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Section - Q2.20. Rotary

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The first Rotary club in the world was organized in Chicago, Illinois,
U.S.A., on 23 February, 1905 by Paul P. Harris, a young lawyer, who
gathered together in a spirit of friendship and understanding a group
of men, each of whom was engaged in a different form of service to the
public.  That basis for membership -- one person from each business
and profession in the community -- still exists in Rotary.  At first,
the members of the new club met in rotation at their various places of
business, and this suggested the name "Rotary."

Since 1905, the ideas of Paul Harris and his friends have become
ideals which have been accepted by people of practically all
nationalities, and many political and religious beliefs.  Today there
are Rotary clubs in 176 countries and geographical regions.  The
universal acceptance of Rotary principles has been so great that there
are now more than 25,000 Rotary clubs, which have a membership of over
1,100,000 men and women.  The organization is non-political
(non-governmental) and non-sectarian.

The general objectives of Rotary clubs in every country are the same
-- the development of fellowship and understanding among the business
and professional leaders in the community, the promotion of
community-betterment endeavors and of high standards of business and
professional practices, and the advancement of international
understanding, goodwill and peace.  Rotary clubs everywhere have one
basic ideal - the "Ideal of Service," which is thoughtfulness of and
helpfulness to others.

  World Headquarters, Rotary International, One Rotary Center, 560
  Sherman Ave., Evanston, IL 60201, USA

  Phone: (708) 866-3000, FAX: (708) 328-8554 or 328-8281

[Source: Elliot E. Kallen ( provides "A Brief History
of Rotary", from the Official Rotary Directory (1992-93 edition).]

Interact clubs are sponsored by Rotary clubs for secondary school
students (age 14-18).  In addition to social activities, Interact
clubs are to carry out at least one local and one international
service project each year.  The name Interact is derived from the
words "International" and "action".  There are 7400 Interact Clubs in
97 countries; clubs may draw membership from a single school, multiple
schools, or from the community.

[Source: "Interact" Fact Sheet from Public Relations, Rotary Int'l.]

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