Nimoy. (Kate Worley, Lawrence Watt-Evans; Scot Eaton, Mike Barreiro;) 02 Apr 95 Someone is out there (Lawrence Watt-Evans; Scot Eaton, Mike Barreiro; Eaton) 03 May 95 The approaching storm (Christopher Mills; Ron Randall, Mike Barreiro; Brian Murray) 04 Jun 95 Flip cover. Also available in a limited variant edition with three trading cards. (;;Brian Murray) 05 Jul 95 (Christopher Mills; M.D. Bright, Mike Barreiro, Ron Randall; Hoang Nguyen) 06 Aug 95 (Christopher Mills;Art Nichols, Damon Willis, Scot Eaton, Mike Barreiro; Nichols) 07 Sep 95 (Christopher Mills; Scot Eaton, Mike Barreiro; Brian Murray) 08 Oct 95 Armed response (Christopher Mills; Scot Eaton, Mike Barreiro; Ron Randall) 09 Nov 95 Alien attacked by terrorists (Christopher Mills; Kirk Manley, Mike Barreiro; Ron Randall) 10 Dec 95 Official denial (Christopher Mills; Scot Eaton, Mike Barreiro; Brian Murray) 11 Dec 95 Illegal aliens (Christopher Mills; Kirk Manley, Art Nichols; Pat Broderick) 12 Jan 96 (Christopher Mills; Scot Eaton, Mike Barreiro; Eaton, Barreiro) 13 Mar 96 Cross country, Part 1 (James Chambers; Scot Eaton; Mike Barreiro; Art Adams) 14 Apr 96 Cross country, Part 2 (James Chambers; Scot Eaton, Mike Barreiro; Art Adams) 15 May 96 Cross country, Part 3 (James Chambers; Scot Eaton, Mike Barreiro; Walter Simonson) 00 Jun 96 Cross country: World in flames (James Chambers; Scot Eaton, Mike Barreiro; Walter Simonson) 01 Jul 96 Camera Eye's View (Doug Wheeler; Art Nichols, Mike Barreiro; Walt Simonson) 02 Aug 96 There Shall Come a Fleet (Doug Wheeler; Art Nichols, Mike Barreiro; Nichols, Barreiro) 03 Sep 96 Scorched Earth, 1 (Doug Wheeler; Kirk Van Wormer, Art Nichols; Kelley Jones) 04 Oct 96 Prophecy Fever, 2 (Doug Wheeler; Kirk Van Wormer, Art Nichols; Van Wormer, Nichols) 05 Nov 96 Prophecy's end, 3 (Doug Wheeler; Kirk Van Wormer, Art Nichols; Van Wormer, Nichols) 06 Nov 96 Prophecy's end, 4 (Doug Wheeler; Kirk Van Wormer, Art Nichols; Van Wormer, Carlos Garzon) 07 Jan 97 Rites (Christopher Mills; Pat Broderick; Kirk Van Wormer, Art Nichols) 08 Feb 97 Ashes of the past (James Chambers; Jose Delbo, Pablo Marcos; Kirk Van Wormer, Art Nichols) Leonard Nimoy's Primortals: Origins 01 Nov 95 (Nimoy, Chambers; Eaton, Barreiro;) 02 1995 (Leonard Nimoy, James Chambers; Scot Eaton, Mike Barreiro; Art Adams) Gene Roddenberry's Lost Universe Based on a concept created by Gene Roddenberry with additional character creation and development by Majel Barrett Roddenberry and story development by D.C. Fontana. 01 Apr 95 O brave new world Contains interview with Majel Barrett Roddenberry. (Lawrence Watt-Evans; James Callahan, Aaron McClellan; Bill Sienkiewicz) 02 May 95 A riddle wrapped in an enigma Contains interview with D.C. Fontana. (Lawrence Watt-Evans, Ron Fortier, Mike Harris; Harris, Jim Callahan, Aaron McClellan, Frank Percy; Bill Sienkiewicz) 03 Jun 95 Flip cover. (Ron Fortier; Mike Harris, Aaron McClellan, Frank Percy; James Callahan, Bill Sienkiewicz) 04 Jul 95 Flip cover. Also available in a limited variant edition with a cover by Bill Sienkiewicz and three trading cards. (Ron Fortier; Mike Harris, Aaron McClellan; Hoang Nguyen, Jordan Raskin) 05 Aug 95 Flip cover. (Ron Fortier; Aaron McClellan,Frank Perry, Tim Tuohy, Rich Buckler, Rich Buckler, Jr.; Bill Sienkiewicz, Gary Karapisz) 06 Sep 95 Contests Flip cover. (Ron Fortier; Mike Harris, Aaron McClellan; Bill Sienkiewicz, Michael Wieringo) 07 Oct 95 Crash and Burn (Ron Fortier; Mike Harris, Aaron McClellan; Bill Sienkiewicz) Gene Roddenberry's Xander in Lost Universe 00 Nov 95 Fire from the sky (Ron Fortier; Ron Randall, Aaron McClellan; Jae Lee) 01 Dec 95 Survivors (Ron Fortier; Ron Randall, Aaron McClellan; Jae Lee) 02 Dec 95 The last black ghost (Ron Fortier; Ron Randall, Aaron McClellan; Jae Lee) 