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[alt.astrology] FAQ Part 10/11: Astrological forums outside USENET

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Archive-name: astrology/astrology/part10
Posting-Frequency: fortnightly to alt.astrology
Last-modified: 2001/06/02
Version: 3.0
Copyright: (c) 1996 LMP McPherson, 2001 Sherilyn
Maintainer: Sherilyn <>

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All opinions on astrology are those of the original author, and
are NOT those of the maintainer.

NOTE: As of June, 2001, this is work in progress.  Reports on
broken links, etc, would be greatly appreciated. -Sherilyn.

  *** Questions about astrological forums outside USENET ***

10.1) I don't have access to USENET. Is there some other way I can
      read articles in alt.astrology, such as having them mailed
      to me or use the WWW?

Answer: Email would not be practicable because of the high volume
of postings and the high noise level.  The best WWW website to
use for alt.astrology is Google Groups:


You can post from that site, too.

10.2) Is there any other electronic forum for astrological

Answer: There is an astrology mailing list for general
discussions of astrology, and some alt.astrology regulars post
their articles both to alt.astrology and to that list. It is
called ASTROL-L, the Forum for Astrological Discussion, and it is
a BITNET listserv. To subscribe, do the following:

If you are at a BITNET node, SEND an on-line message to
listserv@brufpb.bitnet with the message:


You should get an e-mail message from the listserver asking you
to confirm your subscription request.

Otherwise, you might want to try sending your message to
Listserver@brufpb.bitnet; as BRUFPB has a very slow link,
however, you might instead try using your local LISTSERV and
letting it forward your message via BITNET.

An address that works for some people is: LISTSERV@earn.brufpb

One final alternative is to e-mail the list's co-owner, Mel
Erskine: merskine@ACACIA.ITD.UTS.EDU.AU

The Psychological Astrology Mailing List is a specialized forum
for those who are interested in discussing the synthesis of
astrology and psychology. This list is moderated.

To subscribe, send a blank message to:

The subject and body of the message will be ignored. The
administrator of the list is Dermod Moore, who can be contacted

Some astrological discussion can be found on commercial online
services in America (GEnie, CompuServe, America OnLine, etc.).
(If you know of astrological forums on commercial networks in
other countries, please send information about them to the FAQ
maintainer; see Part 1.)

Some discussion of astrology can usually be found on all of the
major commercial online services. Look in the "Religion," "New
Age," or "Entertainment" sections of these services for bulletin
board topics and/or files relating to astrology.

GEnie is the only major commercial service which has formally
devoted a section exclusively to astrology. GEnie's Astrology
RoundTable, managed by professional astrologers, contains the
most extensive astrological BBS and file library of any
commercial network.

For information on some American commercial online services'
rates and offerings, contact:
GEnie:           800-638-9636 or e-mail
CompuServe:      800-848-8990
America OnLine:  800-827-6364

      *** Questions About Other Astrological Resources ***

10.3) Where can I find astrology stuff on the World Wide Web?

Answer: There are several World Wide Web (WWW) locations one may
browse that have astrology information and files and often other
things of a related nature. Some URL addresses are: 
     (Spirit-WWW Astro area) 
     (Horoscopes by John James) 
     (Humorous Horoscopes)      
     (Asian Astrology) 
     (Links to other astrology sites) 
     (Links and software files) 
     (Astrolog software files) 
     (Contains over fifty website listings, as well as the
     Metalog Yellow Pages, the online directory of consulting
     astrologers, associations and schools.)

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