Gym activities

No matter your age or weight, you can always exercise to improve your health. You only need to keep in mind that for overweight people, working out too intensely or with high impact sports, can cause damage to your joints, knees, ankles and waist.

Gym activities

+ At the gym there are a number of controlled activities that imitate, with computerized equipment, some exercises that we normally do outside, like walking or biking. Treadmills or stationary bikes are a recommended option for people who want to lose weight with minimal risk of injuries.

Treadmill. This computerized gym equipment improves your posture while walking and regulates your rhythm. You can easily track and control the progress you've made. It's important to follow a regular routine, preferably with a physical trainer. Exercising on gym equipment works the cardiorespiratory system. While you increase your stride you are also increasing the amount of oxygen your body needs. As a result your heart and lungs get aerobic exercise, while you are burning calories and toning muscles. The basic technique for using a treadmill:

• Get on the treadmill and place your feet on the platform.

Start with a walking speed of 3 miles/5 km per hour (1,400 yards/1,250 meters every 15 minutes). Continue walking at this speed until you establish a coordinated and relaxed rhythm.

• After a few minutes, gradually increase the speed, keeping your posture and walking in a synchronized rhythm.

• Lower the speed as you are about to end. Use caution when getting off the treadmill. Don't forget to stretch out before and after walking.

• Consult a physical trainer about increasing the rhythm as you make progress.

Stationary bike. Biking is a great aerobic exercise for burning calories and keeping your body fit. But traffic, lack of time and the weather can make biking outdoors difficult. However, a stationary bike is a good substitute. From an aerobic point of view, biking on a stationary bike for 30 minutes is equivalent to biking for an hour outdoors. You burn the same amount of calories as with running or jogging.

While on a stationary bike, it's recommended to keep your back straight and your arms firm but relaxed so that your body can follow the peddling motion. It's best to ask a personal trainer what speed and resistance are convenient for you.


30 minutes of exercise daily is a basic level to keep you energized and to build up resistance to physical exercise. However, the intensity does have its setbacks. As you build up your stamina you may have the urge to push yourself. You should keep in mind that exercising should not cause injuries, fatigue or pain. You should feel energized and healthy after a workout.

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