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Star Trek Comics Checklist, Part 6/9

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Last-modified: 2004-1-23

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Subject: [Marvel Comics] Star Trek: Collector's Preview 01 Jul 96 Preview of Marvel's Star Trek comics published under the Paramount Comics imprint: Star Trek: Voyager #1, Star Trek: Starfleet Academy #1, and Star Trek: Early Voyages #1. Probably distributed at the 1996 San Diego Comic Con. Cover features photos of starship and DS9 models. Back cover features Marvel subscription information. Six pages, b&w, 5 1/2" x 8 3/8". 02 Jul 97 Preview of Marvel's Star Trek comics story arcs published under the Paramount Comics imprint: Star Trek: Early Voyages, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Unlimited, Star Trek: Telepathy War, and Star Trek: The Next Generation/X-Men. Also mentions Star Trek: Phase 3 coming in 1998, which was never published. Probably distributed at the 1997 San Diego Comic Con. Cover features color artwork of starships and DS9. Back cover features Marvel subscription information. Fourteen pages, b&w, 5" x 6 1/2".
Subject: [Marvel Comics] Star Trek: Unlimited This bi-monthly, double-sized series features stories from Star Trek, the original series, and Star Trek: The Next Generation. 01 Nov 96 "Directives" (TNG) On a mission to establish first contact with the Endrel, Picard and the Enterprise meet another first contact team from the Lom Coalition. The Lom prime directive endorses proactive intercession on the affairs of other races and their activities may cost the lives of a third of Endrella's population. (Dan Abnett, Ian Edgington; Ron Randall, Carlos Garzon, Jerome Moore, Al Williamson, Derek Fisher;) "Dying of the light" (TOS) A distress beacon brings Kirk and the Enterprise to a remote planet where an unscrupulous archeologist has been excavating. Unfortunately, the Gorn object to desecration of their cemetary world and express their displeasure. Kirk must restore peace by surrendering to an old adversary ("Arena"). TOS cover. (Dan Abnett, Ian Edgington; Mark Buckingham, Kev Sutherland; Buckingham, Sutherland) 02 Jan 97 "Action of the tiger" (TOS) Summoned to Starbase 6 for a conference on Klingon Neutral Zone policy, Kirk and his aides are among the hostages taken by a Klingon squad. However, the Klingons aren't behaving as expected so Spock calls on a Klingon acquaintance for help. (Dan Abnett, Ian Edgington; Mark Buckingham, Kev Sutherland;) "The unkindest cut" (TNG) A skeleton staff remains aboard the Enterprise with Picard, Worf, and Data while most of the crew takes a little R&R on Risa. A saboteur disables the ship's systems, killing six crewmen. Data discovers the killer, a Fenjex huntsman, in Mr. Mot's ("Data's day") barbershop. Picard learns that Mot is the target of a second huntsman back on Risa. TNG cover. (Dan Abnett, Ian Edgington; Ron Randall, Al Williamson; Randall, Williamson) 03 Apr 97 "Message in a bottle" (TOS) The Enterprise discovers a wormhole which leads to a pocket universe. Some form of communication is coming from the wormhole so Kirk, Uhura, Sulu, and other crew members enter in a shuttle. Kirk is injured and command falls to Uhura, whose ingenuity makes for a successful mission. TOS cover. (Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton; Mark Buckingham, Kev Sutherland; Buckingham, Sutherland, Atomic ?) "Sins of the fathers" (TNG) The Enterprise is dispatched to Odena, where two tribes, the Urlan and the Dren'ai have been at war for centuries. An away team discovers that weapons have been smuggled aboard the Enterprise and Dren'ai terrorists steal a shuttle. From an injured Dren'ai, Dr. Crusher learns the surprising results of the ancient conflict. The Urlan and Dren'ai are told the truth and a turning point is reached. The indicia lists Mar 97 as the publication date. (Ian Edginton, Dan Abnett; Ron Randall, Al Williamson) 04 May 97 "None but the brave" (TOS) Scotty joins Starfleet