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Star Trek Comics Checklist, Part 7/9

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Archive-name: star-trek/comics-checklist/part7
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Last-modified: 2004-1-25

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Subject: [Marvel Comics] Star Trek: The Early Voyages This series features Captain Christopher Pike's Enterprise. 01 Feb 97 Flesh of my flesh Pike and the crew of the Enterprise encounter an organic vessel which may be responsible for the disappearance of several small Federation ships. The alien ship abducts Pike and begins to probe his memories, reliving his first command and the selection of his crew. Meanwhile, Spock and Dr. Bryce try to find a cure for a shipwide infection and Number One mounts a rescue mission. Captain Robert April (ST:TAS) appears briefly. Double-size issue. (Dan Abnett, Ian Edgington; Patrick Zircher, Greg Adams; Zircher, Adams) 02 Mar 97 The fires of Pharos The Enterprise arrives at Starbase 13 to help police the area and finds the station under attack. After driving off raiders, Pike learns that vast deposits of dilithium have been found nearby and word has gotten out to the Klingons. Commander Kaaj attacks the Enterprise and attempts to take control of the dilithium, but he underestimates Pike and his crew. (Ian Edginton, Dan Abnett; Patrick Zircher, Greg Adams; Zircher, ?) 03 Apr 97 Our dearest blood Pike and his crew attend a celebration on Rigel 7 marking their ratification of Federation membership. As a condition of membership, the Kaylar, a specially bred warrior caste, must be disbanded. Pike visits the Zemtar fortress and learns that the Kaylar and Rigel are not as ready for the Federation as they seem. The Enterprise loses a popular crewman to Rigel extremists. Continuity with "The Cage" [TOS] is established. (Ian Edginton, Dan Abnett; Patrick Zircher, Greg Adams; ?) 04 May 97 Nor iron bars a cage Yeoman Mia Colt recounts her assignment to the Enterprise and the events of her first mission as Pike's yeoman on Talos IV ("The Cage" [TOS]). Also contains a sketchbook of Enterprise crewmembers. (Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton; Patrick Zircher, Greg Adams; Zircher, Adams) 05 Jun 97 Cloak and dagger, 1 While searching for a missing starship, Pike and his crew find a lost Vulcan colony. Descendants of Vulcans who left the homeworld during Surak's reformation, they have retained their warrior heritage. A splinter faction has taken control of the Cortez, installed their own weapons, and attack the Enterprise. (Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton; Patrick Zircher, Greg Adams; Zircher, ?) 06 Jul 97 Cloak and dagger, 2 While Pike and his landing party are virtually prisoners of the lost colony of Vulcans, Number One must engage renegade Vulcan commander Tagok aboard the stolen starship Cortez. Meanwhile, Matriarch T'Kell plans to use a world-devastating weapon on Tagok and force Pike to take her people back to Vulcan as conquerors. (Ian Edginton, Dan Abnett ; Patrick Zircher, Greg Adams; Zircher, Adams) 07 Aug 97 The flat, gold forever Kaaj (Early Voyages #2) lures Pike from the Enterprise to satisfy his blood-debt, but loses him on a remote farming planet. While Kaaj recklessly sacrifices his crew and anyone else who gets in the way of killing Pike, the Enterprise receives Pike's coordinates from an untracable transmission. New cover format. (Ian Edginton, Dan Abnett ; Patrick Zircher, Greg Adams; Zircher, Adams) Note: Marvel's "New guide to the Star Trek universe" began appearing in Early Voyages #7 and Starfleet Academy #9. Each guide contains crew member profiles and brief synopses of previous events printed on a two-page gatefold interior front cover. 