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Star Trek Comics Checklist, Part 3/9

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Subject: [DC Comics] Star Trek (second series) 01 Sep 89 The return, 1 Issues 1-12 are loosely tied together. These stories take place after ST V: TFF. Kirk takes the Enterprise on a new assignment. The Klingon ambassador announces a price on Kirk's head, to be paid by the Klingon emperor. The Enterprise responds to a distress call and rescues a Nasgul activist. The leader of the Nasgul arrives. (Peter David; James W. Fry, Arne Starr; Jerome Moore) 02 Nov 89 The sentence, 2 The Nasgul leader sentences Kirk to death but can't follow through with the sentence. The Enterprise picks up a Federation ambassador and is told of the price on Kirk's head, ten million credits. The ambassador is to mediate peace between two warring factions on Chronian III. On arrival, the Federation team is met with hostility. Capt. Klaa and Vixis (ST V: TFF) vow to uphold Klingon honor by finding and killing Kirk first. (Peter David; James W. Fry, Arne Starr; Jerome Moore) 03 Dec 89 Death before dishonor, 3 Klaa learns that Kirk is at Chronian III and sets out in pursuit. The ambassador visits the hostile faction to try and mediate peace but is badly injured. Klaa arrives and attacks the Enterprise. Kirk uses a novel transporter technique to chase Klaa off. The transporter is also effective in dealing with the hostile Chronian leader, forcing a mediated peace. (Peter David; James W. Fry, Arne Starr;) 04 Jan 90 Repercussions, 4 The Enterprise stops at a starbase for repairs and a Starfleet inquiry into Kirk's actions on Chronian III. The leader of the Nasgul appears before the Federation council demanding Kirk's life. He gets into a bidding war with the Klingon ambassador for Kirk's head. Starfleet assigns a protocol officer to the Enterprise, to oversee Kirk's handling of Federation policy. (Peter David; James W. Fry, Arne Starr; Jerome Moore) 05 Feb 90 Fast friends, 1 Kirk tries to get along with R.J. Blaise, the Federation protocol officer, while the Enterprise transports medicine to an epidemic-stricken planet. The Federation considers handing Kirk over to the Klingons and Nasgul. On New Brinden, planetary leaders decide to exterminate those afflicted with the plague when the medicine fails to cure the disease. (Peter David; James W. Fry, Arne Starr; Jerome Moore) 06 Mar 90 Cure all, 2 The Federation president tries to make the Klingons and Nasgul see reason, but a Starfleet admiral wants Kirk's head too, and wants to make a deal. On New Brinden, the prefect will spare the lives of the sick, if Kirk turns himself over for delivery to the Klingons. A new Enterprise security officer takes matters into his own hands and infects the prefect with the plague. (Peter David; James W. Fry, Arne Starr; Jerome Moore) 07 Apr 90 Not Sweeney, 3 The Enterprise is diverted to pick up a colony on a planet which is breaking apart, but they refuse to endanger themselves on the Enterprise since Kirk has a price on his head. Starfleet agrees to put Kirk on trial if the Klingons and Nasgul will settle down. Sweeney, a legendary bounty hunter, sets his sights on, and captures Kirk. (Peter David; James W. Fry, Arne Starr;) 08 May 90 Going, going, 4 Sweeney informs the Klingons and Nasgul that he will sell Kirk to the highest bidder. Sulu, in command of Enterprise, calls for reinforcements to battle Sweeney's fleet. Aboard Sweeney's ship, Kirk, Spock, and Blaise escape detention just as Klaa, representing the Klingon empire, and the Nasgul, arrive. (Peter David; James W. Fry, Arne Starr; Eric Peterson) 09 Jun 90 Gone, 5 Kirk and the others escape from Sweeney's ship. The Klingons, Nasgul, and Sweeney's fleet are sent packing but not before Sweeney nearly manages to annihilate everyone. Kirk decides to return to Earth and turn himself in to Federation authorities for trial. (Peter David; James W. Fry, Arne Starr; Eric Peterson) 10 Jul 90 The first thing we do, Trial of James Kirk 1 Kirk returns to Earth for his hearing. Enterprise crewmembers have some time to consider their current situation. Blaise consults Uhura on the subject of romance with Kirk. Samuel T. Cogley ("Court-Martial") arrives to represent Kirk. (Peter David; James W. Fry, Arne Starr; Mark Bright) 11 Aug 90 Let's kill all the lawyers, 2 Kirk's hearing begins with the Salla of Nasgul calling Anan 7 of Eminiar ("A Taste of Armageddon") as witness to Kirk's past violations of the Prime Directive. Bela Oxmyx of Iotia ("A Piece of the Action") appears to praise and ultimately, embarrass Kirk. Leonard James Akaar ("Friday's Child"), now High Teer, recalls Kirk's actions to save his life. The Klingon emperor departs for Earth to attend the hearing. (Peter David; Gordon Purcell, Arne Starr; Mark Bright) 12 Sep 90 Trial and error, 3 The Salla of Nasgul schemes to have his own way. The Klingon emperor testifies at Kirk's hearing, as does Commander Maltz (ST III: TSFS). Blaise also testifies, but gets into a shouting match with Kirk. When Kirk realizes that the Salla is gone, he suspects treachery. Scotty pinpoints an impending detonation and Kirk saves the emperor's life. All charges are dropped. The Enterprise goes back to work, but the Klingons still have a highly placed spy in Starfleet. (Peter David; Gordon Purcell, Arne Starr; Mark Bright) 13 Oct 90 A rude awakening, The return of the Worthy 1 While surveying a barren planet for testing an interdimensional gateway device, the Enterprise discovers the Worthy, legendary space explorers, in suspended animation. After reviving them, Kirk agrees to take them home, but their leader also refuses to permit the test. (Peter David, Bill Mumy; Gordon Purcell, Arne Starr; Jerome Moore) 14 Dec 90 Great expectations, 2 The Worthy acclimate themselves to the 23rd century with help from the Enterprise crew. Admiral Tomlinson sends Capt. Styles (ST III: TSFS), in Exeter, to get the gateway device and proceed with testing. When the Enterprise arrives at the Worthy's homeworld, they find massive radiation readings and no life. (Peter David, Bill Mumy; Gordon Purcell, Arne Starr; Jerome Moore) 15 Jan 91 Tomorrow never knows, 3 The Worthy are depressed and irritable after learning of their world's fate. The Enterprise crew helps them renew their sense of purpose and head for the stars again. Capt. Styles also agrees to assist. (Peter David, Bill Mumy; Gordon Purcell, Arne Starr; Jerome Moore, McCraw) 16 Feb 91 Worldsinger On a dying planet, the Enterprise finds an empath who hears the song of the dying world and plans to die with it. Kirk convinces the worldsinger that there are many other worldsongs still to hear. (J. Michael Strazcynski; Gordon Purcell, Arne Starr; Jerome Moore, McCraw) 17 Mar 91 Partners?, 1 The Enterprise and the Klingon battle cruiser Qapla are sent to the Needran system to protect shared mining interests from attack by an unknown ship. One of the Klingon officers is passing information to the intruders, the Tyrion Legion. (Howard Weinstein; Ken Hooper, Bob Dvorak; Jerome Moore, McCraw) 18 Apr 91 Partners?, 2 Federation and Klingon operations determine that the Tyrion fleet is not as formidable as it appears to be. Scotty, Uhura, and Sulu manage to sabotage the Tyrion computers and the fleet is brought to a standstill without casualty. The Tyrions agree to a negotiated settlement with the Klingons and Federation. (Howard Weinstein; Ken Hooper, Bob Dvorak;) 19 May 91 Once a hero Kirk must give a eulogy for a