Security on a covert mission to retreive the battle section of a captured Constitution class starship while the Enterprise distracts the Romulans at the border of the Neutral Zone. The ship contains an experimental warp drive designed by Virgil Brahms. (Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton; Mark Buckingham, Kev Sutherland;) "Inheritance" (TNG) Dr. Leah Brahms ("Booby trap") invites LaForge to help her reconstruct an experimental warp accelerator designed by her grandfather over a century past. Brahms and LaForge are kidnapped by Commander Tomalak and taken to a base where the remains of a century-old ship containing the original experimental warp drive have been kept. LaForge and Brahms must use the drive itself to signal for help. TNG cover. (Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton; Ron Randall, Al Williamson; Randall, Williamson) 05 Sep 97 "Secret lives" (TNG) Investigating loss of contact with a sub-space listening post on the Federation-Cardassian border, an away team led by Riker encounters their worst fears. Appearances by Lt. Shelby, the Traveler, and Wesley Crusher. TNG cover. (Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton; Ron Randall, Al Williamson; Randall, Art Nichols ?) "As flies to wanton boys" (TOS) On a routine planetary survey, an ancient structure is detected on a world thought to be uninhabited. Kirk and a shuttle are stranded. While the Enterprise tries to locate them, Kirk and his crew struggle with the natives, the result of genetic engineering gone awry. The indicia lists Jul 97 as the publication date. New cover format. (Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton; Tom Morgan, Kev Sutherland;) Note: Marvel's "New guide to the Star Trek universe" began appearing in Unlimited #5, Deep Space Nine #9, and Voyager #9. Each guide contains crew member profiles and brief synopses of previous events printed on a two-page gatefold interior front cover. 06 Nov 97 Telepathy War Part 4: Heart of darkness A joint Federation/Klingon task force enters the Gamma Quadrant to chase down the Dominion attackers. Riker leaves Omega Squad under Odo's supervison and Troi falls victim to a mysterious illness. To make matters more complicated, a changeling is loose on the Enterprise and doesn't want them to return to the Aplha Quadrant. (see DS9 #13 for part 3 and Voyager #13 for part 5) (Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton; Ron Randall, Art Nichols; Randall, Nichols) 07 Jan 98 An infinite jest Q and Trelane play a game. The winner gets to rewrite creation in his own image. The playing pieces are Kirk and Picard, transported and placed in command of each others' Enterprise. Relying on their crews and facing Klingons, including Kang, both captains live up to their reputations and more. Wraparound painted cover. (Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton; Ron Randall, Tom Morgan, Art Nichols, Scott Hanna; Vince Evans) 08 Mar 98 Klingon Day of Honor issue "The boy" (TNG) Alexander Rozhenko has a discipline problem at school, but he solves it the Klingon way. (Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton; Steve Pugh;) "The warrior" (DS9) Work risks his life to save the child of an enemy. (Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton; Ron Randall, Randy Elliot;) "The veteran" (TOS) Kang travels to a remote planet investigating sightings of an old enemy. Captain Sulu comes looking for an old friend. They find each other and an old grudge. (Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton; Tom Morgan, Scott Hanna;) 09 May 98 Trekkers Following a victorious card game with Klingon opponents, Sulu and Chekhov pilot a new shuttle on the return trip to the Enterprise. Unfortunately, Chekhov has become head of a Klingon house with his winnings and others want the house for themselves. Sulu's piloting skills and Chekhov's ingenuity are all they have to stay alive. (Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton; Greg Scott, Josef Rubenstein;) 10 Jul 98 A piece of reaction Picard and the Enterprise return to Sigma Iotia II ("A piece of the action" [TOS]) eighty years after Kirk, Spock, and McCoy first visited. The crew discovers that the Iotians have remade themselves in the image of Kirk's Federation. The Iotians take control of the Enterprise and are poised to take their piece of the Federation. (Michael Martin, Andy Mangels; Ron Randall, Art Nichols; Randall, Nichols)
