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Star Trek Comics Checklist, Part 2/9

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Archive-name: star-trek/comics-checklist/part2
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Last-modified: 2004-8-21

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Subject: [Gold Key Comics] Star Trek Issues 1-9 have photo covers. Issues 10-29 and 31-44 have painted covers with inset b&w photos of Kirk and Spock. Issue 30 has a line art cover. Issues 46-48 have painted covers without photo insets. Color inset photos return on the painted covers of issues 49-59. Issues 60-61 have line art covers without inset photos. Some issues were published with both Gold Key and Whitman logos. The Whitman covers are generally reprint issues. Some issues were reprinted with corrections, additional photos, and multiple covers. Gold Key comics were published by Western Publishing. 01 Jul 67 The planet of no return Kirk, McCoy and Rand explore a planet where plants are the highest link in the food chain, and the plants are hungry. Photos of Spock, Kirk, and Sulu on cover. (; Nevio Zaccara) 01A Jul 67 The planet of no return This variant edition of #1 has photos on the front and back inside covers, and the back cover. 02 Jun 68 The devil's isle of space Kirk is trapped on a doomed asteroid with condemned convicts awaiting an unusual execution. Photos of Spock and Kirk on cover. (; Nevio Zaccara) 02A Jun 68 The devil's isle of space This variant edition of #2 has photos on the front and back inside covers, and the back cover. 03 Dec 68 Invasion of the city builders Kirk and Spock aid a planet whose out-of-control machines are building over every available piece of land. Photos of Spock and the bridge crew on cover. (; Alberto Giolitti, Giovanni Ticci?) 03A Dec 68 Invasion of the city builders This variant edition of #3 has photos on the front and back inside covers, and the back cover. 04 Jun 69 The peril of planet Quick Change Spock helps revive an ancient civilization, but one of the beings takes over Spock's body in order to leave his world and travel into space. Photos of the Enterprise, Spock, Kirk, and an alien on cover. (; Alberto Giolitti) 05 Sep 69 The ghost planet Kirk and Spock must prevent two warring leaders from resuming hostilities after their planet is freed from deadly radiation rings. Photos of Spock and Kirk on cover. (; Alberto Giolitti) 06 Dec 69 When planets collide The Enterprise must save two planets from colliding. The only choice appears to be destroying one of them, but both are inhabited. Photo of Spock on cover. (; Alberto Giolitti) 07 Mar 70 The voodoo planet The Enterprise encounters a planet which is an exact duplicate of Earth, without people. A madman uses voodoo to hold Earth hostage until Kirk and Spock learn his secrets. Photos of Spock, McCoy, Kirk on cover. (; Alberto Giolitti) 08 Sep 70 The youth trap Aliens experimenting with an age-ray cause members of a landing party to grow young, forcing Kirk to deal with McCoy and Scotty as children. (; Alberto Giolitti) 09 Feb 71 The legacy of Lazarus The Enterprise discovers a planet inhabited by every famous person who ever walked Earth. Spock is taken prisoner by their creator, Lazarus, who wants Spock's brain. Photos of Spock and Kirk on cover. (Len Wein; Alberto Giolitti) 10 May 71 Sceptre of the sun Kirk and Spock must help an evil sorcerer obtain "The Sceptre of the Sun" or he will destroy the Enterprise. They battle against living mountains and the robot guardian of the Sceptre. (Len Wein; Alberto Giolitti) 11 Aug 71 The brain shockers Bottled emotions from Vulcan's past break free and enter members of the Enterprise crew. The ship is captured by an immortal being who explores his captive's emotions to prevent boredom. (Len Wein; Alberto Giolitti) 12 Nov 71 The flight of the Buccaneer To prevent their cover from being blown, Kirk and McCoy sacrifice Spock and Scotty to space pirates in search of a dilithium crystal treasure. (Len Wein; Alberto Giolitti) 13 Feb 72 Dark traveler The Enterprise picks up an intergalactic hitchhiker and is forced to take him to his utopian homeworld, only to find cities in ruin and murderous robots. (Len Wein; Alberto Giolitti) 14 May 72 The Enterprise mutiny Following a planetary survey, Kirk begins acting irrationally. Spock and McCoy attempt to relieve Kirk of command but he escapes in a shuttle, with the Enterprise in pursuit. (Len Wein; Alberto Giolitti) 15 Aug 72 Museum at the end of time The Enterprise is trapped in a graveyard for ships and needs a Klingon starship's help to get out. Story is similar to ST:TAS episode "The time trap". (Len Wein; Alberto Giolitti) 16 Nov 72 Day of the inquisitors Several crewmembers crash-land a shuttle on a planet still in its dark ages. Kirk has to unite two sides, "barbarians" and "religious extremists", before the planet tears itself apart, with his shuttle party in the middle of it all. (Len Wein; Alberto Giolitti) 17 Feb 73 The cosmic cavemen An Enterprise landing party surveys a planet whose stone age inhabitants worship an idol that looks like Spock. (; Alberto Giolitti) 18 May 73 The hijacked planet The inhabitants of an entire planet, recorded on magnetic tape, are hijacked and held for ransom. The Enterprise must recover the tape before the hijacker destroys it. (; Alberto Giolitti) 19 Jul 73 The haunted asteroid The Enterprise investigates an asteroid memorial to a long-dead queen, where too many people have disappeared without a trace. (; Alberto Giolitti) 20 Sep 73 A world gone mad The Enterprise returns the young heir to the throne of a planet gone mad in the wake of a