security officer who died saving his life and realizes that no one really knew the young officer. (Peter David; Gordon Purcell, Arne Starr; Jerome Moore) 20 Jun 91 God's gauntlet, 1 The Enterprise is tricked into coming to the assistance of a planet in turmoil. The planet has been visited by a series of natural disasters which religious traditionalists believe are punishment for abandoning the old ways. Kirk and McCoy are planetside when a massive firestorm hits the capital city. (Howard Weinstein; Gordon Purcell, Arne Starr; Jerome Moore) 21 Jul 91 The last stand, 2 With the capital city devastated by a firestorm, the Enterprise is called upon to provide medical assistance as well as mediation. Kirk meets with the revisionists and feels that mediation is possible. Spock pinpoints the source of the disasters as a point in space, and takes a shuttle to investigate. The shuttle is destroyed and the gods behind the disasters reveal themselves. (Howard Weinstein; Gordon Purcell, Arne Starr; Jerome Moore) 22 Aug 91 Mission: Muddled, Return of Harry Mudd 1 Harcourt Fenton Mudd ("Mudd's Women") steals a sacred Nasgul jewel from the Salla's sister, Ravia. She is plotting with Klingons to take the Nasgul empire from her brother. Mudd barely escapes with the jewel and is reunited with Kirk and the Enterprise. (Howard Weinstein; Gordon Purcell, Arne Starr; Jerome Moore, McCraw) 23 Sep 91 The sky above...the Mudd below, 2 Mudd catches up on Enterprise history and Kirk learns that the Nasgul jewel has been stolen. He suspects Mudd, but has no proof. Ravia threatens dire consequences if the jewel is not found and returned. The murder of a mining colony manager complicates matters. (Howard Weinstein; Gordon Purcell, Carlos Garzon;) 24 Oct 91 Target: Mudd, 3 (25th anniversary issue) Mudd decides to sell the Nasgul jewel back to Ravia. The Salla arrives looking for Mudd. The Klingons arrive looking for stolen weapons and a rogue spy. Kirk must deal with all of them and learn who murdered the mining colony manager. This issue also contains essays by Chris Claremont, Michael Jan Friedman, Peter David, and Howard Weinstein. Also featured is a portfolio of art by Jerome Moore and many other artists. (Howard Weinstein; Gordon Purcell, Arne Starr; Jerome Moore, Tom McCraw) 25 Nov 91 Class reunion, 1 Temporarily back on Earth, Kirk's senior officers persuade him to attend a Starfleet reunion. Accompanying them is Chekov's cousin, Dr. Nina Popov, newly assigned to the Enterprise. At the reunion, Kirk meets an old friend, Victoria Leigh. Vickie's husband was murdered and in his will, left everything to Kirk, including Vickie. (Howard Weinstein; Gordon Purcell, Arne Starr; Jerome Moore) 26 Dec 91 Where there's a will, 2 Kirk inherits the title of Consort of the Ruling Ring. Vickie believes that her husband was murdered because he discovered sinister information about his home planet's colonization plans. Pilkor sits between Federation and Romulan space, so Admiral Nogura approves Kirk's plan to investigate Vickie's claims. (Howard Weinstein; Gordon Purcell, Arne Starr; Jerome Moore, Tom McCraw) 27 Jan 92 Secrets, 3 Kirk finds computer files detailing Pilkor's colonization plans, but nothing to indicate that Romulans are involved. The Enterprise picks up a distress call near Pilkor which Kirk and Spock decide may be related. They find a colony nearly destroyed, with only a handful of survivors who say that they were attacked by soldiers resembling Spock. (Howard Weinstein; Brandon Peterson, Arne Starr; Jerome Moore) 28 Feb 92 Truth or treachery, 4 The Enterprise discovers that Pilkor is trying to instigate a war between Federation and Romulan forces. Pilkor's leaders have sacrificed a hundred colonists in their effort to create a conflict. Vickie's husband is found alive, used as a hostage to force her cooperation. They head back to Earth with Enterprise. (Howard Weinstein; Brandon Peterson, Scott Hanna; Jerome Moore, Tom McCraw) 29 Mar 92 The price of admission The Enterprise visits Zuyna, a planet seeking Federation membership and learns from the resident Federation observer that the leaders of Zuyna have discovered the B'tin, living on a remote continent with large deposits of Hawkingite. The Zuynans have been killing the B'tin indiscriminately to take their land. Kirk learns that the B'tin are not only sentient, but shapeshifters, and they are going to forge a new direction for the Zuynans in their own way. (Timothy de Haas; James W. Fry, Bud LaRosa; Jerome Moore) 30 Apr 92 Veritas, 1 While on shore leave in the Quatrain system, Sulu and Uhura witness a multiple murder. One survivor is taken to the Enterprise. The Quatrin security agency begins an investigation, insisting that Sulu and Uhura appear before a board of inquiry. After they leave for the inquiry, the survivor tells Kirk that the murderers were members of the security agency. (Howard Weinstein; Gordon Purcell, Al Vey; Purcell, Jerome Moore) 31 May 92 Sacrifices and survivors, 2 Sulu and Uhura appear before the Quatrain board of inquiry to give evidence. The director of the security agency learns that a survivor has identified his men as the killers. He orders his second-in-command to kill Sulu and Uhura when they leave for the Enterprise. Sulu foils the killer, but is wounded. Uhura gets them off a damaged shuttle in an escape pod headed for an ice planet. (Howard Weinstein; Gordon Purcell, Arne Starr;) 32 Jun 92 Danger...on ice, 3 Sulu and Uhura land on Beta, an ice planet in the Quatrain system. Sulu is badly wounded so Uhura sets out to find help. She runs into Betan rebels who are willing to help. The Quatrain security agency sends a team to kill all witnesses to their murders, including the Betans. The Enterprise begins a search for the missing officers. (Howard Weinstein; Gordon Purcell, Arne Starr; Burrell) 33 Jul 92 Cold comfort, 4 The Betans give Sulu medical attention in exchange for help with their communications system from Uhura. The Quatrain security team finds the Betan encampment where Uhura has gone to send a message to Enterprise. Uhura is captured but Chekov and his security team arrive in the nick of time and the Quatrain security agency's plans are exposed. (Howard Weinstein; Gordon Purcell, Al Vey;) 34 Aug 92 The tree of life, the branches of heaven The Enterprise encounters a previously unknown planet where thoughts and fantasies become reality. Unlike the amusement planet, one individual creates a complete reality which others may not be aware of. Kirk imagines a reality where his son David has followed him out into space. Spock must bring him back. (David DeVries; Jan Duursema, Pablo Marcos; G. Lumoden?) 