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Section - 40. Why does XtGetValues not work for me (sic)?

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The XtGetValues interface for retrieving resources from a widget is
sensitive to the type of variable. Your code may be doing something like this:

	Arg args[3];
	int i;
	int sensitive;		/* oops; wrong data type */
	XtSetArg (args[i], XtNsensitive, &sensitive); i++;
	XtGetValues(widget, args, i );

But XtNsensitive is a Boolean, which on most machines is a single byte; 
declaring the variable "sensitive" as Boolean works properly. This problem 
comes up often when using particular toolkits that redefine the Xt types 
Dimension and Position; code that assumes they are int will have similar 
problems if those types are actually short. In general: you are safe if you
use the actual type of the resource, as it appears in the widget's man page.

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