Subject: [Marvel Comics] Star Trek/X-Men 01 Dec 96 Star TreX The X-Men meet the crew of the Enterprise as Marvel celebrates its 35th anniversary and Paramount celebrates "30 Years of Star Trek". Investigating a spatial rift near Delta Vega, the planet where Dr. Elizabeth Dehner and Lt. Cmdr. Gary Mitchell mutated and died ("Where no man has gone before"), the Enterprise encounters a ship in distress. Before exploding, seven life forms are detected and another ship comes through the rift. A being named Gladiator leaves the second ship and claims Delta Vega in the name of the Shi'ar Empire, punching Scotty's shields for emphasis. Meanwhile, the seven life forms have teleported to a cargo hold in the Enterprise - Cyclops, Phoenix, The Beast, Wolverine, Storm, Gambit, and Bishop. With the crew of the Enterprise, the X-Men must face Deathbird and Proteus, who has bonded with the essence of the long dead Gary Mitchell and a potentially inexhaustible supply of psionic energy. Also includes a Star Trek/X-Men pin-up gallery and a preview of Marvel's Paramount Comics Star Trek titles by Polly Watson. Double-sized issue. (Scott Lobdell; Marc Silvestri, Billy Tan, Anthony Winn, David Finch, Brian Ching, Batt, D-Tron, Aaron Sowd, Joe Weems, Victor Llamas, Team Tron, Jose "Jag" Guillen, Viet Troung, Mike Manczarek; Silvestri, Batt)
Subject: [Marvel Comics] Star Trek: First Contact (movie adaptation) 01 Nov 96 This film features the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Story by Rick Berman, Brannon Braga, and Ronald D. Moore. Screenplay by Brannon Braga and Ronald D. Moore. ISBN 0-7851-0295-7 prestige format (John Vornholt; Terry Pallot, Rod Whigham, Philip Moy; Jeff Pittarelli)
Subject: [Marvel Comics] Star Trek: Operation Assimilation 01 Dec 96 This story picks up from elements in TNG first-season episode "The neutral zone". Moliok, commander of a Romulan warbird, puts down a rebellion in a remote sector of the empire and ponders the bad luck of her present assignment. Then Moliok and her crew encounter an unknown intruder. Perhaps the huge cubic vessel means a change in her luck. Also contains pre-production sketches from ST: FC and an interview with director Jonathan Frakes. Painted cover of a female Romulan Borg. (Paul Jenkins; Steve Erwin, Terry Pallot; Hajime Sorayama)
Subject: [Marvel Comics] Star Trek: Mirror, Mirror 01 Feb 97 Fragile glass Follow-up to TOS episode "Mirror, Mirror". When Kirk, McCoy, Scotty and Uhura beam back to their own Enterprise, Spock arrests Kirk even though Starfleet has ordered him to kill Kirk and take command. While Kirk conspires with Sulu and Uhura to take back the Enterprise, Spock, Marlena, Chekov, and Scotty try to survive their crewmates' plotting, and a Klingon task force. In spite of having control of the Tantalus Field, in the end, Spock must face Kirk alone. (Tom DeFalco; Mark Bagley, Larry Mahlstedt; Bagley, Mahlstedt)
Subject: [Marvel Comics] Star Trek: Telepathy War 01 Nov 97 Telepathy War: Reality's end The Dominion plot to exterminate every telepathic race in the Alpha Quadrant reaches a crisis. While Starfleet forces are diverted, a conference of telepaths is vulnerable to a Jem'Hadar attack, but the real threat is a meme virus capable of affecting every telepath. While the Enterprise defends the conference, Bashir, Astrun, and the Talosians counter the virus. Cameo appearances by Spock and Lwaxana Troi. Double-size one-shot. Conclusion of a six-part DS9/TNG/Starfleet Academy/Voyager crossover in Starfleet Academy #12, DS9 #12, DS9 #13, Unlimited #6, and Voyager #13. (Chris Cooper; Patrick Zircher, Steve Moncuse;)