35 Sep 92 Divide...and conquer, The Tabukan syndrome 1 The Tabukans have ended centuries of war and are about to destroy their deadliest weapons in space, when they are attacked. The attackers demand that all weapons be handed over. Enterprise and Excelsior, commanded by newly promoted Capt. Sulu, are sent to investigate. The Maroans, with Romulan backing, are responsible for the attack. They split the federation starships with a diversion and Sulu must bring his ship to battle stations for the first time. (Howard Weinstein; Rod Whigham, Arne Starr; Jerome Moore, Whigham) 36 Sep 92 Battle stations, 2 Excelsior chases off the first wave of Maroan attackers while the Enterprise provides medical assistance to a colony attacked by a mysterious toxic gas cloud. An old college friend of McCoy's arrives in a hospital ship. Excelsior rides shotgun on the Tabukan weapons convoy. Sulu is still feeling his way around the Captain's chair when the Maroans decloak with ten ships. (Howard Weinstein; Rod Whigham, Arne Starr;) 37 Oct 92 Prisoners of war?, 3 Sulu takes Excelsior into battle and chases off the Maroans a second time, but decides to call in the Enterprise for additional support. Enterprise leaves McCoy and a medical team at Epsilon Kitaj to help those recovering from a toxic gas attack. The Maroans occupy Epsilon Kitaj when Enterprise departs, causing trouble for McCoy and Dr. Wilson. (Howard Weinstein; Gordon Purcell, Carlos Garzon;) 38 Oct 92 Consequences, 4 While Excelsior undergoes repairs with help from the Enterprise crew, Kirk and Sulu consult with the Tabukans, looking for a better way to dispose of their weapons. When McCoy's report is overdue, Kirk decides to go back and check up on Epsilon Kitaj. McCoy and Dr. Wilson struggle to provide needed medical help. Resistance members bomb the Maroan command center and Dr. Wilson insists on offering medical help, in spite of threats from the resistance. (Howard Weinstein; Gordon Purcell, Arne Starr; Rod Whigham, Jerome Moore) 39 Nov 92 Collision course, 5 Dr. Wilson saves the Maroan leader's life and is asked to leave by the colony's leaders for aiding the enemy. The Maroans attack the Tabukan weapons storage facility and are chased off again by Excelsior. Enterprise arrives at Epsilon Kitaj and takes the Maroan leader into custody, forcing his small fleet to surrender. Sulu and Kirk have a plan to get to the bottom of the mysterious attacks. (Howard Weinstein; Rod Whigham, Arne Starr;) 40 Nov 92 Showdown, 6 Sulu and Kirk use subterfuge to lure the Maroans to the Tabukan weapons facility and capture them. In the battle that follows, the Romulan observers slip back to their side of the Neutral Zone. Sulu's first mission concludes successfully and Kirk is pleased with his protege's performance. ST VI: TUC takes place after these events. (Howard Weinstein; Gordon Purcell, Arne Starr;) 41 Dec 92 Runaway A member of a colony of beings spawned in the core-fires of stars, visits the Enterprise, experiencing the lives of various crewmembers. The colony is returning to a star to complete and renew their life-cycle. Kirk decides that this sector might be an interesting spot for a starbase. (Howard Weinstein; Rod Whigham, Arne Starr;) 42 Jan 93 A little adventure, 1 Lamenting the lack of excitement in their lives while on shore leave, Scotty and McCoy decide to help some Binzalen pilgrims get to their new colony. Scotty goes along to tend the engines and McCoy to assist with a pregnant passenger. Unfortunately, Binzalen security forces are after someone aboard ship. (Howard Weinstein; Rod Whigham, Arne Starr;) 43 Feb 93 ...Goes a long way, 2 The Binzalen ship is rapidly deteriorating and a passenger is giving birth, when security forces attack the ship, demanding surrender of the fugitive, who turns out to be heir to the ruling house of Binzal. Just before the ship explodes, the Enterprise arrives to beam everyone to safety. The Binzalen pilgrims ask for temporary asylum and the security forces give up their pursuit. (Howard Weinstein; Gordon Purcell, Arne Starr;) 44 Mar 93 Acceptable risk An old friend of Kirk's is managing a mining colony and destroying the planet's ecology. Incorporeal life forms have become trapped in the planet's ionosphere due to climatic changes from the mining operation. Kirk has to convince his old friend that he is wrong. (Howard Weinstein, Gordon Purcell; Purcell, Carlos Garzon;) 45 Apr 93 A little man-to-man talk Trelane ("The Squire of Gothos") pays a visit to the Enterprise, to study Kirk engaged in the primitive art of romantic conquest, since his affairs are the stuff of legend. Following several less than successful romantic scenarios staged by Trelane, Valedisa appears. She wants Trelane and won't take no for an answer. (Steven H. Wilson; Rob Davis, Arne Starr;) 46 May 93 Coup d'etat, Deceptions 1 On a diplomatic mission to Mardelva, Spock, Saavik, and a Federation ambassador crash land their shuttle on a remote island. Meanwhile, the Enterprise is confronted by four Klingon cruisers led by Capt. Klaa and Vixis. After exchanging threats, Enterprise returns to look for the missing shuttle. (Howard Weinstein; Rod Whigham, Arne Starr;) 47 May 93 Deceptions, 2 Maldelvan rebels steal a prototype ship with powerful weaponry and cloaking. Enterprise is ordered to stop the ship. The Klingons want to know why Enterprise is in the area. Spock, Saavik, and the rest of their party try to find shelter from their inhospitable surroundings. After destroying several outposts, the rebels head for the Neutral Zone, with Enterprise and Capt. Klaa in pursuit. (Howard Weinstein; Rod Whigham, Arne Starr;) 48 Jun 93 Deceptions, 3 The Enterprise is suspicious of Maldelvan explanations for the erratic behavior of the rebels who have stolen the prototype ship. Spock, Saavik, and the others are found by rebel forces and taken aboard a shuttle, where they manage to escape. Scotty discovers that the prototype was booby-trapped by Maldelvans who want to blame the Klingons for their political troubles, forcing Federation assistance. Klaa's dream of killing Kirk will have to wait. (Howard Weinstein; Rod Whigham, Arne Starr; Whigham, Ray McCarthy) 49 Jun 93 The peacekeeper, 1 In spite of Kirk's reservations, the Enterprise is selected to take part in a protomatter weapon test. En route to the test site, a humanoid carrying a black cat materializes aboard Pacific, which is carrying the experimental weapon. While the cat stands watch, her companion tampers with an auxiliary control panel, then both dematerialize. After witnessing a successful lab demonstration, Enterprise and Pacific move into position for the field test. Two more intruders materialize on Pacific, one humanoid, the other, an alien. They also tamper with auxiliary controls and kill two security guards before leaving. When the protomatter weapon is fired at an asteroid, the Pacific disappears in a burst of radiation, with Scotty, Chekov, and the weapon's designers aboard. (Howard Weinstein; Rod Whigham, Romeo Tanghal; Whigham, Carlos Garzon) 50 Jul 93 The peacekeeper, 2 Spock can't account for the disappearance of Pacific. Kirk is furious over the loss of Scotty and Chekov and wants to shut down the Peacemaker project. Spock concludes that the Pacific must have been transported, though no such transport technology is known. 