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     =========================================================== Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
	      compiled by: Ping Huang <pshuang@MIT.EDU>

(c) Copyright 1994-1999, all rights reserved.  Redistribution
of this document is hereby freely granted so long as the document is
redistributed in its entirety (here interpreted as all text which were
not automated generated by software as part of the distribution
process); in particular, with attributions and this copyright notice.
The maintainer WOULD appreciate hearing about any interesting uses.

**** SECTION 0. FAQ posting information ****
Q0.1. How to retrieve copies of this FAQ
Q0.2. Differences from past versions of this posting
Q0.3. Miscellaneous info about this posting

**** SECTION 1. General ****
Q1.1. What *IS* a service club?
Q1.2. Why do community service? (personal essay)
Q1.3. Why join a service club instead of volunteering individually?
Q1.4. What is the audience for
Q1.5. What is the charter for
Q1.6. What if I can read Usenet newsgroups but can't post?
Q1.7. What to do about off-topic/inappropriate postings?

**** SECTION 2. Information about particular organizations ****
Q2.1. Alpha Phi Omega
Q2.2. Altrusa
Q2.3. AmeriCorps / National Service / VISTA / Youth Corps
Q2.4. Apex
Q2.5. Builders Club
Q2.6. Campus Outreach Community League (COOL)
Q2.7. Circle K
Q2.8. Civitan
Q2.9. Elks
Q2.10. Exchange
Q2.11. Jaycees
Q2.12. Key Club
Q2.13. Kinsman
Q2.14. Kiwanis (also: What is Keys, What is Builders Club)
Q2.15. Lions
Q2.16. NeighborWorks
Q2.17. Optimist International
Q2.18. Returned Peace Corps Volunteers
Q2.19. Rotaract
Q2.20. Rotary
Q2.21. Round Table
Q2.22. Soroptimist
Q2.23. Zonta

**** SECTION 3. Computer/on-line resources ****
Q3.1. Major on-line services
Q3.2. World Wide Web
Q3.3. Usenet newsgroups
Q3.4. E-mail "newsletters"
Q3.5. Discussion mailing lists

**** SECTION 4. Non-computer Resources ****
Q4.1. Specialized publishers
Q4.2. Specialized software
Q4.3. Bibliography

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