08 Sep 97 Immortal wounds While providing medical relief on Neyda Prime, Dr. Boyce is arrested for the murder of a wealthy businessman. Toluk, a Vulcan ambassador, agrees to represent Boyce before the authorities. A mind meld reveals the reason why Boyce has become a killer. (Ian Edginton, Dan Abnett ; Patrick Zircher, Greg Adams;) 09 Oct 97 One of a kind Nano is recalled home to Liria following the tragic deaths of several members of the Lirin Unity. While Nano tries to reintegrate into Lirin society, his crewmates tour the area, discovering a danger to Liria whose inhabitants are reluctant and ill-equipped to confront. (Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton; Michael Collins, Greg Adams; Collins, Adams) 10 Nov 97 The Fallen, 1 A Federation colony on Jubal is attacked by Chakuun ghostships, shock troops for the Tholian Empire. The Enterprise investigates and has an encounter with a ghostship. Returning to Earth for repairs, some of the crew take shore leave and must come to grips with family and friends before joining a task force leaving for the Tholian border. (Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton; Michael Collins, Greg Adams;) 11 Dec 97 The Fallen, 2 While a Federation task force meets the Chakuun war fleet, relief teams beam to the Theta Kalyb colony to help survivors. A close encounter between an Enterpise crewman and a wounded Chakuun warrior proves educational and beneficial. (Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton; Michael Collins, Greg Adams;) 12 Jan 98 Futures, 1 The Enterprise arrives at Starbase 45 for repairs. Number One is offered command of the Nelson, but declines. While on shore leave, Colt and Tyler find an artifact that gives a glimpse into the future. Pike receives secret orders for an away mission and Admiral Robert April arrives. While studying the artifact, Colt is thrown into the future. (Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton; Michael Collins, Greg Adams; Collins, Adams) 13 Feb 98 Future tense, 2 Yeoman Colt finds herself transported into an alternate future, chased by Starfleet security into the arms of a Jim Kirk. In this alternate future, Kirk was assigned to the Enterprise after Colt's disappearance and eventually quit Starfleet. Now he's a freighter captain with an exotic crew and Scotty as his engineer. To help Colt get back to her own time, Kirk must take his ship into Klingon space and meet General Chang (ST:V TUC). (Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton; Patrick Zircher, Steve Moncuse;) 14 Mar 98 Past imperfect, 3 Kirk's freighter, the Bounty, is damaged. Pike and the Enterprise drive the Klingons away, but he isn't happy to see Kirk, and astonished to see Colt. Saavik discovers that Colt's temporal integrity is decaying and must be returned to her own timeline before she dies. Pike commits to following Kirk's plan and reenters Klingon territory. Captain Robbins, Pike's Number One, now in command of her own ship, is ordered to intercept and destroy the Enterprise. Chang returns, looking for an eye for an eye. (Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton; Patrick Zircher, Steve Moncuse;) 15 Apr 98 Now and then, 4 Arriving back at Algol to try and help Colt restore the timeline, the Enterprise is battered by a Klingon task force. Even with help from Excaliber, the Federation ships take a beating. Meanwhile, Kirk and his crew accompany Colt to the planet, with hope of returning her to the past. (Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton; Patrick Zircher, Steve Moncuse;) 16 May 98 Thanatos, 1 On a covert mission disguised as a native, Pike and his away team must learn what the Klingons are planning for the people of Temazi. Meanwhile, Admiral Robert April is aboard the Enterprise, unhappy with the ship's officers and morale. Both Starfleet and the Klingons are looking for a cache of advanced weapons. The search brings Pike in conflict with an old enemy, Kaaj. (Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton; Javier Pulido, Steve Moncuse; Pulido) 17 Jun 98 Nemesis, 2 The xenophobic Temazi discover the disguised Starfleet and Klingon crew among them and everyone must fight for their lives. In orbit, Number One must deal with the Klingons and April's disapproval. Meanwhile, the Temazi unleash the hidden weapons. Last issue of the series. The story arc is unfinished. (Dan Abnett, Ian Edginton; Javier Pulido, Steve Moncuse; Pulido)
