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Subject: 48. Advice from Veterans

Galactic Bloodshed FAQ Version 4.4 - Part 2 of 2

This posting serves as an appendix to the FAQ sheet. It
has a series of ten questions asked to several gb veterans by Mike
Varney and their responses. These questions and their responses are
designed for novice players. They don't cover many aspects of the
game, but they can be very helpful. Unlike the first posting of the
FAQ, this one is unlikely to change over time.

Editorial comment:
* These answers are not all necessarily right. There may be several
  misleading and some totally wrong answers in here, so take these
  with a grain of salt. These strategies are not foolproof.
* As you will see from the wide range of answers for each question,
  everyone has their own playing style and their own opinions on how
  newbies should proceed.
* A balanced view of the game, in light of all the different
  viewpoints, is hopefully presented.
* The original responses were edited where necessary to make them
  more readable, either by slightly rewording a vague sentence,
  making the format more readable, changing grammar here and there, etc.
  In have been warned. 

Legend of Shorthand Used by Respondents:

  GB Name         Real Name              GB Name         Real Name
  -------         ---------              -------         ---------
  Feepness        Christopher Fodor      NB              N. Boutell
  Lestat          Kevin Martin           TheCulture      Petri Wessman
  Keskiolut       Toni Kotinurmi         Froos           Jerry Liu
  Neue Regel      Derek Jewhurst         Griffons        Paul Daniels
  Garfel          Jari Koivikko          Pillarian       Scott Donavan
  Cylons          Rob Nesius             Tao             Jukka Sinisalo
  Thing           David Fernandez        Empire          Samuli Suomi
  Muu             Dan Andersen           ???             Link Baker
  Fnebish Legion  Doug Ingram            Greenies        Mitch Ferguson
  Microbians      Jason W. Solinsky      Zurgithian      Mike Simmonds
  Tribbles        Shire

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