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REPOST: Artificial Intelligence FAQ: General Questions & Answers 1/6 [Monthly posting]

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Archive-name: ai-faq/general/part1
Posting-Frequency: monthly
Last-Modified: 21-MAY-01 by Ric Crabbe
Version: 2.1
Maintainer: Ric Crabbe <> and Amit Dubey <>
Size: 55548 bytes, 987 lines

;;; ****************************************************************
;;; Answers to Questions about Artificial Intelligence *************
;;; ****************************************************************
;;; Maintained by: Amit Dubey <>
;;;		   Ric Crabbe <>
;;; Written by Ric Crabbe, Amit Dubey, and Mark Kantrowitz
;;; ai_1.faq 

If you think of questions that are appropriate for this FAQ, or would
like to improve an answer, please send email to the maintianers.

*** Copyright:

Some portions of this FAQ are Copyright (c) 1992-94 by Mark
Kantrowitz.  The rest are Copyright (c) 1999,2000-01 by Ric Crabbe and Amit

*** Disclaimer:

       This article is provided as is without any express or implied
       warranties.  While every effort has been taken to ensure the
       accuracy of the information contained in this article, the
       author/maintainer/contributors assume(s) no responsibility for
       errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of
       the information contained herein. 

*** What's new?
;;; 21-MAY-01 rc	Fixed a year's worth of reported errors. 
;;; 01-NOV-00 ad	Multi-agent mailing lists & web sites updated.
;;; 29-AUG-00 rc	Bibliography and Resources Update.
;;; 29-APR-00 rc	Grad-school question back in.  Added Poplog
;;;			CLIPS, and Weka URLs in section 6.  2 new definitions.
;;; 30-Mar-00 rc	added CI's newsletter and job posting information.
;;; 28-Jan-00 ad	Don't know very much about AI?  See if the links in
;;;			section [5-2] will help.  Want conference information?
;;;			See question [1-11].  There are resources for students
;;;			in [1-9] and [5-5].  A number of general questions
;;;			were added including one concerning open source
;;;			software and AI [1-18], and one about statistical vs
;;;			classical AI [1-9].
;;; 29-JAN-00 ad	More in section 6 - IBM's Aglet workbench, PD
;;;			Text-to-speech systems, new languages.
;;; 27-JAN-00 rc	More web resources.
;;; 21-DEC-99 ad	Updated data mining references.
;;; 13-DEC-99 rc	Revamped parts 5-7.  DELETED part 7.

*** Topics Covered:

Part 1:

  [1-0]  What is the purpose of this newsgroup?
  [1-1]	 What is AI?
  [1-2]	 What's the difference between strong AI and weak AI?
  [1-3]	 I'm a programmer interested in AI.  Where do I start?
  [1-4]  What's an agent?
  [1-5]  History of AI.
  [1-6]	 What has AI accomplished?
  [1-7]	 What are the branches of AI?
  [1-8]	 What are good programming languages for AI?
  [1-9]  What's the difference between "classical" AI and "statistical" AI?
  [1-10]  Glossary of AI terms.
  [1-11]  I'm considering studying AI. What information is there for me? 
  [1-12] What are good graduate schools for AI?
  [1-13]  What are the ratings of the various AI journals?
  [1-14]  Where can I find conference information?
  [1-15]  How can I get the email address for Joe or Jill Researcher?
  [1-16]  What does it mean to say a game is 'solved'?  Is tic-tac-toe
	  solved? How about X?
  [1-17]  What are the rules for the game of "Life"?
  [1-18]  What AI competitions exist?
  [1-19]  Open source software and AI.
  [1-20]  AI Job Postings
  [1-21]  Future Directions of AI
  [1-22]  Where are the FAQs for...neural nets? natural language?
	  artificial life? fuzzy logic? genetic algorithms?
	  philosophy? Lisp? Prolog? robotics?

Part 2 (AI-related News, Newsgroups and Mailing Lists):

  -  List of all known AI-related newsgroups, newsgroup archives, mailing
  lists, and electronic bulletin board systems.

Part 3 (AI-related Associations and Journals):

  -  List of AI-related associations and journals, organized by subfield.

Part 4 (Bibliography):

  -  Bibliography of introductory texts, overviews and references
  -  Addresses and phone numbers for major AI publishers
  -  Finding conference proceedings
  -  Finding PhD dissertations

Part 5 (FTP and WWW Resources and Repositories):

  -  Information on Web resources and software repositories for AI.
  -  Information on Technical Papers in AI
  -  Web journals
  -  Part 5 concentrates mostly on documents and collections of links
     to other AI resources

Part 6 (AI Open-Source Software by Sub-field)
  - An A-Z (well A-T anyway) of Open source (or at least free)
    software with relation to AI.

Search for [#] to get to question number # quickly.

*** Introduction:

Certain questions and topics come up frequently in the various network
discussion groups devoted to and related to Artificial Intelligence
(AI).  This file/article is an attempt to gather these questions and
their answers into a convenient reference for AI researchers. It is
posted on a monthly basis. The hope is that this will cut down on the
user time and network bandwidth used to post, read and respond to the
same questions over and over, as well as providing education by
answering questions some readers may not even have thought to ask.

The latest version of this FAQ is available via anonymous FTP from

as the files ai_[1-7].faq.

The FAQ postings are also archived in the periodic posting archive on []

If you do not have anonymous ftp access, you can access the archive by
mail server as well.  Send an E-mail message to
with "help" and "index" in the body on separate lines for more

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