Subject: [Marvel Comics] Star Trek: Starfleet Academy This series features Nog and his Starfleet Academy classmates. 01 Dec 96 Prime directives Cadet Matt Decker does his best to get a good training assignment but winds up on Omega squad with Nog of Ferenganar, Kamilah Goldstein, Pava of Andor, and T'Priell of Vulcan. Nog fails to ingratiate himself with his fellow cadets and a care package from his uncle Quark turns a holodeck training scenario into a deadly encounter with the Gorn. Groundskeeper Boothby ("The first duty" [TNG]) makes a cameo appearance. (Chris Cooper; Chris Renaud, Andy Lanning; Renaud, Lanning) 02 Jan 97 Liberty On their first liberty from the Academy, the women of Omega squad enjoy a barroom brawl and T'Priell tries to reconcile her Vulcan training with her hidden Romulan heritage. Meanwhile, Nog snoops through Decker's valuable comic book collection. Decker receives an invitation to join a special training team called Red Squad. Also contains Nog's letters of acceptance from Starfleet Academy. (Chris Cooper; Chris Renaud, Andy Lanning; Renaud, Lanning) 03 Feb 97 Loyalty test Decker becomes a member of Red Squad and a peace conference between the Federation and the Romulans is bombed ("Homefront" and "Paradise Lost" [DS9]). Omega Squad feels that Decker has abandoned them. When he learns that Red Squad must sabotage the power grid, he tries to warn authrities, but is imprisoned. After the power outage, Omega Squad must respond to the coup and rescue Decker. (Chris Cooper; John Royle, Tom Wegrzyn; Royle, Toinay ?) 04 Mar 97 War and peace, 1 An alternative future where Klingons have overrun Federation space may hinge on Omega Squad's first flight aboard a runabout. The cadets are tracked by First Cadre, a Klingon cadet squadron. Commander Zund is injured when the Klingons attack. Omega Squad tricks their opponents into switching ships, but both vessels are forced down on a nearby planet. Pava stands guard duty and encounters an old friend and perhaps a new enemy. (Chris Cooper; Chris Renaud, Andy Lanning; Renaud, Lanning) 05 Apr 97 Love and death, 2 The Starfleet and Klingon cadets are marooned and hunting each other. Complicating matters, Pava and Kovold, of the Klingon squad, were once lovers. During a final confrontation, Kamilah engages in single combat with Kovold, but fear and treachery lead to unexpected death. (Chris Cooper; Chris Renaud, Andy Lanning; Renaud, Lanning) 06 May 97 Passages, 1 While Omega Squad grieves at the funeral of their fallen comrade, a new superintendant takes command of the Academy and a new cadet arrives, Edam Astrun, a Betazoid. Edam is a hothead, but learns the value of teamwork. Nog has problems with Edam and is accused of attempted murder. (Chris Cooper; Chris Renaud, Andy Lanning; ?) 07 Jun 97 Hide and Seek, 2 Security cameras record Nog's attempt to murder Edam, who is left unconscious in the infirmary. Commander Zund and Omega Squad find the circumstances puzzling and continue to investigate. They uncover a shapeshifter but the threat remains. (Chris Cooper; Chris Renaud, Andy Lanning; ?) 08 Jul 97 X^2 Omega Squad is instructed to rendezvous with a prospecting ship to pick up a young stowaway. They find the ship all but destroyed, and a lone survivor, Charlie Evans ("Charlie X" [TOS]). The cadets must work together to survive Charlie's terrifying powers. Meanwhile, the Jem'Hadar are preparing to invade Talos IV ("The Cage" [TOS]). (Chris Cooper; John Royle, Andy Lanning; Lanning, Toinay) 09 Aug 97 Return to the forbidden planet, 1 Spock arranges transport to Romulus to investigate rumors of a special Tal Shiar spy. Meanwhile, Omega Squad heads for Talos IV after Edam receives a telpathic plea for help. They find a battle raging and join forces with Christopher Pike and the Talosians aganist the Jem'Hadar, agents of the Dominion's plan to eradicate all telepaths in the Federation. New cover format. (Chris Cooper; Chris Renaud, Andy Lanning; Renaud, Lanning) 10 Sep 97 A prelude to war, 2 The cadets and Pike manage to contain the Jem'Hadar locally, but must go after their supply of White to defeat them. Pava volunteers to penetrate the shielded White stockpile while the rest of the squad waits in the runabout with transporter and phasers ready. Afterwards, the cadets are arrested for violation of General Order 7 ("The Menagerie" [TOS]). (Chris Cooper; Chris Renaud, Andy Lanning; Renaud, Lanning) 11 Oct 97 Judgement The cadets of Omega Squad go on trial and may face the death penalty. Ambassador Spock represents the cadets before the court martial. To illustrate his logic, Spock calls a witness to relate events which took place years earlier, when Picard was a cadet. In spite of Spock's