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Star Trek Comics Checklist, Part 8/9

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Archive-name: star-trek/comics-checklist/part8
Posting-Frequency: occasionally
Last-modified: 2004-7-3

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Subject: [Wildstorm] Previews 1999 Wildstorm Star Trek Sampler A b&w stapled preview book was released at Comic Con International San Diego, containing art from Voyager story "False colors", TNG story "Perchance to dream", and TOS story "All of me". 1999 Star Trek: Hidden Evil Collector's Edition This limited edition computer game package from Activision includes an exclusive electronic preview of the first two Star Trek comic books from DC/Wildstorm on CD-ROM: Star Trek: Voyager - False Colors and Star Trek: The Next Generation - Perchance to Dream. The CD-ROM contains HTML pages with three pages of artwork for each comic. Stock #1001037, Rated T.
Subject: [Wildstorm] Star Trek: Voyager Jan 2000 False colors Voyager encounters the remains of a ship and traces of Borg weaponry. Seven is aware of garbled Borg transmissions but can't confirm the presence of a Borg vessel. When Voyager is caught in a much larger ship's tractor beam, Seven, Tuvok, and Chakotay sneak on board the alien vessel and discover still functioning Borg technology and pirates. Seven must risk her own identity to take control of the stolen Borg technology and free Voyager. Also contains pinup of Seven by Jeffrey Moy and Cavani. Prestige format. (Nathan Archer; Jeffrey Moy, Philip Moy, W.C. Carani; Jim Lee, Scott Williams) Jan 2000 False colors Variant with a photo cover featuring Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine, designed by Alex Sinclair. Jul 2000 Elite force Voyager is trapped in a null-entropy chasm and raided by Borg drones. In order to retrieve parts stolen by the Borg, Janeway sends a hazard team of specially trained crewmen with Seven. A greater threat looms and the hazard team must finish the job. Also contains pinup art by various artists. Based on material from the Activison/Raven Software computer game. Prestige format. (Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning; Jeffrey Moy, W.C. Carani; Moy, Cavani) Sep 2000 Avalon rising On an away mission, the Doctor fires the imagination of a young knight's squire with tales of Voyager's Knights of Starfleet. Prestige format. Painted cover. (Janine Ellen Young, Doselle Young; David Roach; David Wenzel)
Subject: [Wildstorm] Star Trek: Voyager - Planet Killer (mini-series) Mar 2001 Ultimate weapon Voyager follows a path of destruction throught two star systems to find a weapon tearing apart an inhabited planet. Seven identifies the weapon as the work of Species 4672, which no longer exists. Janeway attacks the weapon to try and distract it from its destructive efforts. Based on "The Doomsday Machine" [TOS] by Norman Spinrad. Cover misprint states one of four issues. (Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith; Robert Teranishi, Claude St. Aubin; Teranishi, St. Aubin) Apr 2001 Old tricks Voyager fails to stop the ancient weapon from destroying a planetary system. While repairs are made, Harry searches Starfleet records and finds Kirk's encounter with the doomsday machine. With knowledge of the previous encounter, Janeway approves a new plan to destroy the weapon. (Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith; Robert Teranishi, Claude St. Aubin) May 2001 Death Following their failed attempt to destroy the planet killer like Kirk did years before, Voyager comes up with a new approach. Nanoprobes might be the answer, but delivering them to the doomsday machine is no easy task. (Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Dean Wesley Smith; Robert Teranishi, Claude St. Aubin)