30,000 light years away, a human, a Klingon, and two aliens are in command of Pacific. After recovering from a bad transport, Scotty and Chekov are forced to make repairs. Back on the Enterprise, Gary Seven and Isis ("Assignment: Earth") materialize. Seven, now a senior supervisor, explains his mission to Kirk while Isis flirts with Spock. The Pacific's hijackers are rebel supervisors who plan to use the protomatter weapon against the aliens who trained them as intervention specialists. The aliens, called the Aegis, did away with weapons long ago and will be defenseless against the protomatter weapon. To convince Kirk that the Enterprise must help him, Seven takes him, along with Spock and McCoy to an Aegis facility where thousands of years back and forth in time are monitored. Kirk is apprehensive about the Aegis policy of intervention but he is reminded of his own questionable actions regarding the Prime Directive and agrees to cooperate. Meanwhile, Scotty believes he can link the Pacific's transporters with the time-space transporter used by the rebel supervisors. Seven transports the Enterprise into the vicinity of Pacific. The rebels demand surrender of the Enterprise. Kirk refuses and demands the return of Pacific and its crew. A battle ensues. The rebels fire the protomatter weapon at Enterprise. Kirk evades the first salvo just as Scotty triggers his jury-rigged transporter. The Pacific's crew and the rebels enter the time-space transport stream and Enterprise destroys Pacific. With Gary Seven's help, the Enterprise locks onto the transport stream and reels everyone in. Seven takes custody of the rebels and the Enterprise goes on its way. Double-sized issue. (Howard Weinstein; Rod Whigham, Arne Starr, Carlos Garzon; Jason Palmer) 51 Aug 93 Renegade Saavik tracks down and captures a Federation scientist, Professor Erickson, on a Romulan outpost world. Erickson developed a major breakthrough in starship weapons technology and decided to take it to the Romulans to restore the balance of power. Traveling in a captured Romulan vessel, Saavik questions Erickson about his motives while he tries to persuade her to join him. Attacked by a pursuing Romulan ship, Saavik refuses to surrender and fights until the Romulans retreat. Erickson continues to try and persuade Saavik that his is the right way. When they detect an unexpected Federation ship, Saavik realizes that Erickson has programmed a phony vessel configuration signal and the ship is really Romulan. When Erickson fails to win over Saavik, the Romulans activate a neural surger which kills him. The Romulan commander commends Saavik, telling her she would have made a fine Romulan, leaving Saavik to ponder the situation. (Dan Mishkin; Deryl Skelton, Steve Carr, Arne Starr; Rod Whighan, Carlos Garzon) 52 Sep 93 Epic proportion Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are invited to make first contact. Puzzled by the invitation, but curious, they meet with the Atyansa and are welcomed as mythic heroes. The trio, along with an Atyansa guide must go on a quest to find the creature of the mountain, as legend says they did a thousand years before. Scotty, in command of the Enterprise, must try and keep a Klingon battle cruiser from interfering with the first contact mission. During the quest, Kirk and the others meet and battle beings and beasts from their past, including a Mugatu, a Gorn, and a salt creature. When Klingons arrive, our heroes are chased into a mountain cave where they find a massive and sophisticated computer installation. The computer, built by the Atyansa's ancestors half a million years ago, appears as a beautiful woman, and welcomes the Federation officers. Their arrival was predicted long ago and made part of Atyansa mythology to facilitate their arrival. The computer installation is failing and the Federation is asked to help restore the system for use by the present day Atyansa. Klingons briefly interrupt, annoying the computer. She chases them back to their ship, then pushes it out of orbit. The Enterprise crew celebrates their new association with the Atyansa. (Diane Duane; Rod Whigham, Arne Starr; Whigham, Carlos Garzon) 53 Oct 93 Time crime, 1 The Enterprise is investigating a temporal disturbance when a Romulan warship appears. The Romulan commander, Admiral Jaricus, recognizes Enterprise, but the Romulan Empire was destroyed fifty years earlier after a sneak attack on the Federation and the Klingon Confederation. The Romulans insist that theirs is the true reality. Enterprise Science Officer Lt. Worf (ST VI: TUC) has no answers and recommends an investigation. The Federation agrees and invites the Romulans to Earth with diplomatic status. At Starfleet Academy, Spock is asked to assist with the investigation. He recommends visiting the Guardian of Forever ("The City on the Edge of Forever") to learn whether or not time has been altered. (Howard Weinstein; Rod Whigham, Arne Starr; Whigham, Carlos Garzon) 54 Nov 93 Nightmares, 2 On the planet of the Guardian of Forever, Kirk has nightmares about a Klingon killing his son. Spock and David determine that the flow of time has been altered in the Klingons' past. They record the original progression of events and the altered timeline to study. Spock informs Kirk that in the timeline they wish to reestablish, David has been murdered by Klingons. Kirk considers stranding David on the planet, where he will be insulated from changes in time. Lt. Worf is troubled by the changes that will come. Klingons are devoted to the arts and sciences, not the art of war. Ambassador Kor ("Errand of Mercy") examines the time records with Spock. They learn that the assassination of a pivotal figure in Klingon history never took place. Kirk volunteers to lead the team which will try to restore the original timeline. Going with him are Kor, Admiral Jaricus, McCoy, Sulu, Uhura, and Lt. Worf. (Howard Weinstein; Rod Whigham, Arne Starr; Whigham, Carlos Garzon) 55 Dec 93 Time to time, 3 Kirk says goodbye to his son, who will be dead in the restored timeline. The Romulans have no choice but to accept the Federation's offer to observe only, but they are wary. While Spock monitors the Guardian of Forever, Kirk and his team arrive in the Klingon homeworld's past to begin searching for Khartan and the palace guards planning to murder him. Kirk picks a fight with a guard and is arrested. He meets Khartan and is impressed by his intellect and spirituality, making his mission even more difficult. The Federation team finds the leader of the assasination plot but he and his henchmen are killed by a modern Klingon explosive device. Having failed to carry out their mission to ensure Khartan's death, Worf regretfully takes it upon himself to set matters straight, killing Khartan with a phaser blast. Upon returning to their own time, Kirk's team learns that time still has not been set right. (Howard Weinstein; Rob Davis, Arne Starr; Rod Whigham, Carlos Garzon) 56 Jan 94 Call back yesterday, 4 Their mission to correct the timeline a failure, Spock concludes that more than one event in time has been tampered with. Further study indicates that the assassination of the brutal Klingon leader Baraga should never have occurred. Kor stays behind to continue studying the Guardian of Forever's records. The Romulan commander considers the Guardian's potential as a weapon while Kirk, McCoy, Uhura, Sulu and Worf go back in time once more. Kirk and Sulu get jobs as airplane mechanics to be near the site of Baraga's murder. Klingons from the future identify Kirk and his team and begin revising their plans. Baraga learns of the two new and very skilled mechanics, and makes them his own. Kirk and Sulu capture a Klingon trying to sabotage Baraga's plane, but are themselves thrown in jail for their trouble. (Howard Weinstein; Rob Davis, Arne Starr; Rod Whigham, Carlos Garzon) 57 Feb 94 Seems like old times, 5 Kirk and Sulu are brought before Baraga to tell their story. Baraga kills the would-be sabateur and goes ahead with plans to use his plane in an air show. The renegade Klingons from the future worry that their plan has failed until Baraga's plane explodes during the air show. They capture Kirk and his team, with plans to dispose of them. Kirk learns that the renagades, along with like-minded Romulans, attempted to alter history so that the Federation and the Klingon Empire would both be weak, peace-loving societies, and ripe for conquest. At the Guardian of Forever, Spock confirms that the timeline has been restored, but since Kirk has not returned, he refuses to allow the Romulans