Subject: [Marvel Comics] Star Trek: Untold Voyages (mini-series) This limited series chronicles TOS events which took place between the first and second Star Trek films (the second five-year mission of the Enterprise). 01 Mar 98 Renewal Kirk is allowed to take the newly refitted Enterprise on a shakedown cruise following the events of ST:TMP, before resuming his post as Chief of Starfleet Operations. Klingon forces attempt to take the ship as a prize. Kirk's ingenuity saves the ship and Starfleet reconsiders, giving him command of the Enterprise again. (Glenn Greenberg; Michael Collins, Keith Williams;) 02 Apr 98 Worlds collide On an unexplored planet about to be hit by an asteroid, the crew of the Enterprise fonds a new species. Meanwhile, on Earth, Spock instructs young Saavik in controlling her emotions. Kirk and McCoy argue their responsibilities to the new species they have found, but discover that they still have a lot to learn about these life forms. Spock makes a logical decision and places Saavik in the care of his own parents. (Glenn Greenberg; Michael Collins, Keith Williams; Collins, ?) 03 May 98 Past imperfect While on leave at Starbase 11, McCoy takes the opportunity to visit his daughter, Joanna. He finds Kirk flirting with Joanna while an old enemy watches. Jahn has come for revenge against the grups ("Miri") because Miri is dead. He kidnaps Joanna and forces a confrontation with McCoy, who learns that his vaccine has mutated. The children, the onlies, are dying again. Inspired by a concept by D.C. Fontana. (Glenn Greenberg; Michael Collins, Keith Williams;) 04 Jun 98 Silent cries While Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are on a vital diplomatic mission, Lt. Cmdr. Sulu takes the Enterprise to Duran 12. A Federation science team has discovered a new species, the only one of its kind, which they have named "the crier", capable of communication over vast distances. Orion pirates arrive to take the creature and Sulu must defend the ship, the science team, and the crier, in spite of self-doubts. (Glenn Greenberg; Michael Collins, Keith Williams; Collins, Williams) 05 Jul 98 Odyssey's end The second five-year mission comes to an end. On their way home, the Enterprise answers a distress call from the Yorktown, now a Starfleet Academy training ship, which has been attacked by a huge alien vessel. Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are abducted by the aliens, little grey creatures with large eyes. The abductors are telepathic, communicating with Spock, who learns their startling history and current mission. Kirk averts a disaster and reevaluates his own role in Starfleet as a result of the close encounter. (Glenn Greenberg; Michael Collins, Keith Williams;)
Subject: [Marvel Comics] Star Trek: The Next Generation/X-Men: Second Contact May 98 Set immediately after the events of ST: FC. Trying to return to their own time, the Enterprise drops out of the time displacement field in 1998, disrupting the space-time continuum and crossing over into the parallel reality of the X-Men. The crew of the Enterprise and the X-Men, led by Storm, must repair the rift in time and foil Kang's plan to take control of all realities. To do so, they must resolve paradoxes involving the "Battle of Wolf 359" and events in "Days of Future Past". Featured are the TNG crew (including Worf) and X-Men (circa Uncanny X-Men #140) Wolverine, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Archangel, and Banshee. Villains are the Borg, along with Kang (the despot of time, not the Klingon commander) and Sentinels. Sisko makes a cameo appearance. Painted variant cover by Vince Evans. The variant cover shipped in a 1:5 ratio based upon initial orders. 64 pages. The story continues in Star Trek: The Next Generation/X-Men: Planet X, a Pocket Books novel by Michael Jan Friedman. (Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton; Cary Nord, Scott Koblish; Nord, Koblish, Vince Evans)