03 Jan 96 (Fortier; Randall, McClellan; Jae Lee) 04 Jan 96 (Fortier; Abrams, Beatty; Jae Lee) 05 Feb 96 (Ron Fortier; Paul Abrams, Terry Beatty; Jae Lee) 06 Mar 96 Mutiny, Part 1 (Ron Fortier; Paul Abrams, Aaron McClellan; Brian Murray) 07 Apr 96 Mutiny, Part 2 (Ron Fortier; Paul Abrams, Aaron McClellan; Ron Randall) 08 May 96 Dark angel descending Last issue of the series. (Ron Fortier; Ron Randall; Randall) The Official Tekno-Comix Handbook 01 1996 Featuring sketches for Leonard Nimoy's Primortals and Gene Roddenberry's Xander in Lost Universe. [Big Entertainment/Sierra On-Line] 1996 Leonard Nimoy's Primortals Interactive comic book and reference guide on CD-ROM for Mac and PC. Part of Limited Edition Signature Series with concepts by Isaac Asimov. ISBN 0871774925 (Australian edition) [Caliber Press] 01 Spring 89 Moontrap Movie adaptation with production notes, interview with Walter Koenig who starred in the film. [DavDez Arts] The Lost Heroes Features a variety of SF/Fantasy actors including Walter Koenig in a continuing series. Painted art. 00 Mar 98 01 Apr 98 02 May 98 03 Jul 98 04 Aug 98 The last page of issue #4 states that the story will be concluded in the Lost Heroes graphic novels. 05 Cancelled 06 Cancelled (Rob Prior; Prior;) Trade paperback collection (has anyone seen this?) [Grandreams (UK)] 1984 T.J. Hooker Annual Contains two b&w comic stories of William Shatner's TV series: "Hijack" and "Masquerade". Oversize hardcover. [Hero Comics] V2 09 Aug 88 Eternity Smith: Conflict on campus Walter Koenig appears as himself, helping Eternity Smith prevent the theft of a Space Shuttle component. [Malibu Comics] The Malibu Sun 24 Apr 93 Preview of Koenig's superhero comic, Raver Raver 01 Apr 93 Raver A man who creates a world of evil beings bent on destruction whenever he gets upset, becomes a superhero, the Raver, to stop them. Direct Market edition with prism cover. (Walter Koenig; Dan and David Day) 01 Apr 93 Raver Newsstand edition. Same as above without prism cover. 02 May 93 Welcome to Gehenna Raver finds himself on a living, breathing, sentient planet which he must stop from killing itself. (Walter Koenig; Dan and David Day; Dan Day) 03 Jun 93 Once upon a time Raver opposes the ghosts of dictators. (Walter Koenig; Dan and David Day; Dan and David Day) [Marvel Comics] William Shatner's TekWorld 01 Sep 92 Born again, 1 Based on Shatner's novel, TekWar. Set in LA, circa 2120. Jake Cardigan was framed for dealing an addictive brain stimulant called Tek. Sentenced to 15 years of suspended animation and mysteriously released after serving only 4 years, Jake is out for revenge. He begins his search in LA, where he is hired by the Cosmos Detective Agency. His first assignment is to locate an anti-Tek device that has been stolen from a prominent scientist. However, Jake's case becomes increasingly difficult because he is addicted to Tek. (Ron Goulart) 02 Oct 92 Across the border, 2 Jake travels to Mexico in search of a scientist who can eliminate Tek from the world market. (Ron Goulart) 03 Nov 92 Warbride revisited, 3 (Ron Goulart) 04 Dec 92 Fatal reunion, 4 Jake is reunited with former lover Warbride. (Ron Goulart) 05 Jan 93 Tek War, 5 Jake faces off against the man behind Tek. (Ron Goulart) 06 Feb 93 Moonkill, 1 Set between the first two published novels. Jake will go to any lengths to protect Beth from the TekLords, who want her eliminated for what she knows about anti-Tek technolgy. (Ron Goulart) 07 Mar 93 Spacejack, 2 Jake and Gomez attempt to save Beth from the TekLords' killers. (Ron Goulart) 08 Apr 93 Welcome back, Cardigan Upon returning to LA, Jake finds that the International Drug Control Agency may have information that could prove he was framed. (Ron Goulart) 09 May 93 Prison bound, 1 Jake has 48 