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Artificial Intelligence FAQ: Associations and Journals 3/6 [Monthly posting]

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;;; ****************************************************************
;;; Answers to Questions about Artificial Intelligence *************
;;; ****************************************************************
;;; Written by Ric Crabbe, Amit Dubey, and Mark Kantrowitz
;;; ai_3.faq

This part of the AI FAQ provides a list of AI-related associations and

****NOTE**** that on 13 October 1999, all the http and ftp links were
checked and corrected.  Email and snail mail remains unchecked.

Part 3 (AI-related Associations and Journals):
   List of AI-related associations and journals, organized by subfield.

   [3-0]  General Information

   [3-1a] Associations (General AI)
   [3-1b] Associations (General AI, in a particular country)
   [3-1c] Associations (Applied AI)
   [3-1d] Associations (Natural Language Processing)
   [3-1e] Associations (Cognitive Science)
   [3-1f] Associations (Robotics)
   [3-1g] Associations (Philosophy of AI)
   [3-1h] Associations (Neural Networks)
   [3-1i] Associations (Fuzzy Logic)
   [3-1j] Associations (Genetic Algorithms)
   [3-1k] Associations (AI and Law)
   [3-1l] Associations (Logic Programming)

   [3-2a] Journals (General AI)
   [3-2b] Journals (Applied AI)
   [3-2c] Journals (AI and ???, where ??? is Database Management,
		    Education, Engineering, Law, Manufacturing,
		    Medicine, or Society) 
   [3-2d] Journals (Automated Reasoning)
   [3-2e] Journals (Cognitive Science)
   [3-2f] Journals (Complex Systems, Artificial Life, Adaptive Behavior)
   [3-2g] Journals (Concurrent Engineering)
   [3-2h] Journals (Engineering)
   [3-2i] Journals (Expert Systems)
   [3-2j] Journals (Fuzzy Logic)
   [3-2k] Journals (Genetic Algorithms)
   [3-2l] Journals (HCI, User Modeling)
   [3-2m] Journals (Logic Programming)
   [3-2n] Journals (Machine Learning)
   [3-2o] Journals (NLP/Speech/MT)
   [3-2p] Journals (Neural Nets/Connectionism)
   [3-2q] Journals (Object-oriented Programming)
   [3-2r] Journals (Pattern Recognition)
   [3-2s] Journals (Reasoning Under Uncertainty)
   [3-2t] Journals (Robotics)
   [3-2v] Journals (Virtual Reality)
   [3-2w] Journals (Vision)
   [3-2x] Miscellaneous (Design, ...)

   [3-3]  Newsletters

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