Subject: [Marvel Comics] Star Trek: The Next Generation: Riker Jul 98 On Perdition, an outpost in the demilitarized zone, Riker meets Ro Laren and asks to join the Maquis. Meanwhile, Data is promoted to first officer, following Riker's court martial and escape en route to a penal colony. With Klingon help, Ro and Riker stage a raid on Stafleet Central Archives for data on the Genesis device. The Klingons take the Genesis data and the Maquis need help from the Enterprise to stop them. Photo cover of Jonathan Frakes with background art. 48 pages. (Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton; Andrew Currie, Art Nichols;)
Subject: [Marvel Comics] Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 01 Nov 96 Judgement day, 1 Alien ships chased by the Jem'Hadar come through the wormhole. The Amaralan ask for help. The station is damaged during the ensuing battle and is forced into the wormhole. Sisko, Worf, and Bashir return from a mission to find the station missing and several Amaralan and Jem'Hadar survivors. While tensions on Bajor rise, Sisko must find a way to get through the wormhole because the Amaralan believe DS9 to be a weapon which will be used to invade the Gamma quadrant. (Howard Weinstein; Tom Grindberg, Al Milgrom; Grindberg, Milgrom) 02 Dec 96 Judgement day, 2 Kira, Dax, and Odo direct repairs to the station and try to negotiate with the Amaralan. Sisko and the crew of the Defiant try to break through the wormhole interference. Meanwhile, the Jem'Hadar are on their way and the Amaralan are fighting among themselves. (Howard Weinstein; Tom Grindberg, Al Milgrom; Grindberg, Milgrom) 03 Jan 97 The cancer within, 1 A damaged Maquis ship arrives at DS9 with a crew suffering from a mysterious plague which infects station personnel. While Bashir tries to isolate the virus, the Maquis attempt to cover up their germ warfare experiments gone wrong. One of the Maquis turns to her mother, Dr. Katherine Pulaski ("The child" [TNG]), for help. (Mariano Nicieza; Tom Grindberg, Al Milgrom; Grindberg, Milgrom) 04 Feb 97 The cancer within, 2 Worf, O'Brien, Dax, and Bashir take a runabout to meet Dr. Pulaski and attempt to find a cure for the genetically engineered virus in the lab where it was created. Meanwhile, Sisko is ordered to destroy the Maquis germ warfare base. On Bajor, the Shadow Group watches and sets their own plans in motion. (Mariano Nicieza; Tom Grindberg, Al Milgrom; Grindberg, Milgrom) 05 Mar 97 The shadow group Terrorists calling themselves the Shadow Group bomb the station, leaving a hate letter directed at Ziyal, Gul Dukat's daughter ("Indiscretion"). A second attack fails when the terrorist team commits suicide rather than be captured. Kira observes something familiar about the terrorists and traces a transmission back to Bajor. She discovers a former resistance leader working with Cardassians. (Mariano Nicieza; Tom Grindberg, Al Milgrom; Grindberg, Terry Pallot) 06 Apr 97 Risk, 1 Returning from an exploratory mission, Sisko and the crew of the Defiant observe an unexplained spatial anomaly. As they pass near, the anomaly collapses, damaging the ship and attracting the attention of the Shirn Alliance. Sisko is accused of causing the death of the Shirn pilot who was attempting to navigate the anomaly. (Howard Weinstein; Tom Grindberg, Al Milgrom; Grindberg, Milgrom) 07 May 97 Risk, 2 O'Brien disobeys orders to prove that the anomaly can be navigated and the Shirn pilot may still be alive. With one exception, the Shirn are uncooperative and intend to execute Sisko. Kira takes the Defiant into the anomaly, but their Shirn collaborator has a dangerous political agenda of his own. (Howard Weinstein; Tom Grindberg, Al Milgrom; Grindberg, Milgrom) 08 Aug 97 Public enemies, private lives, 1 O'Brien, Kira, Keiko, and Jake travel to a jungle planet on a routine botanical exploration but are captured by Maquis and Romulans. While Commander Tomalak and his son consider what to do with the Federation crew, Sisko asks Cal Hudson ("The Maquis, Parts 1 and 2") to help find his son. The indicia lists Jun 97 as the