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Section - Q2.6. Campus Outreach Community League (COOL)

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Founded in 1984, COOL, the Campus Outreach Opportunity League is a
national non-profit organization that promotes and supports student
involvement in community service and social change by helping students
and administrators strengthen campus-based community service
programs. Our mission is to strengthen our nation through community

The story of COOL is told through the lives of its students: a student
at Berea College in Kentucky coordinating a literacy program; students
at Fordham University distributing food to the homeless in New York
City; or students at the University of Michigan starting a career
center for jobs in the non-profit sector. Students just like you
changing their campuses, communities, and world...that is COOL.

Quality community service should challenge students to educate
themselves about the issues surrounding their involvement so they
might better understand and work with communities. Each effort must be
designed with the intent of creating long term solutions while
ensuring independence, mutual education, dignity, and respect for all.
Through opportunities to speak, participate in state and national
trainings and initiatives, and be staff or board members, COOL serves
as a platform for students to become local, state, and national

In order to achieve and maintain the maximum social impact that comes
from a broad based movement, COOL is committed to principles of
inclusiveness. COOL believes that community service has the potential
to bring together all peoples in a way that respects and honors their
differences as well as their similarities. Service can build on the
strength of the great diversity on our campuses, in our communities,
in our country, and in our world.

COOL works with hundreds of campuses and thousands of students. COOL
holds an annual student run conference that attracts over 2,000
students. COOL's staff visit hundreds of college campuses giving
workshops that encourage, promote and initiate programs that get
students involved in service.

1511 K Street NW, Suite 307
Washington, DC 20005
202-637-7021 (fax)

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