to leave. After further consideration, he arrests the Romulans on suspicion of conspiracy to alter time. Ambassador Kor convinces the Klingon Imperial High Command that the situation still requires action. When the renegade Klingons learn that Baraga has survived, they beam back to their bird-of-prey with the Federation team, vowing another attempt to change history. Before they can kill Kirk, a battlecruiser hails them and orders their surrender. After a brief battle, the renegades are captured and Kirk's team boards the battlecruiser which slingshots around the Klingon sun to the present. Lt. Worf learns that he is a defense attorney in this timeline and plans to defend the renegades. Kor bids Kirk farewell and wonders if their common experiences and memories of the altered timeline will affect their future actions. (Howard Weinstein; Rob Davis, Arne Starr; Rod Whigham, Carlos Garzon) 58 Mar 94 No compromise, 1 While visiting Captain Sulu on Excelsior, Chekov learns that the only woman he ever proposed to, Julia Crandall, has been killed. In conversation with Sulu and Uhura, Chekov reminisces about Julia and his first mission as navigator of the Enterprise. Investigating a distress call in an unexplored sector, the Enterprise discovers a much larger vessel bombarding a colony with radiation. Several attempts to communicate with the unidentified ship fail. After visiting the colony, McCoy tells Kirk that the colonists will begin dying unless something is done immediately. (Howard Weinstein; Carlos Garzon; Jerome Moore) 59 Apr 94 No compromise, 2 The Harahni colony continues to suffer from the mysterious alien vessel's deadly radiation bombardment. The colonists are upset with their leader's inability to resolve the situation and Kirk presses Scotty for a way to offer protection. Chekov and Julia learn that the colonists have never tried to adapt native flora and fauna to their needs. Instead they have tried unsuccessfully to recreate a piece of home. Kirk attempts to beam over to the alien ship, but Scotty barely manages to pull him back alive. While Kirk recuperates in sickbay, Scotty must deal with rebellious colonists who have taken Spock and Julia hostage. (Howard Weinstein; Carlos Garzon; Jerome Moore) 60 Jun 94 No compromise, 3 Scotty and then Kirk, refuse to negotiate with the rebels. After trying to punch through the alien ship's shields, the intensity of the radiation bombardment increases. The rebels finally come to their senses, realizing that without help from the Enterprise, they are in dire straits. Scotty finally breaks through the shields. Kirk and Chekov beam aboard the ship and find a malfunctioning ark. Dead creatures and plants fill the cargo hold, while the ship's automated programming tries to sterilize the planet. After shutting down the alien systems, Julia chooses to stay behind and study the vessel. She promises Chekov that they will find each other again, when they are both ready, but they never did. (Howard Weinstein; Carlos Garzon; Jerome Moore) 61 Jul 94 Door in the cage Spock travels to Talos IV to offer Captain Christopher Pike (now 70 years old, "The Menagerie") the chance of a new life. Upon arrival, Spock meets a young boy who recognizes him. Pike appears and identifies the boy as his son, Philip, and invites Spock to dinner. Pike, Vina, and Philip appear to be reclaiming the surface of Talos IV, cultivating vegetables, and beginning to make a dent in the ecological hell that they live in. Spock is uncertain about the reality of the situation. His offer of medical help causes Pike and Vina to consider their situation, but they decide to stay. When Spock is attacked by a beast, then a Klingon, Number One, and by Pike, he realizes that Philip is real and trying to scare him off with illusions. Pike explains how he and Vina were able to have a son and Spock accepts their decision. He returns to the Enterprise and recommends that Capt. Pike be returned to Starfleet's active duty roster. (Steve Wilson; Rod Whigham, Arne Starr; Jerome Moore, Russell Walks) 62 Aug 94 The alone, 1 Kirk, McCoy, and Spock are discussing an upcoming visit and the past. Kirk believes that past is best left where it is. Years before, shortly before the end of its first five-year mission, the Enterprise arrives at Veneu II on an archeological study. The landing party finds a huge structure still showing power readings. Spock determines that the equipment they find is a transporter device designed for travel through time as well as space. The structure is attacked and Kirk is trapped inside while the others return to the Enterprise. Spock must negotiate with the Wumpar, who insist that the Enterprise leave. Meanwhile, Kirk has been transported to another planet. Finding himself alone, he begins exploring. While he spends more than 185 planetary days on his new home, Spock convinces the Wumpar to help search for Kirk. (Kevin Ryan; Rod Whigham, Arne Starr; Russell Walks) 63 Sep 94 The alone, 2 Kirk battles wild animals and survives. One of the animals was pregnant and leaves a pup, which he begins to raise. In the future, Spock is ordered to give up searching for Kirk, but he has Chekov plot a course which will allow the Enterprise to visit every star system in the sector. The Wumpar accompany the Enterprise and learn about the Federation. Nearly extinct at the hands of the Draselle, the Wumpar believe themselves to be a dying race, but they are impressed by Spock's efforts to find his captain. Kirk grows old, with a beast his only companion. When he dies, he leaves behind his logs and a sign of his passing. The Draselle find the Wumpar and the Enterprise, but are turned away after a brief battle. The Wumpar, with renewed hope, continue to help look for Kirk. When they come upon the Gribbon system, Kirk's logs and 167-year old remains are found. Spock slingshots the Enterprise around the nearby sun and retrieves his Captain. The Wumpar settle Gribbon II and Kirk is profoundly affected by reading the logs of another lifetime that never happened. (Kevin Ryan; Rod Whigham, Arne Starr; Russell Walks) 64 Oct 94 Gary Kirk must send a message to the parents of Lt. Gary Mitchell ("Where No Man Has Gone Before"), informing them about their son's death. Unable to relate the truth, he chooses to tell them a story about how Gary lived. The U.S.S. Farragut, commanded by Capt. Garrovick, receives a distress signal from a Federation anthropological survey team studying native life on Dimorus. Lt. Kirk is placed in command of the landing party. When his party is attacked by natives and several crewmembers killed, Kirk reacts aggressively. Mitchell subsequently saves Kirk's life and prevents him from shedding more blood, by forcing him to understand the natives. (Kevin J. Ryan; Rod Whigham, Arne Starr; Bill Sienkiewicz) 65 Nov 94 Bait ... and switch The Enterprise is diverted to pick up Vulcan ambassador Sidak and his assistant, T'Rin. They decline to brief Kirk on their mission and order him to depart. En route to their secret destination, the Enterprise must respond to several distress calls, delaying arrival. Sidak is apparently unconcerned. Kirk insists on a briefing and learns that the ambassador is engaged in delicate negotiations with a world of interest to the Romulans. Their late arrival would give the Romulans a foothold in vital territory. Kirk suspects that their mission has been sabotaged. Upon arrival, T'Rin reveals that she is Starfleet security and arrests Sidak for espionage. She tells Kirk that the negotiations