publication date. (Mariano Nicieza; Tom Grindberg, Bob Almond; Grindberg, Al Milgrom;) 09 Sep 97 Public enemies, private lives, 2 Sisko and the Defiant confront the Romulans at Maurer IV with help from Cal Hudson and a Maquis ship. On the jungle planet's surface, Jake is on the run with Commander Tomalak's son on his trail. The indicia lists Jul 97 as the publication date. New cover format. (Mariano Nicieza; Tom Grindberg, Bob Almond; Grindberg, Almond;) 10 Oct 97 Lwaxana Troi and the wedding of doom, 1 Lwaxana Troi arrives on the station to divorce Odo and marry her new beau. While Odo experiences mixed feelings, Quark caters, Sisko is badgered into performing the ceremony, and some sort of carniverous changeling stalks DS9. (Michael Martin, Andy Mangels; Terry Pallot, Al Milgrom;) 11 Nov 97 Four funerals and a wedding, 2 While Bashir tries to identify the changeling-like kidnapper, Rom searches the bowels of DS9 for Leeta and the other missing women. Bashir learns that the creature subsists by absorbing female hormones. Unfortunately, it has never met a woman like Lwaxana Troi. (Michael Martin, Andy Mangels; Terry Pallot, Al Milgrom;) 12 Dec 97 Telepathy War Part 2: Command decisions The Federation learns that the Dominion/Cardassian alliance plans a pre-emptive strike starting with DS9. Picard and the Enterprise are sent to the station to round up the Omega Squad cadets. General Martok and the Klingon fleet arrive as Nog sneaks the cadets aboard the station. When the conflict begins, Omega Squad offers their services to Sisko. (see Starfleet Academy #12 for part 1 and DS9 #13 for part 3) (Michael Martin, Andy Mangels; Tom Grindberg, Bob Almond;) 13 Jan 98 Telepathy War Part 3: Day of honor Aboard the Defiant, Kira, Odo, Garak, Worf, and Nog join the Klingon fleet to meet the first wave of the Dominion assault. Gul Dukat leads the Cardassian fleet. The Jem'Hadar board DS9. Tomalak arrives with a Romulan fleet to help repel attackers. Omega Squad leaves with the Enterprise, still under a sentence of death. Cover states this issue is part 4. (see DS9 #12 for part 2 and Unlimited #6 for part 4) (Michael Martin, Andy Mangels; Tom Morgan, Keith Williams;) 14 Feb 98 Nobody knows the tribbles I've seen Dax, Bashir, O'Brien, and Odo take turns explaining why Klingons hate tribbles, over a few drinks in Quark's. Sequel to fifth season episode "Trials and Tribblations". Cover features Worf threatening to kill a tribble unless the reader buys the comic book. Cameo appearances by Koloth, Kirk, and Spock, Klingon stooges Kho, L'Ray and Xhemp. Also contains an Indiana Jones parody. (Michael Martin, Andy Mangels; Terry Pallot, Al Milgrom; Pallot) 15 Mar 98 Requium in obsidian The station's resident tailor would like to forget what he did as a member of the Obsidian Order, but past deeds come back to haunt him. Suffering debilitating neural degradation, Garak believes he has seen a courier whom he killed eight years previously. Only after another death occurs, does Garak realize that a mission of revenge is really one of forgiveness. (Andy Mangels, Michael Martin; Greg Scott, Jeff Rubenstein;)
Subject: [Marvel Comics] Star Trek: Voyager 01 Nov 96 The storm, 1 Responding to a distress call, Voyager finds a Talaxian ship trapped in an asteroid field during an ion storm. Janeway orders the ship into the storm to attempt a rescue. While the ship is battered by the storm, the Talaxian crew is lost in a quantum fissure when the transporter malfunctions. (Laurie Sutton; Jesus Redondo; Redondo) 02 Dec 96 Under ion skies, 2 Neelix and Chakotay transport into the quantum fissure. They find themselves in a dimension alive with energy, crystal towers and ephemeral beings. While Janeway attempts to learn why the Talaxians got caught in the storm in the first place, the energy beings help Chakotay and the others get back to Voyager. However, the Talaxians have plans of their own for Voyager. (Laurie Sutton; Jesus Redondo; Redondo) 03 Jan 97 Repercussions, 3 The Talaxians attempt to take over Voyager