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		    The X Toolkit Intrinsics F.A.Q
			  A monthly posting

This article contains the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions
(FAQ) from about the X Toolkit Intrinsics.  To submit
questions (preferably with an answer) send email to:

or you can find out more about me as:

This FAQ is available on the archive site in the directory:


The name under which a FAQ is archived appears in the Archive-name
line at the top of the article.  This FAQ is archived as Xt-FAQ.  It
is also archived in


All code fragments are public domain.  


0.  Xt Glossary
1.  Software Versions
2.  Related FAQ's
3.  Why does my app core dump when I use signals/alarms/cthreads?
4.  How do I use a different visual than the default?
5.  Which visual should an application use?
6.  Why do only Shell widgets have a Visual?
7.  Which visual, depth and colormap do Shells inherit?
8.  I've done all the above and I still get a BadMatch error.  Why?
9.  Why doesn't my widget get destroyed when I call XtDestroyWidget()?
10. How do I exit but still execute the DestroyCallbacks?
11. How do I resize a Shell widget?
12. Why can't XtAppAddInput() handle files?
13. What good books and magazines are there on Xt?
14. What Widgets are available?
15. What alternatives to the Intrinsics are there?
16. How do I pass a float value to XtSetValues?
17. How do I write a resource converter?
18. How do I open multiple displays?
19. What changed from R3 to R4 to R5?
20. Where are the resources loaded from?
21. What order are callbacks executed in?
22. How do I know if a widget is visible?
23. How do I reparent a widget in Xt, i.e. XtReparentWidget()?
24. Why use XtMalloc, XtFree, etc?
25. How to debug an Xt application?
26. Why don't XtAddInput(), XtAddTimeout() and XtAddWorkProc() work?
27. What is and how can I implement drag and drop?
28. How can I add a C++ member function as a widget callback?
29. How can I identify the children of a manager widget?
30. Can I use XtMoveWidget(), ... to move widgets I created?
31. Why is XtGetValues() on XtNx, XtNy of my top level shell wrong?
32. Why do some people use XmN<something> as resource names?
33. How do I make my life easier when designing an application?
34. Why can't I override translations? Only the first item works.
35. Why do I get "Warning: Widget class version mismatch"?
36. Where can I get a good file-selector widget?
37. Where can I find a hypertext widget or source code?
38. What widget is appropriate to use as a drawing canvas?
39. What is this link problem with _get_wmShellWidgetClass, XtInherit?
40. Why does XtGetValues not work for me (sic)?
41. Is this a memory leak in the X11R4 XtDestroyWidget()?!
42. Is this a memory leak in the X11R4 deletion of work procs?!
43. How do I query the user synchronously using Xt?
44. How do I simulate a button press/release event for a widget?
45. How to use Fallback resources (can I specify colors)?
46. What is the preferred way of setting the application resources?
47. How to get rid of that annoying flicker during updates?
48. How are created, managed, mapped, realized, etc. related?
49. How to use the String definition from a C++ library?

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