Subject: [Wildstorm] Star Trek: Voyager (collections) Nov 2000 Elite Force - Special Collector's Edition Not for sale. Prestige format comic packaged with Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force Collector's Edition game from Activision, SKU 30251, Rated T, 2000. Cover combines matte and glossy artwork with gold foil lettering. Slightly smaller than regular comic book size, 6.125" x 9". Also contains Star Trek: Voyager - False Colors. There might be a leather-bound version but this is unconfirmed. Nov 2001 Encounters with the unknown Trade paperback collection of "False colors", "Elite force", "Avalon rising", and "Planet killer". Painted cover. ISBN 1-56839-770-9 (;; Drew Struzan)
Subject: [Wildstorm] Star Trek: The Next Generation Jun 2000 Embrace the wolf An outbreak of violence on Enoch-7 brings Picard and the Enterprise to investigate. They find a ravaged planet and Redjac ("Wolf in the fold" [TOS]). Redjac takes possesion of the Enterprise and its holodecks, where it finds Data's Sherlock Holmes program. Taking on its ancient persona of Jack the Ripper, Redjac traps the crew in 19th century London. While Data, as Holmes, tries to subdue the Ripper, the Enochians attempt to destroy the Enterprise to take revenge on Redjac. Prestige format. Painted cover. (Christopher Golden, Tom Sniegoski; Dave Hoover, Troy Hubbs, Jason Martin, Christy Stack; Travis Charest)
Subject: [Wildstorm] Star Trek: The Next Generation - Perchance to Dream (mini-series) Feb 2000 To take arms against a sea of troubles While Data ponders the disturbing results of activating his dream program, the Enterprise prepares to attend the inauguration of a governor, whose sexual preferences have angered a militant faction of moralists. Chapter titles taken from "Hamlet" by William Shakespeare. Also contains annotations for places, people, and events from the television series and feature films. (Keith R.A. DeCandido; Peter Pachoumis; Lucian Rizzo; Tim Bradstreet) Mar 2000 By a sleep to say we end An Enterprise security team protects the new governor of Damiano from a sniper. Meanwhile, terrorists plan another attempt on the governor and a telepathic attack on the Enterprise. (Keith R.A. DeCandido; Peter Pachoumis; Lucian Rizzo; Tim Bradstreet) Apr 2000 In the sleep of death, what dreams may come While more of the Enterprise crew succumb to nightmares and hallucinations, more attempts on the governor's life are made. Picard learns that an ancient Damiani telepathic weapon called the Chova may be responsible for his crew's suffering. Dr. Crusher theorizes that Picard may be able to overcome the Chova because of his past. Indicia gives publication date as Feb 2000. (Keith R.A. DeCandido; Peter Pachoumis; Lucian Rizzo; Tim Bradstreet) May 2000 Enterprises of great pitch and moment Data malfunctions, locked into his dream program by the Chova. On Damiano, the terrorists are caught, but the Enterprise is still at risk, awaiting the outcome of Picard's battle with the Chova. Indicia gives publication date as Mar 2000. (Keith R.A. DeCandido; Peter Pachoumis, Benefiel; Lucian Rizzo, Martin; Tim Bradstreet)
Subject: [Wildstorm] Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Killing Shadows (mini-series) Nov 2000 The trap A rumored league of assassins, the Bodai Shin, are targeting Federation science laboratories. Picard and the Enterprise travel to Nydaris to offer protection to a likely target, but the Bodai Shin have a different target in mind. Picard finds a surprise ally on the planet. (Scott Ciencin; Andrew Currie, Bryan Hitch;) Dec 2000 The hunted While the Bodai Shin try to kill Picard on Nydaris, they also launch an attack on the Enterprise. Riker and the crew must defend against terror tactics. Picard guesses at their motives and the tide turns. Cameo appearances by Sela and Worf. (Scott Ciencin; Andrew Currie;) Jan 2001 The trap Just when it seems that the tide has turned in the battle with the Bodai Shin, they spring another trap and take the upper hand. (Scott Ciencin; Andrew Currie;) Feb 2001 The secret On Nydaris, Picard must trust Sela and face the Bodai Shin one last time. Meanwhile on the Enterprise, Riker and crew face the same challenge. A mystery remains unanswered. (Scott Ciencin; Andrew Currie; Currie, ?)