hours to clear his name or be sent back to the freezer. (Ron Goulart) 10 Jun 93 Fugitives, 2 Jake runs out of time in his struggle to clear his name. Only Gomez and Beth can help Jake prove his innocence. (Ron Goulart) 11 Jul 93 Disorder at the border, 1 Warbride returns. Jake may have to take her down even though she holds the answers to all his questions. (Ron Goulart) 12 Aug 93 Chasing shadows, 2 On the run from Mexican officials, Warbride needs Jake's help. Jake must cut a deal with unfriendly government agencies. (Ron Goulart; Lee Sullivan) 13 Sep 93 Bionic duel, 3 Jake struggles to reconcile the sins of his past, along with the Bride's. (Ron Goulart; Lee Sullivan;) 14 Oct 93 Attack of the zombies, 1 Begins adaptation of Shatner's novel, TekLords. A cybernetic plague is spreading across the earth and Jake Cardigan must stop it. (Ron Goulart; Rich Suchy, John Stanisci; Lee Sullivan) 15 Nov 93 Plague?, 2 Jake travels to London to stop the TekLords from using their cybernetic plague to hold corporations and governments hostage. (Ron Goulart; Rich Suchy, John Stanisci; Lee Sullivan) 16 Dec 93 Back to the freezer, 3 Cardigan must risk everything to quell the cybernetic plague, including the woman he loves. (Ron Goulart; Rich Suchy, John Stanisci; Lee Sullivan) 17 Jan 94 Destination Kyoto, 4 Jake and Gomez head for Japan to try and solve the cybernetic zombie plague. Jake may have to sacrifice his freedom to stop the deadly assault. (Ron Goulart; Rich Suchy, John Stanisci; Lee Sullivan) 18 Feb 94 Showdown at the shrine, 5 Conclusion of TekLords adaptation. As the terrible Tek-Zombie virus ravages Jake's loved ones and the rest of the world, Cardigan scours Japan in search of the cure for the plague. (Goulart; Suchy, Stanisci; Lee Sullivan) 19 Mar 94 SIMs of the father, 1 Jake and Gomez hunt for clues to the location of their missing employer. But instead of finding their boss, they stumble upon a sentient computer system programmed to override technology across the globe. (Evan Skolnick; Lee Sullivan;) 20 Apr 94 Hand of the rising son, 2 The mystery behind the disappearance of Jake's boss begins to unravel, but only after Jake and his comrades invade a Japanese corporation via satellite. (Evan Skolnick; Lee Sullivan; Sullivan) 21 May 94 Who aren't in heaven, 3 Jake, Beth, and Sid find the heuristic supercomputer which kidnapped their boss, Walt Bascom, and one of them dies trying to wrest Walt out of the computer's steely grip. (Evan Skolnick; Lee Sullivan; Sullivan) 22 Jun 94 Fathers and guns, 4 With one major character dead at the hands of the DAN/H3 supercomputer, Jake throws himself into the line of fire to save the rest of the hostages. (Evan Skolnick; Lee Sullivan; Sullivan) 23 Jul 94 We'll be right back Jake helps the host of a high-rated lat-night holovision show flee California after he decides to break his contract. With network thugs on their trail to bring the host back or take hime out, the fun starts as Jake is increasing tempted to kill the annoying celebrity himself. Contains a pinup photo from the TekWar TV movie and a message from series creator, William Shatner. (Evan Skolnick; Lee Sullivan; Sullivan) 24 Aug 94 A matter of innocence While on vacation in Mexico, Jake runs across an escaping criminal who is accused of murder and dealing TEK. Guilty or innocent, Jake's life is on the line. Final issue of series. Photo cover. (Evan Skolnick; Lee Sullivan;) Dec 93 William Shatner's Tekworld Reprints five-issue TekWar adaptation. Contains an interview with Shatner and a preview of the TekWorld TV movies. Cover by Lee Sullivan. ISBN 0-87135-985-5, trade pb