comet's passing. (; Alberto Giolitti) 21 Nov 73 The mummies of Heitus VII A mummy being taken to a research center by the Enterprise comes alive and takes over the ship, steering it towards Romulan space. (; Alberto Giolitti) 22 Jan 74 Siege in superspace The Enterprise passes through a black hole to superspace, where, on a marshy planet, a landing party and the planet's inhabitants are besieged by an army of vegetable-metalloid monsters. (; Alberto Giolitti) 23 Mar 74 Child's play Responding to a distress call, Kirk and and his landing party transport to a planet where children are the only survivors of a worldwide plague. The Enterprise must race across the galaxy to bring back the only known cure before Kirk and his party die too. (; Alberto Giolitti) 24 May 74 The trial of Capt. Kirk Kirk is framed by a pirate iron-mining ring for accepting a bribe to protect illegal mining operations. The crew of the Enterprise goes after proof of Kirk's innocence. (; Alberto Giolitti) 25 Jul 74 Dwarf planet The Enterprise visits a planet whose population is slowly shrinking from unusual solar radiation. While trying to discover an antidote, Scotty is exposed to radiation and shrinks to microscopic size. (; Alberto Giolitti) 26 Sep 74 The perfect dream The Enterprise discovers a world where clones lead an idyllic existence, but are not allowed to question or create. (; Alberto Giolitti) 27 Nov 74 Ice journey The Enterprise ignites a civil war on a doomed planet. (; Alberto Giolitti) 28 Jan 75 The mimicking menace Members of an Enterprise landing party find themselves facing their doubles on a volcanic asteroid. The doubles were created by a parasitic life form that feeds off of living and mechanical energy. 29 Mar 75 reprints Gold Key 1 with a painted cover 30 May 75 Death of a star On a mission to observe a stellar nova, the Enterprise finds massive signs of life on a nearby planet, but only a single individual, an ancient woman who invites the crew to witness her death. (; Alberto Giolitti) 31 Jul 75 The final truth An Enterprise shuttle crashes on a world prohibited to outsiders. Crew members are forced to wear punisher collars and help feed the planet's life presence. (; Alberto Giolitti) 32 Aug 75 The animal people The Enterprise comes to the aid of a planet which is being overrun by maddened animals. Spock discovers that the "animals" are intelligent, but this knowledge puts the landing party in danger because planetary leaders want to keep this information secret. (; Alberto Giolitti) 33 Sep 75 The choice Kirk duels with his double from another universe to decide the fate of this universe. (; Alberto Giolitti) 34 Oct 75 The psychocrystals An Enterprise survey party is captured by crystalline aliens and sentenced to death for attempted kidnapping of crystal babies. (; Alberto Giolitti) 35 Nov 75 reprints Gold Key 4 with a painted cover 36 Mar 76 A bomb in time Renegade scientists hold Earth for ransom by threatening to explode a devastating new explosive device somewhen in Earth's past. Scotty goes back to the old west of 1855 and Kirk goes back to 1955 to search for the bomb. (; Alberto Giolitti) 37 May 76 reprints Gold Key 5 with a painted cover 38 Jul 76 One of our captains is missing Kirk is sent on a special assignment to investigate suspected Klingon covert activities and a hard-nosed captain takes command of the Enterprise. (; Alden McWilliams) 39 Aug 76 Prophet of peace The Enterprise recovers a brilliant scientist from cryogenic deep-freeze but aliens may have planted a duplicate. 40 Sep 76 Furlough to fury McCoy visits his daughter Barbara, a xenobiologist. Scotty and Kirk thwart the larcenous plans of a former crewman with the help of one of Barbara's alien beasts. (; Alden McWilliams) 41 Nov 76 The evictors The Enterprise is visiting a planet on a protocol mission when, after hundreds of thousands of years, the original inhabitants return to reclaim their home. (; Alden McWilliams) 42 Jan 77 World against time The Enterprise discovers a planet populated by children who were adults, until radiation began to change them. Spock and Scotty begin to grow young again as they attempt to shield the radiation source. (; Alden McWilliams) 43 Feb 77 World beneath the waves After picking up Dr. Barbara McCoy, xenobiologist and McCoy's daughter, the Enterprise heads for a world where air-breathers have developed into water-breathers to escape a planet-wide catastrophe. The Enterprise crew is drawn into a conflict between the ocean-dwellers and surface-dwellers. (George Kashdan ?; Alden McWilliams) 44 May 77 Prince Traitor Kirk, Spock, and Scotty are captured by a rebel leader who turns out to be the Emperor's son. He plans to barter their lives for the freedom of his people. (; Alden McWilliams) 45 Jul 77 reprints Gold Key 7 and cover, first issue with a barcode 46 Aug 77 Mr. Oracle Spock's brain is filled with the knowledge of an entire world. He becomes insane and imprisons Kirk, Scott and McCoy on a hostile world that obeys only his orders. (; Alden McWilliams) 47 Sep 77 This tree bears bitter fruit The Enterprise encounters energy beings who are being nurtured to take care of the universe. Kirk engages in single combat with one of the beings to save humanity. Writer and artist credits begin with this issue. (George Kashdan, Doug Drexler; Alden McWilliams) 48 Oct 77 Sweet smell of evil A renowned scientist is murdered aboard the Enterprise while being taken to a conference. The suspects are his colleagues. Spock and McCoy solve the crime. (Arnold Drake, Doug Drexler; Alden Mcwilliams) 49 Nov 77 A warp in space Kirk seeks the aid of Zefram Cochrane and the Companion ("Metamorphosis") after