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Section - A1. Articles on-line

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There are a series of medical articles regarding the diagnosis and treatmen=
t of CFS
which are available from the STJOHNS Listserv on the Internet. Below are sh=
article titles and authors, with their filenames. Instructions on how to re=
trieve the files
are described after this listing of articles. On the web version of this do=
cument, the
filenames below are hotlinked to the full text of each article.

CFSLAPP1 TXT    "Chronic fatigue syndrome is a real disease"=20
Charles Lapp. North Carolina Family Physician, Winter 1992.
CFIDS923 BELL    "CFS: Recent Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment"=20
by D Bell
CFIDS923 CALABRE#    "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome"=20
by L Calabrese, T Danoa, E Camaro, W Wilke; (reprinted from American
Family Physician)
CFIDS923 CHENEY#   "Diagnosis of CFS: An Assertive Approach"=20
by P Cheney, W C Lapp
CFIDS923 GOLDSTEI    "Diagnosis of CFS as Limbic Encephalopathy"=20
by J Goldstein
CFIDS923 HICKIE#    "Diagnosing CFS: Principles and Pitfalls for the Patien=
Physician and Researcher"=20
by I Hickie, D Wakefield
CFIDS923 KLIMAS    "Diagnosing CFIDS: An Immunologist's Approach"=20
by N Klimas
CFIDS923 JONES#    "Clinical comments"=20
by J Jones, A Komaroff, B Natelson, D Peterson
CFIDS923 YUNUS    "CFS and Fibromyalgia Syndrome: Similarities and
by M Yunus
CFIDS923 SANDMAN#    "Protocol for Cognitive Assessment of CFIDS"=20
by C Sandman, S Moore

 - - - - - - - - - -

The above articles and other files of interest are available from the STJOH=
LISTSERV at St. John's University. To use the STJOHNS file server, send com=
(described as follows) by e-mail to LISTSERV@MAELSTROM.STJOHNS.EDU.
To get a list of current files available, send the command GET CFS-FILE FIL=
to the LISTSERV address above. To retrieve specific files, note the filenam=
es on the
FILELIST and then send the command GET to the LISTSERV address (each file h=
a two-part name). There are other Listservs which also have files of intere=
st. Send the
command GET CFS-D FILELIST to the address
LISTSERV@HEALTH.STATE.NY.US to obtain a list of files available at that fac=
For information on fibromyalgia, send GET FIBROM-L FILELIST to

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