Subject: Adult Comics [Brainstorm Comics] 01 Mar 93 Sperm Trek "Didler in the Dark" (parody of "Devil in the Dark" [TOS]) 01 Mar 93 Sperm Trek (trading card edition) 01 Oct 93 Sperm Quest: The next fertilization "Didler in the Dark" and "Countdown to Spermageddon" [Comic Zone Productions] Sex in Sinema 04 Sep 92 Stark Trek, The Moom'm Pitchures Adult parody of the first five Star Trek films, b&w (D. D. Beck; Craig Storman; Bill Cucinotta) [Friendly Comics] Bambi And Friends (adult TOS parody) 02 Feb 91 In the search for cock Sex Trek (adult TOS parody) 01 Apr 92 Whore leave 02 May 92 The rash of Khunt 03 Jun 92 The search for Sperm Sex Trek: To boldly go (adult TOS parody) 01 Jul 92 Sperm to the rescue 02 Aug 92 Pudd's women 03 Sep 92 Memories are made of this Sex Trek: The next infiltration (adult TNG parody) 01 Jul 92 Dildo's day 02 Aug 92 Joyride 03 Sep 92 Hide and quim [General Media Communications] Penthouse Max 03 Spring 97 "Expedition to eternity", an adult tale featuring a selection of TOS, TNG, DS9, and VOY characters, pp. 56-76. (Tobey Gilmore; Tom MacAnson) [Tijuana Publishing] Lee Carvel's Dirty Comics 12 1976 Parodies of Star Trek, Archie, Sgt. Rock, and others. Archie cover. Magazine format, b&w. Art by Lee Carvel.
Subject: The Alfred E. Neuman et al Collection [EC Publications, DC Comics as of 1994] Mad Magazine 115 Dec 67 Star Blecch (Dick DeBartolo; Mort Drucker) 186 Oct 76 Keep on Trekin': The MAD "Star Trek" Musical Kirk/Spock cover (Frank Jacobs; Mort Drucker;) 209 Sep 79 ? 216 Jul 80 Star Blecch: The (Gacck!) Motion Picture (Dick DeBartolo; Mort Drucker) 224 Jul 81 ? 236 Jan 83 Star Blecch II: The Wreck of Korn (Dick DeBartolo; Mort Drucker) 248 Jul 84 Star Trek cover ? 251 Dec 84 Star Blecch III: The Search for Plot (Arnie Kogen; Mort Drucker) 271 Jun 87 Star Blecch IV: The Voyage Bombs TOS What me Vulcan cover (Frank Jacobs; Mort Drucker;) 282 Oct 88 Star Blecch: The Next Degradation (;Mort Drucker) 321 Sep 93 Star Blecch: Deep Space Swine DS9 Daimon Alfred cover (Dick DeBartolo; Mort Drucker;) 339 Sep 95 Star Blecch: Voyeur (Dick DeBartolo; Angelo Torres) 352 Dec 96 Star Blecch: Worst Contact (Dick DeBartolo; Paul Coker) 380 Apr 99 Star Blecch: Imperfection (Mort Drucker; Dick DeBartolo) 420 Aug 2002 Endless-Prize (Mort Drucker; Desmind Devlin) Note: Star Trek Nemesis seems to be the only series or film which hasn't been parodied. Any additional information would be appreciated. Mad Magazine Super Special 07 1972 Star Blecch 30 Spring 80 ? 64 Fall 88 Star Trek II parody ? 83 Sep 92 Reprints Mad's complete Star Trek saga TOS cover Star Blecch Keep on Trekkin': The MAD "Star Trek" Musical Star Blecch: The (Gacck!) Motion Picture Star Blecch II: The Wreck of Korn Star Blecch III: The Search for Plot Star Blecch IV: The Voyage Bombs Star Blecch V: The Farcical Frontier (Dick DeBartolo; Paul Coker) Star Blecch VI: The Uninspired Continuation (Dick DeBartolo; Paul Coker) Star Blecch: The Next Degradation Mad Star Trek Spectacular Holiday 1994 The Star Trek Saga/Generations Kirk/Picard cover Also reprints Mad's complete Star Trek saga (Frank Jacobs; Sergio Aragones; Mort Drucker) [Little Brown] Mad about the Sixties Collection of 1960s material, including Star Blecch. ISBN 0-316-33418-9 trade pb Mad about TV Collection of TV satires, including Star Trek. trade pb [Christie's] Christie's East: The art of Mad (Sale #MAD-7393 18 Dec 1992 auction catalog with Star Trek art reproduced from #115 and #186 [Sotheby's] Sotheby's Mad about Mad (Sale #6754) 20 Oct 1995 auction catalog with Star Trek art reproduced from #282, #271, #251, #177, #216, and #186 [Global Communications] Cracked 127 Sep 75 ? 169 Jul 80 Star Drek: The moving picture pp 6-13 207 Oct 84 ? 209 Jan 85 Star Drek III: The search for Spook 228 Jul 87 Star Drek IV ? 232 Nov 87 Star Drek: The next de-generation 235 May 88 Star Drek: The next cancellation Summer 88 Star Drek: The last hurrah ? 