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Section - 33.!How do I make my life easier when designing an application?

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(From (David Flanagan) 10/2/93)
My Xmt "Motif Tools" library can also simplify application design and
development tremendously.  Its got most of the features of Wcl, but in
a more elegant (IMHO) way.  It is shareware, but cheap ($40/developer)
In early '94 it will be the subject of a book from O'Reilly
& Associates.  I've attached a blurb about it.

Wafe (Widget (Athena) Front End is good for fast prototyping of
applications in Perl or tcl.

   	by  Niels Mayer (,
	WWW Home Page:
	Anonymous FTP:
		       (where XX represents the latest version, currently 03)
	Mailing List:

WINTERP is an interactive, object-oriented, user interface language for
rapid prototyping, development and delivery of extensible applications with
Motif GUIs and Xtango graphics/animation. WINTERP 2.0 is a major update
release that is available on the X11r6 contrib distribution as well as a
number of ftp sites worldwide. WINTERP fills the same niche as TCL/TK, and
Python, while employing more proven, stable and standards-based underlying
technologies.  WINTERP uses a small, fast, object-oriented mini-Lisp
interpreter based on XLISP-PLUS (David Betz, Tom Almy, Luke Tierney, et
al), and has an object oriented interface to the OSF/Motif widget class
hierarchy, and a combination of high-level object and functional interfaces
to the Xtoolkit, Xlib, and underlying Unix system libraries.  This
environment significantly simplifies the construction of GUI-based
applications, and makes these applications easier to modify and extend
throughout the software life-cycle. WINTERP is a good tool for learning
about and experimenting with the capabilities of the OSF/Motif UI
toolkit. Its rapid prototyping features allow UI and application designers
to more easily play "what if" games with different interface styles.
WINTERP 2.0 features include: (1) A high-level animation/graphics
widget-class (based on Xtango by John Stasko) which lets you do the kinds
of graphics that Motif ignores, without the tedium of Xlib-level
programming; (2) The ability to easily create new widget classes employing
arbitrary graphical behavior without the tedium of programming in the Xt
intrinsics and Xlib; (3) Enable WINTERP-GUIs to communicate with multiple
asynchronous, interactive unix subprocesses, facilitating the construction
of GUI interfaces to existing line/terminal based programs. (This facility
based on Don Libes' expect library); (4) Object orientated intrface to
OSF/Motif and the Xtoolkit; (5) GUI application programming significantly
simplified via object oriented interface to Motif, automatic memory
management and automatic resource conversion; (6) Built-in RPC mechanism
allows other programs to send commands to a WINTERP-based application.

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