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[rec.scouting.*] Skits, Yells & Creative Campfires (FAQ 9)

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This file contains a number of skits and yells collected on
rec.scouting  and scouts-l, for your own Pack meetings and campfires.
While the yells are rarely useable outside of the english-speaking
countries, most skits are very easy to translate, and my cubs love them!

I have also appended a compilation of creative ways to light a
campfire. If you use them, be careful not to incite the kids to start
playing with liquid fuels. The results can be devastating.

If you know a good skit or yell that hasn't been included in this FAQ,
please do all of us the favor. Write it up and post it on rec.scouting.
Drop me a copy too to make sure that I include it in this file.

There are a few books I know on skits, yells and campfires:

The "BSA Cub Scout Leader How-To Book". It is built to help the
cub scout pack and den leaders running programs that kids enjoy.
A section of 15 pages is dedicated to skits, yells and applauses.
ISBN 0-8395-3831-6.

"Creative Campfires" is another fine publication. Half of the
book contains songs, and the rest is crammed with skits, stories,
yells and tips to set up an entertaining campfire. (Sorry - no ISBN,
but it can be ordered worldwide from the BSA Supply Division -
Fax +1-704-588-5822).

"Campfire Stories....Things That go Bump in the Night" by William
Forgey, M.D. contains 21 campfire stories, with large typeface
summary of each. Also includes the author's suggestions for how
to be successful at telling campfire stories.
ISBN 0-934802-23-8 published by ICS Books.
Approximate price: $10US  $13CA

This file is in digested format, like all FAQ files on this newsgroup.
If you're using nn as newsreader, type 'G %" to split the digest into
individual postings. In bn or rn, typing control-G should cause the
reader to skip to the next posting within this file.

There are ten FAQ files in the rec.scouting FAQ series. The FAQ files
are posted in regular intervals (one file every three or four days)
on rec.scouting,  and . They can also be
retrieved through anonymous FTP from

As the FAQ files are updated regularly, make sure that you have the
latest copy in your hands. The release date of this FAQ is indicated
in the line starting with "Last-Modified:" at the top of this file.
Files older than three months should be considered as outdated.

This file or parts of it may be freely used, printed and re-distributed
as long as you enclose this paragraph and keep the references to the
respective contributors and to the maintainer (listed below) intact.

-- Bill Nelson

There is a big file of songs at 
There is a directory with many cheers, skits, campfire ideas, magic campfire
starters at
There is a big file of over 100 campfire skits and cheers at

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