but their lack of knowledge about the ship hinders their efforts. Meanwhile, the Doctor disappears, his program merging with a Beowulf holo-novel. A Trabe vessel, in league with the Talaxians, attacks the crippled Federation ship. (Laurie Sutton; Jesus Redondo, Sergio Melia; Redondo, Melia) 04 Feb 97 Homeostasis, 1 Running low on supplies and needing repairs, Voyager is attacked by a Kazon raider. Following a brief battle, Neelix suggests visiting Praja, a nearby colony. Upon arrival, the away team finds a planet devastated by a botanical plague and automated strip-mining machinery at work. Meanwhile, alien vessels commanded by Kazon crew are alerted to tampering at their mining station on Praja. (Howard Weinstein; Jesus Redondo, Sergio Melia; ?) 05 Mar 97 Homeostasis, 2 Neelix and Chakotay discover Cambrog surviviors underground on Praja. Voyager provides them with supplies while attempting to find a cure for the plague. The Kazon arrive, outnumbering and outgunning Voyager in stolen alien vessels. Janeway fakes Voyager's destruction in order to outfox the Kazon. (Howard Weinstein; Jesus Redondo, Sergio Melia; ?) 06 Apr 97 Relicquest, 1 Tensions are flaring aboard Voyager so Janeway is pleased when a Class-M planet is found in the Denarian stellar cluster. Neelix is astonished to learn of the discovery, believing the system uninhabitable based on myths of a centuries-old catastrophe. Janeway accompanies the away team and is abducted by an apparition named Bonai. Janeway and Bonai's other recruits are asked to find a powerful relic. In exchange, Bonai will return Voyager to the Alpha quadrant. (Ben Raab; Jesus Redondo; Sergio Melia; ?) 07 May 97 Relicquest, 2 On the planet's surface, Janeway begins the quest with captains of Kazon, Trabe, and Vidian ships as teammates. The others are as intent on eliminating their enemies as in finding Bonai's relic. Meanwhile, the four starships orbiting the planet are manouevering for position. Chakotay has B'elanna prepare something special for their opponents. (Ben Raab; Jesus Redondo; Sergio Melia; ?) 08 Jun 97 Relicquest, 3 The quest concludes as the Kazon and Trabe commanders fail the tests Bonai has created to determine their worthiness. Janeway and the Vidian commander are promised that although "dark times" are coming, their new friendship will be supported by Bonai. (Ben Raab; Jesus Redondo; Sergio Melia;) 09 Sep 97 Dead zone Resonding to a distress call, Voyager is trapped in a "dead zone" of space, bleeding energy. Pirates in chemical propellant ships attack and board Voyager. While the crew repels boarders in hand-to-hand combat, Tuvok comes up with a plan. New cover format. (Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton; Terry Pallot; Al Milgrom; Pallot, Milgrom) 10 Oct 97 Ghosts Voyager encounters a chroniton wave and the crew finds themselves facing the Borg at the battle of Wolf 359 ("The best of both worlds, Part II" [TNG]). Janeway and her crew must come to terms with the loss of friends and family again. (Laurie Sutton; Jesus Redondo, Sergio Melia;) 11 Nov 97 Leviathan, 1 Voyager joins an Elessian Empire fleet answering a distress call and is trapped by a giant sentient ship. While part of the crew attempts to free the ship, an away team learns that they have been collected. (Laurie Sutton; Jesus Redondo, Sergio Melia;) 12 Dec 97 Leviathan, 2 Janeway negotiates with the Leviathan to avoid becoming part of its permanent collection of this galaxy's inhabitants. When her appeal fails, Janeway initiates more drastic measures to disrupt the Leviathan's control. (Laurie Sutton; Jesus Redondo, Sergio Melia;) 13 Jan 98 Telepathy War Part 5: Cloud walkers After escaping the Leviathan, Voyager visits the Elessians for a celebration and repairs. While attempting to retreive an away team looking for supplies, Janeway must take Voyager into a confrontation with pirates. Meanwhile, events in the Alpha Quadrant have a telepathic effect on Kes. (see Unlimited #6 for part 4 and Telepathy War #1 for conclusion) (Laurie