What are weight problems?

Doctors usually define “overweight” as a condition in which a person's weight is 10 percent higher than “normal”, as defined by a standard, height/weight chart, according to age, weight and physical type. Other than affecting our self-image, being overweight can have serious health consequences.

Most frequent causes

In most cases, people gain weight because they're eating more calories than they burn with physical activity. Without a doubt, sedentary lifestyle habits contribute to weight gain, but in most cases, people put on extra pounds/kilos despite an active lifestyle because they are not eating correctly.

The ideal weight

It's not enough to weigh yourself or look in a mirror: there are exact formulas to indicate what is your appropriate weight according to your body type, sex and age.

Healthy habits

Eating well to keep our bodies healthy and strong doesn't mean only getting the necessary amount of essential nutrients, but also adopting healthy habits when eating meals.

Quality in foods and eating

Eating isn't only about nutrition, it's also important to enjoy food with comfort and safety. Eating is a basic human need; sometimes we forget that food should be afforded more value than we tend to give.

The role of the family

The family plays an important role in teaching healthy eating practices early on in life. It's important to teach children to approach eating with the right attitude.

Overweight children

More and more children and teenagers are overweight. Bad eating habits, lack of physical activity and sitting in front of the television and computer for hours are the principle causes.

Design your own diet

When you know what healthy eating habits are, you can design a personalized diet to help lose weight, according to your particular needs. You only need to follow two basic rules: follow the food pyramid guidelines and cut down on serving sizes.

A model plan

The following diet plan is a model that you can use daily if you are thinking about gradually losing weight. Eat healthily and stick to serving sizes.

Importance of moving

Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle is vital for good health. All physical activity practiced during the day is important for keeping your body in good physical shape.

Walking for your health

Walking is the most natural physical activity, appropriate for people of all ages. Also, studies have proven that briskly walking works out the body as much as running or high-impact aerobics, but without putting your joints at risk.

Gym activities

No matter your age or weight, you can always exercise to improve your health. You only need to keep in mind that for overweight people, working out too intensely or with high impact sports, can cause damage to your joints, knees, ankles and waist.

Water exercises

Swimming and exercising in the water (from water aerobics to running in water) are great for your body, bringing a number of health benefits at the same time helping you lose weight with little effort.

Reducing pilates

This exercise uses a program of holistic stretching that helps to prevent and reduce weight gain through controlling your breathing and strength, and concentrating on your center of energy.

Shiatsu against hunger

According to the discipline of shiatsu there are a number of exact points on the body that, when pressure is applied to them, help to reduce anxiety and the sensation of hunger. These are simple techniques that you should use periodically.

Yoga for weight loss

Practicing yoga consistently and systematically improves relaxation and the union between the mind, body and spirit, to reduce the anxiety that makes us overeat. Among these benefits, physical yoga also contributes to a weight loss plan.

Essential nutrients

Some say, “you are what you eat.” In some ways this is true. Our physical and mental health depends on how many nutrients we are getting from our daily diets.

Natural help

Many herbs, in the form of teas and other preparations, can help to control hunger and anxiety. Some essential oils for topical use have similar benefits, also of natural origin, ideal for lifting the spirits and calming anxiety.