were concluded months before and the mission was a ruse to force Sidak's hand. After the arrest, the Enterprise receives a call from Nara'Gi officials, asking for help intercepting a stolen courier vessel. When the ship is brought aboard the Enterprise, Kirk and Spock meet the thieves, an alien and T'Ariis, daughter of T'Pring and Anbassador Stonn. (Howard Weinstein, T.A. Chafin; Rod Whigham, Arne Starr; Jason Palmer, Jerome Moore) 66 Dec 94 Rivals, 1 T'Ariis and Dalen, a native boy, are taken into custody aboard the Enterprise. Kirk reminisces about Spock and T'Pring ("Amok Time"), and learns more about Stonn and T'Pring from Commander T'Rin. T'Ariis has little respect for her father. Kirk, Spock, and McCoy accompany her home, where they meet Stonn and his second wife, Sepora. Stonn is gravely ill but refuses help. T'Ariis and Dalen are arrested for stealing the government courier and Stonn makes no effort to intervene, insisting that the treaty with the Nara'Gi is more important. At Sepora's request, Kirk tries to help and T'Ariis is released, but Dalen is to be tortured. Kirk's interference causes Nara'Gi officials to declare the treaty invalidated. (Howard Weinstein; Thomas Derenick, Arne Starr; Jerome Moore) 67 Jan 95 Rivals, 2 Kirk's meddling has caused the Nara'Gi leader to cancel the treaty between his people and the Federation. Stonn is furious with Kirk and collapses due to ill health, reluctantly allowing McCoy to medicate him. Sepora believes Stonn is being poisoned by T'Ariis, while T'Ariis informs Spock that Sepora is poisoning her father. T'Ariis engineers Dalen's escape from prison and Kirk tries to make amends with the Nara'Gi. Stonn collapses again and will die within a matter of days, but not from poison. T'Ariis and Dalen escape to 'Gi aboard a transport. (Howard Weinstein; Thomas Derenick, Arne Starr; Jerome Moore) 68 Feb 95 Rivals, 3 Stonn acknowledges that he knew of his illness but did not tell his wife or daughter, allowing them to think that the other was responsible for his condition. He also admits to Spock that "having was not so pleasing a thing after all, as wanting". Stonn dies and Kirk is ordered to reestablish a treaty with the Nara'Gi at any cost. T'Ariis and Dalen arrive on 'Gi where outsiders are reviled. T'Ariss must flee xenophobic gangs and is only saved from injury by Spock, who has promised Sepora he would find T'Ariis. T'Ariss must reexamine her actions and find her true path. Kirk fails to obtain a treaty agreement and Spock shares his thoughts on T'Pring with McCoy. (Howard Weinstein; Thomas Derenick, Arne Starr; Chris Wozniak) 69 Mar 95 A wolf in cheap clothing, 1 Captain Sulu and his chief engineer arrive on the Enterprise to join Kirk and Scotty on a reconnaissance mission. The Federation and the Klingon Empire both have colonies in the Ukaran sector, but there are rumors of trouble among the Klingons. Kirk and his team arrive at Zantak Prime, finding a colony where anything is for sale. (Howard Weinstein; Rachel Ketchum, Arne Starr; Chris Wozniak) 70 Apr 95 A wolf in cheap clothing, 2 Kirk's investigation on Zantak Prime unearths a familiar face and a beautiful magician. Orana Della Monica weaves her spell on Kirk while Sulu tracks the familiar face, who has a deal brewing with angry Klingon colonists. (Howard Weinstein; Rachel Ketchum, Arne Starr;) 71 May 95 A wolf in cheap clothing, 3 Kirk's mysterious nemesis, Nolli, turns out to be a Starfleet Academy classmate, now a rogue Starfleet Intelligence officer. Orana's ship is sabotaged by Nolli, but Kirk and his crew rescue the magician. Starfleet wants Kirk to stop Nolli before he starts a war with the Klingons. (Howard Weinstein; Rachel Ketchum, Pam Eklund; Jason Palmer) 72 Jun 95 A wolf in cheap clothing, 4 Kirk and his crew find themselves in possession of a stolen sacred Klingon statue, and must find a way to return it without starting a war. By manipulating the players in the drama, Nolli, the renegade Starfleet officer is captured, the Klingons are appeased, and Kirk gets the girl again. (Howard Weinstein; Rachel Ketchum, Arne Starr, Pam Eklund; Jason Palmer) 73 Jul 95 Star-crossed, 1 At Starfleet Academy: On his third try and with help from Carol Marcus, Kirk makes the best of a no-win situation by reprogramming the Kobayashi Maru test. Several years later Kirk is serving as First Officer of the Eagle when Carol becomes a member of the crew. They resume their relationship, but it's clear that Carol is too confined by Starfleet. Two months pregnant, she leaves Starfleet and Kirk, to be on her own. (Howard Weinstein; Rachel Ketchum, Mark Heike; Jason Palmer) 74 Aug 95 Loved not wisely, 2 Starfleet recalls Kirk while he is serving as First Officer aboard the Eagle. Gary Marshall comes along for the ride. Kirk visits Carol Marcus and learns about their son, David. While visiting his family in Iowa, Kirk is offered command of a light cruiser, the Oxford. Accepting command means leaving Carol and David, so Kirk asks her to marry him. She refuses and asks him to stay out of David's life too. (Howard Weinstein; Rachel Ketchum, Mark Heike; Jason Palmer) 75 Sep 95 A bright particular star, 3 On the trip home following the end of their first five-year mission, the crew of the Enterprise witnesses the destruction of an experimental starship. Kirk offers assistance but is told that the situation is under control. At Starfleet headquarters, Kirk is informed that the Enterprise will be refitted. McCoy and Spock quit Starfleet and Kirk seeks out Carol Marcus. Kirk continues to inquire about the experimental starship but can't make any headway until he is offered and accepts an admiralty. Kirk struggles with his duty to Starfleet and the possibility of committment to Carol, ultimately choosing Starfleet. Extra-size issue with a painted cover. (Howard Weinstein; Rachel Ketchum, Mark Heike; Sonia Hillios) 76 Oct 95 Prisoners Set early in the first five-year mission. The Enterprise arrives at Tendar, a world just beginning space travel. Kirk, Spock, and Gary Mitchell beam down to greet the Prime Minister and are promptly arrested and imprisoned for life. Scotty tries to negotiate their release, but it becomes clear that the Tendarans want to make an example of the their prisoners to the Federation. The prisoners and the crew of the Enterprise have other ideas. Kevin Ryan is editor of Pocket Books' Star Trek novels and is the new DC Star Trek regular writer. (Kevin Ryan; Rachel Ketchum, Mark Heike; Jason Palmer) 77 Nov 95 Deadlock Investigating the destruction of several freighters and a Starfleet scout ship near the Romulan Neutral Zone, the Enterprise encounters a warbird. The Romulan vessel attacks and both ships are badly damaged. The Romulans claim that the Federation has been attacking their ships. When a third, unknown vessel is detected, Starfleet and Romulan crews are forced to work together to face a new threat. (Kevin Ryan; Rachel Forbes-Seese, Mark Heike; Krause, Jerome Moore) 78 Dec 95 The hunted, The chosen 1 Following their encounter with a Romulan ship and an unidentified, hostile alien vessel, the Enterprise undergoes extensive repairs and returns to patrol. A distress signal from inside the Klingon Empire leads them to a base which appears to have been destroyed by Starfleet weapons. A Klingon battlecruiser commanded by Kang ("Day of the Dove") arrives to challenge the Enterprise. While Kirk fights a Klingon landing party, Scotty takes on the battlecruiser. Subsequently, the Klingons break off diplomatic relations