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 > I want to start a bibliography section in the periodic informational
 > posting I post to
 > Toward this purpose, I am interested in hearing from you about books
 > that you have read about service clubs and other community service
 > organizations, or community service in general, that you found
 > informative, interesting, inspirational, or any combination thereof.
 > I'd appreciate book title and author (as much as you can remember),
 > and just a few sentences of commentary about the book.

[CD93] Robert L. Clifton and Alan M. Dahms, Grassroots Organizations:
A Resource Book for Directors, Staff, and Volunteers of Small,
Community-Based Nonprofit Agencies Second Edition (Prospect Heights,
ILL: Waveland Press, 1993) ISBN 0-88133-726-9

[C93a] Robert Coles, The Call to Service: A Witness to Idealism
(Boston, MA: Houghton Mifflin, 1993) ISBN 0-395-6347-7

[C93b] Jeffrey A. Charles, Service Clubs in American Society: Rotary,
Kiwanis, and Lions (University of Illinois Press, 1993) ISBN 0-252-02015-4.

[DB??] Ram Dass & Mirabai Bush, Compassion in Action.  Described as an
excellent source of inspiration and how-to's for finding a niche for
community service.

[D??] Ram Dass, How Can I Help.  Described important for its service
examples and means of avoiding burn-out.

[E94] Susan Ellis, The Volunteer Recruitment Book (Energize, 1994)
ISBN 0-940576-15-5.

[G90] David L. Gies, et al., The Nonprofit Organization: Essential
Readings (Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks/Cole Publishing Company, 1990)
ISBN 0-534-12588-3

[H92] Peter Dobkin Hall, Inventing the Nonprofit Sector and Other
Essays on Philanthropy, Voluntarism, and Nonprofit Organizations
(Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1992)

[J89] James A. Joseph, The Charitable Impulse: Wealth and Social
Conscience in Communities and Cultures outside the United States (New
York: Foundation Center, 1989) ISBN 0-87954-301-9

[L92] Roger Lohmann, The Commons: New Perspectives on Nonprofit
Organizations and Voluntary Action (San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass
Publishers, 1992) ISBN 1-55542-476-7

[M94] Mike W. Martin, Philanthropy, Voluntary Service, and Caring
(Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 1994) ISBN 0-253-33677-5

[V88] Jon Van Til, Mapping the Nonprofit Sector: Voluntarism in a
Changing Social Economy (New York: Foundation Center, 1988) ISBN

[W94] Miriam Weinstein, Making A Difference College Guide: outstanding
colleges to help you make a better world (Sage Press [800-218-4242],
1994) ISBN 0-9634618-2-6; SageWorks Press POB 150488, San Rafael, CA
94915-0488, (800) 218-GAIA.  4th edition 1995 $16 + $2 S/H.

[W90] Jennifer Wolch, The Shadow State: Government and Voluntary
Sector in Transition (New York: Foundation Center, 1990) ISBN


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