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Section - 39.!What is this link problem with _get_wmShellWidgetClass, XtInherit?

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Unresolved externals under SunOS 4.1.[23] is indicative of an incorrect 
configuration, specifically failure to set the OSTeenyVersion in

If you are running on SunOS 4.1.[23] you should apply all the fixes up
to fix-25. Make certain that you set the OSTeenyVersion correctly in 

[Above from (Kaleb Keithley) 15 Oct 1993]

In SunOS 4.1.2 Sun fixed a shared-library bug in ld which conflicts
with the way X builds the shared Xmu library, causing these symbols,
notably, to be undefined when building some X11 clients:


Compiling "-Bstatic -lXmu -Bdynamic" appears to work. 

To solve the problem if you are using OpenWindows 3.0 (X11R4-based
Xt), please contact your local Sun office and request the following

Patch i.d.      Description
100512-02       4.1.x OpenWindows 3.0 libXt Jumbo patch
100573-03       4.1.x OpenWindows 3.0 undefined symbols when using
                        shared libXmu

[Greg Earle, earle@Sun.COM; 7/92] 

A source patch for use with the MIT X11R4 libraries was developed by
Conrad Kimball (; it retrofits into R4 some fixes
made in R5 to get around this problem. The patch is on in
[1/93] contrib/X11R4_sunos4.1.2_patch_version3.Z

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