several experimental starships disappear while testing a hyper-warp drive. (George Kashdan; Alden McWilliams) 50 Jan 78 The planet of no life Kirk and a young ensign are trapped, facing slow death, while an old nemesis of Kirk's (Star Trek #41, "The Evictors") enjoys their suffering. The ensign agrees to kill Kirk if he is allowed to live. (Arnold Drake; Alden McWilliams) 51 Mar 78 Destination annihilation Absent-minded Prof. Osric Whipple, an old friend of Kirk's, inadvertently starts, then stops an interplanetary war. Mazda spaceship on cover. (George Kashdan; Alden McWilliams) 52 May 78 And a child shall lead them The Enterprise breaks up a black market mining operation on a primitive world led by a child. (George Kashdan; Alden McWilliams) 53 Jul 78 What fools mortals be On an uncharted planet, Kirk, Spock and McCoy relive the voyage of Ulysses for the amusement of Zeus and other Greek gods. (George Kashdan; Alden McWilliams) 54 Aug 78 Sport of knaves Kirk, Spock, and Scotty go undercover to track down stolen endangered birds. (George Kashdan; Alden McWilliams) 55 Sep 78 A world against itself After their brains are altered, Spock and Scotty lead two warring tribes into combat. Error on cover "Spock vs. Slott". (Arnold Drake; Alden McWilliams) 56 Oct 78 No time like the past A deposed dictator escapes and travels back in time via the Guardian of Forever ("The City on the Edge of Forever"). Kirk, Spock, and McCoy must alter history so that Hannibal is defeated by the Romans. (George Kashdan; Alden McWilliams) 57 Nov 78 Spore of the devil Kirk, Scotty and Spock discover an alien directing the development of a medieval world. The alien does not know where he is from. (Arnold Drake; Alden McWilliams) 58 Dec 78 Brain-damaged planet McCoy must help a planet fend off huge parasites, or its inhabitants will all be driven mad. (George Kashdan; Alden McWilliams) 59 Jan 79 To err is Vulcan Spock makes not one, but two errors. Kirk suspects a plan to discredit Spock and has a plan of his own. (Arnold Drake; Alden McWilliams) 60 Feb 79 The empire man The Enterprise protects a colony under attack by a powerful cyborg. Each time an attack occurs, a beautiful ghost appears, but she can't communicate until she enters Spock's body. (John Warner; Alden McWilliams) 61 Mar 79 Operation con game Harry Mudd's ("Mudd's Women") dilithium con could ignite a war between the Federation and the Klingon empire. Kirk and Spock transport aboard a Klingon warship while Mudd kidnaps McCoy. (George Kashdan; Alden McWilliams)
Subject: [Golden Press] Star Trek (collections) The Enterprise Logs 01 Aug 76 Reprints Gold Key 1-8 with 7 pages of new art Captain James T. Kirk: Psycho-File Portrait of a starship: The Enterprise A page from Scotty's diary Portrait of an artist: Alberto Giolitti Photos of Spock, McCoy, Kirk, and Sulu on cover ISBN 0-307-11185-7, trade pb 02 1976 Reprints Gold Key 9-17 Photos of Spock and a rear view of the Enterprise on the cover ISBN 0-307-11187-3, trade pb 03 1977 Reprints Gold Key 18-26 with 1 page of new art Lt. Commander Spock: Psycho-File Photos of Kirk and Spock on cover ISBN 0-307-11188-1, trade pb 04 Winter 77 Reprints Gold Key 27, 28, 30-34, 36, and 38 with 3 pages of new art From Sputnik to Warp Drive: A brief history of interstellar travel Photos of Spock and a bottom view of the Enterprise on the cover ISBN 0-307-11189-X, trade pb
Subject: [Checker Book Publishing Group] Star Trek (collections) Star Trek: The Key Collection 01 Jun 2004 Volume 1 Reprints Gold Key 1-8 in color with cover reproductions ISBN 0974166448, trade pb, 228 pp, 6.75"x10.25" 02 Sep 2004 Volume 2 Reprints Gold Key 9-17 ISBN 0971024987, trade pb, 228 pp, full color, 6.75"x10.25"
Subject: [Power Records] Star Trek Book & Record Set 7" 45-rpm record and 20-page comic book PR-25 1975 Passage to Moauv The Enterprise is ordered to transport the noisy, cat-like pet waul of the Moauvian ambassador to his home world. The waul escapes and its telepathic projections of fear affect all crew members except Lt. M'Ress (ST: TAS) who manages to calm the alien kitty cat. For reasons unknown, Sulu is black rather than Asian, Uhura is a blonde, and M'Ress appears to be Orion. Illustrated cover. (Alan Dean Foster;) PR-26 1975 Crier in emptiness The Enterprise encounters a being of pure sound, whose musical voice causes damage all over the ship until a crewman establishes a musical rapport with the being. Illustrated cover. (Alan Dean Foster;) 12" LP record and 16-page comic book BR513 1976 A mirror for futility/The time stealer "A Mirror for Futility" The Enterprise encounters two massive starships battling one another. The automated ships are all that remain of an ancient war. Kirk and his crew must turn the warships away from Federation space without being destroyed. (Alan Dean Foster;) "The Time Stealer" The Enterprise encounters a time-slowing anomaly, an axe-wielding barbarian, and a sorceror, not to mention the fate of the lost city of Atlantis. (Cary Bates, Neal Adams;) Illustrated cover. Also available in cassette?
Subject: [Peter Pan Records] Star Trek Book & Record Set 7" 45-rpm record and 20-page comic book PR-45 1979 Dinosaur planet The Enterprise encounters a race of intelligent dinosaurs. Trek meets T-Rex. Remember, these are kiddie stories. None of the dinosaurs are purple and they don't sing. Sulu is finally drawn correctly. Photo cover. PR-46 1979 The robot masters Posing as pirates who have hijacked a frieghter full of robots, Kirk and Scotty foil a diabolical Romulan plan to turn robots into warriors. Uhura is finally drawn correctly. The Romulans are silly-looking green men in leotards. Photo cover.
