Water exercises

Swimming and exercising in the water (from water aerobics to running in water) are great for your body, bringing a number of health benefits at the same time helping you lose weight with little effort.

Water exercises

+ Exercising in water is an excellent way for people at whatever age or in any physical shape to workout with little risk of injuries. Water aerobics, which is done in a pool, indoor or outdoor, is a very valuable exercise for people who need a physical activity that's non-aggressive but challenging at the same time. Water aerobics increases your body's strength and flexibility while at the same time increasing your aerobic capacity, toning your muscles and improving your posture and coordination.

Swimming. This is one of the most complete sports, because it uses almost every muscle in your body. It's also a “low impact” physical activity, but water provides 12 times more resistance than air, helping to relieve the impact of your body's weight. Moving in water tones your muscles while at the same time improving your muscle mass, with less risk of suffering from injuries from sudden movement. While at the same time, swimming is a psychologically gratifying exercise, because it's practiced in a pleasant environment, while the water's temperature can help you relax.

For swimming to be effective it's important to:

  1. • Continue with your exercise routine to benefit from long-term results.
  2. • Don't try to push yourself too far, swim according to your physical level.
  3. • Keep a steady rhythm according to your physical state and remember to have fun.

For swimming to be effective it's important to

To have fun with swimming it's advised to:

  1. • Follow health recommendations to prevent catching any infections.
  2. • Control the water's temperature so that it's comfortable according to the weather and metabolism of each person.
  3. • Make sure to keep your body hydrated and skin moisturized, to avoid skin problems.
  4. • Protect your eyes to prevent irritation.

To have fun with swimming it's advised to

Water aerobics. This exercise provides similar benefits to swimming, it works certain muscles using the water for resistance. It's an ideal exercise for those who suffer from joint and back problems, while at the time it's a fun and relaxing sport.


This is an age where it's important to keep up your physical activity, even if it's not an exercise plan. If you suffer from any of the following conditions (or all of them), it's important that you begin physical therapy to help you become more active:

At the Latter Stage of Life

  1. • You can't get up from your chair without help.
  2. • It's difficult for you to walk around the park with your grandchildren.
  3. • You can't balance yourself on one leg.

It's important to consult your physician or to start physical therapy with gentle exercises that help strengthen your muscles, bones and joints, while making them more flexible. Do these exercises regularly, although at times it's difficult because you're tired or sore, because in the long run it will help to improve your health and the overall quality of your life.

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