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Section - 29.!How can I identify the children of a manager widget?

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Use XtGetValues() on XtNchildren (array of widget IDs) and
XtNnumChildren (number of widgets in array).

	Widget		*children = NULL;
	Cardinal	count = 0;
	Arg		args[10];
	Cardinal	cnt;

	cnt = 0;
	XtSetArg (args[cnt], XtNchildren, &children); ++cnt;
	XtSetArg (args[cnt], XtNnumChildren, &count); ++cnt;
	XtGetValues (widget, args, cnt);

NOTE: This does not get the list of popup children.  One must access
the private members of Core to do so.

NOTE: The children may not be valid if the user is destroying widgets,
as the children may be only at phase 1 of the destroy.  So if they
destroy a child and then get the count before the child is Phase 2'd,
then it will show up -- and is probably not what most people want.

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