Most frequent causes

In most cases, people gain weight because they're eating more calories than they burn with physical activity. Without a doubt, sedentary lifestyle habits contribute to weight gain, but in most cases, people put on extra pounds/kilos despite an active lifestyle because they are not eating correctly.

Most frequent causes

+ What are the major food mistakes that make us gain wait? We've included a list with the most important mistakes:

  1. • If you eat large servings or have seconds.
  2. • Adopting bad eating habits: eating high calorie foods or foods with low nutritional value but high in calories. For example, high-fat foods. Fat is a nutrient that has double the calories of carbohydrates and proteins. Butter, cream, mayonnaise, oil, lard, nuts, chocolate, cheese, fatty meat, deli meats and sausages are all foods high in calories and fat content. Fatty foods have another disadvantage, it's more difficult to control servings because they're sometimes more convenient and are very flavorful, making us crave them.
  3. • Eating between meals without paying attention to what or how much you're eating. Snack foods tend to be high in calories and low in nutrients, playing a key factor in weight gain.
  4. • Not eating enough fruits and vegetables. They are high in fiber and water and low in fat and calories. At the same time they have a lot of volume and texture to fill you up. Fruits and vegetables need to be chewed well, making you eat slower.

To know if bad eating habits are the cause of your disgust with the weighing scales, answer the questions in the following quiz. It may help you to know if you are eating properly.


Mostly answered A. Reflect, you are eating many foods high in fat. Think about solutions that my help you choose better eating habits.

Mostly answered B. Your habits are fairly healthy, you are probably less likely to have weight problems than other people.

Are you eating well

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