Importance of moving

Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle is vital for good health. All physical activity practiced during the day is important for keeping your body in good physical shape.

Importance of moving

+ Exercise is especially recommended for people who are overweight. People who aren't used to a regular exercise routine can start by adding more physical activity in their daily routines. Exercising regularly implies that you are burning more calories, which is an important step along the path to weight loss. There are many simple and great ways to take advantage of your daily activity to include more exercises, build muscle mass and burn more calories. For example:

• In the mornings, wake up 15 minutes earlier and take a few minutes to stretch out your muscles.

• Use a stationary bicycle while watching TV.

• Whenever possible, walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Even if you have to go up to the tenth floor, its best to take the elevator up to the ninth floor and then walk up the stairs to the tenth floor. As your body builds up stamina, you can add a floor per week.

• Walk for 10 minutes three times a day: when shopping, taking the dog for a walk or going for a stroll. Another strategy is to take public transport get off one stop before your usual stop, and walk the few blocks to your location.

• Listen to music… and dance!


Once you've got out of your sedentary habits and feel more energetic, you can slowly increase your activity and even join a gym. Try to briskly walk on a tread mill, go jogging, bike, go to the gym or start up a sport in which you burn calories. The important tip to remember is to stick with the exercise.


You shouldn't choose a physical activity based on the amount of calories that you burn during the exercise, but an activity that is fun for you and that you can fit into your daily routine. Whatever activity you choose you should begin with moderation, and slowly increase the intensity.

Correct Exercise


Physical activity Calories burned in 30 minutes

Sitting 40

Gardening or yard work 115

Cutting the grass 125

Washing windows 130

Vacuuming 130

Cleaning the floor 130

Sweeping 170

Daily Activity and Calories


Before beginning any exercise program it's important to visit your doctor to make sure that you don't have any health problems which exercising could complicate, or a particular exercise that you shouldn't do. It's important if you suffer from any pain after exercising to visit your doctor for a professional medical opinion of what exercise is right for you. Keep in mind that some exercises or sports can be challenging for some but very beneficial for others.

Before beginning any exercise program it's important to visit your doctor to make sure that you don't have any health problems which exercising could complicate

Once you've visited your doctor, it's important that you choose an exercise that you like and have fun. This is important so that you continue with your exercise program. To reaffirm your commitment to improving your health, it may help to write it down. For example:

My goal is to practice (write the exercise you've chosen)

……………………Ȃ ;…………………..

for (write the amount) ……………………Ȃ ;……

minutes per day, (write the amount) ……………..

times a week.


We all know that it's more comfortable for parents to give their kids a lift to school or pick them up, or for their kids to take the bus. But it's ideal for kids to walk to school and back home (if you accompany them, you're also getting exercise!).

This is one of the best and most unforced ways of motivating them to exercise when they are young. Be a role model for your children. If your children see that you are physically active and having fun, they are more likely to be active and stay active for the rest of their lives. Reduce the amount of time you and your family spend in sedentary activities, such as watching TV or playing video games. For example, schedule a walk with your family after dinner instead of watching TV. Make sure that you plan activities that can be done in a safe environment.


Physical exercise Calories burned in 30 minutes

Biking (5miles/8 km per hour) 105

Walking (2.5 miles/4 km per hour) 105

Low impact aerobic 120

Rowing 130

Golf 150

Swimming 150

Water aerobics 175

Volleyball 175


Physical exercise Calories burned in 30 minutes

Biking (10 miles/16 km per hour) 195

Skating (10 miles/16 km per hour) 200

Walking (4 miles/6.5 km per hour) 220

Tennis (singles) 232

Basketball 275

Soccer 350

Weights 378

Taekwondo 390


Physical exercise helps to get rid of excess appetite and lose weight, but it also helps to:

  1. • Get over states of tiredness and boredom.
  2. • Deal with stress.
  3. • Increase your energy.
  4. • Reduce the risk of high blood pressure and diabetes.
  5. • Lower cholesterol levels in the blood.

The Benefits of Physical Exercise

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