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[alt.astrology] FAQ Part 6/11: Questions about birth data

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Archive-name: astrology/astrology/part6
Posting-Frequency: fortnightly to alt.astrology
Last-modified: 2001/06/02
Version: 3.0
Copyright: (c) 1996 LMP McPherson, 2001 Sherilyn
Maintainer: Sherilyn <>

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               *** Questions about birth data ***

6.1) I notice that I need to know the time zone used in the place 
     I was born and the latitude and longitude of my place of 
     birth in order to erect a chart. How can I find such 

Answer: To find the latitude and longitude of your place of
birth, you can estimate from a map (which is not really very
accurate) or look them up in a reference book such as Thomas G.
Shanks "International Atlas" or "American Atlas" (which also
provide information about the time zone and the use of daylight
savings and war time for each city/town); these are usually
available in the astrology section of occult bookstores. Time
zone information is usually available in a reference book at your
local library, but if you think you might have been born when
daylight-savings time or war time was in effect, you must either
check a reference book such as Shanks' or phone the
state/provincial archives for your birth place and check with
them. Note that some cities changed the time zone they used at
some point in their history, so it is *always* best to check with
a reference such as Shanks or phone the state/provincial
archives. A difference of one hour changes a birth chart

If you were born in the United States of America, there is
another method for finding latitude and longitude: through the
database server located at port 3000 at;
this is accessed by the command "telnet 3000"; if
this command does not work, type telnet, and, at the prompt, type
" 3000". Once you are logged in, type in
the name of any U.S. city, followed by the abbreviation for the
state (e.g., Seattle, WA) and the programme will display the
longitude and latitude. To end the session, just enter "bye."

6.2) I do not know what time of day I was born. Is there some way 
     to find out?

Answer: To find your exact time of birth, talk to a parent (who
may have the time written down somewhere) or contact the hospital
where you were born; sometimes the time appears on a birth
certificate. If the time cannot be found, some astrologers claim
to be able to determine the time through a technique called
"rectification" which involves looking at astrological influences
present when major events happened in the life, such as meeting a
future spouse, marriage, birth of children, death of
parent/sibling/spouse/friend, and so on.

If no time is known, and if rectification of the time is not
possible, some information about the person can still be derived
from a chart. The position of the Moon, which moves about 13
degrees per day, will be inaccurate, and the positions of the
planets in the astrological "houses" will be unknown. But the
relations among the planets will be roughly accurate, and the
sign positions of the planets (except perhaps the Moon) will be

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