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alt.polyamory Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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                         The Alt.polyamory Faq

Table of Contents:

     1). What's alt.polyamory?
     2). What's polyamory, then?
     3). But isn't that "cheating"?
     4). Primaries, secondaries, vees and triads: polyjargon and polygeometry
     5). What about jealousy?
     6). Are there rules for being polyamorous?
     7). How do you decide who sleeps where when?
     8). Why do some posts talk about Hot Bi Babes?  (and where can I
         get one?)
     9). Are all polyfolk bisexual?
    10). Do polyamorous relationships last?
    11). How can I tell if I am polyamorous?
    12). What about living together and commitment and marriage and
         all that?
    13). What will the children think?
    14). How does a person start (or continue) a poly relationship?
    15). How do I explain this to people?
    16). Is there a secret alt.poly handshake?



     Personal ads should be posted to alt.personals.poly,
     NOT to this newsgroup.  This group is for discussion,
     not for shopping. Thank you!

     Okay, this is version 2.3.  I also need to include a list of
     other newsgroups and mailing lists of interest; got one?  Juan
     has reformatted this to proper, for which we thank him.

     Hope this is useful.  Please feel free to send comments directly
     to me and/or post 'em to the newsgroup as you choose.

     As always, I apologize for any errors, inadvertent or gratuitous.

     Yours in service to truth, beauty, and eleemosynary wordsmithery,
     I remain,


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