Subject: [Marvel Comics] Star Trek (movie adaptations) Marvel Comics Super Special 15 Dec 79 Star Trek: The motion picture ($1.50 cover price) 15 Dec 79 Star Trek: The motion picture ($2.00 cover price) Story by Alan Dean Foster and Gene Roddenberry. Screenplay by Harold Livingston. Also contains articles, glossary, and photos, magazine format, painted cover. The version with a $1.50 cover price may be a printing error. (Marv Wolfman; Dave Cockrum, Klaus Janson; Bob Larkin)
Subject: [Pocket Books] Star Trek (movie adaptations) Mar 1980 Star Trek: The Motion Picture Reprints Marvel Comics Super Special 15 and also contains "Star Trek: The motion picture glossary" by Tom Rogers, with b&w photos from the film. Cover by Bob Larkin. ISBN 0-671-83563-7 mass-market pb
Subject: [Marvel Comics] Star Trek Issues numbered in diamond boxes with a Spiderman logo were sold at comic book stores while those numbered in square boxes with barcodes were sold at newsstands. 01 Apr 80 Star Trek: The Motion Picture, 1 The original crew members of the Enterprise are reunited for an urgent mission. Issues 1-3 reprint Marvel Comics Super Special 15. (Marv Wolfman; Dave Cockrum, Klaus Janson) 02 May 80 V'Ger, 2 The Enterprise encounters V'Ger. (Marv Wolfman; Dave Cockrum, Klaus Janson) 03 Jun 80 Evolutions, 3 V'Ger reaches Earth and meets the creator. (Marv Wolfman; Dave Cockrum, Klaus Janson) 04 Jul 80 The haunting of Thallus, 1 While returning an escaped prisoner to a prison satellite near Thallus, the Enterprise is haunted by monsters, werewolves, and vampires, and encounters a haunted house floating in space. (Marv Wolfman; Dave Cockrum, Klaus Janson) 05 Aug 80 The haunting of the Enterprise, 2 Klingons capture Kirk's landing party and attack the Enterprise with thought-created monsters. (Mike Barr; Dave Cockrum, Klaus Janson; Miller) 06 Sep 80 The Enterprise murder case An ambassador transports to the Enterprise with a knife in his back. Spock and McCoy act as criminal investigator and medical examiner. (Mike Barr; Dave Cockrum, Klaus Janson) 07 Oct 80 Tomorrow or yesterday The Enterprise must disperse a deadly cloud of radiation before it devastates a primitive planet. The landing party finds that their arrival was expected. (Tom DeFalco; Mike Nasser, Klaus Janson; Nasser) 08 Nov 80 The expansionist syndrome The Enterprise is captured by a race of machines and must free itself, along with the humanoids living with the machines. Spock is taken by the machines so that they can make use of his telepathic abilities. (Martin Pasko; Dave Cockrum, Ricardo Villamonte) 09 Dec 80 Experiment in vengeance The Enterprise finds a missing starship and the combined consciousness of an early transporter research team. The consciousness murdered the starship's crew and commandeered the ship to search for the team's missing leader. (Martin Pasko; Dave Cockrum, Frank Springer) 10 Jan 81 Domain of the dragon god On a survey of a primitive planet, Spock and McCoy get caught in a conflict between warring tribes. (Michael Fleisher; Leo Duranona, Klaus Janson) 11 Feb 81 Like a woman scorned The Enterprise is menaced by a Scottish witch and the Loch Ness monster courtesy of Scotty's old flame. (Martin Pasko; Joe Brozowski, Tom Palmer) 12 Mar 81 Eclipse of reason A starship with Janice Rand aboard, attempts to pass the galactic energy barrier. The crew goes mad and returns to their homeworld with the Enterprise in pursuit. (Allan Brennart, Martin Pasko; Luke McDonnel, Tom Palmer) 13 Apr 81 All the infinite ways Negotiations for mineral rights are interrupted by a scheming Klingon commander. McCoy is reunited with his estranged daughter and her Vulcan fiance. (Martin Pasko; Joe Brozowski, Tom Palmer, D. Hands) 14 Jun 81 We are dying, Egypt, dying On a desert planet, Kirk and his landing party discover pyramids and temples resembling those of ancient Egypt. Kirk is possessed by the life energy of an ancient alien to fulfil a prophecy. (Martin Pasko; Luke McDonnel, Gene Day) 15 Aug 81 The quality of mercy On a top secret mission, a cloaked Enterprise travels to a prison planet. Disguised as alien guards, Kirk and his strike force search for the missing son of a starbase commander. (Martin Pasko; Gil Kane) 16 Oct 81 There's no space like gnomes' On a supply mission, an Enterprise landing party finds the colonists missing and the planet inhabited by gnomes, trolls, and goblins. (Martin Pasko; Luke McDonnel, Gene Day, Sal Trapani) 17 Dec 81 The long night's dawn A Federation satellite falls from orbit, threatening the lives of billions. Disguised as natives, Kirk, Spock, and McCoy, transport to the planet to assess the situation, but they are captured, branded as heretics, and sentenced to death. (Mike Barr; Ed Hannigan, Tom Palmer; Simonson) 18 Feb 82 A thousand deaths Kirk and Spock are taken from the Enterprise by the Sustainer, the robot keeper of a worldship. The Sustainer forces them to sacrifice their lives for each other and for the Enterprise. (J.M. DeMatteis; Joe Brozowski, Sal Trapani; Austin)
Subject: [Marvel Comics] Star Trek (collections) 1982 Star Trek: The Further Adventures of the Starship Enterprise Marvel Illustrated Books #02821, reprints Marvel 7, 11, 12. Cover by Bob Larkin. ISBN 0-939766-00-0 mass-market pb