272 Jul 92 Star Wrek: The uninspired conclusion 296 Jan 95 Star Wreck: Degenerations (Kirk/Picard cover) 314 Jan 97 Star Drek: First Contract (Picard/Data/Worf cover) Cracked Collector's Edition 65 Feb 86 Star Drek: The moving picture 103 Jul 95 Star Drek: Voyeur Beam us up, Scotty Star Wreck: Deeply Spaced Out Nine Star Trek Funnies Star Wreck: The Next Degeneration Star Drek: The Next Generation Star Drek V: The Finite Frontier Star Drek: Voyajerk Game Kirk/Picard/Sisko/Janeway cover 106 Apr 96 The NCC-1701-D Today (Worf cover) Cracked Giant Sci-Fi Special 43 Mar 86 Star Yecch 20th anniversary ? Cracked Digest 03 Apr 87 Star Yecch ? Cracked Spaced Out 01 Summer 93 Star Wreck: Deeply spaced out nine Star Wreck: The uninspired conclusion Sab Trek: We deep-six all the generations Job Trek Things that have bumps in the night Star Wreck: The next degeneration NCC-1701-D Today The Cracked 'Spaced Out' list TNG cover 02 Fall 93 Deep Space 90210 Spaced 0ut amusement park The sci-fi yellow pages Didja notice on Star Trek ...? NCC-1701-D Today Hurry ups DS9/Beverly Hills 90210 cover 03 Spring 94 Drink coasters from Quark's bar A closer look at Star Trek blueprints NCC-1701-D Today Spaced out shut-ups Spaced out Miss Universe pagaent 04 Summer 94 Star Trek Technical Manual: The Lost Pages Star Trek Fan Pages Star Trek Convention Profiles The Trekker King NCC-1701-D Today At the Star Trek convention TNG cover Cracked Monster Party 43 Spring 99 Star Drek: Imperfection (Andy Simmons; Bruce Bolinger) Super Cracked 18 Fall 82 Star Drek: The moving picture (ST:TMP cover) Cracked Super Special 03 Winter 89 Star Drek: The moving picture Star Drek: The last hurrah? Star Drek III: The search for Spook [Marvel Comics] Crazy 60 Star Tripe (TOS/Muppets cover) 92 Dec 82 Star Blech II ? [Marvel Comics UK] Frantic 02 Apr 90 Star Tripe (TOS/Muppets cover) (Rico Tallar; Kent Gamble) [Publisher?] Sick Jun 80 Star Trek parody ?
Subject: Star Trek E-Comics Star Trek e-comics are published online. They can be purchased and downloaded for your reading pleasure. Star Quack Star Quack #1: To boldly waddle where no duck has waddled before! Star Quack #2: Polarization The adventures of the USS Enterfowl by Mike Jones Jr. Published in full color in PDF format @ $1.75. Also published in b&w print format. Endeavor Comics Stalled Trek #1: Amutt Time Captain Krok is forced into battle with his Vulcaninian First Officer, Mr. Spott after Dr. McGruff realizes Mr. Spott has gone into heat. Stalled Trek #2: City on the Edge of Foreclosure (forthcoming) Story and full color art by Mark R. Largent. Published in PDF format @ $1.00. These may no longer be available.
Subject: Star Trek Comics Online Sev Trek Australian cartoonist John Cook's online comic strips spoofing Star Trek. Farside-style Star Trek cartoon by Curt Danhauser Red-shirt enthusiasts will find this cartoon amusing. The Final Leap Quantum Leap meets Enterprise in a comic-style photostory. Star Trek TAS Comics TAS episode "Yesteryear" by D. C. Fontana reformatted as an online comic from screen captures, and five more online ST:TAS comics by Charles Kelso, Kail Tescar, and Raul Quiles Jr., created with screen captures and original art. Mad Magazine's Star Blecch Colorized version of the first Mad parody. Dinosaur Planet Audio and scans of the Star Trek comic and record. Stone Trek ST:TOS meets the Flintstones. Online animation requires MacroMedia Flash plug-in. CRACKED does Star Trek Artwork from CRACKED by Dick Kulpa, who was also the artist for the LA Times Syndicate Star Trek comic strip beginning in 1983. Comic Strip Features and Multimedia Several Star Trek strips and animation. Star Trek action figure comics Photostory comics by Ron Jacobson created with Star Trek action figures and playsets.
