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[alt.astrology] FAQ Part 1/11: Contents of this FAQ

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Archive-name: astrology/astrology/part1
Posting-Frequency: Fortnightly to alt.astrology
Last-modified: 2001/06/02
Version: 3.0
Copyright: (c) 1996 LMP McPherson, 2001 Sherilyn
Maintainer: Sherilyn <>

See reader questions & answers on this topic! - Help others by sharing your knowledge
Here are some questions commonly asked by new readers of
alt.astrology; the answers to each are given after the list of
questions in one of the other parts of this large periodic

Maintainer's Comments                              June 2001

This FAQ has been in need of a facelift for some time.  I've
kept the original subject and the tenor of the answers, only
updating the resources referred to.  One question referred to a
living person who no longer seems to be involved in the group in
any way, so I've removed it. I have changed the answer to question
2.1 to reflect the actual contents of the newgroup message.  The
resources and ftp site are no longer available, unfortunately,
so references to them have been removed.  All opinions expressed
on astrology are those of the original author, not the maintainer.

Email your contributions and suggestions for questions to, in an email with FAQ in the subject
line (all other emails to that address are junked and will not be seen).

            ****** FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ******

Part 2:

2.1)  For what sort of discussions is alt.astrology intended?

                  *** Requests for services ***

2.2)  Could someone please cast my chart and/or do a chart
      interpretation for me?

2.3)  I have no idea what to do with my life. Here are my birth 
      data. Can someone please tell me what I should do?

2.4)  I was born on a day when the Sun changes sign. Which sign is 
      my Sun in?

2.5)  Which Sun-signs are compatible with mine?

Part 3:
       *** Questions about how astrology is practiced ***

3.1) Is the Sun-sign all that is important for assessing 
     personality and for prediction, or is there more to 

3.2) How can one predict the nature of a relationship using 

Part 4:
   *** Questions about learning and researching astrology ***

4.1)  Can anyone recommend a good book on astrology for beginners?

4.2)  What is the best approach to learning astrology?

4.3)  How can I learn about astrology's history and ancient

11)   Where can I find scientific research on astrology?

Part 5:
                    *** General questions ***

5.1)  I have seen people born within days/hours of one another 
      whose lives are really different. How come?

5.2)  What is the meaning of the term "the Age of Aquarius"?

5.3)  How is it possible for astrology to work?

5.4)  Does astrology control my future? Is it "wrong" to use 
      astrology to learn what the future holds for me? I'm scared.

Part 6:
               *** Questions about birth data ***

6.1)  I notice that I need to know the time zone used in the place
      I was born and the latitude and longitude of my place of 
      birth in order to erect a chart. How can I find such 

6.2)  I do not know what time of day I was born. Is there some way
      to find out?

Part 7:
          *** Questions about astrological software ***

7.1)  Does anyone know if there is any software available for 

7.2)  Where can I get a copy of the astrological freeware 

Part 8:
           *** Questions about offensive postings ***

8.1)  I enjoy many of the postings in this group, but there are
      one or two people whose postings are offensive and/or there
      are certain topics that just don't interest me. Is there
      some way to avoid seeing postings by certain people or
      concerning a certain topic?

Part 9:
          *** Questions about astrology and the law ***

9.1) Is it legal to practice astrology where I live, and, if not,
      what can be done about it?

Part 10:
 *** Questions about astrological forums outside USENET ***

10.1) I don't have access to USENET. Is there some other way I can
      read articles in alt.astrology, such as having them mailed
      to me or using the WWW?

10.2) Is there any other electronic forum for astrological

      *** Questions About Other Astrological Resources ***

10.3)  Where can I find astrology stuff on the World Wide Web?

Part 11:
*** Questions asked with surprising frequency by disbelievers ***

11.1) Every sensible person knows that astrology couldn't possibly 
      work, so why are you people wasting your time?

11.2) How could planetary forces, of whatever nature, act upon an 
      infant when it is outside the mother, but not when it is a 
      fetus in the womb? Why should the forces only have effect at 
      the moment of birth?

11.3) Don't you guys know that astrology depends on a geocentric 
      astronomy? Copernicus blew it away. Astrology can't work 
      because it depends on the view that we are at the centre  of
      the universe, which we clearly are not.

11.4) Don't you guys know that no cause for astrological effects 
      is known? Therefore such effects cannot exist.

11.5) Don't you guys know that tests of groups of astrologers show 
      they do no better than chance? Therefore astrology does not 

11.6) Don't you guys know that astrology makes an infinity of 
      claims? You could never test them all. Therefore we can 
      dismiss it out of hand.

11.7) Don't you guys know that you can't really prove a negative, 
      such as astrology never working, anyway? Therefore we can 
      dismiss it out of hand.

11.8) Legitimate scientists (or educated people, etc., etc.) 
      universally despise astrology. Can such a weight of opinion 
      be wrong?

11.9) Why don't astrologers consider the fact that when the Sun is 
      in the sign of Aries, it is not really in the constellation 

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