Subject: [Wildstorm] Star Trek: The Next Generation (graphic novels) Jan 2001 The Gorn crisis Picard and the Enterprise travel to the Gorn homeworld to ask for help fighting the Dominion, but the Black Crest faction of Gorn have staged a coup. Intent on expanding the Gorn Empire, they begin with assaults on a Federation outpost defended by Riker and Klingon allies, while Picard sorts out the situation at the Gorn royal court. Also includes "The Gorn dossier" by Kordey. Hardcover with dustjacket. Painted interior artwork and cover. ISBN 1-56389-754-7. This story is referenced in TNG novel, Doors into chaos, by Bob Greenberger. (Kevin J. Anderson, Rebecca Moesta; Igor Kordey; Kordey) Sep 2002 The Gorn crisis Trade paperback reprint; indicia has the same publication date and ISBN as the hardcover original. ISBN 1-56389-926-4 Oct 2001 Forgiveness In 2052, Colin Blakeney makes a breakthrough in transporter research despite personal tragedy and violent opposition, but his first attempt at transporting a human is sabotaged. Over 300 years later, La Forge diverts a stray transporter carrier wave into an Enterprise pattern buffer, and Blakeney rematerializes. While Data and Dr. Crusher try to help Blakeney remember what happened to him with a holodeck simulation, the Dominion war is on everyone's mind. Picard must help a Federation ambassador handle a difficult diplomatic situation. Everyone learns a lesson in humility and hope. Hardcover with dustjacket. Painted interior artwork and cover. Includes a 3-page sketchbook by Hampton. ISBN 1-56389-850-0 (David Brin; Scott Hampton; Hampton) Oct 2002 Forgiveness Trade paperback reprint; indicia has the same publication date and ISBN as the hardcover original. ISBN 1-56389-918-3
Subject: [Wildstorm] Star Trek: The Next Generation (collections) Sep 2001 Enemy unseen Trade paperback collection of "Perchance to dream", "Embrace the wolf", and "The killing shadows". Painted cover. ISBN 1-56389-765-2 (;; Drew Struzan)
Subject: [Wildstorm] Star Trek Apr 2000 All of me After dealing with some Orion pirates, the Enterprise is ordered to Pollux II, where they find Armand St. John and his new discovery, a method to study an infinity of parallel universes. St. John has gathered together his counterparts from other realities and takes over the Enterprise. Spock finds a flaw in St. John's theory and even the appearance of Captain Jane T. Kirk doesn't change his conviction that some more powerful entity is behind St. John's work. Prestige format. (Tona Isabella, Bob Ingersoll; Aaron Lopresti, Randy Emberlin; Lopresti) 2001 Enter the wolves Following the wedding of Perrin and Sarek, attended by McCoy, they meet again aboard Vulcan Space Central. Federation delegates are preparing for negotiations with the Legaran and debating a request for trade acces from Cardassia Prime. Spock arrives to challenge Sarek's cautious recommendations, while Obsidian Order operatives have plans of their own. Prestige format. (A.C. Crispin, Howard Weinstein; Carlos Mota, Keith Aiken, John Nyberg, Derek Fridolfs; Mota, Aiken)
Subject: [Wildstorm] Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - N-Vector (mini-series) The first installment of the DS9 relaunch in print. Takes place after events of the television series finale. Kira is in command, O'Brien has accepted a teaching position at Starfleet Academy, and Nog is a lieutenant and acting head of security. Aug 2000 Chapter 1 Quark is behaving oddly, giving away free drinks and making unsecured loans. Nog finds evidence of widespread sabotage on the station. A Romulan xenobiologist, Mos Senay, returns to the station to continue work in a sealed laboratory. (K.W. Jeter; Toby Cypress, Jason Martin, Mark Irwin; Cypress, Martin) Sep 2000 Chapter 2 Bashir agrees to help investigate O'Brien's possible involvement in sabotaging the station. Mos Senay tells Bashir a startling story about an intelligent viroid that has infected the station. Meanwhile, Quark is getting help collecting debts from a mysterious stranger with another profitable deal to offer. (K.W. Jeter; Toby Cypress, Jason Martin, Mark Irwin; Cypress, Martin) Oct 2000 Chapter 3 The viroid infects Bashir and the station repairs itself, giving O'Brien his freedom. Ezri Dax and O'Brien learn that Bashir is infected from Mos Senay, who has a plan to capture the viroid. Meanwhile, Quark and his new associate leave the station for a remote section of the Alpha quadrant. (K.W. Jeter; Toby Cypress, Jason Martin, Mark Irwin; Cypress, Martin) Nov 2000 Chapter 4 While the viroid prepares to reproduce itself, Nog, Bashir, and Mos Senay go after Quark and the viroid. When all is said and done, Quark still has some problems back at DS9. (K.W. Jeter; Toby Cypress, Jason Martin, Mark Irwin; Cypress, Martin)
