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Section - 51. How should I spend my remaining points?

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Top Document: Frequently Asked Questions (Part 2 of 2)
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  Feepness -
          Fiddle around, trying different things every game... that
          makes it fun.

  Lestat -
          Metabolism is important for producing resources at a
          reasonable rate, especially early on; many players recommend
          at least 0.95 or 1.0. Adventurism encourages your people to
          spread out without your help. IQ is useful for developing
          tech. They're all useful, of course... which to emphasize the
          most is your personal preference. Just be sure, in your first
          few races at least, not to cripple any one stat too greatly,
          or you may regret it.

  Keskiolut -
          Metabolism is great, at least 1.0, and fight should never be
          below 3 or 4.

  Neue Regel -
          IQ will take most of them. Good IQ is about 150-170, 200 if
          you really want to spend the points.

  Garfel -
          Raise IQ to at least 180 and metabolism to 0.9. Drop
          adventurism to 0.05, birthrate to 0.6 (or maybe 0.5; it's not
          important to have it high), and get a little fertilize.

  Cylons -
          Metabolism is a good place to put points. This represents how
          active your race is. A race with a low metab(.8 is considered
          low) will build up fuel, and resources(res) at a slower rate
          than a race with a 1.0 metab. You don't absolutely need a
          high metab. Lower metab is still playable, but it requires
          shrewder planning and foresight on the part of the player.
          Birthrate should be high. Adventurism need not be high. It
          represents the chances of members of your race deciding to
          expand the 'frontier'. For techies, IQ is usually a good one
          to boost up. Don't take more than 3-6 sexes required to

  Thing -
          Always try and get a metab of 1.00 or great. I like to have 1
          sex, since it makes colonizing easier. Concentrate on either
          a smart race or a good fighter type race.

  Muu -
          A high IQ is nice, as this allows your technology level to
          increase more quickly. Sector preferences are also really
          nice. For a normal race, the other stats aren't as important,
          in my opinion. A low mass is useful, and sometimes you can
          save a lot of points by reducing your adventurism to as low
          as possible. This has the effect of having to move all your
          population manually... They will not move on their own.

  Fnebish Legion -
          Get at least three sector preferences, but don't go for the
          "common" choices. It's best to find an unusual mix. You'll
          work much better with potential allies since you won't be
          wanting the same types of sectors. Also, make sure your metab
          is _at_least_ 1.0 unless you're a Jovian race (in which case
          0.9 is a good minimum). If you're not going to spend the
          points on a high IQ, spend 'em on fight or metabolism. Don't
          try to max things out too high levels of any
          attribute, then the cost rises much more quickly than the
          attribute, but you want something high to give your race a
          distinct edge, if possible.

  Microbians -
          It's up to you. Generally, its not possible to take over the
          universe on your own, so you should make sure that you have
          something to offer potential allies. A perfectly well-rounded
          race, may not have much to contribute

  Tribbles -
          For a first time player, try to only add sector prefs, go
          with the default setting for the most part. They're not
          great, but they're not bad either. I would try to have these
          sectors pref's: Forest, Water, Desert, and land. Also drop
          your # of sexes to 1. It make metabolism a little cheaper.

  NB -
          Fight ability is good, but I tend to think reproduction
          (minimizing number of sexes) is more important.

  TheCulture -
          Hmmm... depends heavily on the type of play you're going to
          foll. If you're a "tech" then you can downplay the "fight"
          and invest in IQ, and vice versa if you're going to go for
          the "Wood Clubs & Brute Strength" -department :-) I
          personally like investing a lot in IQ (tech).

  Froos -
          Make sure you have decent IQ (~150), reasonable birthrate
          (>0.6), good metabolism(1 or so), and try to be compatible
          with as many sectors as you can.

  Griffons -
          Well that really depends. To pull out the maximum res you
          need both a high pop and a high metab (res is required for
          the building of ships). Also Birth is good and so are
          compatibilities to sectors; likewise, someone with fight 10
          troops is really nasty to come across. The only way to really
          tell what you need is by your playing style. That only comes
          with experience... Go for a basic race that populates well
          and has 180 tech... it is a good start for a beginner.

  Pillarian -
          Again it depends on what race you chose. If metamorph then
          fight would be useful followed by birth, then sectors
          (preferences). You may wish to sacrifice some of the IQ tech
          level for other things. If techie, then perhaps higher IQ.
          Fight is not highly required but a fight of one is a major
          loss. With such a low fight most techies would be (initially)
          at the mercy of meso pods. Then you can choose between birth
          and metab.

  Tao -
          I usually drop my fight a little, buy metabolism and then
          just sort of spread the rest evenly (no use taking too much
          fertilizing or adventure though. If you won't be able to play
          in the start, then that advantage might help). Be unisex if
          you have the points.

  Empire -
          Take higher fight,metabolism and iq... IMHO don't waste your
          points to get better fertilization; after the tech-level 5,
          the Space Plows will have the same effect...

  Link Baker -
          Metabolism is very important. After that a meso should go for
          fight. Birthrate is fine at 50 - 60 %. Spend extra points on
          met and fight. Maybe sector compat. also, but it's expensive.

  Greenies -
          Desert, or Earth. Both are fairly large size planets, have
          plenty of resources, and can be found in just about every

  Zurgithian -
          Metas need a good fight and metabolism. In a blitz game you
          will need adventurism more than .25 (unless you have a
          population spread macro) otherwise have .1, a very high birth
          rate is needed to take planets quickly (metas like me are
          greedy, take all those sectors, ask Feep :-). If going for a
          low IQ meta then have some (.25) fertility, pods and absorb
          are a must!!! If playing HAP go for metab of 1.8-2.0, in one
          game I had 6 planets after only 2 and a bit updates cos I got
          some res and fuel after the first update! You can afford to
          be pretty heavy as you will not be using techie ships for a

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