Subject: [DC Comics] Star Trek (first series) 01 Feb 84 The wormhole connection, 1 The first story in this series takes place after the events of ST II: TWOK. Spock is dead, and Saavik has replaced him as science officer. Kirk is given command of the Enterprise again and assigned to investigate the destruction of a Federation starship by Klingons. Kirk, Saavik, and an ensign discover that the Klingons have built a space station on the other side of a wormhole. (Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; George Perez) 02 Mar 84 The only good Klingon, 2 Saavik provides a diversion while Kirk and Ensign Bryce sabotage the Klingon station. After escaping back to the Enterprise, the crew learns that the Klingons have declared war on the Federation. (Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; George Perez) 03 Apr 84 Errand of war, 3 The Federation-Klingon war is being orchestrated by Excalbians ("The Savage Curtain"). Defying orders, Kirk heads for Organia where he finds the planet shrouded in a black field that absorbs all energy. After a brief battle with the Klingons, Kirk captures his old adversary, Capt. Kor ("Errand of Mercy"), and an Excalbian appears aboard Enterprise. (Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; George Perez) 04 May 84 Deadly allies, 4 Yarnek, the Excalbian, tells Kirk that his first investigation of good and evil was inconclusive. The Excalbians have engineered the entrapment of Organia and a Federation-Klingon war. Kor and his crew help the Enterprise penetrate the black field. Kirk convinces the Excalbian to join the play directly by taking on the Organians. The Excalbians and Organians disappear. The Federation and the Klingon Empire are free to chart their own course. (Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Sutton, Villagran) 05 Jun 84 Mortal gods A former student of Kirk's is the only survivor of a battle with a Klingon ship. He lands on a primitive planet and becomes a god. Kirk and his crew must minimize the impact without further violations of the Prime Directive. (Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Sal Amendola; Sutton, Amendola) 06 Jul 84 Who is Enigma? Peace talks between the Federation and the Klingon Empire are threatened by Enigma, a shape-shifting revolutionary, who is determined to kill Ambassador Robert Fox ("A Taste of Armageddon"). (Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Sutton, Sal Amendola) 07 Aug 84 Pon Farr, Origin of Saavik 1 Saavik enters pon farr. She tells Kirk and McCoy how she met Spock and about her bonding with Xon. Kirk directs the Enterprise to Vulcan. On arrival, Saavik learns that Xon is on a secret mission. She obtains information of his whereabouts and takes a ship to the rim of the galaxy, with the Enterprise close behind. (Mike W. Barr; Eduardo Barreto, Ricardo Villagran; Dan Day, Dick Giordano) 08 Nov 84 Blood fever, 2 Saavik finds Xon, who is masquerading as a Romulan to learn the secrets of a bioengineering technique which threatens the Federation. The Romulans discover Xon's treachery and begin interrogating him. The Enterprise finds Saavik and frees Xon, then lures the Romulans into the energy barrier at the galaxy's rim. ST III: TSFS is the next episode. (Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Sutton, Joe Orlando) 09 Dec 84 Promises to keep, New frontiers 1 This saga of the Mirror universe was scripted before ST IV: TVH. After visiting with Spock, Kirk and his colleagues decide to return to Earth aboard the Klingon bird-of-prey. At Space Station Regula I, they ponder their future and attend a memorial service for Davis Marcus (ST II: TWOK). Meanwhile, in another universe, Capt. Kirk ("Mirror, Mirror") destroys Space Station Regula I with Dr. Carol Marcus (ST II: TWOK) aboard, after obtaining vital data from her. The Empire is preparing to conquer another universe. (Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Sutton, Villagran) 10 Jan 85 Double image, 2 The Empire's Enterprise breaks through into Federation space and heads for Regula I. Capt. Styles (ST III: TSFS) is headed there also, to pick up Kirk and his crew. Taking the bird-of-prey in tow, Excelsior leaves for Earth. The Enterprise attacks a starship and continues on towards Regula I. The Excelsior returns to engage the intruder, but is boarded and captured by the Empire. (Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Sutton, Villagran) 11 Feb 85 Deadly reflection, 3 The Empire's Kirk sends Spock to Vulcan to retrieve the Federation's Spock. Kirk and his crew escape from Excelsior to the Enterprise, where they find Marlena Moreau ("Mirror, Mirror") and take over the ship. On Vulcan, Spock finds Spock still recovering and mind-melds with him. Excelsior pursues Enterprise. After a brief battle, the Empire's Kirk starts the auto-destruct sequence aboard the Enterprise and Kirk can't stop it. (Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Sutton, Villagran) 12 Mar 85 The Tantalus trap, 4 The Empire's Spock and his Federation counterpart engage in a mind-meld duel until one is defeated. Before the Enterprise self-destructs, Scotty and Saavik manage to separate the saucer section from the warp drive. Using the Tantalus field, Kirk disables Excelsior and captures his Empire counterpart. Scotty and Saavik repair Excelsior and modify the transwarp engines to travel into Empire space. Kirk plans to stop the Empire's invasion. As they leave, both Spocks returns from Vulcan. (Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Sutton, Villagran) 13 Apr 85 Masquerade, 5 The Federation's Kirk meets with David Marcus and other leaders of the underground fighting to free themselves from Empire rule. Both Spocks arrive in the alternate universe and join Kirk on Excelsior. The Empire's Spock has lost his hatred and has agreed to help overthrow the Empire. Kirk has convinced the Empire to let him lead an invasion fleet to his own universe, where he will turn on them. A spy learns of Kirk's plans and the invasion fleet turns on Excelsior. (Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran;) 14 May 85 Behind enemy lines, 6 His plan to sabotage the Empire invasion discovered, Kirk follows David Marcus' suggestion to free scientists from a prison planet to assist with the rebellion. Kirk sends both Spocks and Konom, a Klingon serving aboard Excelsior, to the Klingon homeworld to seek an alliance. (Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Sutton, Magyar ?) 