Subject: [Wildstorm] Star Trek: New Frontier Nov 2000 Double time Set between ST:NF novels "Captain's Table: Once burned" and "Double Helix: Double or nothing". Captain Calhoun takes his ship and crew back in time to prevent a genocide, only to alter the timeline in an unexpected and not entirely welcome way. Appearances by Commander Shelby, Lt. Robin Leffler, and Dr. Selar, characters recruited from ST:TNG by the author for his New Frontier novels, published by Pocket Books. Prestige format. Painted cover. This story is referenced in New Frontier novel, Excalibur: Restoration. (Peter David; Michael Collins; David Roach; Brian Stelfreeze)
Subject: [Wildstorm] Star Trek: Special 2001 Painted cover. Prestige format. "Bloodline" (TOS) Kirk goes to the rescue of the U.S.S. Feynman and his nephew Peter. (Ian Edginton; Carlos Mota, Keith Aiken; John Van Fleet) "A rolling stone gathers no nanoprobes" (TNG) The Borg encounter a quick-thinking human and the Horta on Janus IV ("Devil in the dark" [TOS]). (Andy Mangels, Mike Martin; Paul Neary, David Roach;) "When the stars come a-calling" (DS9) Pulp writer Benny Russell struggles with his visions of alien domination ("Far beyond the stars" [DS9]). (Ben Raab; John Lucas;) "Exercises in futility" (VOY) Seven proposes a risky plan to move Voyager closer to home. (Stuart Moore; Gordon Purcell, John Stanisci;) "The legacy of Eleanor Dain" (TNG/TOS) The Enterprise recovers the work of an artist thought long dead. (Christopher Hinz; Tommy Lee Edwards;) "The wake" (TOS) Retired Admiral McCoy receives visits from two old friends. (Jeffrey Lang; Steve Lieber;)
Subject: [Wildstorm] Star Trek: Divided We Fall (TNG/DS9 mini-series) Continues the DS9 relaunch. Dax has transferred to command and Bashir has been promoted. Nog runs Engineering. Ro Laren is security chief. Elias Vaughn, a respected Starfleet officer with an intelligence background is Kira's second-in-command. Kasidy Yates is coming to terms with the significance of her pregnancy to the Bajoran faithful. Jake badly misses his father and Odo is still with the Great Link. These and other details have been established by Paramount and Pocket Books beginning with "Avatar, Book One" and "Avatar, Book Two" by S.D. Perry, published by Pocket Books, May 2001. Jul 2001 Crossfire The Enterprise answers a distress call from a Trill ship carrying Ambassador Odan ("The host" [TNG]). Dr. Lenara Kahn ("Rejoined" [DS9]) is kidnapped on the Trill homeworld and Ezri Dax is instructed to bring a ransom to Trill. Deanna Troi learns that a violent faction of Trill calling themselves Purists are attacking joined Trill. Bashir fails to prevent Ezri's abduction by Verad ("Invasive procedures" [DS9]), leader of the Purists. (John J. Ordover, David Mack; Andrew Currie, Richard Bennett, David Roach; Currie, Bennett, Alex Sinclair) Aug 2001 No quarter While Bashir tries to revive Dr. Lenara Kahn, Verad painfully extracts information from Ezri and the Dax symbiont. In orbit around Trill, the Enterprise and the Defiant try to trace Verad's location while Crusher and Troi take Odan to the caves of Mak'ala ("Equilibrium" [DS9]). Verad plans to start killing symbionts at the caves. (John J. Ordover, David Mack; Andrew Currie, Michael Collins, David Roach, Richard Bennett, John Nyberg;) Sep 2001 All fall down Crusher and Troi prevent the destruction of the symbiont pools at the caves. Crusher and Bashir then discover that Verad has infected the Trill population with a retrovirus that means a death sentence for all joined Trill. While Starfleet tries to locate Verad, infected Trill are quarantined. Crusher is joined with Odan in hopes of finding a cure. Picard becomes certain that there is more to Verad's plan than they know. (John J. Ordover, David Mack; Michael Collins, David Roach;) Oct 2001 United we stand While Enterprise and Defiant try to stop unmanned weapons drones from laying waste to the surface of Trill, crewmembers on the planet work feverishly to innoculate joined Trill and stop the retrovirus. Afterwards, Bashir and Crusher take stock of the impact on their personal lives. (John J. Ordover, David Mack; Andrew Currie, Richard Bennett;)
Subject: [Wildstorm] Star Trek (collections) Apr 2001 Other realities Trade paperback collection of "All of me", "N-vector", and "Double time". Painted cover. ISBN 1-56389-763-6 (;; John Van Fleet)
Subject: Copyright Notice Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: New Frontier are TM, (R) and Copyright (C) 2004 Paramount Pictures. This article is Copyright (C) 1992-2004 Mark L.B. Martinez. It may be freely redistributed in its entirety provided that this copyright notice is not removed. It may not be sold for profit or incorporated in commercial documents without the written permission of the copyright holder. Permission is expressly granted for this document to be made available by institutions offering unrestricted access to the Internet. eof part8

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