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Version: 1.37 (last revised 1997/08/02)

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ee Section
0.03 below.=20


Frequently Asked Questions

  C O N T E N T S

Part 0: Administrivia
0.00 Copyright
0.01 Introduction
0.02 Disclaimer
0.03 Where to get the current version of this FAQ

Part 1: General
1.01 What is CFS?
1.02 What causes CFS?
1.03 Is CFS a "real" disease?
1.04 Who gets CFS?
1.05 Shouldn't this illness have a better name?

Part 2: Medical issues
2.01 How do I find good medical care for CFS?
2.02 What symptoms are used to diagnose CFS?
2.021 CFS definition
2.022 Clinical views
2.03 What are the specific treatments available for CFS?
2.031 Avoid stress
2.032 Medications
2.033 Role of exercise
2.034 Dietary changes
2.035 Secondary problems
2.036 Article references
2.04 What is the role of stress in CFS?
2.05 What research is currently going on?
2.06 How does CFS usually begin?
2.07 How long can CFS last?
2.08 Is CFS contagious?
2.09 Is CFS genetic?
2.10 Do people die from CFS?
2.11 Is CFS related to depression?
2.12 Is CFS related to AIDS?
2.13 Does CFS increase the likelihood of cancer?
2.14 How does CFS affect children?
2.15 How does CFS relate to pregnancy?
2.16 How does CFS relate to other similar illnesses such as fibromyalgia, m=
chemical sensitivities, Gulf War syndrome, neurally mediated hypotension, L=
disease, candida, etc.)?
2.17 How does CFS relate specifically to fibromyalgia?
2.18 How does CFS relate to neurally mediated hypotension?
2.19 How does CFS relate to the Epstein-Barr virus?

Part 3: Life problems created by CFS
3.01 How does one live with CFS?
3.02 How do I find support groups?

Part 4: Income security: Job and/or disability benefits
4.01 How do I handle problems about my job?
4.02 What problems do I face in seeking disability benefits?

Part 5: CFS information resources
5.01 What other FAQs are available?
5.02 What books are available?
5.03 What newsletters and magazines are available?
5.04 What CFS resources are available on Internet and Usenet?
5.05 What CFS resources are available on other electronic networks?
5.06 What national organizations are there?

Part 6: Important information
6.01 What else is important for me to know about CFS?
6.02 What is "May 12 / International Awareness Day"?

A1. Articles on-line
A2. Common abbreviations
A3. Further information
A4. Changes to this edition
A5. Development of this FAQ
A6. Credits

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