Sutton; Terry Pallot, Al Milgrom;) 14 Feb 98 Survival of the fittest, 1 Kes is gone and Janeway has begun to integrate Seven of Nine into her crew. Voyager answers a distress call from Catira, a beautiful Orsorian woman, who becomes Katirus, a man, upon learning that Voyager's captain is a woman. Entranced by Katirus, Janeway romances him while her crew finds evidence of a sabateur. (Laurie Sutton, Gwen Sutton; Terry Pallot, Al Milgrom; Pallot, Milgrom) 15 Mar 98 Survival of the fittest, 2 Catira tries to ensnare Tuvok with her wily charms. The Orsorian intends to make servants of the crew. The Doctor and Seven, immune to the pheremones of Catira/Katirus, must overcome the alien influence. (Laurie Sutton, Gwen Sutton; Terry Pallot, Al Milgrom;)
Subject: [Marvel Comics] Star Trek: Voyager - Splash Down (mini-series) 01 Apr 98 Part One Already low on power, Voyager is attacked by a swarm of unidentified drones and seriously damaged. Following their warp trail to an ocean planet, Janeway scrapes the drones off her ship by entering the planet's atmosphere, but Voyager crashes into the ocean and Engineering is flooded. Painted cover. (Laurie Sutton; Terry Pallot, Al Milgrom; S. Sava) 02 May 98 Part Two Voyager is sinking. Desperately trying to shed weight and slow their rate of descent, the transporters are burnt out. Finally, the synthetic gravity generators are reversed and the ship rises. Sensors locate the submerged source of the drones and an away team beams over. They find an ancient control complex. (Laurie Sutton; Terry Pallot, Al Milgrom; Pallot, Milgrom) 03 Jun 98 Part Three The control complex surges with power. A shady prospector emerges from a wall and stakes a claim on everything in sight. Meanwhile, Engineering is on fire and zero-g conditions hamper efforts to save Voyager. Tuvok must find a way to shut down the drones before the ship reaches the surface. Harry makes a mistake and the away team is at the mercy of the prospector. (Laurie Sutton; Terry Pallot, Al Milgrom; Pallot, Milgrom) 04 Jul 98 Part Four Voyager rises to the surface where the drones are waiting. Chakotay beams over to the control complex to find the missing away team. He takes a hard line when he meets the prospector and destroys the drone controls. The drones submerge and attack the control complex. Chakotay and the away team learn what the prospector has been doing, but their remarkable discovery is lost when the complex is destroyed. (Laurie Sutton; Terry Pallot, Al Milgrom; Pallot, Milgrom)
Subject: [Marvel Comics] Marvel Vision (monthly catalog) 09 Sep 96 Features an article on the X-Trek project and a Kirk/Wolverine photo cover, pp. 8-11. 10 Oct 96 Contains artwork from Star Trek/X-Men, pp. 28-29. 14 Feb 97 Contains articles on Star Trek: Mirror Mirror and Star Trek: Operation Assimilation, pp. 26-27. 20 Aug 97 Contains "Yo Scotty! Beam this up! Where no Trek article has gone before" by Robert J. Sodano, pp 10-14. Cover features a photo of Picard with Silver Surfer art. 26 Feb 98 ST:TNG/X-Men cover story with art by Cary Nord and Scott Koblish. Also contains "Wild Xpectations", by Polly Watson, pp 8-10. Interviews with Dan Abnett and Ian Edginton. 27 Mar 98 Contains "Breaking the language barrier" pp 44-45; a brief article on the Klingon edition of ST: Stafleet Academy #18.
Subject: Copyright Notice Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Starfleet Academy, Star Trek: Early Voyages, and Star Trek: Unlimited are TM, (R) and Copyright (C) 2004 Paramount Pictures. X-Men is Copyright (C) 2004 Marvel Characters. This article is Copyright (C) 1992-2004 Mark L.B. Martinez. It may be freely redistributed in its entirety provided that this copyright notice is not removed. It may not be sold for profit or incorporated in commercial documents without the written permission of the copyright holder. Permission is expressly granted for this document to be made available by institutions offering unrestricted access to the Internet. eof part6

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