Subject: Star Trek Comics Information Online Here are a few web sites with information about Star Trek comics. I salute the folks who have put up Star Trek comics web sites. Please excuse any stale links. Guide to the Gold Key Star Trek comics Curt Danhauser has created several well-designed and entertaining web sites on a variety of Star Trek topics. This is the best of the online Star Trek comics guides. Star Trek Story Records Comprehensive web site on the Star Trek story records by Curt Danhauser. Guide to Animated Star Trek Not really about comics but this is another interesting site by Curt Danhauser. Star Trek Gold Key Comics Archive Cover art can be easily downloaded from this site. The Star Trek Comics List Guide to recent Marvel and Wildstorm Star Trek comics. This site seems to be missing in action. Star Trek Annual Gallery Cover art from Star Trek annuals published in the UK. Star Trek Comics by Marvel (1980-1982) Includes description and ratings. The Star Trek Annotated Timeline By Win Scott Eckert; includes events from Star Trek comics. Star Trek comics price guide. Star Trek Books Database Includes recent comics and graphic novels. The Complete Starfleet Library: Comic Reprints and Graphic Novels Index of comics in book format. STasis: Your Guide to the Scholarly Literature of TREK Hasn't been updated in several years. Has a few citations of comics-related articles. Trek Nation Comics Site Information on and reviews of Wildstorm Star Trek comics. Grand Comic-Book Database Internet database of published comics. Comic Book Database Internet database of published comics. ComicsDB Web comic book database and free collection tracking if you register for an account. comics research bibliography Citations of comics-related articles and publications. Doug Gilford's Mad Cover Site Includes Mad Magazine Star Trek covers. Artwork from Keith R.A. DeCandido's Star Trek Comic Book Work Downloadable images. Details about Andy Mangels' and Michael Martin's Star Trek comics Includes cover art. Cover gallery from David Mack's web site Includes cover art from the Star Trek comics he has written. Writer/artist Ken Pender's comics web site Includes cover and interior art in color and b&w Star Trek/X-Men Review of the Star Trek/X-Men crossover. Graphic novel and trade paperback reviews By the Masked Bookwyrm Get Critical: Star Trek books and comics Reviews by Michelle Erica Green Marvel and Malibu comics collector site Information and cover images for Malibu Star Trek promo and variant comics Index of Klingon appearances in Star Trek comics Google Web Directory Google's Star Trek resources listing. Previews: The Comic Shop's Catalog Monthly solicitation of forthcoming comics, available online and at your local comic shop. Mile High Comics: Star Trek comics for sale Strange New Worlds Several articles on Star Trek comics. Interview with Star Trek and Star Wars comics creators By Alex Ness Author Glenn Greenberg Remembers Untold Voyages Interview by Gustavo Leao Memory Alpha Wiki encyclopedia of Star Trek information in progress. The Periodic Table of Comic Books The entry for Yttrium features a Star Trek comic.