efforts, the cadets are found guilty and their warnings about a Dominion plot against the Federation's telpathic races is ignored. Spock on cover with Omega Squad. (Chris Cooper; John Royle, Tom Wegrzyn; Royle, Wegrzyn) 12 Nov 97 Telepathy War Part 1: Renegades While Nog is shipped off to DS9, cadets and faculty protest the sentencing of Omega Squad. Meanwhile, Yoshi plots to help his classmates escape. With assistance from Boothby, the cadets break out and steal a shuttle. The squad suspects Admiral Pradesh is a shape-shifter. Omega Squad heads for DS9 with Romulans and the Enterprise in pursuit. (see DS9 #12 for part 2) (Chris Cooper; Chris Renaud, Andy Lanning; Renaud, Lanning) 13 Dec 97 Parent's day Pradesh is reassigned. Exonerated after the incidents of the Telepathy war, Omega Squad faces an even greater threat, their parents. Chaos ensues and T'Priell may not be the person everyone thinks she is. (Chris Cooper; John Royle, Tom Wegrzyn; Royle, Wegrzyn) 14 Jan 98 T'Priell revealed: Betrayal, 1 T'Priell is revealed as a Romulan spy. One by one, the members of Omega Squad are captured, incapacitated, and apparently killed. On DS9, Nog doesn't believe anyone is dead and resolves to find his classmates. (Chris Cooper; Chris Renaud, Andy Lanning;) 15 Feb 98 T'Priell revealed: Origins, 2 While Nog and Yoshi search for Omega Squad, their friends must contend with raptor rats and other prisoners. They learn how Selke became T'Priell and of the Tal Shiar's plans for her. Managing to escape, Omega Squad discovers that Selke has been experimenting on Edam. (Chris Cooper; Chris Renaud, Andy Lanning;) 16 Mar 98 T'Priell revealed: The fall, 3 Selke tries to reconcile the divided half of her mind which holds T'Priell's katra. Omega Squad must fight their way out of captivity. With help from the Romulan Reunification underground, they return to Federation space with Selke/T'Priell, but T'Priell's body remains in stasis on Romulus. Out of focus effect on background of cover art. (Chris Cooper; Chris Renaud, Andy Lanning;) 17 Apr 98 Culture clash Omega Squad takes a break on DS9 while Zund, Edam, and Selke/T'Priell go to Vulcan for help. While Jake Sisko and his father help Omega Squad with some interpersonal turmoil, a Vulcan priestess fails to separate Selke and T'Priell, but a violent battle rages in the young woman's mind. Edan must throw some water on the telepathic catfight if she is to survive. (Chris Cooper; John Royle, Tom Wegrzyn; Royle, Wegrzyn) 18 May 98 mangHom qaD, 1 Published in Klingon. Translation coordinated by Dr. Lawrence Schoen of the Klingon Language Institute and edited by Chip Carter. Includes "A Klingon glossary" and an advertisement in Klingon. (Chris Cooper; Chris Renaud, Andy Lanning; Renaud, Lanning) 18 May 98 Cadet challenge, 1 Published in English. B'essa'al challenges for leadership of First Cadre. To win honor for their people, the cadets of First Cadre resolve to find the sword of Kahless, believed lost in the Gamma Quadrant ("The sword of Kahless" [DS9]). Following a false trail, they are captured by a vengeful Omega Squad, for the death of Kamilah Goldstein. Pava must face Kovold one last time. (Chris Cooper; Chris Renaud, Andy Lanning; Renaud, Lanning) 19 Jun 98 Between love and hate, 2 Pava must fight for her life against Kovold, who has been driven insane by an archaeological artifact. Pava is unable to bring herself to kill Kovold, but he destroys the shuttle to try and burn away his dishonor. Pava is transported away with only a moment to spare and is blamed for the death anyway. Last issue of the series. (Chris Cooper; Chris Renaud, Andy Lanning; Renaud, Lanning)
Subject: Copyright Notice Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Starfleet Academy, Star Trek: Early Voyages, and Star Trek: Unlimited are TM, (R) and Copyright (C) 2004 Paramount Pictures. This article is Copyright (C) 1992-2004 Mark L.B. Martinez. It may be freely redistributed in its entirety provided that this copyright notice is not removed. It may not be sold for profit or incorporated in commercial documents without the written permission of the copyright holder. Permission is expressly granted for this document to be made available by institutions offering unrestricted access to the Internet. eof part7

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