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PDP-8 Summary of Models and Options (posted every other month)

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Frequently Asked Questions about DEC PDP-8 models and options.

	By Douglas Jones,
	(with help from many folks)

Sites known to carry reasonably current FTPable copies of this file:

Reasonably current automatic translations of this document to HTML format
for the World Wide Web are available from:

An obsolete version of this file is available on the Walnut Creek USENET
FAQ CDROM; another version will be published as part of the FAQbook by
Pamela Greene et al.

This posting conforms to RFC1153 USENET digest format (with exceptions due
to the fact that it is not really a digest).

The purpose of this document is to supplement the material in the primary
"Frequently Asked Questions about the PDP-8" file with more detailed
information about the hardware and options of the different models of the
PDP-8 sold by DEC.

Although this document is something of a history of the DEC PDP-8 family,
the primary purpose of this document is as a guide and general outline to
the PDP-8 models and options likely to be encountered by those involved
in collecting and restoring such systems.


	What is a PDP-5?
	What is a PDP-8?
	What is a LINC-8?
	What is a PDP-8/S?
	What is a PDP-8/I?
	What is a PDP-8/L?
	What is a PDP-12?
	What is a PDP-8/E?
	What is a PDP-8/F?
	What is a PDP-8/M?
	What is a PDP-8/A?
	What is a VT78?
	What is a DECmate I?
	What is a DECmate II?
	What is a DECmate III?
	What is a DECmate III+?

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