Subject: Star Trek Comics-related Trading Cards [Impel Marketing] 1991 Star Trek 25th Anniversary Trading Cards, Series I Cards #131, 135, 137, 139, 148, 150 and 152 feature cover art from Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation comics. [CARDZ Distribution] Nov 93 William Shatner's Tekworld Trading Cards 100-card set featuring a story serialized on 80 of the cards. Jake lands a client who thinks her Tek scientist husband is dead, although he just called her the night before. 80-card comic story, 8 character cards, 7 jargon cards, 3 checklist cards, 1 book cover card, 1 TV movie card, and 4 TekChrome bonus chase cards. Also available as a complete set with an illustrated binder and a photo card of Shatner. (Ron Goulart; Lee Sullivan) [Rittenhouse Archives] Feb 2003 Complete Star Trek Animated Adventures Trading Cards 198-card base set with 9 cards for each of 22 episodes. Bonus cards include: 9 "James Doohan Tribute" cards featuring characters voiced by Doohan (1 in 4 packs), 9 "Enterprise Bridge Crew" cards (1 in 8 packs), 9 "Kirk in Motion" lenticular cards (1 in 20 packs), 22 "Star Trek Micro-Cel" cards with pieces of film, one per episode (2 per 40 pack box), and 10 autograph cards signed by Shatner, Nimoy, Doohan, Nichols, Takei, Barrett and more (randomly inserted 1 in 80 packs). Three promo cards also available. Feb 2003 Complete Star Trek Animated Adventures Collector's Album Includes 20 plastic sheets, a Kirk/Spock/Bones promo card, and an autograph card signed by Takei. Apr 2003 Complete Star Trek Animated Adventures Card Set 198-card set with bonus checklist cards (#1 and #2) and a promo card (201 cards). 2004 The Quotable Star Trek Animated Series Bonus card set Q1-Q18, distributed with The Quotable Star Trek: Original Series trading card set, 1:5 packs. Cards feature artwork and quotes from episodes of the animated series. 2004 The Quotable Star Trek Comics Bonus card set GK1-GK9, distributed with The Quotable Star Trek: Original Series trading card set, 1:20 packs. Cards feature artwork, quotes, and the photo covers of Gold Key Star Trek comics #1-9.
Subject: Star Trek Comics Ephemera [DC Comics] 1983 Poster 17" x 22" Star Trek. Coming in November. The new DC. There's no stopping us now. Features artwork of Kirk and the Enterprise, Sulu, Checkov, McCoy, and Saavik. 1989 Promotional Flyer 10 1/8" x 13 1/2" double-sided Star Trek, Star Trek: TNG Artwork by James Fry, Arne Starr (TOS), Pablo Marcos (TNG) 1991 Poster 17" x 22" DC Comics kicks off a 25th Anniversary Star Trek celebration, Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Artwork by Gordon Purcell and Jerome K. Moore 1991? Banner 22" x 5" Available now ST: The Mirror Universe Saga, The best of Star Trek, Star Trek 25th Anniversary. No comic art. 1992 Poster 17" x 22" Star Trek: Debt of Honor, artwork by Adam Hughes and Karl Story 1994 Promotional Window Decal 10" x 13" Star Trek: The Next Generation On Sale Here Artwork of the Enterprise going to warp. 1994 Poster 34" x 22" The Voyage Continues, ST:TNG Shadowheart, DS9/TNG, ST: Generations Painted artwork by Sonia Hillios 1995 Poster 17" x 22" Star Trek: Ashes of Eden Features cover art by Steve Erwin and Jimmy Palmiotti from the graphic novel. [Malibu Comics] 1993 Poster 14" x 23" At the edge of the final frontier. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Features cover art by Jerome Moore and Richard Ory from DS9 #1. 1993 Limited Editon Preview Promotional Print Star Trek: DS9 artwork signed by writer Mike W. Barr and/or artist Lurene Haines, comic backing-board size 6 5/8" x 10 1/4". [Marvel/Paramount] 1996 Banner 34" x 9" Star Trek Comics on sale here. Features the TNG Enterprise. [Marvel/Blockbuster] 1996 Star Trek/X-Men Blockbuster Video Giftcard Numbered and limited to 10,000 with a $4 value. Distributed at San Diego International Comic-Con 1996. Card features Kirk and Wolverine with Enterprise flying above. Sealed in cellophane on a backing card. [Wildstorm Comics] 1999 Poster 22" x 34" Star Trek, ST:TNG, ST:DS9, ST:VOY. Exploring the boundaries of what Star Trek comics can be ... No comic artwork.