and the Enterprise is called to the Romulan Neutral Zone. (Kevin J. Ryan; Rachel Forbes-Seese, Mark Heike; Peter Krause, Jerome K. Moore) 79 Jan 96 Blood enemies, 2 A scout ship patrolling the Neutral Zone has been destroyed and the Romulans deny involvement. Starfleet sends an ambassador to accompany the Enterprise, which responds to a distress call from Starbase 14. The starbase is devastated and its main reactor is unstable. A Bird-of-Prey arrives to investigate. Starfleet personnel form an uneasy alliance with the Tal Shiar to investigate the attack. (Kevin J. Ryan; Steve Erwin, Terry Pallot; Peter Krause, Jerome K. Moore) 80 Feb 96 Collision course, 3 Spock and Kirk are puzzled by the evidence collected during their investigation of the attack on Starbase 14. Evidence points to the Romulans, but Kirk is inclined to believe their denials because of previous attacks blamed on Starfleet. Kirk proposes they investigate the possibility of an unknown party trying to instigate war betwen the Federation, the Klingon Empire, and the Romulan Star Empire. Ambassador Bertrand plays a pivotal role in the final showdown with a rogue warship. (Kevin J. Ryan; Rachel Forbes-Seese, Pablo Marcos; Peter Krause, Jerome K. Moore)
Subject: [DC Comics] Star Trek Annuals (second series) 01 1990 So near the touch The Enterprise is assigned to assist a Federation medical team led by Sulu's former lover. The team's job is to try and prevent the extinction of a race whose planet is ecologically devastated. A mere embrace between two individuals causes spontaneous combustion. Religious fundamentalists oppose Federation assistance and take the medical team hostage. Sulu and Chekov defy orders and lead an assault to rescue the medical team. Sulu's lover is contaminated by the planet's environment and they can never touch one another again. (George Takei, Peter David; Gray Morrow; Jerome Moore) 02 1991 Starfleet Academy Kirk's first few months at Starfleet Academy. Among the people he meets are Captain Decker ("The Doomsday Machine"), strategy professor; Ben Finney ("Court-Martial"), dean of students; Gary Mitchell ("Where No Man Has Gone Before"), roommate and slob; Finnegan ("Shore Leave"), third year student advisor and pain-in-the-ass; Carol Marcus (ST II: TWOK), science student and sexy blonde; Uhura, second year student and friend of Carol; and a few others as well. (Peter David; James W. Fry, Curt Swan, Arne Starr; Jerome Moore) 03 1992 Homeworld The Enterprise escorts Sarek ("Journey to Babel") to New Ketira for the ceremony celebrating admission to the Federation. The ancient spiritual leaders of the Ketirans choose this time to claim their place as the traditional and rightful leaders of the people. Sarek and the Enterprise try to negotiate a peaceful settlement, but it takes a surprising discovery from Ketira's past to resolve the situation. (Howard Weinstein; Norm Dwyer, Arne Starr; Laura and Frank Kelley Freas) 04 1993 To walk the night Capt. Christopher Pike is puzzled by Lt. Spock's nocturnal wanderings along the corridors of the Enterprise. Spock is having second thoughts about choosing Starfleet. The Enterprise responds to a distress call from a mining colony whose inhabitants are experiencing nightmares about alien beings and madness. Spock discovers a life form capable of duplicating and replacing other life forms, and learns something about himself as well. (Michael Jan Friedman; Gordon Purcell, Pablo Marcos; Jerome Moore, Jason Palmer) 05 1994 The dream walkers Crewmembers of the Enterprise begin experiencing vivid daydreams of past missions, even dreaming of events that they didn't participate in. Neither Spock nor McCoy have any answers, but after some discussion, it becomes apparent that Janice Rand is the common denominator in every dream. Kirk inquires about Rand and learns that she is missing-in-action following a covert mission to investigate the Chuniikites, a hostile race engaged in a civil war. Kirk begins searching for Rand when Spock theorizes that she may be transmitting clues to her whereabouts via the dreams. Using coordinates take from dream clues, the Enterprise arrives at an unexplored system with a single inhabitable planet. In a city of ruins, Kirk finds Rand asleep and wired into tiers of sleeping aliens. He unplugs her and begins experiencing another daydream just as the Chuniikites arrive in force. With Rand's help, he awakens in time to escape the dreaming aliens and elude the aggressive Chuniikites. (Michael Jan Friedman; Carlos Garzon; Chris Wozniac ?) 06 1995 Convergence, Part One: Split Infinities Gary Seven ("Assignment: Earth") arrives on the Enterprise warning of a grave danger to Spock. A Devidian ("Time's Arrow, Parts I and II" [TNG]) arrives immediately thereafter, kills Seven and abducts Spock. Spock finds himself captive with General Tellius, a pivotal figure in Romulan history. A colleague of Seven's arrives on the Enterprise. Exana and her cat Nova, explain to Kirk that another race of time travelers, the Devidians, having been prevented from interfering in Earth history by a Starfleet crew from the future, are attempting to alter history in order to eliminate the Federation. Captain John Harriman (ST: Generations) of the Enterprise, joins Spock and Tellius in captivity. In the future, the Enterprise-D arrives at the Neutral Zone to greet Anbassador Sybok. Guinan senses that something is wrong. A Devidian appears and abducts Data, who joins the other captives. In the past, Exana and the crew of the Enterprise make for the Devidian system. In the future, Picard and his crew do the same. Painted cover. Continued in ST:TNG Annual #6. The covers for this annual and ST:TNG Annual #6 form a diptych. (Howard Weinstein, Michael Jan Friedman; Ken Save, Sam de la Rosa; Jason Palmer)
Subject: [DC Comics] Star Trek Specials 01 Spring 94 "Blaise of Glory" Drifting towards a black hole, R.J. Blaise (see Star Trek #4-12 above) pleads for help via subspace transmission, from anyone in the universe except James T. Kirk. Kirk, or course, is nearby and feeling old. Even a visit from McCoy and a bottle of Saurian brandy fails to lift his spirits much. The Enterprise picks up the distress signal and when Blaise is transported aboard, the situation heats up. She is being pursued by the Lord High Darrich, a warlord whom she has offended during diplomatic negotiations. Starfleet orders Kirk to resolve the situation even if it means turning Blaise over to Darrich. Kirk has his own tried and true methods for dealing with delicate situations and Blaise has her own way with Kirk. In spite of their attraction, duty comes first for both of them. Kirk and Blaise both wonder what might have been had they met at a younger age. (Peter David; Rod Whigham, Arne Starr; Bill Sienkiewicz) "The needs of the one" This story is set between ST III: TSFS and ST IV: TVH. On Vulcan, while awaiting completion of repairs to the Klingon warship which will take him back to Earth to face charges, Kirk considers the loss of his son and the rebirth of his friend. Spock wanders into the mountains which he knew as a child and Kirk sets out to find him. Along the way they revisit events from their past and come to terms with their future. (Mike Collins; Mike Collins, Terry Pallot;) 02 Winter 94 "Raise the Defiant" A priority message from Starfleet orders the Enterprise to meet and pick up Dr. Juram, who briefs Kirk and his crew on their mission. The Enterprise must go to Tholian space and try to recover the Defiant, lost in interspace