15 Jun 85 The beginning of the end, 7 Kirk builds a shaky alliance with the Klingons and Romulans in the Empire's universe. Using a device that disables transtator-based technology, most of the Empire's fleet is defeated. Kirk, in Excelsior, fights one last battle against the Empire's Excelsior-class starship. Kirk turns over the defeated Empire fleet to David Marcus to continue the fight. The Empire's Kirk escapes in a shuttle, but is caught by an Empire starship. Excelsior returns home. (Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran;) 16 Jul 85 Homecoming, 8 On arrival in his own universe, Kirk and his crew are arrested by Capt. Styles. To plead his case, Kirk secretly transmits the Excelsior's log on an open channel. The broadcast is picked up by the press and he returns home a hero. Kirk is given command of Excelsior and Spock takes command of science vessel Surak. (Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran;) 17 Aug 85 The D'Artagnan three Sulu, Uhura, and Bearclaw investigate a space station for evidence of smuggling while Kirk, in Excelsior, tracks down the source of smuggled dilithium crystals. Sulu, in his first command, learns that the smugglers are also slavers, and engineers their capture. (L.B. Kellogg; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Sutton, Janson) 18 Sep 85 Rest and recreation On shore leave, Scotty stumbles onto a drug processing operation which threatens the safety of a starbase. With the help of a Starfleet cadet, he manages to put a stop to the drug operation. (Paul Kupperberg; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran;) 19 Oct 85 Chekov's choice Chekov incites the crew of the Enterprise to mutiny while the ship is out of control and on a collision course for an asteroid. This story is set between ST: TMP and ST II: TWOK. (Walter Koenig; Dan Spiegle; Sutton, Villagran) 20 Nov 85 Giri Sulu attends a family wedding and winds up in a battle for his life to prevent a murder. Wenonah Woods is a pseudonym of Laurie Sutton. (Wenonah Woods; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Sutton, Wray) 21 Dec 85 Dreamworld Spock and the crew of the Surak arrive at an unexplored planet. Beaming down with two crewmembers, Spock finds himself alone, in a dream. He must find his way out of the dream and save the rest of his landing party. (Bob Rozakis; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran;) 22 Jan 86 The wolf, Wolf on the prowl 1 Redjac ("Wolf in the Fold") returns to spread fear and murder aboard Excelsior, and to take revenge on Kirk. Lured to a planet whose inhabitants worship Redjac, Kirk and his landing party discover that Redjac inhabits the body of one of their own. (Tony Isabella; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran;) 23 Feb 86 Wolf at the door, 2 Redjac kills several crewmembers and taunts Kirk unmercifully. Scotty manages to adjust the shields to prevent Redjac from entering the ship and with Saavik's help, creates a wormhole which draws Redjac into another universe. (Tony Isabella; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Cowan, Janson) 24 Mar 86 Double blind, 1 The Ajir demand that Kirk surrender Excelsior. Since the Ajir ship has no shields and very little power, Kirk surrenders in order to learn what these beings are up to. They claim to be a conquering race but turn out to be more like children. Then the Grond show up. (Diane Duane; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Jim Starlin) 25 Apr 86 Double blind, 2 Kirk surrenders to the Grond also. He learns that both the Ajir and the Grond have adopted an aggressive posture for protection, but their homeworlds are economically depressed. Kirk convinces them that the Federation can help and they return Excelsior to the Federation. (Diane Duane; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Jim Starlin) 26 May 86 The trouble with transporters Exploring a newly discovered planet, Spock and the Surak encounter transporter problems and a Romulan attack on a landing party. (Bob Rozakis; Tom Sutton; Ricardo Villagran; Brozowski, Gio ?) 27 Jun 86 Around the clock A day in the life of Excelsior's crew. (Robert Greenberger; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Brozowski, Villagran, Zaffino) 28 Jul 86 The last word After a crewman falls into a coma following the death of a close friend, McCoy can't find any physical cause. Since he carried Spock's marbles for a while, he tries to mind-meld with his patient and succeeds in bringing him out of the coma. (Diane Duane; Gray Morrow; Brozowski, Villagran) 29 Aug 86 The trouble with Bearclaw While Kirk is inundated with Excelsior paperwork, an away team of mixed race gets into trouble on a planetary survey. Bearclaw is insubordinate to his alien colleagues, but manages to keep everyone alive. (Tony Isabella; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran;) 30 Sep 86 Uhura's story Flashback to Uhura's first mission after assignment to the Enterprise. Uhura commandeers a shuttle to rescue Kirk and his landing party from Klingons. (Paul Kupperberg; Carmine Infantino, Ricardo Villagran;) 31 Oct 86 Maggie's world, 1 Excelsior escorts a Federation ambassador to a planet under development by Federation and Klingon interests. The natives are leaning toward alignment with the Klingons. When Excelsior arrives, a Federation mining operation is sabotaged. (Tony Isabella, Len Wein; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Brozowski, Marcos) 32 Nov 86 Judgement day, 2 The governor of Maggie's world learns who sabotaged the Federation mining facility and with Excelsior's help, obtains proof. The natives vote for Klingon jurisdiction, but Kirk and the governor secure concessions for the Federation. (Len Wein; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran;) 33 Dec 86 Vicious circle (20th anniversary) After being hurled back to 1 960's Earth ("Tomorrow is Yesterday"), the Enterprise attempts to return home, but overshoots by 20 years. Meeting Excelsior and their older selves, time ripples begin to tear apart the universe. The Guardian of Forever ("The City on the Edge of Forever") is their only hope. (Len Wein; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Bingham) 34 Jan 87 Death ship, The doomsday bug 1 Responding to an emergency signal from the Surak, Excelsior finds the entire crew dead except for Spock. The ship's log reveals that an Andorian carried some kind of plague aboard. Meanwhile, diplomatic relations with the Romulans have broken down and Excelsior must pursue a shuttle with the Andorian aboard, into the Romulan neutral zone. (Len Wein; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Brozowski, Smith) 35 Feb 87 Stand