Subject: Star Trek Coloring Books These aren't quite comics, but they're close enough, since some of them have a story in addition to artwork. This is only a subset of the coloring books that have been published, with some connection to the comics world, usually the artist. [Lincoln Enterprises] nd Star Trek coloring book Features artwork from Star Trek: The Animated Series. [Wanderer Books] 1986 The Star Trek adventure coloring book ISBN 0671632442 (Ellen Steiber; Paul Abrams; Jeffrey Oh) 1986 The Star Trek alien coloring book ISBN 0671632452 (Peter Trewin; Paul Abrams; Jeffrey Oh) 1986 The Star Trek activity book ISBN 0671632469 (Peter Lerangis; Carlos Garzon; Jeffrey Oh) [Little Simon] 1996 I can draw Star Trek: The spacecraft and other technical devices of Star Trek, the Original Series (I Can Draw series) Simple step-by-step drawing instructions for all ages. ISBN 0689809212 (Tony Tallerico)
Subject: Missing in Action or Cancelled Some of these titles were announced some time ago, but they are missing in action. Please let me know if you have seen them. [Big Entertainment, formerly Tekno-Comix] Dec 96 Leonard Nimoy's Primortals Chronicles Collection in two volumes with slipcase. Includes a cover gallery, two new stories, and an introduction by Nimoy. [Brainstorm Comics] 01 Oct 93 Sperm Quest: The next fertilization (trading card issue) [Celebrity Comics] Oct 92 Star Trek Episode Guide 1 & 2, Limited Edition Dec 92 William Shatner: The unauthorized biography (full color with one prism and one regular trading card) Dec 92 Patrick Stewart: The unauthorized biography (full color with one prism and one regular trading card) Jun 93 Jonathan Frakes: The unauthorized biography (full color with one prism and one regular trading card) Jun 93 Leonard Nimoy: The unauthorized biography (full color with one prism and one regular trading card) Jul 93 Brent Spiner: The unauthorized biography (full color with one prism and one regular trading card) Jul 93 DeForest Kelley: The unauthorized biography (full color with one prism and one regular trading card) [Comic Zone Productions] 01 May 93 Cartoon Lampoons Presents: Spocky and Kirkwinkle 01 May 93 Cartoon Lampoons Presents: Spocky and Kirkwinkle (Dlx. Ed., with signed, numbered trading card) A look at what would happen if famous actors played the parts of the moose and squirrel and if famous directors directed the episodes. [DAW] Gene Roddenberry's Xander in the Lost Universe Paperback novel by John Peel, to be published by DAW some time in the future? ISBN 0756400015 [Draculina Publishing] Mean 02 Mar 97 (never published) "The Trek files", parody of Star Trek and The X-Files. (Janet L. Hetherington; Ron Sutton) [Fictioneer Books] Sep 94 Star Trek Super Special (a new edition ?) [Magnum Comics] 01 Oct 92 Starquest Comics (science fiction and fantasy tales edited by Walter Koenig) [Millenium] 00 Dec 95 Walter Koenig's Raver (Walter Koenig; Day, Plante;) 00 Dec 95 Walter Koenig's Raver Collector's Edition Variant chromium cover limited to 10000 copies. (Walter Koenig; Day, Plante;) [Personality Comics] The Original Crew 07 Nov 92 Dlx. Ed. reprinted with new serially-numbered trading cards 08 Nov 92 Dlx. Ed. reprinted with new serially-numbered trading cards The New Crew 01 Nov 92 Dlx. Ed. reprinted with new serially-numbered trading cards 06 Nov 92 Dlx. Ed. reprinted with new serially-numbered trading cards 07 Nov 92 Dlx. Ed. reprinted with new serially-numbered trading cards [Pop Entertainment] Aug 95 Patrick Stewart: Star Legend b&w bio-comic (Ray Dawn Odlin; Jose Pimentel; Pimentel) These comics were cancelled by their distributor which means they were probably never published, but who knows? [Big Entertainment] 01-03 Gene Roddenberry's Xander in Lost Universe [Brainstorm Comics] 02 Nov 93 Sperm Quest: The next fertilization 01 Dec 93 Sperm Quest: Deep throat 69 [Friendly Comics] 01-02 Sci-Fi on TV Trivia 04 Sex Trek: To boldly go 04 Sex Trek: The next infiltration [Millenium] -1 Nov 94 Walter Koenig's Raver [Topps Comics] 06 Duckman--Star Trek: Abduckshuns [Spoof Comics] 03-05 Soul Trek
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Subject: Acknowledgements This checklist was compiled from my personal collection, from information provided by other collectors, from references, and from spurious subspace communications. My thanks to these Trekkers for their updates and contributions: Jim Baikie Len Cutler Curt Danhauser Rich Handley Inge Heyer Mark Largent Shaqui Le Vesconte Gordon Locke Ryan Nicol J.M. (Mark) Shaylor Jolyon Silversmith Henry Watson Carolyn Winifred
Subject: Copyright Notice Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Starfleet Academy, Star Trek: Early Voyages, Star Trek: Unlimited, and Star Trek: New Frontier are TM, (R) and Copyright (C) 2004 Paramount Pictures. This article is Copyright (C) 1992-2004 Mark L.B. Martinez. It may be freely redistributed in its entirety provided that this copyright notice is not removed. It may not be sold for profit or incorporated in commercial documents without the written permission of the copyright holder. Permission is expressly granted for this document to be made available by institutions offering unrestricted access to the Internet. eof part9

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