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REPOST: Artificial Intelligence FAQ: General Questions & Answers 1/6 [Monthly posting]
Section - [1-15] How can I get the email address for Joe or Jill Researcher?

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Top Document: REPOST: Artificial Intelligence FAQ: General Questions & Answers 1/6 [Monthly posting]
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The AAAI membership directory is updated annually and contains
addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses for many members of AAAI
and other AI societies. Contact for information on
getting a copy of the directory (you should get a free copy if you are
a member of one of the listed societies).

See also the Email Address FAQ posting to the newsgroups

The Artificial Intelligence and Molecular Biology Researchers database
contains names, institutions, addresses, phone, fax, email, 
research interests and other related information about more than 200
researchers worldwide.  The database is available via anonymous ftp from the
There are computer- and human-readable versions available.  Get the
README file for more information or send email to Larry Hunter,

E-mail addresses for members of the Linguistics Society of America
(LSA) are available by anonymous ftp as 
or by sending a message to with 
"get lsa lst linguist" in the message body.

A list of "Who's Who in Fuzzy Logic" may be obtained by sending a
message to with
in the message body. New entries and corrections should be sent to
Robert Fuller <>. 

WHO's On-Line is a WWW biographical database of folks on the internet.
For more information, contact E. Canessa <>.

The Association for Logic Program (ALP) membership list was published
in the February 1994 issue of the newsletter (Volume 7/1). It will be
made available by anonymous ftp from Imperial College in October 1994.

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