off, 2 Excelsior is in a stand-off with Romulan warships while Kirk tries to convince their commander that a plague carrier threatens the Empire. When Romulan crewmen begin dying, one of the Romulan ships breaks formation, heading for the homeworld. The other Romulans and Excelsior pursue. The Federation sends Capt. Styles to bring Kirk and Excelsior back to Federation space. (Len Wein; Gray Morrow; Brozowski, Montano) 36 Mar 87 The apocalypse scenario, 3 Scotty uses a modified transporter to filter the doomsday bug from the Romulans. Spock's body recovers from the effects of the plague but his mind is in chaos. Kirk and his closest friends take a bird-of-prey to Vulcan to get help. This story restores continuity for ST IV: TVH. (Len Wein; Gray Morrow; Brozowski, Marcos) 37 Apr 87 Choices Following Kirk's demotion to captain and reassignment to the Enterprise, his fellow officers consider their future and rejoin him for new adventures. A religious fanatic attempts to destroy the newly refitted Enterprise, but is thwarted by Spock. ST:TAS characters Lt. Arex and Lt. M'Ress make the first of several appearances in this series (#37, #39, #40, #46-55). M'Ress has the hots for Sulu. (Len Wein; Curt Swan, Pablo Marcos; Wray) 38 May 87 The Argon affair While the Enterprise undergoes repairs following a battle with Argonian pirates, Kirk saves a beautiful young woman from pirates. On board the Enterprise, she tries to sabotage the ship and is revealed as an Argonian spy. (Michael Fleisher; Adam Kubert, Ricardo Villagran;) 39 Jun 87 When you wish upon a star, Return of Mudd 1 Trapped by an unknown force, the Enterprise is taken to an unexplored planet. A landing party led by Spock attempts to transport to the surface, but Kirk, McCoy, and Scotty are transported with them. They find themselves on some kind of amusement planet ruled by Harry Mudd ("Mudd's Women"). (Len Wein; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran;) 40 Jul 87 Mudd's magic, 2 Mudd explains to Kirk that he landed on the amusement planet by accident and wished for help getting off-planet. The Enterprise is the answer to his wish. The landing party learns that the planet is really a nursery. Spock mind-melds with the artifact controlling the planet and the Enterprise is freed. (Len Wein; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran;) 41 Aug 87 What goes around The Enterprise responds to a distress call from a merchant ship under attack by Orion pirates. The pirates have hostages aboard their ship, and the merchant ship in tow, when the Enterprise arrives. Thanks to another miracle from Scotty, the hostages are rescued and the pirates captured. (Michael Carlin; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Brozowski, Lewis) 42 Sep 87 The corbomite effect The Enterprise is beset by numerous glitches. Scotty insists that gremlins are responsible and Kirk orders him to take a few days off. Scotty manages to rid the Enterprise of the gremlins in spite of the fact that no one believes him. (Michael Carlin; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Brozowski, Lewis) 43 Oct 87 Paradise lost, Return of the serpent 1 Returning to Gamma Trianguli VI ("The Apple") after 20 years, Kirk finds a desolate world and a despotic ruler who takes the landing party prisoner. The landing party manages to escape, but on board the Enterprise, no one is responding. (Michael Carlin; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Brozowski, Lewis) 44 Nov 87 Past perfect, 2 The followers of Vaal capture Kirk and his landing party for a sacrifice. They use powers taught by Vaal to draw the Enterprise out of orbit, to the surface. Spock convinces them to stop by offering to restore Vaal. Scotty sends a team of storm-troopers to free the landing party. Spock has been plugged into Vaal's systems. (Michael Carlin; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Jerome Moore, Lewis) 45 Dec 87 Devil down below, 3 Spock joins with Vaal to restore power to the protective computer system. Kirk admits he was wrong to destroy Vaal and Spock nearly gives up his life to put Gamma Trianguli VI back on course. (Michael Carlin; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Brozowski, Lewis) 46 Jan 88 Getaway On shore leave, Kirk is dogged by a Federation quality control expert assigned to the Enterprise. McCoy breaks a leg sand skiing and romance is the order of the day for other crew members. (Michael Carlin; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Brozowski, Lewis) 47 Feb 88 Idol threats A young officer tries to emulate Kirk after his captain is killed by Romulans and only gets his ship and crew into deeper trouble. Kirk comes to the rescue and learns that his reputation is not exactly what he would like it to be. (Michael Carlin; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Brozowski, Lewis) 48 Mar 88 The stars in secret influence, 1 Issues 48-55 are tied together. A Federation ship attacks an unarmed Klingon outpost. On the Enterprise, a bachelor party ends in a brawl and Kirk is hit on the head by a bottle. While Kirk decides on punishment, the Enterprise receives word about the outpost. (Peter David; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran;) 49 Apr 88 Aspiring to be angels, 2 A group of alien killers is mopping up at the Klingon outpost when the Enterprise arrives. A cloaked ship appears, captures the landing party, and fires on the Enterprise. To prevent Enterprise from firing back, the captured landing party is beamed onto the ship's hull with environment suits. A Klingon ship arrives and captures the landing party. The marauder gets away. (Peter David; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran;) 50 May 88 Marriage of inconvenience, 3 The Enterprise temporarily allies with the Klingons to track down the marauding Federation ship. Arriving at the renegade's next target at high warp, the Enterprise collides with the ship. The crew is captured but the captain gets away. His body is found on a nearby planet, but he has been dead for several weeks. Confused yet? (Peter David; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Ed Hannigan) 