twenty years earlier ("The Tholian Web"). Recovery of a classified phase-inverter being tested by the Defiant is necessary because it is apparently still working and causing instability in the Tholian sector. Dr. Juram, an arrogant research specialist, needs Scotty to make her theoretical work a reality. With distrustful Tholians watching, the Enterprise shifts into interspace and locks on to the Defiant. Scotty suspicions about Dr. Juram prove to be true and his foresight prevents a disaster. Painted cover by Dan Curry, Emmy Award winner and TNG Visual Effects Supervisor. (Kevin J. Ryan; Chris Wozniak, Jeff Hollander; Dan Curry) "A question of loyalty" The Enterprise takes fourteen third year Starfleet Academy cadets on a training mission. Lt. Saavik supervises the officer candidates. Among the cadets is Ensign Valeris (ST VI: TUC). Valeris immediately butts heads with Saavik, who tries to remind the intolerant ensign of Surak's teachings about diversity. As an emergency situation unfolds, Valeris' bigotry is contrasted with Saavik's compassion and the seeds of subsequent events are sown. (Steven H. Wilson; Rachel Ketchum, Rich Faber; na) 03 Winter 95 "The unforgiven" On a camping trip with his nephews, Adam, Jason, and Peter, Kirk tries to help them cope with the loss of their parents ("Operation: Annihilate"), but Orion pirates with cloaked ground vehicles are preparing to attack the nearby mining colony. Kirk and his nephews are captured, but manage to warn the colony in time to prevent disaster. Painted cover. (Michael Jan Friedman; Steve Erwin, Jimmy Palmiotti; Nicholas Jainschigg) "Echoes of yesterday" Kirk visits the family home in Iowa and runs into his nephew Peter. Peter wants Kirk to explain the secret of time travel so that he can help an alien race whose homeworld has been destroyed. After being forced to give up the secret, Kirk gives chase in the Enterprise. Travelling back in time, he learns Peter's real motive, to prevent his parent's death. On Deneva, Kirk is reunited with his brother again. Peter is unable to change events and is himself a victim. (Mark A. Altman; Ken Save, Ron Boyd)
Subject: [DC Comics] The Modala Imperative (25th anniversary mini-series) Star Trek 01 Jul 91 A little seasoning On a previous visit to Modala, Capt. Pike and the Enterprise recommended the planet for Federation membership in ten years. Now, Kirk and Chekov beam down to observe any changes which may have taken place. They find a planet run by a police state and are arrested as rebels. (Michael Jan Friedman; Pablo Marcos; Adam Hughes, Karl Story) 02 Aug 91 Tools of tyranny Spock and McCoy beam down to Modala to look for Kirk and Chekov. In prison, Kirk and Chekov try to learn where the advanced weapons used by police came from. They also plant the seeds of rebellion by passive resistance. (Michael Jan Friedman; Pablo Marcos; Adam Hughes, Karl Story) 03 Aug 91 The price of freedom Spock and McCoy help the Enterprise locate Kirk and Chekov in prison. Kirk and Chekov help the other prisoners engineer a mass escape and the Enterprise loses track of them. Spock and McCoy are captured by guards looking for escaped prisoners. (Michael Jan Friedman; Pablo Marcos; Adam Hughes, Karl Story) 04 Sep 91 For whom the bell tolls The rebels help Kirk and Chekov rescue Spock and McCoy from execution. The landing party beams back to the Enterprise without learning the origin of the advanced weaponry that they found, but with hope that the police state will be overthrown someday. (Michael Jan Friedman; Pablo Marcos; Adam Hughes, Karl Story) The mini-series continues in Star Trek: The Next Generation (part 4 of this checklist).
Subject: [DC Comics] Star Trek (movie adaptations) 01 1989 Star Trek V: The final frontier Story by William Shatner, Harve Bennett, and David Loughery. Screenplay by David Loughery. (Peter David; James W. Fry, Arne Starr; Roger Stine) 01 1992 Star Trek VI: The undiscovered country Story by Nicholas Meyer and Leonard Nimoy. Screenplay by Nicholas Meyer and Denny Martin Flinn. (Peter David; Gordon Purcell, Arne Starr; Jerome Moore) 1992 Star Trek VI: The undiscovered country Deluxe edition with photos ISBN 156389-042-9, trade paperback (Peter David; Gordon Purcell, Arne Starr; Jason Palmer)
Subject: [DC Comics] Star Trek (graphic novels) Jul 92 Debt of honor On several occasions during his career, Kirk encounters a malevolant alien presence which he believes, threatens the entire galaxy. Unable to gather sufficient evidence to convince Starfleet of the threat, Kirk turns to Romulan and Klingon commanders who share his concern. T'Cel (yet another old flame) and Kor join forces with Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise to combat an unimaginable foe. Dr. Gillian Taylor (ST IV: TVH) and Lt. Jamie Finney ("Court-Martial") have featured roles. There are numerous cameo appearances by characters from the television series and many references to TOS and TNG lore, including Klingon history. The story takes place following the events of ST IV: TVH. Painted cover. ISBN 1-56389-023-2, oversize hardcover with dustjacket (Chris Claremont; Adam Hughes, Karl Story; Dave Dorman) Oct 92 Debt of honor Reprints hardcover first edition ISBN 1-56389-031-3 trade pb May 95 The Ashes of Eden Comic book adaptation of William Shatner's first Star Trek novel, set after the events of ST V: TUC. Finding himself without a ship, Kirk struggles with his future. Elsewhere, a doomed planet sends a woman to find a hero and tales of a secret weapon on the Klingon frontier reach interested ears. When Kirk turns his back on his past he is suspected of treason and Starfleet orders Sulu to hunt him down. With Sulu on Excelsior are Kirk's old crew. Painted cover. ISBN 1-56389-235-9, trade paperback (William Shatner, Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens; Steve Erwin, Jimmy Palmiotti; Nicholas Jainschigg)
Subject: [DC Comics] Star Trek (collections) Dec 91 The best of Star Trek Details in part 2 of the checklist Aug 92 The Modala imperative Reprints 4-issue TOS and 4-issue TNG mini-series. Story by Michael Jan Friedman and Peter David, introduction by Walter Koenig. ISBN 1-56389-040-2 trade pb Aug 94 Tests of courage Reprint of "The Tabukan Syndrome", issues 35-40 from second series. Story by Howard Weinstein, introduction by George Takei, and a painted cover by Sonia Hillios. ISBN 1-56389-151-4 trade pb Oct 95 Revisitations Collects two story arcs by Howard Weinstein, from the second DC series: issues #22-24 featuring Harry Mudd and issues #49-50 featuring Gary Seven. Introduction by David Gerrold and painted cover by Sonia Hillios. ISBN 1-56389-223-5 trade pb
Subject: [DC Comics] Direct Currents (monthly promotional comic) 37 Feb 91 Contains ad for ST #18. 53 Aug 92 Promotional artwork for Star Trek: Debt of Honor. 80 Nov 94 Contains ad for ST #65 90 Sep 95 Ad for ST #75 and ST:TNG #75 with painted art on page 11.
Subject: Copyright Notice Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation are TM, (R) and Copyright (C) 2004 Paramount Pictures. This article is Copyright (C) 1992-2004 Mark L.B. Martinez. It may be freely redistributed in its entirety provided that this copyright notice is not removed. It may not be sold for profit or incorporated in commercial documents without the written permission of the copyright holder. Permission is expressly granted for this document to be made available by institutions offering unrestricted access to the Internet. eof part3

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