51 Jun 88 Haunted honeymoon, 1 A telepath falls ill, transforming the Enterprise into a nightmare. The crew experiences hellish illusions and the ship is incapacitated. Kirk, while in conference with Spock, McCoy, and Scotty, sees the Bloom County crew of the good ship Enterpoop. (Peter David; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Mike O'Connell) 52 Jul 88 Hell in a hand basket, 2 The Enterprise crew must descend through the circles of hell (as described in Dante's Inferno) until they find the telepath. Spock uses a mind-meld to restore sanity to the ship. Afterward, Bearclaw sinks a knife into Kirk's chest. (Peter David; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Mike O'Connell) 53 Aug 88 You're dead, Jim, 1 While McCoy works frantically to save Kirk's life, crewmembers remember past occasions with their captain. Kirk receives an invitation to join his brother Sam (introduced during conversation in "What Little Girls Are Made Of" and found dead in "Operation: Annihilate") and son, David. Christopher Pike also warns Kirk that its time ti leave. Spock brings Kirk back with a mind-meld. Kirk wants Bearclaw's head on a pike. (Peter David; Gordon Purcell, Ricardo Villagran; Jerome Moore, KEZ ?) 54 Sep 88 Old loyalties, 2 The Federation Security Legion is called in to investigate the attempt on Kirk's life. The Legion investigator is Sean Finnegan ("Shore Leave"), Kirk's oldest Starfleet Academy nemesis. The investigation into the renegade ship also continues. An Enterprise crewmember is found dead, but she was never reported dead. (Peter David; Gordon Purcell, Ricardo Villagran; Jerome Moore, KEZ) 55 Oct 88 Finnegan's wake, 3 Finnegan unearths the truth about Bearclaw's attempt on Kirk's life, but Garth of Izar ("Whom Gods Destroy") gets the drop on him and makes one last attempt to kill Kirk. An unexpected turn of events prevents him from finishing the job. Events occuring in this storyline are explored again in the novel, Strike Zone (see Part 4). (Peter David; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran; Jerome Moore, KEZ) 56 Nov 88 A small matter of faith Set during Kirk's first five-year mission. While carrying radiation victims to a starbase for emergency treatment, the Enterprise is hijacked by an officer. The ship is taken to a planet where faith healings have been reported. The Enterprise learns of a new type of being. (Martin Pasko; Gray Morrow; Jerome Moore)
Subject: [DC Comics] Star Trek Annuals (first series) 01 Oct 85 All those years ago Kirk's first mission aboard the Enterprise. Christopher Pike ("The Menagerie") hands over command of the Enterprise to Kirk and stays aboard to catch a ride to his next posting. The Enterprise encounters an alien race that Pike met once before. (Mike W. Barr; David Ross, Bob Smith;) 02 Sep 86 The final voyage The last mission of the Enterprise. Klingons under command of Koloth ("The Trouble With Tribbles"), have taken over Talos IV and learned the power of casting illusions from the Talosians ("The Menagerie"). The Enterprise is lured to Talos IV for a confrontation with the Klingons. (Mike W. Barr; Dan Jurgens, Bob Smith; Villagran, ?) 03 1988 Retrospect After the death of his first love and wife, Scotty remembers their brief moments together all the way back to childhood. (Peter David; Curt Swan, Ricardo Villagran; Gray Morrow)
Subject: [DC Comics] Star Trek (movie adaptations) nn Jun 84 Star Trek III: The search for Spock Story and screenplay by Harve Bennett. (Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran;) 02 1987 Star Trek IV: The voyage home Story by Leonard Nimoy and Harve Bennett. Screenplay by Steve Meerson, Peter Krikes, Harve Bennett, and Nicholas Meyer. (Mike W. Barr; Tom Sutton, Ricardo Villagran;)
Subject: [DC Comics] Star Trek Who's Who 01 Mar 87 Who's who in Star Trek Andorians, Apollo, Robert April, Arex, David Bailey, William Bearclaw, Phillip Boyce, Nancy Bryce, Christine Chapel, Pavel Chekov, Samuel T. Cogley, Richard Daystrom, Matthew Decker, Elizabeth Dehner, Deltans, Elasians, U.S.S. Enterprise, Excalbians, U.S.S. Excelsior, Fabrini, John Farrell, Benjamin Finney, Gem, Gorns, Amanda Grayson, Guardian of Forever, Hortas, Ilia, Iotians, Cyrano Jones, Edith Keeler, Lee Kelso, Khan Noonian Singh, James T. Kirk, Klingons, Konom, Roger Korby, Thomas Kyle, Frank Leslie, Carol Marcus, David Marcus, Leonard H. McCoy. Appendix: Balok, Lt. Boma, Charlie Evans, Zefram Cochrane, Cheron, John Gill, Landru, Angela Martine, Marlena Moreau, Harry Morrow, Nomad, Omicron Ceti III, Lt. Carolyn Palamas, Andrew Stiles, Capt. Styles, Tholians, Trelane, Zarabeth, Zetar. (Allan Asherman; numerous artists; Howard Chaykin) 02 Apr 87 Who's who in Star Trek Marla McGivers, Melkots, Metrons, Miramanee, Mirror Universe, Gary Mitchell, Maria Morelli, M'ress, Harry Mudd, Natira, Number One, Organians, Orions, Christopher Pike, Mark Piper, Janice Rand, Redjac, Kevin Riley, Romulans, Saavik, Sarek, Montgomery Scott, Gary Seven, Areel Shaw, Elizabeth Sherwood, Spock, Starbases, Starfleet, Starfleet Academy, Starships, Hikaru Sulu, U.S.S. Surak, Talosians, Gillian Taylor, Tellarites, Tribbles, Triskelions, Nyota Uhura, United Federation of Planets, Vians, Vina, Vulcans. Appendix: Command symbols from the movies. (Allan Asherman; numerous artists; Howard Chaykin)
Subject: [DC Comics] Star Trek (collections) Apr 91 The mirror universe saga Reprints issues 9-16 from first series, reprinted 1992. Story by Mike W. Barr, introduction by A.C. Crispin, and painted cover by Ken Christie. ISBN 0-930289-96-X trade pb Dec 91 The best of Star Trek Reprints issues 5, 24, 25, Annuals 2, 3 from first series and issues 10-12 from second series, reprinted 1992. Introduction by Nicholas Meyer. ISBN 1-56389-009-7 trade pb Jun 93 Star Trek: Who killed Captain Kirk? Reprints issues 48-55 from first series. Story by Peter David, introduction by George Takei, and cover by Jason Palmer. ISBN 1-56389-096-8 trade pb
Subject: [DC Comics] DC Sampler (monthly promotional comic) 02 Sep 84 Contains two pages of Star Trek art previewing the monthly series.
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